• Published 20th Nov 2016
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Tales from Tinies: Pupa's Purpose - Pixel Berry

From the universe of Tales from Tinies, a tiny baby human named Pupa lives among the Changelings, living under the holed hooves of Queen Chrysilis. And it seems that fate has more plans for the human then the Queen was aiming for.

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Chapter 1

Note Entry 1: Today is Pupa’s first day of training. If there's one thing I wish, it's that she grew up faster. Seems that human babies grow much slower than my workers… it was torture to watch over this baby. Trying to feed it love is useless, it doesn't know how. However, during it's time, productivity and happiness are at an all time high; every Changeling wants Pupa to be happy. I practically don't need to say anything anymore, with the exception of the occasional question about humans… something I'm not proud to admit. But, nonetheless, after about five years of waiting and caring for Pupa, she'll be ready to learn the Changeling ways, and perhaps become the next queen. I don't want this to be all for nothing.

Chrysalis stood next to Pupa. The little girl started off as being as small as a grain of rice, but was now roughly the size of a bean. A kidney bean, to be exact. Despite being surrounded by giants for all her life, Pupa stood nervously next to her mother with her teacher, Antenna, a drone.

“Pupa,” Chrysalis spoke “Antenna will be your teacher for the day. Do follow his instructions; if he has a problem with you for today, it's straight to punishment room.” Pupa swallowed nervously

“Y-yes mom.”

“Do not worry, your majesty,” Antenna spoke “I am certain she will excel like my other students… if I had any.”

“Don't think this is just for her,” Chrysalis warned “If I see you trying to hurt her or not doing your job, I will personally serve you to the Timberwolves.” Antenna gulped.

“Y-yes, your majesty.”

“Good.” She scooted Pupa to him. “I will expect her to be in my chambers by the beginning of the night.” She turned and walked away.

“Uh… Mom?” Pupa spoke. Chrysalis groaned as she turned and lowered her head to Pupa.

“What?” Pupa hugged her muzzle.

“I'll make you proud.” Chrysalis rolled her eyes before standing up, making Pupa slide and fall to the floor.

“I hope you do.” Chrysalis flapped her wings and flew off to a different section of the ever expanding hive.

“That's just adorable.” Antenna spoke. “Calling her mom? I thought you'd also call her your majesty.” He walked to a room. Pupa followed.

“You never called her mom?” She asked.

“Once or twice. But, you're gonna have to focus on your training. That's why I made this.” They walked inside the room. In the middle was a miniature obstacle course with a wall, a pile of dirt, several large gaps, and small pony drawings.

“...What's this?”

“A simulation of the life outside of the hive. It's a dangerous world, and you're going to have to be physically and mentally ready for anything. You're not ready, but the basic situation is that you've been caught and have to run away from the mob; go slow and you're caught. Easier said than done.”

“I can see that.”

“But we're gonna have to hone your skills before you even have a crack at this. I think a few exercise routines will help.”

Note Entry 2: Pupa’s going to have to work on her skills. I would cringe if I had to stay that way.

Chrysalis stood with a confused look at a panting Pupa. Pupa was dripping with sweat, making it almost look as if she was swimming.

“She really tried her best.” Antenna spoke for Pupa. “It was pretty painful to look at, but she really did-”

“Don't waste your breath.” Chrysalis spoke, picking Pupa up in her magic. “She's going to have to keep practicing, that's all she needs.”

“Very well… just, don't push her too hard, okay?” Chrysalis gave him her infamous glare.

“I determine how hard she will be pushed.”

Note 3: Maybe I should've listened. Pupa fell right onto my hooves, exhausted written all over her. Every Changeling let out a collected ‘Aww’ for some reason. They won't think she's so adorable once she takes my place. Perhaps tomorrow's training will toughen her up.

Note 4: I was wrong. Seems Pupa is as brittle as her size suggests. Her teacher, Abdomen, was practically shivering out of his shell upon my return. As much as I want to yell at Pupa’s poor performance, it's best if I tend to her wounds without pouring much salt in it.

Chrysalis sat down as Pupa was in a bowl of water. Her body was covered in bruises and scars, and the poor girl sniffed as Chrysalis washed her with a sponge.

“I-I'm sorry, m-mom.” Pupa stuttered. “I-I really tried.”

“I heard.” Chrysalis answered, holding back her disappointment. “That was a terrible performance.”

“I know… mom?”


“Why am I different?”

“... I made you that way.”

“... But why?”

“Because I wanted you to be different, that's why.”

“... That doesn't make much sense.”

“Nothing does. If life made sense, then we wouldn't exist.”

“But everyone else is big. Why am I so small?”

“You'll grow, Pupa. Sometimes, the most dangerous things aren't huge like your siblings and I, but the opposite.”

“That… doesn't really answer what I asked.”

“... It's bedtime.” Her horn glowed and she picked Pupa up, covering her with some of the goo.

“But I'm not tired.”

“But you need to heal and get ready for tomorrow. It's also quite fitting for your next lesson.”

Note 5: I have no idea how it happened, nor did Cocoon, her Nurse teacher.

Chrysalis approached to Cocoon.

“So, how did Pupa do today?”

“Uh… she didn't go good… nor bad.” Cocoon spoke, her eyes shifting around.

“Well, where is she?”

“... You see… she's-”

“Mom? Is that you?” The muffled voice of Pupa spoke. Chrysalis looked around.

“Pupa? Where are you? This is no time for games!”

“In here!” Small pounds came… from Cocoon. Cocoon shifted her eyes around and showed a fake smile. “It smells bad in here!”

Note 6: I'm just glad her human side still has that magic protecting her from stomach acids. Took a lot of practice on Cocoon to hack her out, otherwise, we were gonna have to steal tons of prune juice and Fiber. Hoping that will never happen. Pupa won't tell me what happened, unsure herself, but I gave her a fitting punishment, one that's fair.

Pupa massaged Chrysalis’s left back underhoof. The queen herself laid lazily on her bed.

“That's it,” She moaned “Nice and slow.”

“When am I done?” Pupa asked.

“When both hooves feel great.” She then thought of something. ‘Perhaps I should do what Celestia does and have some Tinies massage my Flank… That sounds nice.