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Times are changing fast in Equestria. Everypony including the mane six has had to adapt in order to cope, most drifting apart in the process.
Rainbow Dash and her sister Scootaloo aren't overly fond of their new lives on the farm, but they make do. When extraordinary events prompt Rainbow Dash to head out into space on a mission to save Equestria, their separation pushes their love to the breaking point.

A story about leaving and being left behind, very loosely inspired by Interstellar.

Cover art: 'Interstellar'* by Ferum-LynXx, used with permission.
Prereaders / editors:
- Infinity Shade
- PonyJosiah13
- Unimpressive Vagaries

*does not depict events relevant to Circumstellar

Chapters (3)
Comments ( 30 )

This is a nice idea. Liked, Favourited, and Tracking.

Thanks so much! I hope you will like the rest. :scootangel:

Comment posted by Fingolfin deleted Apr 25th, 2015

Couple things.

That little idiot, she thought with a grin

Did I miss something? Why did she refer to him as an idiot.

Also is Sweetie suposed to be dead, or did they just have to leave for the farm while she was in the hospital?

Ok with that out of the way...HOLY CRAP that was really good! I was on the edge of my seat after the setting transition. I'm REALLY looking forward to reading more!

Also this is one of my favorite ships!

Thanks! :twilightblush:

It's a leftover from the previous version were RBD thought he had nicked one of her socks (some other stuff happened too). It was one of the things that didn't really work out, so I changed it into him throwing his spade in the air. It's still not right it seems, I may have to alter it again.

Sweetie Belle isn't dead, but I left her fate vague intentionally. What happened to her as well as her sister will be one of the subject in the chapters to come.

It's a shame to see this story especially with one of the most interesting crossovers, to just be cancelled from the first chapter. Releasing chapters slowly isn't bad. My own story is like that, as well I also self-edit my story. Also, I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but to ask a question, if you were to continue, is it based on the book Interstellar, or the movie variant?

I suggest you start with an original story, rather than do a crossover. Ah well, I hope your other stories (if you're going to make more) become more successful.

I haven't read Thorne's book. It wasn't going to be anything like Interstellar at all, except for the relationship between Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash. It was all going to be canon with FiM and based on things I had observed in the animated series, so it wasn't really a crossover at all. Interstellar functioned more as a vague inspiration. If anything, the story would have been a lot closer to Gravity.

It hurts having to leave my work behind like this, but those three made their points very clear to me. I can't deny them so I can't continue writing like this.

Thanks for caring though.

Well, this is several kinds of worrisome. Not the writing; the writing's great. I'm just concerned about what's implied about the state of the world. I may be reading too much into it, but that simple pastoral scene filled me with quite a bit of dread.

Definitely looking forward to more.

...or, judging by the comments just below me, it's cancelled. In that case, you may want to update the story's status.

Forgot to write something in the comment section. I talked to a couple people and they've convinced me to keep writing. I did have it 'discontinued' earlier in the description, but I have removed it. Just sort of went through a rought spot there.

Thanks for reading. I'll have up more at some point soon. :pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Trickilee deleted Apr 28th, 2015

Update: next chapter will be published in roughly two weeks. I will likely be uploading at least two chapters at once. :twistnerd:

Update 2: I spend half the time working on a story summary, so it's going to be one chapter. After that I intend to keep the story-a-week regiment alive. :twistnerd:

off to a great start! hope you continue, i'd love to find out what happened with everypony, and what's going on with Equestria!

nice, I like the whole Interstellar element, kinda encouraging me to do one. :twilightsmile:

You're welcome to it. :twilightsmile:

I'm trying pretty hard to stay away from copying it, because that goes against the rules. I imagine there are many different approaches in doing this. You're free to any of them.

For a debut writing, it is very impressive, with great writing and good character skills. Having never seen Interstellar, I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

Thanks. :twilightsmile:

I have a proofreader onboard beyond the prologue, so hopefully the quality will improve a bit. I'm just waiting for him to get to the first chapter at the moment, as he seems to be a bit busy. The prologue will also be improved and reuploaded.

Aside from a couple of grammatical errors, this is proving to be intriguing and a good read.

Also, it strikes me that you really seem to know what you're talking about when it comes to engineering and farming. Is that part of your job?

Thanks. I actually published the 1st chapter by mistake today, so I didn't have the chance to pour over it as much as I might otherwise have. I suspect I will be fixing up the grammar more in the days to come.

The technical stuff is a combination of guess work and looking up some stuff. What happened at the well will become pretty important to the plot later on, so it was important to me to make the physics of it seemingly functional.

Thanks! I'm not sure if 'reference' will fly, but there are certainly similarities. Propably not enough for real fans of the movie, but I prefer it that way. The story needs to stand on its own a little bit at least. I was mostly just interested to write a story about different kinds of separation, not wheat field or space. But as it stands, making those two things 'work' while not being similar to the movie was a fun thing to figure out also. :twilightsmile:

I'll get to it. I try to read something of everyone I follow. :twilightsmile:


Ugh I have so many questions! You are a master of making me simultaneously angry, sad, intrigued, confused, and completely enthralled all at the same time. I NEED more!

keep 'em coming! :)


Thanks guys. Next chapter is speeding along. :twilightblush:

It sounds like magic more than half-died at the Great Fall when Princess Celestia disappeared. Magic has more than half-died again. The world of Equus depends upon magic. Many magical life-forms cannot survive without magic. ¡Equus will die!

Yay! :yay:

Somepony needs to do something! :derpyderp2:

okay I'm trying to put this stuff together.

Twilight MAY not be dead, but is just missing like Celestia?

What about Luna?

How is the sun working without Celestia!?!?!?!?

I WANT MORE :flutterrage:

Twilight MAY not be dead, but is just missing like Celestia?
Two chapters from now we'll come across someone brave enough to confront Rainbow Dash. :yay:

What about Luna?
Will be revealed in three chapters time.

How is the sun working without Celestia!?!?!?!?
Subject of multo conjecture in the next chapter. :moustache:


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