• Published 19th Nov 2015
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Tales from Tinies. - MrAquino

An anthology of different tales involving small humans in a world filled with giant ponies.

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Cadence's lovely treat (Guest)

Author's Note:

Made by Star Sage. Check his work out.

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Evening in the Crystal Empire was always the most beautiful time of day. Oh, when the noonday sun hung high in the sky, with every surface reflecting its light in a riotous display, the place looked like a fireworks display on the ground. But evening, with the sun only just barely over the horizon, causing the snow to sparkle like it was made of diamonds, and rays of light seemingly shooting between individual homes, the place was instead a quiet rainbow, thrumming with the power of the Empire that had once made it great, and was slowly bringing back the status it had once held in this world.

Inside the palace, one could sometimes catch the muted pulse of light as it bounced around inside the walls, and walking through those seemingly empty halls, Shining Armor, Prince Consort and Captain of the Crystal Guard, found the sight as impressive as the first time he’d seen it. He said nothing though as he passed through these halls, did nothing but march onward, up stairs, and past his guards, whom he acknowledged out slightly with a quick salute as he made his way towards the highest tower in the castle. Opening the door to his chamber, he walked inside, and smirked at his wife, sitting there at a table, her eyes barely open as she caught a quick nap.

The day of ruling was hard, long, and it made one tired. Even if the crystal ponies were based in love, shining with it when they felt positive emotions, they still had similar demands of the Princess’ time as the Canterlot nobles did of Celestia. Shining, smiling brightly towards her, walked to the balcony and gently shut the curtains, casting their apartment into darkness. Able to see by his magic though, he trotted closer, and with a sound akin to a striking match, he created a fire by rubbing his magical field against a candle holder, before lighting the thing it held.

The sound startled the pink pony princess, who jerked away, her own horn glowing, as she murmured something about ‘trade’, before finally blinking in the candlelight, peering into the shadows to spot her husband smiling at her. Returning the smile, she moved her hoof over her face, getting a small bit of her mane out of her eyes, and then fluttering them at him in a way she knew he found cute. He chuckled, quietly, before leaning forward, and giving her a quick peck on the cheek.

“Shining, I’m sorry, but I had a trying day, and it was just this one merchant from the Griffon Kingdoms who wanted me to give him a monopoly on some of our crystals in his lands, and I just...anyway, how was your day? Did the guards do well in their exercises?” she asked, sounding flustered, and Shining, tapping a hoof against the end of his muzzle, just shrugged at her.

“Oh? Did they not perform up to your expectations?” she asked, and Shining raised a hoof, shaking it in front of him from side to side, making a noncommittal gesture.

“So they passed your inspection then?” she asked, and again, he just shrugged, causing her to look at him as he stared back at her.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, and Shining nodded, but only just, before walking over to her side of the table, smirking in a very sneaky way, as if he knew something she didn’t. He then leaned forward, his foreleg wrapping around her shoulder and drawing her closer. Smiling now herself, Cadence let her knight in Shining Armor sweep her out of her seat, her lips meeting his, as they met in a kiss that was both tender, sweet, and very passionate as the light of the candles played with shadows over the room.

As her mouth opened, Cadence felt something, something alive, be pressed into her body by the tongue of her husband. This surprised her, but excited her too, as the flavor that hit her tongue was something new. It tasted...like marshmallows dipped in chocolate, sweet, and also a little salty, and she thought at first it was some kind of confection the cook had given him to give to her, in a romantic way. Then, as her tongue moved over the thing in her mouth, the object moved, in the way of a living creature, and her eyes shot open, pulling away from Shining, who looked startled as she spit out the mouthful onto the table.

The thing was a human, she recognized it right away, despite being covered in spit from both her and Shining, causing it to shimmer like glass on the table as it splatted onto the cloth covering. It groaned too, it’s body, with arms and legs like a minotaur’s, but far smaller in scale being only the size of a large mouse, all bending in weird ways, trying to wipe the saliva from its body, and already starting to shiver in the open air.

“Cadence, what was that for?” asked Shining, trotting over to the human, and encasing...him she was fairly certain by the body type, yes, encasing him in his magic, and not only cleaning him up, but holding him towards the candle flames, letting him warm up.

“What was that? What about what you just did?” she countered, licking at her tongue. She really wished that the taste on it wasn’t so pleasant, as she looked towards the human, and then back to the stallion.

“That was a present for you. I got this gentleman, Michael, from the staff in the kitchen today. They said you’d never had a human before, and, well, I wanted to treat you to something special,” said responded the stallion, the human, rubbing himself nodding even as he shivered.

“Really? Why would this human consent to such a thing?” she asked, having heard of this sort of person in her dealings with some of the ponies from other places in Equestria, but finding their stories to be just too outrageous to be true. A tiny species that tasted fantastic, and actually consented to be eaten? Like the cattle for some dragon in the wastes? Worse, she’d heard they survived the process, and came up, usually with a burp, and seemed to enjoy the experience.

“Because it’s the only thing I can do,” said the human suddenly, and Cadence looked towards him. She knew humans could talk, just like most species, so she wasn’t surprised by that, but his words were rather interesting. Sure, he was small, his kind were small, but surely there was something else? Mind, even as she tried to think of whatever it was someone his size could do, her tongue continued to lick at her lips, taking that delicious flavor from his body.

“See, he wants to do it. After all, who wouldn’t want to feed such a lovely Princess as yourself?” asked Shining, smirking at her like a young colt setting her up for some kind of prank. She then looked at him, back at the human, back to him, and finally turned towards this, Michael person.

“Are you sure about this? Are you absolutely certain?” she asked, and the human nodded, soon finding himself wrapped in her magic. His world then filled with a view of her muzzle opening. The candle light reflected off her maw, her teeth shining like pillars, while her tongue wavered a little, wiggling in anticipation of his flavor on it once more. Then he was tossed, like so much of a treat, into her maw, her tongue rising up to catch him in its pillowy folds, embracing him and covering him, before her teeth closed around him with a clack.

The tongue beneath Mike waved like it was water, undulating and tossing him around the mouth. The soft texture of the thing made such bouncing painless, though, and he felt her salvia soak him again, once again making him warm after the ordeal outside in their cold room. It clung to his clothing, the fancy suit Shining had insisted on dressing him in when he’d been selected for this duty, but he endured it, enjoying the feeling as the tongue pressed him gently against the roof of her muzzle, sucking the flavor off his form.

The Princess’ maw opened up then, allowing him to rest in the center of her tongue for a moment, and gaze outside, finding the face of Shining Armor profiled weirdly in the candlelight, creating an odd shadow on his face. He seemed to be enjoying the show, though, licking his own lips, and staring right at the human on his wife’s tongue, before he jolted forward, his face filling the view of the world, then casting it into darkness once more as his lips met Cadence’s in another passionate kiss.

Then the world went wild, as a second tongue invaded her mouth, a second serpent like member pressing and grabbed at him. The tips of the two poked and prodded at his body, pressing him between them, before they began to tug at him, each trying their best to draw him into their maws. Mike, for his part, lost track of where he was in this wild ride, as the tongues to him were of equal size, and he couldn’t see anything save flashes in the dark as the lips came apart enough to let the candles shine through.

After what felt like hours of bouncing around between the tongues of the crystal rulers, Mike felt his body slip backwards, one of the tongues losing its grip on him, as the other pushed him farther back into the muzzle. The darkness lit briefly, as he got one last look at a pony outside, one he couldn’t see well in the candlelight other than that it was smiling at him, before the tongue rose upwards, and with a deep glurk sound, he fell off into the throat, the walls catching at him, and pulling him downwards.

The course inside the throat of a pony was one he knew well, as Mike’s body was caught by the folded walls of flesh, powerful muscles behind bunching it up into a pillowy soft mess that then began to part below, as above it squeezed shut. Outside, he could imagine a lump passing down the neck of a pony, slowly slipping deeper and deeper into the form, until finally, it would vanish, turning towards their chest, and then being drawn into their body completely, his whole world becoming their body.

The stomach he arrived in was bright, brighter than any he’d seen before. The juices of a pony seemed to shine with the light of their magic, even pegasus and earth ponies from what he’d been told, but this was something else. The lake of juices was like liquid light from the sun itself, collected into a pool that felt warm to the touch even for his body as he was dumped into it. It didn’t hurt though, feeling more like a hottub, as he rose back to the surface with a splash, and looked around.

About him floated the remains of Princess Cadence’s meals earlier in the day, for he assumed such a glow came from alicorn magic in her. On one side, he spotted what must have been the remains of a huge stack of pancakes, now little more than a pile of mush after the day being digested, with everywhere else he saw cakes, cakes of every shape, size, and variety. From the simple cupcakes, to what must have originally been slices of large wedding cakes, and even something that looked like a king cake, a Mardi Gras treat, all melting slowly.

Outside, Cadence giggled at the feeling, as Mike splashed around inside her. She licked her lips, and rubbed at her belly, before taking Shining’s hoof and guiding him to their bedchamber. There, the pair enjoyed a quiet evening alone, before she gently fell asleep, her stomach gurgling around her snack, while slowly processing all the stuff inside it. She was surprised, despite knowing, that the next morning she would let out a thunderous belch, and the human would come up with it. Of course, less than an hour later, he would be between two waffles, and find his way back into her belly, a spot he would enjoy many times over the days to come.

Alternate Ending: Shining Armor

As he was pushed out of the throat, the human landed with a splash inside the stomach of the pony who’d swallowed him whole. The stomach juices of the pony glowed, a pale blue, showing he was in Shining Armor’s stomach, having gotten tossed around by the dueling tongues above, and being passed into his muzzle at some point. He didn’t mind, however. This was, as he’d said, his job now, being a snack for a pony. And he had it better than most, after all, as the ponies of the crystal empire were quite kind.

About him floated the remains of Shining’s lunch, the hayburger almost still whole, probably been shoved into his muzzle and then swallowed down without a thought, while the hayfries he only recognized by their number, mushed piles floating here and there in the stomach juices. Mike, leaning back and letting the churning walls create waves, just relaxed. He knew in a few hours, he would pop up out of Shining’s stomach, probably being belched up considering the stallion’s size, and he’d be asked to do this again, after being cleaned and fed himself.

His relaxation was interrupted, however, when the world began to violently rock forward to back, shaking the stomach contents, including Mike himself around, and eventually trapping him beneath the stomach juices as a heavy bun fell on him. He sighed, as he found himself trapped, not panicked or the like. He would be fine, but knowing that outside, apparently Shining and Cadence were having a lot of fun. Which they were, as Shining bounced himself all about as the Princess of love whacked him with a stick for stealing her treat.

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