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Name: Trickilee!

Status: Single parent, father to an adorable (if inscrutable) little witch.

OC: I really have no idea. Feel free to create one that you think suits me.

Family: It's just me and my little witch these days.

Best pony: Rainbow Dash!

Wishes for: A device that will let me know when my little witch is sneaking up on me.

Future plans: Finishing Circumstellar.

Values: Friendship, creativity and three to fifteen meters of personal space between my little witch and myself, just in case one of her alchemical experiments tries to attack me.

Hobbies: I write and make music. I game sometimes too.

Best ship: Twidash!

Favourite food: Anything not prepared by my little witch.

Memorable moments: Falling in love. Listening to my first Blur album, buying my first guitar. Graduating from university. Becoming a father. Supporting my late wife through cancer. Watching my little witch play on the beach, building castles out of dead jellyfish instead of sand..

Best attributes: Intelligence +7, Agility +8

Top priorities: Looking after our home, taking care of my little witch.

Best sister: Scootaloo!

Favourite location: My office/desk area. Pretty fond of western Norway too.

Dream job: Writing, duh.

Favourite season: Autumn.

Rolemodel: Father Lankester Merrin.

Likes lists a little too much: Double facehoof.


Hey everyone. Nice to see you all again, it has been a little while. I have a bit of an issue that I could use some help with.

First of all, the important stuff. Yes, I am doing okay. I'm healthy. It's been about eight months I think since my little girl died, but I have made some pretty big changes since then. Some of those changes have involved letting go of certain things that tie me to both my little girl and my late wife, from small things like toys to the house we lived in.

The house was actually the easiest to let go of. Little Witch unfortunately left me with a sizeable collection of FiM merchandise. A lot of it was plastic junk that I had no trouble disposing of, but about two dozen figurines, dollies, booklets and comic books were dearly loved by her. That's the problem I'm having; I need to part with them, but I can't bring myself dispose of it all.

That's when I started thinking about places where one can donate toys. I looked around and found several hospitals that accept toy donations. Unfortunately these donated toys need to meet certain safety and hygiene criteria and not a lot her toys seem qualify. For example, not all toys are easily cleaned and particularly in the children's terminal ward hygiene tends to be a very, very serious issue.

I thought the FiM community might be able to help me find a better home for these toys, someplace less restricting than hospitals. I won't let them go to waste in someone's private collection, I want them to be used until they fall apart. By kids or adults, I don't care so long as they are loved. Does anyone know of some place that might work out for me?

Yeah, that's pretty much all I wanted to know about. Thanks for the help.

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I miss ya pal

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I miss you so much :fluttercry:

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Been over a week. Hope everything's ok.

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Where have you gone?????

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