• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 The Almighty Muffin (Redone Chapter)

~Chapter 2 of Raze's Journey~

At the Castle of the Royal Pony Sisters, a whirring could be heard as a blue telephone box appeared out of nowhere in particular. It had the words “POLICE BOX” with “PUBLIC CALL” in the middle of the first words.

As the whirring died down, the doors opened and smoke poured out as two silhouettes emerged from the well lighted doorway.

The first one stepped out of the light; he was a brown stallion with a brown mane and tail with an hourglass for a cutie mark. Then the second one stepped out and it was a mare with a gray coat and yellow mane and tail with seven bubbles for a cutie mark.

They began to walk away from the machine, and while walking the brown one broke the silence, “We had almost vanquished him and he got away...”

The gray mare looked down at the ground with a saddened expression, “I just don't know what went wrong.” she sighed with little earnest thinking: it was obviously all her fault in the first place.

“Now, Derpy, this is in no way your fault. I should have been watching out for you. The Master is a dangerous foe and is not to be taken lightly. He'll use any means to defeat me, and I should have been there to protect you when you needed me most! For that, I'm sorry...” he finished in a rather quick way, knowing that Derpy shouldn't blame herself.

“Oh, Doctor, you always know just what to say to make me feel better!” she said happily as she kissed him on the cheek, catching The Doctor off guard and making him blush.

The Doctor touched his cheek with his hoof and smiled, 'I'm a pretty lucky Time Lord!' he thought to himself as Derpy smiled at him.

The moment didn't last very long as Derpy and the Doctor heard a crashing sound coming from the area ahead of them, away from the ancient castle. The Doctor looked in the direction of the crash, "What was that?!" he yelled.

Derpy turned towards the direction of the heard crash, "Doctor, it came from the direction we were walking towards!" she then turned towards the Doctor.

The Doctor turned to Derpy “We need to go check out the area where whatever it was crashed!” he said while Derpy followed close behind him.

~Crash Site~

The Doctor and Derpy had finally made it to the crash site after an awkward run. They looked down into the crater and saw a ship that appeared to be on its side.

“Is that a spaceship, Doctor?” Derpy asked him as he rummaged through some saddlebags of his.
“It looks like it, but I want to be sure. Aha! There it is!” The Doctor said triumphantly as he got his head out of his saddle bag.

The Doctor pulled out his Sonic Screwdriver and began to scan the ship. He then used the tractor beam on his Sonic Screwdriver and turned the ship to a standing position.

He then used the screwdriver to hack the system, and the landing gear finally came out in the form of robotic legs. The Doctor then let the Tractor Beam go and the ship landed itself.

A voice sounded from the craft, “Landing complete! You may now exit the craft.” The main hatch opened and extended towards the ground. Nothing but silence was heard throughout the area.

“That's strange, nothing is coming out...” The Doctor said to himself as he put away the Sonic Screwdriver.

“Then let's go in!” said Derpy as The Doctor stopped her from going up first.

“I'm the Time Lord here! I'll be the one to explore first!” The Doctor said as he looked at the ship.
Hesitantly, The Doctor approached the craft. He looked up at it and saw the words “CAPSULE CORP.” written in huge letters, 'Never heard of that company...' The Doctor thought to himself as he continued onward.

Derpy followed the Doctor as they went inside the ship. She saw the orange-red tiles covering the floor and the white tiles covering the walls. She looked towards the middle of the room and saw a white and silver center coming from the top of the ceiling to the floor “Wow, this place is pretty! Why doesn't the TARDIS look this pretty?” she asked the Doctor.

“You don't like how awesome my baby looks? I'm starting to think that you don't know design quite like she does!” The Doctor said to Derpy as she huffed.

“I know Rarity would think this place looks better than the TARDIS! I mean you're all about the dark and silver stuff! Why not the bright white and silver stuff?! It's so spacey!” she said in awe of the ship around her.

The Doctor mock scowled, “I think it's just fine!” he said as he made his way to the center console of the ship.

“This does look like it's based off my TARDIS though... I wonder what it does...” he began to mess with buttons as Derpy found her way to another part of the ship.

Derpy looked over at a new area and found a ladder, 'This must lead somewhere!' Derpy thought to herself as she spread her wings and flapped them as she navigated the passage way.

She found herself inside what looked to be a kitchen. She started looking around and found the fridge, 'I'm gonna raid it!' she thinks as she opens said fridge.

She looked inside and immediately, her attention was caught. More specifically, a certain button that must never be mentioned to her.

Derpy's eyes dilated and you'd wonder how she wasn't blinded by the light coming from the button labeled “The Muffin Button”. 'This fridge was made for me...' she trailed off as she got closer to the button.

She pressed it and sure enough, in a few seconds, no less. She heard a loud sound as the oven opened up with a tray of muffins sticking out. Derpy shut the fridge door and trotted over to the muffins with an increasing interest 'These don't look like any muffins I've ever seen before... I wonder what flavor they are.' she thought to herself as she got some oven mitts and put them on her hooves.

'These mitts have and extra side to them that just flaps around... I wonder why?' Derpy asked herself as she got the pan out of the oven and set it down on the table located not too far away from her.

Derpy looked at the muffins inside the pan as she grabbed one, 'This is going to be so good!' when suddenly, The Doctor appeared inside the room, or at least Derpy thought he had randomly appeared. He had just climbed down the ladder leading to the kitchen.

“Hey Derpy! Whatcha gahhh!” The Doctor was as Derpy threw the muffin in surprise.

Derpy saw as the muffin hit the floor, “MUFFIN, NO!” Derpy yelled as she spread her wings and flew towards the area where the muffin was. The Doctor yelled again as he was dragged by Derpy and they both ended up careening towards the opposite wall. They hit the wall with a loud smack.

Derpy and The Doctor lay there dazed for a few moments. Derpy smiled victoriously as she held up the muffin “I saved the muffin! Isn't that great Doctor?!” she asked him.

“Just cheery... Are you going to eat it now so we can get back to what we were supposed to be doing?” The Doctor said to Derpy.

“Of course!” And with that Derpy shoved it into her mouth and began to eat it. The flavor hit her so fast that a sound could be heard over all others as her wings shot up.


The Doctor picked himself up and looked over at Derpy to see the almighty wing-boner of the century as her wings stood proudly above her back, “This is one of the greatest muffins I have ever had in the history of my life!” she exclaimed to the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at her as she zoomed back to the pan “You know what Derpy? I think you need to stay away from muff-” Derpy stuffed a piece of a muffin into his mouth.

Derpy smiled at him as he began to chew “What do you think?!”

The Doctor swallowed the piece of muffin and looked at Derpy with a serious face, “It wasn't bad at all... What could be in it? I've never had such a muffin before....” The Doctor began to ponder how it was made while Derpy left towards the ladder.

Derpy flew up the ladder and landed in the main control room. She began to look for anything else as she finally took notice of a strange looking creature laying near a seat.

She began to get closer to the creature ever steadily, 'I wonder what this thing is? It has to be the owner of this ship...' she heard the clopping of hooves as the Doctor had finally decided to join her and also saw the creature on the floor.

“A human?! In this universe?! Incredible! But get back Derpy! I'll take it from here! He could be dangerous...” The Doctor trailed off as he outstretched his foreleg in front of Derpy.

The Doctor approached the unconscious individual lying next to the seat and looked down at him in deep thought, 'A human? For the first time, I don't feel so alone... But I'm not sure of his personality! A being from my universe can still be as dangerous as the next! I'll keep a close eye on this one...' The Doctor thought to himself as Derpy had went past him without the Doctor noticing.

Derpy looked at the unconscious body and began to mess around. She poked him on his head, on his shoulders, and then shook him a bit, “It's time to wake up, Mr. Sleepyhead!” she said with a wide smile.

Raze began to groan and his eyes opened slowly as he adjusted to the light of the ship. He brought his hands to his eyes and rubbed them, trying to clear the sleep from his eyes, 'What's going on?' he questioned himself as he rolled over onto his stomach.

Derpy flew back in surprise at the sudden movement of the creature as the Doctor stepped up beside her. He regarded the human with caution as he picked his first greeting carefully, “Alright, I'm not sure what you are, so we'll start with your name. What is your name?”

Raze picked himself up off the floor and turned to the direction he heard the voice come from “My name's Ra...” he stopped when he only saw two horses staring at him, he then looked around trying to find out where the voice came from 'Those voices had to come from somewhere... But there are only two horses in here! Someone must be hiding around here....' Raze looked around and saw nothing and then looked on the other side of his captain's chair.

'There's nobody here... The voices couldn't come from horses, could they?' he questioned himself as a second realization hit him.

'It must be Discord! He could surely be here! If he can invade dreams, then it has to be possible!' Raze smiled and said, “Alright, Discord! Come on out! No need to hide! I already know you!” Raze finished as nothing happened 'Nope, nothing...' Raze's thoughts started to turn the gears in his brain while the two “Horses” watched the disturbed human.

The Doctor and Derpy stared at each other, then to the confused human and then back at each other. They watched as he continued to search around the ship, apparently in deep thought. Then they watched as he stopped searching and finally gave up his fruitless quest.

Raze looked at the two horses again and said aloud while scratching his chin. He forgot to keep his thoughts to himself. “If Discord isn't here and there are only two horses on my ship, then that mea-” he was interrupted by Derpy.

“We prefer the term ponies, Mr. Spikey!” she said with gusto before turning in the air and hitting him with her tail. Raze wasn't hurt by the tail slap, but he was for once in his life, completely awestruck.

The Doctor notices his look “Have you never met another species before? With a ship like this, I would expect that you have.” The Doctor finished as he based the idea on his own experiences. If you have a ship that's advanced enough for travel on a grand scale, then you've definitely met another species before.

Raze was still confused by the situation, but he still continued despite that “Well, of course I've met another alien species, but never have I met a species of hor- I mean ponies that could talk because I've been to other planets where horses and ponies are rode around and used for farm work. They never did talk...” Raze finished as he scratched his chin.

The Doctor shrugged, “I understand your confusion about the situation. I had the same issue when I found out about ponies that were sapient beings! I thought of myself being so lucky to be the first Time Lord to find such a place!” he finished rather satisfied with himself.

Raze, who had listened to the little speech, nodded, “Well, we started off on the wrong foot. My name's Raze!” he then held out his hand and looked at the Doctor who shook his head.

“Clench your hand into a fist.” The Doctor told Raze whom complied, then the Doctor hit his fist with his own hoof, “This is the greeting here! Hoof bump is what all the ponies say! Isn't it just hilarious? Also, my name is the Doctor!” The Doctor finished telling Raze whom retracted his fist.

Derpy trotted over and held out her hoof “And my name is Ditzy Doo! Ponies that are my close friends call me Derpy! I know this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship, so you can call me Derpy!” Raze bumped his fist against her hoof and smiled at her. Derpy smiled back with vigor.

“It's nice to meet you both!” Raze said as he got up.

“It's nice to meet you too!” Doctor and Derpy said to Raze whom had started walking to his center console.

“What are you doing, Raze?” The Doctor asked him as Raze tapped some buttons on the keyboard. Suddenly a screen appeared and showed nothing on it.

Raze looked at it in confusion, “That's strange...” he typed a bit more and found the screen saying “Location Unknown”. Raze looked at the screen for a few more seconds before turning back to the Doctor and Derpy, “I don't have a map for this place.... That means that I must be lost..... Or away from any signal for my ship to lock on to...” Raze quickly turned off the map screen and found himself walking back towards the wall he had hit his head on.

Raze then put his back against the wall and slid down the side of it. He hit the bottom and sat there for a while before saying, “Wow, this is quite an issue.....”

The Doctor walked over to him “I know what the issue is! I come from a different universe completely! You must have hit something that allowed you to come here!” The Doctor said to Raze, who then looked at him in confusion.

“You mean, like a portal between dimensions, or something like that, right?” Raze asked The Doctor, who smiled and nodded.

“Yes! You wouldn't believe how many times I've crossed dimensions while traveling through time. It's an interesting thing once you get into it!” The Doctor said Raze raised an eyebrow.

“What was that?” Raze asked him as he dug into his ears with a finger.

“Exactly what you heard.” The Doctor said to the confused Raze.

“Well, that's something... A time traveler... Hmmm... Let's not go into that for now. I need to figure out one of my newest problems.” Raze said aloud.

“And what problem would that happen to be?” The Doctor asked him.

“Where I'm going to live at... Do you two happen to know of any places nearby?” Raze asked them.

Derpy smiled and answered Raze “You could live in Ponyville with us! I have quite a bit of room at my house!” Derpy exclaimed in earnest.

“I'm not sure if that would be right....” he finished by crossing his arms.

“Why?” Derpy asked him with a tilt of her head.

“Well, I would be stared at by a whole bunch of ponies as if I was a wild animal, that's one thing, and I gotta figure out a different place...” Raze said as he began to pace around the inside of the ship.

Derpy smiled once again, “I know a different place where you wouldn't have to deal with other ponies! It's perfect for seclusion!” she said as Raze turned toward her again forgetting to continue his pacing.

“Really? Where would that be?!” Raze asked with vigor.

“There's a cave on a huge mountain! It's just outside Ponyville! There is one problem, though...” Derpy trailed off with a slight frown.

“How could there be a problem with that? It sounds nice and quiet to me! Probably a great view also! Are you going to tell me what that problem is?” he asked Derpy.

“Well, okay! A dragon lives on the mountain. But I'm sure he would listen to a voice of reason if you asked to stay really nice-” Derpy was interrupted abruptly.

The Doctor shoved had shoved a hoof in her mouth “No! How can you suggest that?! He's a human and that means it's far to dangerous.” The Doctor finished with urgency.

Raze then smiled and said “I agree with you, Derpy!! A dragon would be a cool thing to be around, but I would have to show it some supremacy, so I'm going to go there ASAP and show this dragon a thing or two!” he began to walk towards the door of the ship, but was stopped by The Doctor.

“Are you even thinking about this?! You're throwing your own life away, stop and think befo-” The Doctor was interrupted by Raze.

“I'm not a human!” Raze said as the Doctor gave him a surprised stare.

“Not human? Then what are you supposed to be?” The Time Lord asked in extreme curiosity.

“I'm a saiyan!” Raze said with a proud smile.

The Doctor's curiosity began to grow further “What in the world is a Saiyan? I've never heard of that species...” The Doctor trailed off as Raze smiled.

“I'll tell you right now!” Raze said to them both.

Raze told them about the Saiyan race and what they were capable of doing. The Doctor and Derpy listened in as he told them of the intricacies of the Saiyan populace and need less to say, The Doctor was astounded, and Derpy just seemed to absorb the information. Raze couldn't tell what was her mind.

The Doctor started to smile “OH! You are something brilliant! I can't wait to see what you're truly capable of doing! Seems like you'll be able to defend yourself easily, but I'm still sure that you would be happier in Ponyville!” The Doctor said.

“There may be a time when I'll check out the place, but I wouldn't get too hopeful of it happening anytime soon. I guess that I can go and find the place on my own. It's been nice meeting you both and I wish you a nice day!” Raze then walked towards the door of the ship.

He opened it and then went outside. He began to make his way towards the forest when he started realizing something 'I don't know where I'm going and it's really foggy for some reason...' Indeed the fog had set in all around the sky and Raze having no idea where to go, decided that he should head back to the ship. So he did.

“I can't believe that I've met a new alien species today! Simply brilliant! I'll have to add what I know to the TARDIS in case we find anymore!” The Doctor said as they stood on the walkway leading into the ship.

“I found the best muffins ever! We also have a new friend if he stays... Do you think he'll find the mountain without a guide?” Derpy asked the Doctor whom smiled.

“Maybe we won't have to wonder about that for long! He's already back!” The Doctor said as an embarrassed Raze walked towards them.

“You wouldn't happen to know your way to that Cave, would you?” Raze smiled awkwardly in slight shame as he didn't have a clue himself.

The Doctor and Derpy looked at each other and smiled, then turned to Raze “We can help you get to the cave, but we should wait for the fog to clear.” The Doctor stated to Raze.

Raze then smiled himself “Alright, I guess I'll get a few more of those muffins before w-” Raze was interrupted by Derpy when she tackled him.

“YES! More of those amazing muffins!” she exclaimed as she shot back into the ship.

The Doctor smiled and then turned to Raze, “I think that you should be a little more careful around her, Raze. She's quite a handful!” he said while helping Raze up.

“Tell me about it...” Raze trailed off as they both followed her inside to eat more of those incredible muffins.

Author's Note:

Went back and did the entire chapter over again, I hope you all enjoy it.

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