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In a world where ponies are the hunters and humans are the hunted, the homo sapiens of this world were transported from the familiar planet of Earth into a much bigger world where the tallest of humans are mostly an inch or two tall. But with their transportation and size difference, the unknown magic that brought them here also gave them a protective barrier from any physical actions from ponies that might hurt them… even being eaten alive. So with the knowledge of ponies not being guilty of eating a human, the once peaceful world with humans and ponies living in harmony was blown to smithereens as the standards of humans were lowers to be living snacks. Every human who first appears in Equestria, is mostly greeted with the hungry maw of a pony if any kind. But even through this change in Equis, some humans have adjusted to their situation and even have jobs of them satisfying ponies while being eaten alive.

But, this story isn’t about a normal human adjusting to the life of giant magical ponies and becoming prey. This, is about a baby human, no smaller than a grain of rice, and her life of being raised by changelings: bug-like ponies who feed on love. Many might assume that the baby might be an endless source of love to them and to also be treated like food. But the one things the changelings never expect, is how this infant can warm their hearts to the point of acting like protective parents to them. And this, is the story of a baby human, being raised by changelings, and even being protected by the crown of Queen Chrysalis. This, is the story of Princess Pupa.

Note: This is a collaborative fanfic within the world of 'Tales from Tinies' with the creator himself. Hope you like this story as much as we enjoy making it.

Note: Additional Categories and Characters will be added as the story goes.

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Can't wait to see more.

I give you fair warning, some people may think the Princess Pupa from Maternal Instinct.

Why don't the humans eat the ponies from the inside if they're protected from harm? It would prove a point and be delicious.

This shouldn't be an 'E' story. Please change it to a more appropriate maturity label.

Also, what's with all the notes throughout the story? It breaks any immersion.

Is it just vore story? :(

This isn't a vore story, but some slight signs of it might be shown. Both me and MrAquino will try to not make this be around that topic. We have plans, and these plans have nothing to do with vore.

7738188 So that does mean you do not take suggestion as to where the story will head? :)

7738237 Well, me and MrAquino debate on what we do in the story, but other than that, no one other than us two to make a choice on the matter of the story.

7738262 Ah, okay. Because I am a fellow writer and I have many ideas where it could go.

7738501 Well, if you have any ideas from the 'Tales from Tinies' fic, then I'm more then sure that he'll love to hear your ideas.

7739769 what do you mean from talses of tinies fic?

7740185 Well, this story was based off of a chapter me and the creator did and he sometimes makes other writers post their chapters on his fic. The fic is simply called "Tales from Tinies".

7740871 Iľl send you some ideas soon...

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