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Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: "What! You too! I thought I was the only one."


Today is the day that Dash-kun will reveal her feelings towards Rarity-san. Will she accept her confession?

The Spring Festival is upon Ekishī High, ponies are either preparing for the festival to show off they're clubs, or getting ready to spend the event with they're friends or partners. Rainbow Dash is one of the many that is preparing to spend the day with somepony... somepony very special. Now would be a perfect time, but will Dash talk herself out of it? Or will today be the day that love blossoms for this rainbow-maned pegasus?

Note: This is kind of a submission for the RarityDash Writing Contest, but I'm also doing this since I got a bit of an idea with one of the art prompts you can use for the contest(the image). Anyways, Hope you like it!

Added Note: This is technically my first shipping fic, so go easy on me.

Update: The Contest results came in, and the story was placed Second Place with a grade B. First place goes to the fic "Love, And Other Felonies". Honestly thought I wouldn't be good enough for the top five, but I will not let the second place title go to my head.

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This was super adorable


Lality-Ojousama is sugoi.

I liked the story before reading because my filipino half japanese instinct kicked in and already knows that the story is going to be nice

This may be just me talking...but is anyone getting Yandare Simulator vibes off of the Story Cover Art?

I'm... I'm sorry. This is all I can think of while reading this.

Is this satire or pastiche?

I have never seen a like/dislike ratio so even.

I thought '-kun' suffix is for boys, not for girls. Am I wrong?
Or it is a way of accenting RD being a tomboy?

Yata, kababayan!🤗

A cute story. Could use a bit more character development. Your use of Japanese terms is also interesting. -kun an endearing male term, -chan an endearing female term, and -san a formal term. Since all are the same age and grade, the use of chan for Twilight is fine, but kun for Dash is to tease her (being a tomboy), or something she requested. San for Rarity would be used if she is on the student council or along that lines of seniority to the others in her class. This is where some character development would help as to why you use those terms. Is Twilight a confident of Rarity's? In the story she seems to be a placeholder, and it could have been any character. You did portray Rarity and Dash well in the story.

Some of my laughing was cringe laughing, but not in a bad way. Cleche and sweet in all the right ways.

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