• Published 19th Nov 2015
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Tales from Tinies. - MrAquino

An anthology of different tales involving small humans in a world filled with giant ponies.

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A Little Family, in More Ways Than One (Guest)

Author's Note:

Another one from Jerec, but this one is actually based off of a background griffon. (#16)
Hopefully, you take that break, Jerec, or else I'll be like DJ Khaled

Mika was an interesting griffon; grey feathers covered her except her head, which had white with black feathers surrounding her eyes (as a sort of natural mascara), a black beak, and black fur on the tip of her tail, as well as her black legs and talons. She was built purely for speed and not much else, being part falcon. Now if Griffon society had become truly animalistic, then she and her little sister would never have stood a chance against the other griffons. Fortunately for them, a few things had changed the society of Griffonstone. Two ponies had shown up a month ago, and because of that, Gilda, one of the locals and a close friend to one of the two ponies, had slowly been able to work a larger amount of kindness in where there had been a sore lacking. Not saying that it had been a cruel place, but most griffons were on the self centered side of things before hand. Thus, because of this new found kindness, there was a bit more respect to be had in the dilapidated town. Griffons were becoming a little more helpful to each other and starting to repair and rebuild.

Then of course came the other change: in a strange series of events, strange little beings started appearing all over the town. It wasn't long before griffons started catching the small creatures, through which the griffons discovered that these little beings were not only intelligent as them, but were lost and without a home, but really tasty, as well as not being able to digest in their stomachs, leaving them strangely, yet pleasant, to feel of the little things scamper and struggle in their gullets. Though griffons are of course predators, they'd given up the hunting of other beings capable of talking back for food, however food in Griffonstone isn't exactly a plentiful commodity. So, a sort of deal was struck: The griffons would help the humans build shelters, get food, water, and other essential supplies, and in return, the humans would pay for these commodities by filling griffon gullets for set periods of time depending on the service provided. To put it frankly, Griffons were tired of that hungry feeling all the time, and rocks aren't a pleasant thing to swallow. Another part of the deal is that griffons are allowed to practice hunting with the humans. There are of course areas specified as safe zones for the humans and none are allowed to be injured. More so, the hunt must be declared first, though technically that only makes it more fun for the griffon involved, and is watched carefully.


Mika opened the door to her home after a long day at work. She walked in, shedding her post office cap and setting her bag aside. Immediately she headed into her kitchen to prepare dinner for the other two residents at her home, namely her fledgling sister, Ami, and a human hatchling, Kyle, who was a boy and no more than six in human years. Her little sister wanders in, using her black wings to help the young boy keep his balance. Ami was more or less a spitting image of Mika herself, having all of her looks but size and age. She walked up to Mika and starts to nuzzle her elder sister. Kyle wore a blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans, and hugged Mika's beak as she nuzzled Ami back, in their now typical greeting.

The two soon return to playing a game of hide and seek. Mika giggled to herself at their antics. They don't know it yet, but they're actually teaching each other how to hunt and how to hide. I guess it'll be a sort of bond in the future. Makes me wish the humans had shown up when I was a fledgling. She thought to herself As she continues to cook, she offhandedly watches them. As much as I would like for him to be reunited with his parents, I sort of hope we don't find them. I'm not sure what we'd do without him. She had taken Kyle in a while ago, as having lost her own parents, she could never stand to see someone so young without a parental figure. Mika remembered how she meet Kyle, and how she, though young and not wanting kids yet, became a mother to a creature that was no bigger than a mouse. Much like today, Mika was returning home from work, but stopped as she heard someone crying. Turning, she saw an alleyway, and though he was well hidden, next to a rock, Kyle laid on the floor, sniffling to himself. The griffon spotted the boy and lowered herself down to his level, both in curiosity and trying to help. "Hey? What's wrong?" Kyle looked up and gasped at the Griffon, falling and crawling away, nearly hyperventilating. Mika's instincts kicked in, and she pounced at the human, using her claws to make a wall behind the human, but held back the urge to eat the human. Kyle laid on the floor, shivering in fear.

"Please!" He begged "D-Don't eat me!!!"

"Eat you? Why would I do that?" Kyle paused at that response. He looked up, feeling so inferior and small to the giant griffon that could easily eat him. Mika lowered her beak to him, making the small boy gasp in fear, but felt safe as soon as she nuzzled him. He patted her beak, cautious as to not infuriate her and to run away if she was lying to him. She smiled at him. Kyle felt himself rising off the ground, then saw that he was well above the floor, but Mika rose her right claw up, opening it to make a platform for him. He gently dropped onto her claw "Let's start over, shall we? My name's Mika. What's yours?"

"K-Kyle." He replied, hesitantly. He quickly observed the griffon's body. "Y-you're huge." She giggled at his comment.

"I'm huge? You're so small." She gently poked his belly with her claw, making the boy fall and laugh. At first he'd obviously been afraid of the massive griffon, and though she'd taken him in, she sometimes got annoyed with him. Over the months though, she'd grown more and more fond of him, as had he to her. He'd even started thinking of her as an aunt, melting the Griffon's heart when he said that.

As the day continued they ate their dinner, play some games together, and eventually, they all webt to bed. Mika set up a bed for Kyle that had initially been near hers, but eventually she moved it closer to Ami's. Mika did it to help the two's relationship to start. Initially Ami had thought of him more as a pet than anything else, and Kyle had been just as scared of her, if not, more than as Mika. Now, however, they were referring to each other as cousins. As the night setted in, the mountain grew much colder. Griffons were use to the cold, Humans, on the other hand, weren't.

"Auntie Mika, I'm cold." Mika roused from her sleep, finding Kyle caught in the various twigs, feathers, and other objects that made up her nest.

"Of course you are, you're not in bed." Mika giggled, scooping the shivering child up in her talons, carefully making sure not to scratch him with a claw. She had taken the precautions of making sure it was a bed that could retain heat as the mountain nights got very cold, especially all the way up here. "So, Kyle, why aren't you in bed?"

"I - I had a bad dream." Kyle admitted to her, some tears starting form.

"What was it?" Mika's curiosity rose.

"It... it involved my family. My mom and dad... they meet you... and you... you-" She knew what he was going for and placed the tip of a single claw over his mouth.

"Shh, it's alright. It was just a dream. Do you want to sleep in my bed tonight?" Mika asked as she started to nuzzle him. She felt a nod, "Okay, here we go." She laid back down and curled up into a comfortable position. She laid him against her belly and brought her head protectively in front of him, making sure that she can keep her eye on him. Finally she laid the furry end of her tail over him as a blanket. Settling in, she started to drift off, but she felt him start to shiver again. "Are you still cold, Kyle?" He nodded in response, but she can see something else too. "Still a little scared too?" She opened a wing and laid it across herself, effectively covering most of herself and formed a sort of barrier between him and the outside world. "Better?" This time his response is different, he got up and moved in front of her face.

"Um, I um, heard someone say, it was, um, warmer, um, in there." Kyle stuttered, but he pointed to Mika's belly.

"You want to sleep... inside me, tonight?" Mika asked incredulously. This hadn't ever happened before. It was true, he'd definitely be safe and warm inside her, but still, even as young, innocent, and inexperienced as he was, he'd always made it a point to avoid an open beak, and had always, still always protested against Ami's attempts to get him to play "cat and mouse". The one time when it did happen, Ami accidentaly swallowed Kyle ,Kyle had a panic attack, and Mika had to get him out of her sister. Now, he was voluntarily asking to go in. "But, you're afraid of being, well, eaten." He just looked up at her, with pleading eyes. "You're sure about this?" The boy nodded to her. Still incredulous, she gave in. "Okay, but I want you to tell me if you get scared okay." He nodded again.

Mika opened her beak wide, keeping her eyes focused on the boy, watching as he slowly started to walk into the living cavern. She fought back every one of her predatory instincts as he makes his way further. It's okay Mika, he'll probably just lay down on your tongue... but he tastes SO GOOD!!!. Much to Mika's surprise, Kyle continued making his way back, stopping to see Mika's throat open & close from her breathing, each gust of wind blown feeling warm, though it wasn't the most pleasent of smells. With a deep breath, he walked into her throat. No amount of fighting stopped Mika from reflexively swallowing. She felt him get slowly pushed down into her gullet. If she could sweat she would be, as she felt as if she was taking advantage of his size (and taste), but this is what he wanted. Finally, he plopped into her gullet. Kyle go up and looked around. Though it was dark, he could see Mika's flesh move on their own, dripping with liquids into various small puddles onto the floor, which also moved on it's own. Her heartbeat was like a relaxing drum to him, as well as her breathing and stomach gurgles, which was, though loud, almost made him feel as if the stomach noticed him and said 'Hello!'. He maneuvered his way over to one of the walls, though slowly, due to the floor's constant movement, and hugged it. During all of this, Mika felt the small boy inside, causing her to giggle as to how ticklish he was inside "I love you, Aunt Mika." He spoke before drifting off; the stomach, even with everything going on inside, was really warm and humid, perfect to sleep.

"I love you too, Kyle." Mika replied, rubbing her belly. Just think of it as a long, full body hug Mika. Yeah, just a hug, where you throw up or burp out the recipient. Mika curled up a little tighter, trying to make it feel to her as if he's outside & next to her, and slowly, she too drifted off to sleep.

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