• Published 19th Nov 2015
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Tales from Tinies. - MrAquino

An anthology of different tales involving small humans in a world filled with giant ponies.

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A New, Not Quite so Different, World (Guest and EQG)

A small group of humans approach a very specific mirror, inside the local, and inhabited, castle. Of course, another group was out distracting the purple princess, sacrificing their time spent outside the new princess's stomach for the rest of the group to reach their destination, and hopefully, bring back good news. The leader of the group heard about the mirror from a certain Cyan Pegasus; The first time was in an accidental eaves dropping, as Rainbow Dash was discussing the mirror with Pinkie Pie. He only picked up some bits and pieces while stealthily getting out of there. The second time, he'd purposefully been caught by Dash, and through a bit of encouragement, persuaded her to talk about it in full. The Pegasus was far too prideful for her own good, and he'd always found her to be a wealth of easy knowledge.

The group of eight was made up of their leader, a man in his early thirties, a woman in her late forties, who had been a teacher back on earth, a set of twin brothers in their early twenties who had been mountain climbers on earth (the most useful to the group) a teenage boy who snuck out too many times and, with his experience, had led them through the castle, the teenage daughter of the teacher, and the leader's two cousins, a young man barely eighteen and his older sister who was almost twenty. They stepped closer, their hope growing with each step, to the mirror. The magic of this mirror could be the means to make them normal again, and also, with a world much more like their own on the other side. It would be a welcome change instead of being hunted by ponies all the time. The group pressed forward, reaching the mirror's pane (it's portal) and charge through. They screamed as they flew through the whirling vortex of colors, and then with a flash of light, they fall into unconsciousness.


Sonata Dusk sat with her back to the portal, her head between her knees as she cried to herself. The other two sirens she thought were her friends had long since abandoned her, placing all the blame of their failure solely on her shoulders. Sitting here has become, somewhat of a final hope to her. Everyday, she came to this spot to see if the portal will open for her, but alas, Starswhirl's banishment spell proved it's worth. She can't even remember what it was that will allow them back into Equestria, all that she knows is that for some reason, it infuriated Adagio, and that was reason enough for her to have hated it. Now, though, with the only people she counted on, abandoning her to her fate, she has truly become lost. The only good thing left in her life so far, is the odd compassion of Fluttershy, who had been allowing her to stay at her house, and Pinkie Pie, who of the group she once thought of as enemies, because of Adagio, was the most accepting of them. Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, and Sunset Shimmer have all remained suspicious of her, while Twilight, she knew she wasn't the princess, but even still, had her running scared, especially after that whole evil bit during the Friendship Games.

Suddenly, she heard strange, small screams. She looked to the source and discovered something strange: Eight, four inch humans lying on the ground near the portal. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. They're still there. Carefully, Sonata scoops up the unconscious, tiny humans and places them all in one of her sweater pockets. She gets up, knowing just who to go to, and dreading it the whole time.

Sonata walked tothe soccer field, knowing exactly who's going to be there. With each step, it feels like her feet were getting heavier, but determined, she pressed on. She walksed toward the bleachers, on which sits her target, and the only member of the group who'd rather watch than join in any position of the game her friends were playing. Sonata swallowed out of fear.

Please, let Twilight just listen to me first. She thought ""H-h-hey Twilight, u-u-u-um, I-I-I f-found s-something y-you should s-see." Sonata panicked.

"Hey, um, you." Twilight replied before sighing. "Sorry, it's just that everyone knows me here before they even actually know me. I'm still trying to get used to it. Anyways, what is it?" Sonata reached into her pocket and pulls out the tiny humans, all still unconscious, and showed them to Twilight. Twilight gasped and looked closely. "Oh my! They're all-!... But how!?" Twilight continues uttering science and technobabble to herself as she pulled out some of her equipment. "Oh, there's some kind of energy - er, magic on them. Where did you find them?" Twilight looked at Sonata inquisitively.

"O-over b-by the s-statue, by the p-portal." Sonata shakily replied, her worry slowly ebbing.

"Hey, Sunset! You better have a look at this!" Twilight yelled, the game suddenly stopping as the other members of the group also become curious and rushed in. The group closed in and Sonata's worry returned with a vengeance. She swallowed worriedly again and waved her free hand in an awkward greeting. Sunset ignored Sonata and looked straight at what Twilight is currently examining.

"Woah." Sunset looked at Twilight, "How-?... Where-?"

"This girl-"

"Sonata." Sunset interrupted

"Oh, well, Sonata found them near the portal and..." Twilight looked at Sonata, prompting her to continue.

"I, uh, well, I found them and brought them here."

"That... that can't be true! Last I remember, there weren't any humans in Equestria, and definitely not any tiny ones. Hold on, I'll send Princess Twilight a message." Sunset retrieved the journal from her backpack and wrote out a message to Twilight. "Okay, hopefully she responds soon. In the meantime though, we should probably keep them a secret." Pinkie Pie, jumped up and down in the air.

"Oh, oh, oh, how about we have a sleep over?!" She asked in her usual excited tone. "That way we'll all be together when Twilight messages us back, and we can make sure it stays secret!"

"Yes!" Twilight immediately jumped up in excitement before quickly becoming embarrassed. "Eh he he, um, I uh, I've never been to a sleep over before..."

"That settles it! We HAVE to have a sleep over now!" Pinkie exclaims enthusiastically.


Everyone gathered at Pinkie Pie's house, the natural choice for their slumber party needs, considering Pinkie Pie's constant readiness for one. She had on her pajamas and a sleeping bag specially made & set out for Sonata. They've all changed into their pajama's to get in the slumber party mood, their sleeping bags placed so that they form a sort of barrier around the tiny humans placed in the middle. Sonata kept her focus on the humans, as a way to keep her fragile nerves in check, slowly becoming more used to the situation she found herself in. "H-hey, d-do you think they're okay?"

Sunset sat down across from her and closely examined them. "It looks like it; they're still alive. Maybe the ride through the portal was rougher on them than it was for, say, one of us. I mean, even I blacked out for a bit my first time."

The rest of the group joined in, looking at the tiny humans, all anxiously awaiting Twilight's response. The journal glowed suddenly and Sunset opened it. As she read it to herself, she became confusion.

"What did she say?" Sonata asked

"Well, everyone, it's odd but, um, here's how it goes. Twilight says that these little humans somehow appeared in her world, almost as tiny to her as they are to us. That's weird, but this is where things get odd. For some reason, a pony, whether by accident or not, swallowed one. Apparently, whatever magic brought them to Equestria, is also capable of helping them survive in anyone's stomach and, even weirder, they're extremely tasty, and that their struggles feel really good." Sunset looked up at the group, confusion still contorting her face, the rest of the group wore a similar expression looking at each other wondering just what got into Twilight. "She says, as long as you don't chew them, they're nice and safe inside our stomachs; they also won't move along inside, and, strangely enough, they're easy to hear and communicate within, though only to who ate them." The entire group sat there in silence, pondering the whole situation. Sunset then looked back at the journal. "Oh, and she tells us to have fun."

"Okie Dokie Loki!" Pinkie Pie reached out and quickly picked up one of the tiny humans. The one picked up by Pinkie Pie was the leader's cousin, who stirred and woke up with barely a moment to spare as she deposits him in her mouth. "Ooh, she's right, he does taste good!" She lifted her head and swallowed him. A bulge quickly went down her throat, making Pinkie giggle, feeling the young adult struggle inside. "Hey little guy, don't worry, just have fun!" She looked up at the group and said with the straightest face, "There's a party in my tummy."

The rest of the group joined in, each picking up their own tiny human, all of whom were waking up. Applejack and Rainbow Dash each grab one of the twins, Rarity grabs the young woman, Sunset Shimmer the sneaking teenage boy, Twilight grabbed the teacher, and Fluttershy grabs the teenage girl. Applejack and Rainbow Dash turned it into a competition between the two of them, seeing who can swallow their small human the fastest. Rarity promised the leader's cousin that she'll make sure to repay the girl with some custom dresses. Twilight, ever the scientist, took her time and wrote down every last detail. Sunset, while still confused, quickly gulps down the boy, deciding not to make the whole thing painfully slow. All this left Sonata was the tiny man, quivering in her hand.

The leader of the group wakes up to hear the screams and yells of everyone else. Looking around, he finds himself surrounded by a group of giant teenage girls with discolored skins. He watched as the giant teenagers swallowed his group one by one. No, the mirror, it was supposed to. Instead, I, I lead them into another world of giants. He thought to himself in defeat. He noticed that most of the giants were actually quite familiar. His eyes widen, It's a human version of their world! He looked down, and then turned around to see that he too was in the hand of another teenage girl. Only it's worse; there you really couldn't tell how old they were, but now, now I'm going to be eaten by a minor! He gulped nervously as the giant rose him to her lips. Her mouth opens, it's gape so large at his size that, it seemed like the entrance to a massive cavern. She gently placed him on her tongue and released; He turned just in time to see her lips close. Oddly, however, he could still see, though it is much darker. The tongue he's on started to lift, turning into a slide, sending him to the one place he didn't want to go. He grabbed onto anything but to no avail; everything was too slick. Suddenly, he comes to a stop; he turned around and gazed down, getting the whole view of the deep abyss of her throat. Then, a swift motion knocked him in, and he plummeted as the throat muscles grasped him, pushing him down to his new prison.

The girls, having all swallowed theirs, watch Fluttershy, as she sat, talking with the teenager. "Oh, is it, my turn." Fluttershy blushed as she noticed the group focused on her. She then looks at the little girl. "Um, could I maybe, um, I mean, could you, um, Is it okay if I, um, if I swallow you? I mean, only if you want to!" Fluttershy asks the little girl, her usual polite, considerate manner taking full control.

Some of the others rose their eyebrows. Dash groaned in annoyance, "Come on Fluttershy, don't worry about it, she'll be safe! I mean my little guy is wondering around having a great time." Then she slaps her stomach, "Hey! Come on, you're supposed to be on my side here! ...If you support me I'll give you something. ...No, I'm not letting you out yet. ...Come on, think of something else, how about your favorite food? ...Soda. ...You want a what!? ...Soyou can go where? ...That... Sounds... AWESOME!" Dash suddenly got up and ran to the door. "Hey Pinkie, do you have extra floss, he wants to explore deeper!"

"Sure Dashie, come with me!" Pinkie grabbed RD's hand and rushed off.

"Mine does too, uh, A'h mean I better go make sure they don't hurt themselves!" Applejack rushed after them.

Twilight, who's been working on her own device she rigged up for looking at the inside of machinery, also rushed after them. "Hold on! I've got something with me that will allow us to watch what happens inside!" Sunset Shimmer walked after her, curious as well. Sonata just laid down, her head propped on her hands, enjoying the feeling of her little guy pacing back and forth in her stomach, and watching Fluttershy's situation unfold.

"So, um, can I? You know, um, if you want that is." Fluttershy resumed posing her question to the little girl in her hand. The girl, now much more calm seeing that the teenager who's currently holding her neither posed her any threat and was even allowing her to decide, looked up at Fluttershy.

"O-Okay!" She replied.

Fluttershy opened her mouth and held her up to it, pressing her wrist to her lower jaw while pressing the tip of her tongue to the back of her lower lip, forming a living bridge for the little girl. The girl walks along Fluttershy's palm and made her way inside. As soon as Fluttershy felt the girl was safe, she lowered her hand. Fluttershy pulled out a hand mirror and watched as the little girl advanced further. So passive and incapable of inflicting any kind of harm, Fluttershy didn't even reflexively swallow as the girl reached her throat. Instead, she carefully angled herself so the girl can walk the whole way down. The girl reached her stomach, and Fluttershy carefully positioned herself. "Now you're sure you're okay. ...Okay, just let me now when you want out then."

Author's Note:

Third one by Jerec!, and this is certainly different! Next three will be by me.

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