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Subject 0976, or known as Apex, is a man-made Yautja, he is made to replace soldiers in US Army. Apex was made from many predators DNAs, including the Yautjas they caught and killed from the past years. But when a experiment went wrong, Apex escaped the facility. After an intense fight, Apex was blown up by a bomb. When he woke up again, this warrior found himself in the magical land of Equestria, but our favorite ponies and their new made friends were fighting Storm King's army in Canterlot. Apex can either choose to ignore this, or to help them...

Chapters (4)

It all started with a simple question: What if? What if Luna had ponies who noticed the beautiful nights she created. Would she have turned into Nightmare Moon? Would she and Celestia rule together for a thousand years? Would Twilight meet the rest of the bearers of the elements and become friends with them? Now, with the help of a new magic spell that she created, Twilight is going to find out!

Welcome to the Lunar Republic!

Featured 4/9/15

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Daylight: The Cold War

After returning to reality from Narmeelah's Time Pocket, Dawn and a handful of creatures witnessed a battle for magic with Twilight "Arcadia Nova" Sparkle, Saviour of Psera at the helm. Psera's military was damaged, ponies now lie dead in the streets of Equestria. Dawn was too late to put a stop to a war between her and the rest of the world.

Twilight Sparkle, the most powerful pony to ever exist, the creator of spells, mistress of the elements, and role model to millions, now awaits her sentencing for crimes against ponykind.

But a threat looms over Equus. A threat that Dawn herself has seen. A threat that will destroy all of ponykind unless Arcadia Nova is released. They won't do it. Only she remains.

But what is she to do? With her father, King Shimmering Madun dead, and her mother Queen Arcadia betraying the world, Dawn is left in limbo alone. Her home untrustworthy for her safety and Equestria refusing to engage with anything to do with Arcadia...

How can she save Equus?

Chapters (17)

A battle between dragons ends with a village in ruins and one ponies life changed forever. Phoenix is now on very close terms with an Ancient Dragon. With the village in ruins he needs a new place to call home. Celestia gives him a new job working in research and development for her. He is sent to Ponyville and reconnects with a familiar mare.

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Equestria is in a state of constant chaos.

Monsters roam the wilderness, attacking travelers and those who stray too far from the relative safety of the villages.

Brigands and bandits lurk on the roads, robbing and looting with little resistance.

Celestia and Luna's armies are being spread thin defending their borders from seemingly every direction.

Now, a brutal and beast-like warrior is found in Equestria during these turbulent times.

What role will he play in this tenebrous era of Equestrian history?

Featured on 4/24/2020 + 5/1/2020 Thank you all :heart:

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While studying the Tree of Harmony, Princess Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon and releases an ancient evil hidden deep beneath the tree itself. Luckily, she also releases the only one who can stop it... The Last Dragonborn, Skarin of Atmora, awakens in a new world born from the ashes of the old one and must, once and for all, defeat The World Eater Alduin. But first he must adapt to this new and strange world he finds himself in and gather as many allies as he can. Maybe even fall in love?

The title "Kulaas ahrk Dovah" is dragon for "Princess and Dragon", lack of grammar accuracy since dragons don't really care for proper sentence structure.

The story starts with the beginning of season 5, between episodes 2 and 3 and continues from there following canonical-ish episodes and new storylines.

Also, no herd for our Dragonborn.

Cover art done by the amazing marking!

Featured on May 6th 2019! :pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to Guardian

With the battle over and the changeling threat gone Ale can finally settle down and experience new emotions with his loved one. But what if something haunted him, occupying his thoughts every waking hour? A secret can threaten many things.

Follow Ale as he desperately races against time and his very being.

Book two of three.

Image credit: GrandMaster-J5.

Halo elements belong to Bungie, Microsoft, and 343 Industries. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Chapters (4)

Cover done by the amazing Mondai Shunketsu!
Vectored by me!

After making it through a terrible revolt that lasted for quite a lot of years. West Galaxy is rebuilding and the hero who stopped the revolt is being sent on a peaceful campaign to make sure the rest of the worlds are beginning their own revision.

However, it seems that fate has other plans in store for him and sends him off to another universe entirely. Read on about this Journey he will take whether he wanted to or not.

Chapters (28)

A young man with a love of military history and MLP:FIM finds himself dragged into Equestria as war threatens the pony nation.

I got the idea for this story from my Civil War book collection and Altoid's Blood and Guts and Ponies story, as it involves a human coming to Equestria to aid in its defense, partly by modernizing it's military and leading its forces on the battlefield.

Just a warning; the main character is Christian and pro-Union. Just to give people a heads up.

Chapters (96)

“I have faced many self proclaimed gods, but when they die you can not hear their howls above the wind. The god died the man lives.”-Pantheon the Unbroken spear

Many warriors face defeat and can not rise above their own failures. They fall and do not stand back up. Brothers and sisters fall by the way side, all you can do is shout there names to the heavens. A deep sorrow in your chest that hurts more than a sword.

Atreus knows all this too well, but he has never fallen and not overcome that defeat in the end. After climbing mount Targon and losing himself and his body to the stars. He only ever saw glimpses of what was happening.

Now after his most resent fall he is surprised by the change in scenery. The sands of Shurima and its deserts are gone, replaced by a beach next to the ocean. He glances up to the night sky and takes a breath.
These are not the stars who lied to him.

Just letting you know, though you may not understand. This story takes place after the battle between Pantheon and Xerath because this is AU for both LOL and MLP. That battle ends on a cliffhanger and is the perfect plot device to get Atreus to Equestria. Also its like the last lore story on Pantheon right now, so bite me, I want to be a bit lore friendly. BTW THIS LAST PART IS IMPORTANT, I WILL MAKE IT SO THAT EQUESTRIANS ARE HUMANS BUT THEY HAVE TAILS, AND THE FEATURES OF THEIR TRIBES. THEY WILL STILL BE CALLED PONIES AND USE CERTAIN WORDS STILL BUT YOU KNOW, NO HORSE FACES. APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE IF YOU CAME HERE FOR THAT

I don't own any of the characters by the way, just thought I'd make that clear. 😓

Chapters (28)