My Little Confession

by Pixel Berry

First published

Today is the day that Dash-kun will reveal her feelings towards Rarity-san. Will she accept her confession?

Today is the day that Dash-kun will reveal her feelings towards Rarity-san. Will she accept her confession?

The Spring Festival is upon Ekishī High, ponies are either preparing for the festival to show off they're clubs, or getting ready to spend the event with they're friends or partners. Rainbow Dash is one of the many that is preparing to spend the day with somepony... somepony very special. Now would be a perfect time, but will Dash talk herself out of it? Or will today be the day that love blossoms for this rainbow-maned pegasus?

Note: This is kind of a submission for the RarityDash Writing Contest, but I'm also doing this since I got a bit of an idea with one of the art prompts you can use for the contest(the image). Anyways, Hope you like it!

Added Note: This is technically my first shipping fic, so go easy on me.

Update: The Contest results came in, and the story was placed Second Place with a grade B. First place goes to the fic "Love, And Other Felonies". Honestly thought I wouldn't be good enough for the top five, but I will not let the second place title go to my head.

The One Chance

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It was a beautiful morning in Ponyville - the birds were blooming, the flowers were singing, and Discord was already getting yelled at, so a certain rainbow-maned pegasus had plenty of time to write the letter she'd been putting off for months.

She scribbled a few words, then crumpled up the paper and threw it across the room. It wasn't turning out right and unlike the plaid rain clouds, it wasn't the work of a bored chaos spirit.

This mare's name was Rainbow Dash, but mostly called Dash-kun in school. She is a rainbow maned pegasus that was well known for her speed in flight, skills in sport, and admiration for the Wonderbolt Club, the club being pegasi exclusive and is mostly known for their aerial performances and races held for special occasions. But this doesn't have to do with flying, sports, or the Wonderbolts, this was about something more… personal.

This was for her secret crush, Rarity-san. She was the most beautiful unicorn in Equis High, it being the most well known high school in all of Equestria. In a way that Dash-kun saw her, the unicorn’s coat was as white as snow, having a mane and tail that was softer than any fabric she’s ever felt, and her eyes shined brighter than any sapphire in the world.

The blue pegasi sighed when she thought about her, wishing that she could embrace that mare and feel that soft fur and silky mane. But she was snapped out of her daydream when she heard the loud school bell ring, signaling that class was about to begin.

“I’m gonna be late!” Dash-kun shouted, quick to back everything in a satchel before She put a piece of toast in her muzzle and flew off to school as fast as she could.


"Oooh, here she is."

"Graceful as ever."

"I wish I could be like her."

Rarity-san could hear these voices as she walked down the path, acting as if it was her own personal runway. The nice breeze flowed through her mane and tail, it making the sunlight reflect off of her properly made manestyle. Both mares and stallions at least looked at her once, other's looking for too long and accidentally bumping into other ponies, to which they would wonder what's distracting them, and they too would look at the white unicorn.

"Sheesh Rarity-san, can't there be a day you don't have an audience?" Another unicorn besides her asked, this mare being different shades of purple for both her coat and main, the lone pink streak standing out on her mane and tail.

"Oh come now, Twi-chan, darling. If I had the chance to spruce you up, you'd understand just how grand it is being the center of attention." Rarity-san spoke, using her hoof to flick her mane behind her.

But before Twi-chan could voice a response, another voice spoke out.

"Look out below!" A raspy tom-boyish voice shouted, almost everypony looking up and seeing a blue blur with a rainbow trail behind it. And it seem it was aimed at the center of the walkway.
The spot that Rarity-san was walking.

Before anypony could tell her to move, or jump at the chance to protect her, the impact was made, a large dust cloud covering the area and nopony knowing what happened or if either Rarity-san or the flying stranger was okay.

But when the dust cleared, almost everypony gasped at what was right in front of them.


Dash-kun was flying as fast as she could, knowing that if she was late again, the principles wouldn't give her a simple slap on the fore-hoof. She might even be banned from the upcoming Spring Festival!

She ate her toast as fast as she could, not even caring if some of it fell right behind her. Seeing the walkway to the school, she dive bombed so she could quickly land and be one of the first in the school so she wouldn't be scolded. Unfortunately, she didn't realize how fast she was flying, so it would take longer for her to slow down and land properly.

In short: she was going to crash.

"Look down below!" She shouted a warning, front hooves flailing to try and slow down faster, but it was far too late. She was only able to see a blur of white and purple and the impact was hard. She could feel that something was out of place, that something being her wing. She tried to get up and let out a small groan. but two things stopped her. The first was that her wing seemed to have been pinned under something.

Another was that her muzzle was pressed against something, her groan being muffled.

'Huh? Did my muzzle get stuck in the pavement again?' She guessed, focusing more on the thing against her muzzle. 'No, it's too soft for pavement... dirt? No, I recalled seeing the pathway in front of me before I crashed.'

She couldn't think further as she heard gasps around her, the dust clearing around her, and making her see what exactly her muzzle was pressed against. Her eyes widened in shock. And so did the pony who was under her.

She was in a locked kiss with Rarity-san! Her secret crush!

She was quick to scoot away, now having a clearer view of her special somepony. But she realized that the crash messed both of them up. The once pristine and perfect unicorn, now had scrapes and bruises, her mane now ruffled and her tail unkempt. And her clothes had some tears and seams starting to get undone. And when she looked at the mare face-to-face, she saw that she had the same surprised face, a lock of her mane in the middle of her face, and a red hue on her cheeks.

Dash-kun didn't know what to say or do, her cheeks warming up as well. She tried to fly off from the situation, but one of her wings went stiff and she fell to the floor again, looking back at it, she realized that she sprained it, the feathers bent and even some missing. Seeing how the white unicorn still had eyes on her, as did everypony else, she ran as fast as she could. In all of her time here, she never had such an embarrassing moment, but now she felt that she could never live this down.

Confessing to Rarity-san was the last thing on her mind. She just wanted to vanish from thin air at this moment.

Meanwhile, Rarity-san was getting up from her spot, pulling a comb from her bag and brushing her mane, eyes still on the school entryway where the blue pegasus ran off to.

“Rarity-san! Are you okay?” Twi-chan asked, quick to look around for any fatal injuries that need immediate attention. Seeing none, she relaxed. But the ponies that saw that would need more than one pony checking on her.

“That pegasus brute hurt Rarity-san.”

“Did you see them lock lips!? That was like a whole minute!”

“Bet that was her first kiss, and it was stolen by some air-head!”

More voices like those was heard, mares wondering if they liked one another, while stallions wished to pummel the mare that dare kiss Rarity-san, much less hurt her. But Rarity-san still had her eyes at the front of the school, about to pick up some of her things that fell out of her bag. But she noticed under some rolled up parchment, an envelope she never saw was spotted. It being sealed with a heart sticker. She flipped it over, not seeing who it belonged to, but saw her name on it, written in a rather normal hoof writing, but having a heart over the “i” in her name. She didn’t open it though, slipping it in with her belongings.


The event in the front of the school was the one thing that everypony was talking about. Ponies of many types and colors wondered if they were a secret couple, some thinking they were perfect for one another, while others thought it was just an accident and nothing more. Though, nopony wanted to ask Rarity-san, and Dash-kun was either avoided, or she kept her head on her desk, a gloomy aura over her as it seemed it was the end for her. Her wing was in a gauze wrap, folded close to her side as she was told she was grounded for a week cause of the accident.

She turned her head to look at a corkboard, seeing the many posters and advertisements for club meetings and special events. One of the few that stood out was the Spring Festival poster. It was one of the more loved events, ponies saying that was the day that the cherry blossoms would bloom. Most ponies used the event to confess to their special somepony, it rumored that if it’s under the blossoming cherry tree, it is almost guaranteed they will accept it.

But Dash-kun only looked at it as a reminder of something she couldn’t face.

If I even try to be in the festival, mares and stallions alike would want to confess to Rarity-san. And cause of today, she’ll never want to see me again!’ She thought, her hooves ruffling her mane as she let out a loud groan. Lifting her head to see that she was alone in the classroom. ‘Figured nopony would tell me class was over.

She let out a small sigh as she got up from her desk, moving from her bag and looking though it, a dejected look on her face as she figured she might as well throw out the love letter she wrote for Rarity-san, it also being a way to ask her out to the festival before anypony else would. But her eyes widened as she realized it wasn’t in there.

“Wh-where is it? Please don’t tell me I dropped it!” She said, pulling everything out of her bag until the only thing left was the small clumps of lint at the bottom.

“Looking for something?” A posh voice spoke up, Dash-kun lifting her head up. She was more than shocked that it was Rarity-san, leaning against the door frame of the classroom, a familiar looking envelope in her hoove, the heart seal being enough for her to know it was the letter she was looking for.

Dash-kun couldn’t say anything, tensed up as she feared she opened it and read what she written down. But was quick to realize the heart sticker would be broken if she did, still sealed tightly.

The white unicorn moved it from her hooves to be covered in her magic aura, the mare approaching her and placing it on the desk. “I figured you wanted to give it to me at a more… proper time. Don’t worry, I didn’t read a single word.” She explained, her forehooves together as she rubbed one with the other, looking down at the floor.

“...thanks.” Dash-kun was only able to say, pulling the letter closer to her as she soon had it in her own hooves. “And sorry about… you know.” She mumbled, not wanting to say what exactly, since it wouldn’t be hard to guess what she was talking about.

“O-oh… that.” Rarity-san mumbled, a pink hue on her cheeks as she thought about it, Dash-kun doing the same and a blush forming on her cheeks as well.

The silence was almost toxic after that, Dash-kun’s mind going crazy as she realized the two were alone.

Come on Dash! She’s right in front of you. Just give the letter back, or ask her muzzle-to-muzzle.’ She told herself, the last part making her think more on what happened earlier.

“H-here!” Dash-kun said, shoving the letter in front of Rarity-san, not even looking at the unicorn, but the blush still on her cheeks. “I mean, you already seen it, s-so just open it and read it. It won’t change what’s written in it.” She added.

Rarity-san didn’t say anything, taking the letter in her hooves and reading the name on it once more. Turning it to see the heart sticker on it, she kept her eyes on it, before looking back at Dash-kun. The silence between them was interrupted by the small tearing of the letter top, the heart not being broken as she pulled the letter out and started reading silently.

While she was reading, Dash-kun was reading it in her mind, recalling what she wrote down, and how much of her feelings were put into it.

Soon Rarity-san’s cheeks were colored a deep red, feeling the love and effort put into it. Reading the last of it as an invite for the spring festival, she finally looked back at the pegasus.

“D-Dash-kun. I… never knew you felt that way towards me.” She said, bringing the letter close to her chest. “Do you really think Luna could never make a star as bright as me?” She asked, a small smile on her muzzle as she spoke about one of the things in the letter.

“Well… of course.” She mumbled, still not looking at the mare. “B-but I guess that’s super dumb and cheesy.” She added, crossing her hooves.

“And, you want to take me to the Spring Festival?”

“I mean, we don’t have to go… together. Even if you say no, I’ll be there anyways. That’s the only time the environmental club uses their freshly grown apples for cider, and I’m not missing out on it.” She answered, still trying to act cool and tough even after she gave her special somepony a love letter.

“Oh, Dash-kun. I’d love to go to the spring festival with you.”

“I figured you wouldn’t- wait, what?” Dash-kun whipped her head at the mare, not believing she would agree to this.

“Of course. Most of the time, ponies would like me for my looks alone. But… you say that you love how determined I am with my work, and how you say nopony else can turn art into something you can wear and be a part of. You really understand me.” Rarity-san spoke, moving closer to the pegasus.

Dash-kun stayed quiet and stiff, the red blush almost covering her whole face.

“So yes. I would be more than happy to go to the spring festival with someone as compassionate, cheesy, lovable, and daring as you.” She said, her muzzle inches away from Dash-kun’s.

But instead of a kiss as Dash-kun expected, she was pulled into a tight hug, her hind-hooves atop of Rarity-san’s. The unicorn held onto her tightly, Dash-kun looking at the envelope in her hooves since Rarity-san stopped using her magic, and the pegasus was able to grab it before it fell to the floor.

And for the first time in awhile, a genuine smile was on her muzzle, burying it a little in the unicorn’s mane and getting a small whiff of her conditioner. ‘Smells… lovely.’ She thought, now feeling as if nothing could ruin this moment.

“Rarity-san? Where did you run off to?” A third voice was spoken, a second unicorn mare walking in, being almost every shade of purple and seeing the two hugging one another. Dash-kun locked eyes with her, but quickly glared at the random mare, her eyes daring her to try and ruin this moment.

Twi-chan stayed quiet as she backed away, leaving the two alone to whatever they were up to.