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Just a fan who is new to writing fan fics.


Over the years Applebloom,Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo have endured constant bullying from Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. However during their first year at Canterlot High it seems to be reaching a boiling point. Unknown to their friends Sweetie Belle and Silver Spoon have formed a strong friendship in secret...a very strong friendship. But when this war of words starts showing signs of violence will Sweetie and Silver be able to not only keep their friendship a secret, but keep their friends as well?

This is the first in my Canterlot High School Tales series

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Comments ( 26 )

This story is very well written and has an interesting plot! I can't wait to read the rest of the story.

I hope scootaloo and Diamond actual come to blows in the school

Awesome! I hope Diamond Tiara will stop being a diva though so Silver and Sweetie can be friends.

5704335 I kinda hope they catch scootaloo and diamond going on a date :ajsmug:

“Get away from her you bitch!” Diamond yelled pushing Sweetie away from Silver.

Anyone else hear it in this voice?

Cute! But I think the dialogue is a bit choppy, and there are some grammar errors in your summary/ preview

5706610 oh dear, could you please point out the errors out so I can fix them? btw I'm glad you think it's cute :twilightsmile:

5705924 I heard it in the Molly Weasley voice

We have been on a part for a few hours

Did you mean "We have only been apart for a few hours"?

Very sweet story!:pinkiehappy:

“You wouldn’t be laughing if you saw yours right now,” Sweetie said sticking out her tongue. “Think we can take a shower together this time?”
“Geez, didn’t you get enough last night?” Silver asked.

I KNEW IT!!! I knew there wasn't anything wrong with me when I first saw the note about the sleepover.

“But...Silvy...we are...friends forever...remember?” Diamond said, tears starting to fall from her eyes again. Silver stood her ground. “I was just...trying to protect you… trying to protect us.”

Awww! :rainbowkiss: She finally said something.

This story was very touching.

Overall: shipping accepted!

kinda cheesey... but enjoyable!

*sees cover picture* Oh, cool... Anime... I'll read. :rainbowlaugh:

The "it's a date, then" part made me squeal. X3 it's so adorable

Bra-vo, I really enjoyed this wild ride xD

A most fun and thoughtful read, so many fans write DT and silver off as simple bullies so I like to see them explored in a bit more depth. Silver in particular is an interesting topic to see expanded on as her personality in the show is not on display much.

6070818 thanks, that is what I set out to do, glad you enjoyed it

looks like there's a. Party in here

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