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Something Miraculous has happened: All of Humanity has entered Equestria! Now, both humans and ponies can unite in harmony, bring in a new era of peace, and progress technologies for both species! ... That, unfortunately, doesn't happen. Instead, Humans are no taller than four inches, and though ponies find humans to be cute & helpful in some cases, they really find them as delicious treats. Join these small humans as they survive in a new world filled with giant ponies that love to hunt them & keep them in their bellies, but are also compassionate enough to help them in situations.

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Conatins: Soft Vore and some heartfelt moments.
Variety will be attempted to add.
1st person: What else?
2nd Person: You are added.
EQG: Takes place in Equestria Girls universe (though not a lot)
Guest: Not made by me, but different authors. Feel free to submit me your own fanfic that goes into this world, just mail me.

New Cover made by Ponythroat! So awesome of him!!! :rainbowkiss:
Edit: Title added! Photoshopped in by my friend Shrunken-LittleBro12.
Discord for story: open for everyone to join.


Pupa's Purpose.

Tales from Tiny Deadpool

Tales From Tinies (NSFW Version) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapters (134)
Comments ( 480 )

You could make this story based off of Fantastic Planet.

6649779 I have no idea what fthat is. Sounds like a weird Monty Python sketch or movie.

6649917 ... I HAVE THAT!!! It's from my old VHS collection, in French, and even then, I have no idea what it's about. Monty Python on crack? Foreshadow on "Attack on Titan"? Origins of the Blue Man group?

Next chapter WON'T include Vore, I Pinkie Promise.

That'll be interesting in the context of the story.

And I just shoot my self in the head with a rocket launcher.

I has idea! What if a human makes a potion that allows his to grow to the size of a normal human male!

Also: Can you guess who's the Stallion?

Well gee, it could be anypony. Idk... Trouble Shoes? :applejackunsure:

Can you guess who's the Stallion?

I doubt it could be anyone other than a pony, so my guess would be... Big Macintosh?

*starts shaking violently* *lightbulb appears above head* do you mind if I use the universe you created for a fanfiction? I will mention you in all author notes.

6849257 I can post it if you want. The latest one was, as mentioned, made by Autismo555. Plus, all of this was based off of Otter P's Fanfic on Deviantart. This is one of them.

Ultamite Facepalm Initiate

6866216 Hey, it was made by someone else, I just published it. If you want to, I'll post what you made for this story

6866228 please tell me what I did wrong, I appreciate any feedback.

6869137 the comment makes it sound like I did something wrong, so I was hoping to get some feedback from him. I appreciate any feedback I can get, as I rarely did get any for my first fic. If you want to read it, it's called Pessimism and Sarcasm.

6869166 it's normal. Trust me,a LOT of us writers don't get the attention immediately, nor love. And yes, I'd love to read your chapter. Message me it.

6869185 For the chapter I'm going to write for your fic, I don't have it typed up yet, still actually just thinking about what it should be about. If you're talking about my first fic, well that's much more than a chapter.


I did not mean it like that. I just think that this Fic is a little on the strange side.

6869635 Well, this whole fix is considered weird.

*Grabs head and starts to scream* *shapeshifts into demonic monster*

6880090 *Watches for a moment*
"Hey Rita Repulsa, I think I've found another monster for you to throw at the Power Rangers.*


*turns head towards* *pulls out machine gun* *fires*

Wonder what would've happened if Sonata had taken the tinies to Adagio and Aria?

6882209 Poor tinies. *Takes off hat and salutes* Never stood a chance.

6882923 ...they'd still be alive, just inside the guts of 2 hellspawns.

6882992 A fate worse than death, considering how cruel they are. Thus my salute.

6883158 Good thing they didn't end up in that situation, but somehow I don't think they'll be leaving anytime soon.

6883197 While it is a comforting thought knowing that it didn't happen that way :twilightsmile:, I do imagine the Dazzlings would've gladly taken Sonata back after recieving such "delicious gifts"... :pinkiecrazy:

Flank Massage?! *Shudder* I'd refuse even if she threatened to eat me, I mean what if she gets "riled" up if you catch my drift, and being right there, only four inches tall, no way, count me out.

6886075 ah don't worry, I'm sure a simple flank massage isn't going to rile her up. If you have a dog like me, then you know that, no matter what gender they are, a dog loves a good butt massage. Plus:
*Celestia giving you the seductive look*
P.C.: mm... not massaging the royal flank, I guess this will be good, for me at least. *her horn glows and pick you up with her magic. She teases you, but drops you into her mouth, where you are then swallowed* Now, you're going to stay in there until I say so *she goes to sleep and you are inside, hearing her body at work around*

6886237 True, they do like that.
*Sighs* "Well, at least I'll have some time to run."
*Pulls out vial of ipecac and empties it*
"I'm going to be showering for weeks."
*Waits for the ipecac to kick in, and to be vomited out*

6886455 *Nothing happens, sadly.*
P.C.: *Snickering* You seriously thought that would work? This isn't the first time I ate something that would make me throw up. I've had thousands of years in experience with this; why else are there so many assassination attempts that all fail? I bet you're lonely in there, here, meet my friend: Banana cream cake! *eats cake and swallows. You are then covered in globs of chewed up cake with bits of bananas inside*

6886573 "Banana, why does it have to be banana, I hate banana. Wait, just how many assassination attempts can there be in a supra peaceful kingdom? Let alone with the Sun and Moon being two pieces of a glorified clock... Um, how about some nice music to not do anything mean to me..."
*Pulls out phone, selects music file, and presses play*

*Pulls out a mysterious device and whispers into it*
"You gotta get me the heck out!"
*Gets teleported to safe location while an exact duplicate takes my place, music still playing even.*

6886661 *listens to the music inside*
"Hm... this is actually relaxing. Alright, I'll let you out, but only to hear the music better. *she concentrates and belches loudly. The device and duplicate out. She noticed the duplicate*
"Oh ho ho! A teleportation spell!? 2 can play!" *she casts a spell, and sees a trail leading to you.* "Ready or not, here I come!" *she gets up and follows the path*

6886749 Hmm, seems I'm going to be in trouble in the future.
*Running, talking out loud to myself*
"Okay Jerec, time to get to the village where I'll be safe, well, at least until a certain purple Alicorn comes to have me pay my debt. The things I do to get out of certain situations, and when she finds out what situation I just got out of, I'm sure that'll make her even more ready to collect."
*Eyes go half lidded, gains sarcastic tone*
"And that'll be so much fun."
*Sees village outskirts*
"Woohoo, home free! I just jinxed myself didn't I!"

6886848 *Celestia crashes down right behind you, the ground shaking beneath her weight, causing you to fall.*
"You sure did!"
*You get up and began to run away. Celestia, on the other hand, smiles and walks, catching up to you easily. You trip, and Celestia, being the troll she is, decides to mess with you. She gently lowers her towering hoof over your small body. You see it just a couple of inches away from you.*

6887362 "Oh great, the fun only gets better."
*says sarcastically and rolls out*
"You're quick! Oh look some humans outside the village."
*points off in a direction, accidentally toward an actual group hiding in a bush, and runs in the opposite direction.*
"Did I really just try the oldest trick in the book? Nevermind, it's that or be caught by a vengeful giant pony princess."

*Her horn glows and picks you up*
"Oh please, I'm only here for you. If you want to, I'll let them join you."
*She opens her mouth with an 'Ah!' and drops you. You land in her mouth, and the princess tastes you, saliva splatting all over you. She swallows you, and you land in her stomach. She turns to the group in the bush; a large man and twins women that nearly young adults. She takes them from their hiding spot and swallows them, and you're joined by the three in her gut.
"Ah, you tinies are so tasty! Now stay inside, or else I'll chew you next time you escape."
*You and the people sit down in Celestia's stomach, bracing yourselves as the place rocked with her steps. The large man introduces himself as "Bob" while the twins are named "Mary" and "Sue"*

6887632 "Hey, I had no idea you guys were actually in there, I was just... Hoping she'd fall for the oldest trick in the book." *laughs nervously, then mutters to self*
"Could be worse I guess, it could, not be lit in here, and I could also have the same relationship with the royals that's in my fic. That would make this, even more awkward... Well, that and they aren't beating me to death yet."

6887659 *All three stare at you with uninterested looks*
Bob: Yeah, whatever. Look, I don't want to spend another minute in any cartoon horse's stomach, and hearing that you escaped, I want to as well. How'd you do it?
Mary: Yeah, it's like, so gross in here! Ugh! Just being here makes me want to throw up!
Sue: Please, ignore my sister, but yes, it is disgusting here. How did you get out, and please, don't tell me it's... you know."
Mary: Ew! I don't want to escape through her fatass! I'd rather die than go through that!
Bob: As much as I hate the way she talks, I have to agree with her. How do we get out without her noticing?

6887683 "Well the first way I got out, well, as you can see she tracked it down, let alone that was the first use of it. We could use it again, but she promised to chew, and well, you guys may end up out near where you were, but for me I'll just end up in front of a certain purple alicorn. Um, ipecac didn't work, and I'm pretty sure she'd notice if we started hiking through her intestines anyway, and I for sure don't want to add another thing to the list of things her masseuses have to go through." *Stops and whispers to myself* "That and if we did have the same relationship as my fic would make things above and beyond awkward. I mean really, Luna would be in a bit of a tizzy over her adoptive son coming out of her sister's ahem, let alone Shade and Silhouette would be terrors, well kind of at any rate... Wait..."
*Stops and thinks about it*
"How did I end up in the castle in the first place?"

6887719 Bob: The same way we did through that magic thing. I remember appearing in the gardens before being chased by one of those guards.
Mary: I remember appearing with some DJ unicorn. Man, she was so awesome to hang out with!
Sue: of course she was, but remember, it was Octavia and I who made sure that you wouldn't end up as a snack during one of Vinyl's stage shows.
Mary: She planned on eating me?
*Another glurk was heard, followed by another shipment of chewed up cake*
Bon: Oh COME ON!!! Seriously!?
*Celestia belches loudly, but giggles*
P.C.: Sorry, but you should know about my cake habits.
Mary: Yeah, and that's why you're gaining so much weight
P.C.: And that's why you're all part of my diet plan.

6887804 "Actually I appeared in Twi's castle, that's part of how I got this." *Pulls out the teleportation device.* "I sorta made a deal with her, and then of course she enchanted it. On its first use it will take you to the village outside Ponyville, second use it'll take you to her castle, third right in front of her, you see where this is going don't you? So the question is, do you dare to use it, I mean technically it's your first time, so you'd possibly end up outside your village, but for sure I'll end up in Twilight's castle." *Mutters to self* "With one princess I'm indebted to and another possibly angry on"

6887880 Mary: Give me that! *takes the device* FREEDOM!!!
Everyone: NO!!!
*Mary presses the button and all disappear from Celestia's stomach. Celestia notices how empty her belly is*
P.C.: Oh, now you're all gonna get it! And this time, you're all going to only be in your underwear!

*You all land in front of Twilight's castle*
Mary: Yes!!! Sweet freedom!
Sue: But we're nowhere near a village, Mary!
Bob: I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting the hell out of here! *He runs away*
Mary: I'm joining him! No way I wanna be eaten again.
Sue *grabs her sister* Oh no you don't! Tell me, is Twilight like Celestia, in the fact that she likes eating us, or is she the exception?

6887961 "Um, I owe her the debt so, I'm done for so to speak, for you two, depends on her mood. Better than nothing, but we gotta go quick."
*Rushes into Twilight's castle with them following behind*
"Though, she is something of the scientific type."

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