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"One Last Hearths Warming Chapter 1" Constructive Criticism · 12:21pm 6 days ago

Do I get on Mykan's case a lot? Does an Ursa poop in the Everfree? Actually, do Ursas even poop? And what would Ursa poop even look like? ...Sorry, I got a little distracted. The answer is supposed to be yes. Will this blog be any different? Well, that depends on how you wanna look at it.

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Unfortunately, when I congratulated achieving a Doctorate by writing "Doctor Who" in the manner of a Dalek, Grass And Clouds 2 mistook it as anti-intellectual mocking. That was not mine intention. I would like to apologize, but I am blocked.

If it were me, I would've enjoyed the Doctor Who reference. I wonder why he'd take offense to that.

Posting here because Grass And Clouds blocked me over a misunderstanding several years ago*:


It could be. It is still strange that ponies would call it after an animal-product, but go figure.

* When Grass And Clouds earned a Doctorate, I figured that pretending to be a Dalek and asking "Doctor Who" in the tone a a Dalek would be funny to Grass And Clouds. Grass And Clouds took offense and blocked me. I would apologize, but I cannot because I am blocked. We can learn 2 things from this:

  • Be very careful not to offend ponies accidently.
  • If offended, do not block until one is certain that the offense is intentional.

Other than banning on a whim, I consider Grass And Clouds a good person and have no animosity toward Glass And Clouds and consider Grass And Clouds a very good author.

God bless you. God loves you, now and forever.

  • Viewing 17 - 21 of 21
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