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Earth has been conquered and for hundreds of years humanity has been under the hooves of giant ponies, its once great countries and empires reduced to mere vassals, required regularly to give their citizens to the ponies. Melissa, age 14, and Joshua, age 11, are taken from their parents to magical land called Equestria where humans are treated at best as little servants, or pets to be taken care of, at worst as disposable toys.

Pre-reader: SomeRandomMinion

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And so we begin...
Nice to see this published!

4466157 Indeed. I have begun writing chapter three.

While I don't like the premise of this story, I am intrigued. Hopefully Twilight can help stop the human enslaving practice.

4466168 Yeah, I don't expect everyone liking this. A niche topic.

An interesting concept for sure! I shall be watching for new chapters

4466203 Thanks. New chapters will be added eventually.

Btw, you may want to remove the. "End of chapter 2" text--it kinda lessens the immersion.

You might want to put a human tag in this.


That's better. Makes it easier to find for those of us who like humans in our pony stories.

More chapters please

Ooh! I'm hooked! :pinkiehappy: Great story, looking forward to more!

quite a few typos, but nothing serious. i love the concept for this story and hope more chapters are added soon.

4467144 More will be added. ;)

4467279 Thanks, it is a niche thing, but I really wanted to write this, and story will continue.

It's an interesting concept. I shall follow and see where this story goes. Good luck, this 'niche' appears to be frowned upon, if ever slightly. On the bright side though, there appears to be a good couple people who enjoy it too.

I like it can't wait for chapter 3 :) :b

I love Prince Blueblood in this ... and this story :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::heart:

It's misanthropic, by nature which I don't like. Also, are ponies kind at all, or are they some cruel race now? You have slaves, so let's enslave your entire species? I don't like how you gloss over it. More detail towards what happened would help. Also, the paragraphs get kinda weird/ placed strangely.

I don't know. This reminds me of Your Human and You, and not in a good way, considering that that fic also doesn't make that much sense, and neither do its many spin offs. I read some of them for a while, but eventually I unfaved them all. This could be good, but I don't know... not only do I not like the premise, this isn't anything groundbreaking or good enough, in my opinion, to make me think otherwise about the story. Giant ponies are kind of cool, but.. ehh.

Maybe I'll come back to this story later and see if there's some improvement.

Also, this is what made me downvote:

Then, as if by fate, a great discovery was made, a portal to another world. After the first contact with the inhabitants of that world, humans, the Ponies asked humans to help them, but they refused. Witnessing how humans kept other humans as slaves, the decision was made to make the humans to work for the Ponies by force.

??? If they're so easy to conquer, how could they help in any meaningful way? That made no sense to me. That would be like me asking an ant to help me lift a couch, and then when they tell me no, I enslave their whole colony to do it. There's no logic behind it.

Keep writing bro. Don't let these haters keep you down I find this story very interesting

4467398 Thanks. Yeah, I am well aware that not all will like this story.

4468106 FYI, I hate misanthropic stories, I tried to make so that this does not appear as one, while still writing about the concept, maybe I failed.
No, most of them are kind and caring, villains of this story will be cruel to humans..

4467473 Well, obviously this story is not for everyone. ;)

Very interesting. I like it, I like it.:raritywink: keep writing champ!

4470855 I think we should make this a thing. Like ponyverse or something.

That does not make sense. Most of them are not 'kind or caring' if they enslave a race with such little effort, and it doesn't look like any of them feel bad about it. I realize that they may have grown up with it, the current generation, but even Twilight, who I assume is supposed to be one of the good characters, seems fairly content with this.

She doubted that a human could do anything in library, but it would be fascinating to have one as a pet.

That is not kind or caring. That is being either neutral or accepting of slavery. It doesn't matter if she treats them right. It is slavery. There is no arguing this.

It would be the same thing if dogs could talk and humans enslaved them. Even if you treated your dog right, it is slavery. It's extreme hypocrisy, actually, on the side of the ponies, to be tortured and played with by Discord as pets, and then to IMMEDIATELY AFTER take another species as pets. It shows how little they have learned and how ignorant they are. How sad, really.

Anyway, your story lacks a lot of logic, and it frustrates me. It would actually make more sense if ponies were very cruel. That would at least give them more credit. I'd actually like them more, believe it or not, because at least they are not being hypocritical. You cannot say you are kind one second and lash a whip the next. It doesn't work that way.

4471001 but it's very interesting so far. :moustache:


In your opinion. If I had less manners and tact, I'd honestly just be cursing at both the story and the author. This is in some ways lazy and needs more work.

4470665 still don't let these negative people stop your writing do it for the people who like it

I LIKE this so much! It's so much different from the rest of fanfics! I never though about tiny humans being enslaved by the ponies! I'm even thinking about doing my own tiny humans are enslaved by the ponies, only to get a revolution, If you would allow me :D

more chapters now please

4475117 Heh, thank you. Well, you can of course write about the same concept (and I would love to read it!), even if it is not the same universe.

4475957 The annoying thing called the real world has kept me busy, but I have committed myself to finish this story.

Okay then, I'll start writing it after I'll finish my another micro/macro fanfiction ;)

Next chapter please

When is the next chapter
Ps sorry if Im annoying you

4471001 I've always viewed Twilight Sparkle as being "book smart" while not necessarily having much in terms of common sense. She's also socially naive. Combine those facts with slavery having existed for quite some time before she was born and it should be readily apparently why she may not question slavery.

As for why ponies justified slavery? It is very easy to condemn, and even take a stand against, something when you have no strong motivations towards it. Look at how things were prior to the American Civil War as an example.

States that condoned slavery in the US had economies based around cotton and other plantation crops. Unlike those states that condemned slavery, those supporting were not industrialized and either had little alternative or simply had not invested in them. The state of Equestria's society could easily be paralleled to how those states would have fared had they lacked a slave-based workforce.

Some may not like stories such as this, but it is probably not too dissimilar to actual history. So far I've enjoyed reading it and trying to contrast it to actual history.

The suspense! It's... Beautiful.:pinkiesad2:

4542331 Heh, thank you. Yes, I'm alive here. ;)

4542342 I can't wait for the next chapter!:raritystarry:

Good work can't wait for more!

Just stopping by to say that Twilight hugging Melissa was...just so freaking adorable. :fluttercry:

Great work, man.

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