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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Grand Moon Celebration Part 1

Author's Note:

This chapter has to be written all over again due to the fact that I made this chapter when I was a beginner level writer. I would suggest that you not read this or any other chapters afterward as they are a mess. Chapter 1 - 3 have been rewrote and the chapters that use the same style continue with chapter 13 and onward. So don't read if you can't take heavy grammar mistakes among other things.

If you read all that and still want to continue. Then go ahead.

Raze's Journey Chapter 10

A train passed by the open field as it made it's way into the mountains. There were many ponies aboard this train and one lone Saiyan. He leaned on an open window as his hair caught the wind. Our Saiyan's name is Raze.

Raze was uncharacteristically bored, but that wasn't really the biggest issue. He had been dragged along on trip that he hadn't been particularly interested in going on. He had no say though as a very forward mare wouldn't let him say no and as the saying goes “Tartarus hath no fury like a mare scorned.”.

Raze hadn't been fond of the action that happened, but he wouldn't go alone and that's where our story begins.

~Flashback to the Morning~

Raze opened his eye's and looked around at the bookshelf’s 'What a nice morning and it looks like nobody or pony for that matter is awake I think I'll go for a stroll...' and with that he picked himself up off the makeshift bed.

Raze stretched his arms and legs and proceeded out the front door of the tree he had grown quite accustomed to 'I should go flying or maybe.... Ehhh... I don't really know what to do' His stomach growled and he finally realized something “I'm hungry!” he said in a matter of fact tone.

He found himself in the middle of the town and at Applejack's stand 'I swear these apples are good but, how do I always end up near them?' Applejack was looking at him expectantly from within the stand as though she had said something and was waiting for an answer.

Raze scratched his head and asked “Can you say that again?”

Applejack chuckled a bit and said “I'll do that Sugarcube! I actually asked if you wanted anything to eat?”

Raze smiled and said “Yeah sure that would be amazing if I could get something!” his hands went to his pockets on the Yardrat clothing he wore but, he remembered he had no money or bits as the ponies called it.

Applejack picked up on that and said “Don't worry there on the house after all you saved Equestria!” she passed him a few apples and he scooped them up and wolfed them down in seconds.

Raze patted his stomach and said “That's always good!”

“It's always good if it comes from Sweet Apple Acres!” she said and he nodded with knowing it's the absolute truth.

Raze looked around and said “Well I best be going there's a lot of places I have to go and food was stop one!!” he then mentally added 'Now if only I could figure out all the other stops....'

Applejack waved him off and soon he found himself walking through the park. He noticed the cracks on the surface of the ground and cringed a little 'That Shadowbolt captain really hit the ground hard.....'

Raze then looked around a bit more and saw more of the fight “That was some fight Raze!! I was really impressed with your moves!!!” Raze turned around only to find Rainbow Dash wearing her necklace with the red lightning bolt on it.

Raze smiled and said “Thanks Rainbow!! That means a lot!!”

Rainbow Dash then turned around to fly off when she was interrupted by Raze being in the spot she had just turned around to “Raze what are you doing?”

“What's that necklace do besides holding so much energy inside?” he asked hoping for a genuine answer.

Rainbow Dash shrugged and said “Magic!! I don't have to explain anything...” and with that she flew off leaving behind a clueless Raze.

Raze began his walk again only to be interrupted by the greatest force of nature this world had ever seen! “Derpy! What's going on?”

Derpy smiled and said “I got The Doctor out of his Tardis and made him go with me and Dinky on a walk through the park.”

Raze looked over to The Doctor whom looked on the brink of sadness “Hi Raze... I'm being forced on an adventure called forced parenting... Time to grow up right?”

Raze had no idea what he was talking about until he felt something gripping his leg. Raze looked down to find a Unicorn staring back up at him “Hello there and what is your name?”

The Unicorn looked at him and smiled saying “I'm Dinky! What's your name mister?”

Raze looked at the little Unicorn closely and said “Awwww your adorable!” he then smacked himself 'The ponies are getting to me.... UGH!'

Raze shook himself while Dinky looked at him in confusion before running back to Derpy and hiding behind one of her legs “He's weird Momma!”

Derpy laughed while Raze got himself together “He's just a little off sometimes, but he means well.” she said to Dinky who then laughed with her.

Raze thought to himself 'She and myself make me look bad... Is that my luck showing?' he asked himself before he finally decided to tell Dinky his name “I'm Raze! I saved your Momma from a big scary dragon!”

Dinky's eyes grew big and she turned to Derpy “Is that true Momma?”

Derpy nodded and said “Yes My Little Muffin It's true.”

Dinky bounced from her mother and began to bounce around Raze “YAY! Raze is a hero!”

Raze blushed a bit from the praise and mumbled “Yeah....”

After the bouncing around was finished Dinky, Derpy, and The Doctor said “Have a great day!” and “See ya later!” and left on their way.

Raze actually figured he should check in on Twilight seeing as he had left without her knowledge and he proceeded to go back into town.

As he walked he felt as if he was being watched and each step he took the feeling became greater. Raze turned around and looked around. Nobody or pony for that matter was watching him, so he continued on his path only to find the feeling returning 'This isn't right at all....'

Suddenly a flash of light appeared in front of him and seemed to drown the area around Raze in the light. Raze shielded his eye's as the light began to fade.

“You can stop shielding your eyes!” Raze lowered his arms and saw The Doctor.

“I just saw you with Derpy how are you here?” Raze asked in confusion.

The Doctor smiled and said “You've seen me in the past, but that's not important right now!! What is important is that you get my gift!” The Doctor then went inside the blue box behind him leaving Raze alone and very much confused.

Raze walked up to the blue box and began to inspect it and found nothing strange about it. The only thing at all that came to his mind was 'It's only a box and there's nothing to it...'

The Doctor opened the door and stuck his head out saying “Well are you coming in here or not?”

Raze shrugged and followed the Doctor into the box.

~In the library~

“Oh-no Oh-no Oh-no Oh-no Oh-n...” Twilight was silenced by Rainbow Dash who had come to read the new Daring Do book and instead found a worrying unicorn.

“What's going on Twilight?” Rainbow asked her.

Twilight turned around and said “I just got a new letter from Princess Celestia saying she wanted all of us and Raze to go to the castle, but I can't find Raze and if he doesn't come with use I'm sure ill be thrown in a dungeon, OR WORSE!”

Rainbow Dash watched the frantic unicorn dash around the library while she rolled her eyes “I think you're overreacting Twilight.” she finished, but then decided say something else “Remember last time how you overreacted and nothing went wrong!”

Twilight began to hyperventilate while ignoring the pegasus in the library while she zoomed around trying to find a nonexistent Raze.

Meanwhile an excited Pinkie was followed by Rarity, Fluttershy, and Applejack whom were wondering why the Princess decided to send them all a summons on this day.

Spike opened the door when he heard the bouncing Pinkie. Each filed in until there was a circle standing around Twilight.

Applejack was the first to ask “What are we doing here so early in the day?”

Twilight smiled and said “I'm glad you asked Applejack!” she stopped and looked around for a second.

Rarity narrowed her eyes a little “Well, dear please explain any time now would be nice! I have dresses to make and they aren't made while I'm here.”

Twilight's horn fired up and a letter was brought out with the official seal of Celestia put on it and began to read it.

Dear Twilight and Friends,

I, Princess Celestia do cordially invite you to
the Grand Moon Celebration. Luna is leading
the celebration by bringing the moon to it's highest
power at full moon. Please bring Raze, Derpy,
and the Doctor with you as it would be a
delight for them to share in the festivities
as they have helped save the world.

Your Mentor and Friend,

Princess Celestia

Twilight rolled it back up and teleported it to the secret place she keeps letters that come from Celestia and then turns to her friends “That's what were all here for! One problem though is I can't find Raze, Derpy or the Doctor, so I need all of your help! Will you help me?” she asked them and they all nodded.

“What are friends for!?” Pinkie said excitedly as she zoomed out the door leaving every other pony behind.

Twilight looked in the direction she had went and yelled "PINKIE! You went into the kitchen!"

Pinkie laughed from in the kitchen and said "YES INDEEDY! I'm making food!"

Rainbow Dash picked up at that part by saying "You are so random!"

~In the TARDIS~

The Doctor had stopped in the middle of space just outside the planet of Earth (Pony version of Earth) where he was sure they wouldn't be interrupted. He turned to Raze whom hadn't said or moved much except for his head which seemed to be looking all around the inside of the ship.

The Doctor interrupted Raze's staring with a cough and said “Yes it's bigger on the inside....” Raze noticed his tone didn't sound all that friendly right now 'What's wrong?' he thought to himself as the Doctor made his way to Raze.

“I am here from the future” The Doctor said in a matter of fact voice which made Raze a bit uneasy and yet the Doctor continued anyway “And ill be honest it's only 3 days into the future where I come from, but it's all your fault!!!” he roared angrily at the last three words which stunned Raze whom had never seen the Doctor angry before.

Raze felt compelled to ask, so he did “What's my fault?”

The Doctor stared at him with the fires of tartarus in his eye's and said “I can't tell you that... What I can do is attempt to change it” he went to the main console of the TARDIS and brought out a sphere which had runes all over it. He the made his way over to Raze from the console and gave it to him “This is an ancient orb that is said to enhance the Elements of Harmony and allow them to reach super states. Princess Celestia commanded me to bring this item to you in the past in the hope that you will hand it to Twilight”

Raze rolled the orb in his hand around before nodding and saying “I'll give this to Twilight... Now what did I do?!”

The Doctor shook his head and said “There isn't a reason to say anything, but I will say this one thing... You're lucky I'm not trying to kill you.” he finished with deadly intent as he went back towards the console and began to flip switches and press buttons.

The Doctor then said “Were going back to Earth!” he then slammed down a lever which made the entire area shake as the TARDIS plummeted down to the area the Doctor had met Raze in earlier.

In seconds the TARDIS had touched the ground making Raze fall to the floor. He grunted while The Doctor had hung to the control panel as if his life depended on it and it probably did.

Then as suddenly as the TARDIS had began it's descent it stopped. Raze coughed a little and picked himself up off the floor. The Doctor then preceded to push him outside the TARDIS while saying “Remember to pass the artifact to Twilight!!!”. Then he went back inside the TARDIS.

Raze watched as the TARDIS began to disappear. Raze then walked away only to look back one last time to see that it had finally gone. With a sigh Raze headed towards the library where he would be yelled at for being late.

~At the Library~

Spike was looking out one of the Library windows at the time when he saw Raze approaching the building “RAZE IS BACK TWILIGHT!” he yelled which caused a chain reaction as several things fell on the ground followed by crashes as the unicorn appeared at her door which she unlocked as Raze opened the door from the other side causing Twilight to smash into her wall.

“I'M BACK!” Raze exclaimed as he looked around confused “Twilight are you here?” he asked as he walked through the door careful not to hit his head. He shut the door without turning around and walked into the main part of the tree.

Raze smelled food coming from the kitchen and heard voices accompanying the smell. The first voice was Rainbow Dash “Are you almost done Pinkie? I'm starving!” she groaned as Pinkie continued to hum to herself blissfully unaware of anything outside her little world.

Raze poked his head into the kitchen “HEY EVERYONE!” he yelled as Rainbow Dash's center of gravity changed and she ended up on the ceiling looking down at Raze with horrified eyes.

Pinkie had flung a frying straight into the wall right next to Raze's right cheek and Rarity made a girlish scream that destroyed several glasses including a window.

Applejack ignored all of the others remarks and said “You sure do know how to make an entrance Raze!”

Raze smiled and said “Well I didn't expect the frying pan, but no damage here....” he finished as Pinkie took the frying plan out of his hand and went back to her little world.

“Rainbow why don't you get on down here and say hi? You look a bit scared up there” Applejack said with a chuckle.

Rainbow narrowed her eyes and said “Yeah yeah real funny....” as she flapped her wings and turned herself right side up again and touch the floor with a light clop sound.

Raze smiled innocently at Rainbow as she kept her narrowed eyes at him “Where were you Raze? We looked everywhere for you!”

Raze frowned and said “I'm not going to say anything because it will make me sound crazy and where is Twilight at?”

“I'm right here” Raze turned his head to the entrance of the kitchen and saw Twilight with her mane severely disheveled, little pieces of wood sticking out of her coat, crazy eyes, and a creepy grin with a Fluttershy beside her.

Raze was about to say something when Rainbow Dash began to laugh at Twilight's expense “What's so funny Rainbow?” she asked menacingly.

“Nothing at all Twilight.” Rainbow said in mock fear as she chuckled inwardly.

Twilight grumbled as she clopped past Rainbow Dash and took a seat at the table. Fluttershy followed her and also took a seat.

Raze took this moment to pull out the artifact handed to him from the Doctor and put it on the table. The orb automatically caught Twilight's attention and she asked “What's that Raze?”

Raze shrugged and said “Well this pony gave it to me saying that the Elements of Harmony would be able to use it when each of them are ready and that's it.”

Twilight hoofed the orb a little before giving up with a sigh and then she looked at Raze determinedly “Well, Raze now that you're here it's time to get you to do what you're here for and that is to also study our culture!!” she then levitated the scroll that had been sent by Celestia which he read.

After finishing the reading he looked at her and said one word “Yes” he then walked out of the kitchen leaving an excited Twilight sitting in her chair.

~Outside the tree~

The sun was shining and Raze was sitting on a bench when he heard something moving at the top of the tree library. He decided to check on what it was and found the unexpected.

“Lyra?” Raze asked in complete confusion.

“That's my name don't wear it out!!” and then she clopped her hoofs together and looked behind herself to see Raze floating behind her she smiled sheepishly “Ummmm.... Hi”

Raze shook his head and asked “Why are you in this tree?”

Lyra looked around and said “This tree looked like a really nice spot to camp in, so I made myself at home!”

Raze frowned “So you just happened to this particular tree?” Lyra nodded quickly and Raze continued “In this particular spot?” she nodded and he continued again “The place that I just so happen to be staying at?”

“Yep! What a coincidence!” Lyra said while giggling innocently about the whole situation.

Raze smiled himself and picked her up slightly and put her on his back and flew off he then went above the clouds and said “Look here!! I'm going to say this only once!! Okay?”

Lyra nodded as she gripped around his neck fearing that she would fall.

Raze took a breath and said “I'll answer any questions you have about the humans in a few days, but you have got to stop spying on me otherwise we'll have to get serious! Got that?” Lyra nodded and then Raze said “Good! Now hold on and ill drop you off in Ponyville!”

Lyra gripped his neck hard and he flew down touching the ground in the middle of Ponyville market then he put her down and turned about to walk away when he thought of something “Wait Lyra!” Lyra turned into his direction and he asked her “Where does Derpy live?” she pointed to a small house that was close to Sugarcube Corner and he said “Thanks”.

Lyra said “No problem and ill expect you over sometime soon!” with that she left to her house.

Raze walked to Derpy's house and knocked on the door. It was quiet at first, but then several bangs happened and you could hear lots of neighing going on and what appeared to be lambs also going insane. Raze continued to wait patiently until finally Derpy opened and the door and said “Welcome Sir.... Oh it's you Raze.. Well, come on in!”

~Inside Derpy's Home~

Raze had never been inside Derpy's home before and it looked pretty clean actually. From the way her eyes were he figured it be at least a little dirty, but there wasn't a speck of dust to be seen “Wow Derpy you really keep this place clean”

Derpy smiled and said “Yeah it doesn't take much time to keep it clean here! Especially when you have the best little helper.... I mean, best little muffin to help clean up!”she finished with a big smile.

Raze smiled too, but then he got serious “Derpy? I'm not here to for a casual visit I need to talk to the Doctor like right now!”

Derpy looked confused “Is this about something bad because you sounded really serious” she said in worry.

Raze shook his head “No and you don't need to worry... I just need to talk with him about two things and that's all.”

Derpy still looked unsure, but she trusted Raze and led him to the attic where the TARDIS stood in it's everlasting glory. Derpy knocked on the door and several clops could be heard before the door opened revealing the Doctor.

The Doctor looked at them both and asked “What's going on?”

Derpy looked up at Raze and said “I'm going to let you two have some privacy and when you both get down here there will be fresh muffins waiting for you both” they both said “Thanks!” and she walked down the ladder and soon disappeared leaving them alone.

Raze immediately narrowed his eyes at the Doctor and asked “Why did you come from the future and tell me you felt like killing me?”

The Doctor looked at him and said “How should I know?”

“No way I figured you would know since it was you who did that in the first place!” Raze yelled for every reason he couldn't understand in the first place.

The Doctor was about to walk downstairs when it finally clicked in his mind “WAIT! I suddenly came from the future?!” he exclaimed as he turned around and continued “What did I do and say?!”

Raze told him all that had happened in the day and he just sat there listening. Raze had finished explaining everything when the Doctor began to walk in a circle “So I threatened to kill you.... Something serious has to have happened in this three day period.... But what?”

“I also came here for a second question! Would you all like to go with me and the others to the Moon festival thing that's being thrown in Canterlot?” Raze asked as the Doctor began to consider the option heavily.

'Stay? Or go? Hmmmmm.... I wonder... do they sell fez's?' The Doctor pondered that then decided to ask Raze “Do they sell fez's?”

Raze shrugged and that put the Doctor into another thinking fit 'There is a 50 percent chance they sell fez's'. The Doctor shrugged and said “Ask Derpy and if she says yes I guess we'll go”

Raze immediately ran down stairs leaving the Doctor behind to continue his work.

~In the Kitchen 11:45 A.M.~

Continued in Part 2 of Grand Moon Celebration

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