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A Pact to Live - OblivionShadow

A battle between dragons ends with a village in ruins and one ponies life changed forever. Phoenix is now on very close terms with an Ancient Dragon. It is the beginning of a tale all their own.

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18: Discussions

Nix stared at the three dragons ahead of him and he could see a tremble go through the mare at his side. Twilight stared at them in turn as her eyes were wide and unblinking. Nix had introduced her to Mitsu but the other two were known to her in name only. Ice and Suki both laid down alongside the elder Earth Dragon and they regarded the pair of ponies in front of them. Nix cast a glance to the mare beside him and her eyes were wide as she stared ahead of her.

“Twilight this is Suki and that’s Ice,” Nix said as he pointed out each dragon and introduced them by name despite her knowing them by sight. “This is Twilight.”

Ice lowered his head to get a better look at her and she stared at the Water Dragon. “Greetings little pony.”

“Hello.” Twilight squeaked and then cleared her throat to try again. “Greetings.”

The Water Dragon pulled his head back as Suki leaned down and gazed at the nervous mare. “Are you aware of who we are little mare?”

“Kahl and Nix told me about you and what to expect.” She replied.

Ice gave the mare a sidelong look as he rolled his eyes to glare at the stallion. Nix gulped in spite of himself and looked at the ground. He heard Kahl chuckle in the back of his mind and he scuffed a hoof absently.

Mitsu said nothing for several seconds as Ice and Suki looked back at the mare. “Were you told why we have come?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes. I was told about the Dragons Tears.” She answered quickly. “I was told that you wish to find out from Princess Luna how she got a hold of them and where they came from.”

Mitsu nodded. “Will you help us young mare?”

Twilight smiled and nodded enthusiastically. “Of course I will. What happened is horrible and I cannot think of any reason not to help you. I will do whatever I can to help.” She assured them.

Mitsu sighed at her reply and his head turned to look at the other two dragons with him. “Do you have anything for her?”

“Why do you wish to help us? What makes you agree so easily?” Suki asked.

She looked thoughtful for several seconds before she looked at the Air dragon. “What happened is wrong and your family was stolen from you. Kahl told me that you had children that were taken?” Suki closed his eyes for a second and nodded. “That’s horrid. They were pony napped in a way and whoever did it needs to be brought to justice.”

Ice barked a laugh and the mare looked stricken for a second before the dragon spoke. “I have to admit I was ready to fight with you about your helping us. Ponies have changed in the times since last we met them. I had thought we would need to force you.”

Twilight shook her head. “I would have helped anyway, even if Nix and Kahl hadn’t told me anything about why you were coming here.”

“Is it possible that one of your Princesses is the one that stole them?” Mitsu asked her.

Twilight shook her head. “I don’t think so no.”

“Do you know of a Unicorn that is as strong as you or I?” Nix asked her.

She thought it over before she shook her head. “No pony comes to mind but I had very little contact with other ponies unless I had to. You recall what we were like in school.”

“That’s true,” Nix replied.

Nix watched as her horn lit and a scroll and quill appeared in her magic and she began to write out notes to remind her of what they talked about. “I will ask about the gems and if there are any Unicorns that could fit the criteria that we need. How tough were those doors?”

“No dragon’s claws could have gotten through them. Unicorn magic however is another matter.” Mitsu admitted. “Did Kahl explain about them?”

“He said that Nix had used magic to break them but that was it.” She replied.

Mitsu stood up and the ground shook under them and Nix reached out and put a hoof on Twilights' shoulder to steady her. A set of doors emerged from the ground to stand in front of them. Twilight stared at the doors and she set her scroll on her back and stared at the ornate doors.

“These are the doors that we use to block the catacombs,” Mitsu informed her. “Can you break them?”

Twilight rolled her shoulders and her magic covered the doors as Mitsu laid back down and watched. Her magic grew in strength as the doors began to creak and small cracks began to show. Nix watched as she increased the force of her magic and the glow from it grew stronger and the doors crumbled under the pressure. She yelped and His horn lit to keep the pieces from landing on them. His magic covered the remnants of the door and he picked them up and set them off to the side. He looked at the startled mare and she sighed as he waited for her to speak.

“I…I admit I was not sure that what you were telling me was true. Sorry, Kahl.” She said with a sheepish look.

“There is no blame to be laid. She was right to doubt.” Kahl said and Nix spoke for him.

“Still.” She said and sighed once more. “Were they all like that?”

“All of them were broken but the final door was broken by several ponies, while the others were done by just one,” Mitsu replied.

“Right, Kahl explained that they had a magical scent on them,” Twilight whispered to herself and Mitsu nodded. “Umm. So how did they get in?”

“We are not sure,” Mitsu admitted.

“They got past our Elementals easily enough.” Kahl growled.

“They got past the Elementals that were created to protect their Lairs.”

“How?” Twilight questioned.

Ice gave a low growl and hung his head for a moment. “They got through because we are idiots.”

Twilight looked lost as Nix chuckled. “When the Elementals are made you have to tell them what to fight against. For example, if a dragon tried to get into Kahl’s Lair without Kahl’s permission the Elementals would attack and alert him. But…Without being told ponies are a threat they might not fight them.”

Twilight stared at them each, in turn, her jaw slowly dropping. “Seriously?”

Ice nodded bitterly. “As I said. We are idiots.”

“In their defense what dragon considers ponies a threat?” Nix defended.

“That’s true.” Twilight agreed. “But still. And now?”

“Now they have been corrected,” Mitsu replied. “Unfortunately it took the theft of our children and descendants to inform us of our error.”

Twilight flinched and a sad look crossed her face. “Okay so I need to ask the Princesses about the gems, how they got them, and if there are any Unicorns comparable to Nix and myself in terms of raw magical strength?”

“Pretty much. You have to ask without her thinking there is a dragon behind the request.” Nix replied.

“Would it not be easier just to ask her to meet with you three…four?” Twilight asked as her magic picked up the scroll and she went back to writing.

“We had considered that as well. It would eliminate the need to ask for your aid but we cannot put aside that they might have organized the theft or completed it themselves.” Mitsu replied and Twilight opened her mouth to argue and he held up one paw to silence her. “Plus we do not wish to inform her of the state that Kahl and Nix are in.”

“Right. That’s going to stay a secret. I forgot.” She covered and Nix shrugged.

“I know it makes things more complicated but I can’t risk anypony trying to correct what happened to us,” Nix replied. “They might have great intentions but it’s not wanted or needed.”

Twilight nodded in understanding and her magic rolled up the scroll and the quill vanished in her magic. “I am guessing you don’t want Spike to know either?”

“By Equestria no,” Nix replied with a bark of laughter. “While I like Spike I don’t think he can keep his mouth shut when it comes down to it.”

“The young tend to get excited and speak more than is needed,” Mitsu said, his voice light and a chuckle broke from him. “The young are that way no matter what they are.”

Twilight smiled and shrugged. “Spike is very responsible, but I will respect your choice.” She assured the nervous stallion.

Ice leaned his head down and looked closely at the mare. Nix watched him closely as the dragon sniffed her fur. Twilight stayed frozen in place as the dragon pulled his head back and shook his head.

“Checking if it was her?” Nix asked.

“That was a bit rude, but I suppose he has a reason.” Kahl said.

“She is not one of the ones that were in the catacombs.” Ice replied.

“Without knowing when they were taken we can’t say how old the ponies would need to be. But I can say that it was probably not recent since you guys were in there fifty years ago.” Nix growled. “Kahl’s right. That was rude and you should have explained. Twilight is not over fifty years old.”

Ice’s eyes widened at the scolding he was receiving from the stallion. Suki snorted a laugh and Mitsu grinned, his teeth white against his dark scales. In the back of his mind, he heard a loud laugh come from the Fire dragon. Nix’s anger began to fade and he realized what he had said. Anxiety bit at him but it faded at the looks he was getting from the others.

“Well said.” Kahl said through his laughter.

Nix cleared his throat and looked at the dragons. “Anyway. Umm…” He looked at Mitsu who was trying to hold his own laughter back. “Little help Kahl?”

“Why? You said what was correct and amused me in the process.” Kahl replied.

“Yeah but now I’m being glared at.” Nix replied.

“Look again.” Kahl said to him.

Nix looked up and Ice was still staring at him, his eyes wide. The Water dragon suddenly looked at the mare and lowered his head to her level.

“My apologies.” He said to her.

Nix felt his eyes go wide as Twilight smiled. “It’s okay. I understand why you did it and I don’t blame you.”

Kahl erupted into laughter at the Water Dragons expense and Nix closed his eyes as Mitsu also laughed. Suki reached out and his claws dragged over the Water Dragons shoulder as he also chuckled. Nix watched and the claws did no damage and he guessed it was the same motion as a pony slugging another on the shoulder. Suki’s paw went back to the ground as he bit back further laughter. Ice pulled his head back and tried to look angry at the group of them.

“Well done,” Mitsu said to the stallion as his laughter quieted. “I have been the only one to scold him lately. It is good to hear you helping to keep him in line as well.”

“Well…It was just a rude thing to do.” Nix defended. “Anyway, moving on.”

Twilight giggled and shook her head. “Anyway. I’ll send the letter tonight and if I hear anything I’ll pass the note to Nix.”

“Kahl and I will send any notes through the lava to you. Should we send it to each of you or just Mitsu?” Nix asked.

“Mitsu is fine,” Suki said and Ice nodded in agreement.

“Perfect,” Nix replied with a satisfied smile.

Mitsi got to his paws and he bowed his head to the pair of ponies and the earth rumbled under them as Nix steadied the mare and she watched as he vanished into the earth and was gone. Ice and Suki were behind him as their respective elements returned to them and they left the gorge behind.

“That’s pretty impressive no matter how many times you see it,” Nix said aloud.

“If you were not afraid of fire we would be able to depart through it as well.” Kahl groused.

Nix rolled his eyes and sighed deeply at the dragon’s commentary. Twilight was looking at him as he waited to see if the dragon had more to say. When he was met with silence he looked at her. “Sorry Kahl was talking…or rather complaining.”

“What was he complaining about?” She asked.

“We can’t move through fire since I’m terrified of it.” He explained.

“He mentioned that. Why are you scared of fire? Aside from the obvious reasons of being burned.” She replied.

He looked at her and she looked over his fur. “I was in a fire when I was little. My mom and I got caught in it and were burned. My scars are pretty well hidden by my fur. Hers was worse than mine so they stick out a bit more.” He explained.

“Oh. That’s a very good reason. Kahl?” She said and Nix could sense the dragon turn to listen. “You’re not allowed to complain. That’s a very good reason and you should be more understanding.”

Nix snorted a laugh and bit it back to try not to devolve into hysterical laughter at the dragon’s expense.

“Pardon? I have been more than understanding. I even apologized for my laugher in the beginning.”

“He’s mad at me, isn’t he?” She asked.

Nix kept his mouth shut as he fought back laugher and simply nodded. He bit back his laughter as Kahl went on.

“I think I am allowed simple teasing. I was born of the flames and I am allowed some leeway as I am missing my mother element and allowing my power to be tempered and all that comes with it. Thank you very much.”

Nix’s head came up and his laughter gone as he listened. “Wait! What? What were you saying about your power being tempered?”

Twilight sat down and waited as Nix spoke to the dragon. He looked at her and she made a motion for him to go on.

“Shit.” Kahl cursed.

“I’m serious what was that all about?” Nix asked, his voice insistent.

Kahl sighed and spoke in reply to him. “Our magic is powerful together but the fire side of it is weakened in many ways.”

“How so?” Nix asked.

“You can have an internal conversation you know. You don’t need to show me the one side of it.” Twilight teased and Nix shrugged with a grin.

“Sorry. I’m used to talking to him out loud. I tend to talk aloud at home and whenever it’s just the two of us. Or one of us…” He replied.

“Oh then keep going. Forget I said anything.” She replied and waited.

“Right. Kahl?”

“Without direct contact with the flames my power is lessened and we are weaker for it. I was not kidding when I told you I was born of flame. I do not have a mother in the sense that I was birthed from an egg from a female. I was made within the flame of the world and given breath through it. Each of us is the same.” Kahl explained.

“So because you are not allowed, because of me, to get in contact with the fires of the world we are not as strong as we could be?” Nix asked.

“Basically. Through my connection to the world’s flames, we are able to move through it and it breathes through us.”

“What does that mean?”

“We live and the world remains in balance.” Kahl began.

“So without us coming in contact with fire more often we are putting the world out of balance?”

He saw Twilights ears prick as he spoke. He heard Kahl sigh. “Yes.”

Nix felt his body go cold as he looked at the world around him. He could not see places where there were any problems but he had a feeling any issues would be under the ground. They would start within the world and slowly affect the upper lands. He looked at Twilight who was waiting for him to speak his side of the conversation.

“Oh shit.” He said aloud and sat down heavily. “Okay so how do we fix it? Or how bad is it?”

“It is not bad at this time. But if we choose to ignore it for too long it will create issues with the volcanoes and other natural places that the fires come through. I had hoped we could get you used to it over time and then we could fix it in time.” Kahl explained.

“But I have not made any attempt to get used to it,” Nix said and he hung his head for several seconds.

Kahl was silent for several seconds. “Yes. And I chose not to push you.”

Nix got to his hooves and began to pace. Twilight sat in silence as he thought over what he had been told. He stopped and looked at her for a second before he resumed pacing.

“What happened?” She asked after several minutes.

“I’m an idiot.” He growled.

“I doubt that.” She replied. “What did Kahl say?”

“If he and I do not come in contact with the flames of the world more directly then the world slowly goes out of balance. This means that the volcanoes could become unstable and the land will be affected in other ways as well.”

Her eyes went wide as she got to her hooves. “Oh. That sounds severe.”

“He was trying to get me used to fire slowly so that we could fix it over time. But I have made no attempts to get used to fire and have instead been running from it like I have been since I was a kid.” Nix snarled at himself.

Twilight sat back down and motioned for him to rejoin her. He walked over to her and sat down a couple of feet in front of her. “So Kahl has been trying to get you used to enough flame to keep the world in balance but you haven’t been trying?”

Nix managed not to flinch under the facts and he simply nodded.

“That’s not fair.” She accused. “I understand that it’s not the friendliest element but you have Kahl and he would not let you get hurt.”

“That’s not the issue actually.” He replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Fire can’t actually hurt me. He and I are the same body and when that happened I got his traits as well. Since he rules over flame I can’t be hurt by it, at all.”

“You’re immune to fire?”


Twilight stared at him for several seconds before she got to her hooves and came to stand close to him. He yelped as she smacked her hoof to the back of his head. She backed up and came to sit back in front of him.

“Can I talk to Kahl for a second?” She asked as Nix rubbed the back of his head.

“Yeah.” He replied and he closed his eyes to let the dragon come forward.

Kahl opened his eyes and Twilight looked expectantly at him as he nodded to her to let her know who she was talking to.

“You could have continued to speak to him, I was listening.” He informed her.

“I figured but I also know you need to be heard every now and then as well. Is Nix listening?”

“No.” He replied.

“Okay. Explain to me what I can do to help.”


“With helping get Nix used to enough fire to keep balance.” She replied.

He sighed and thought over her request. “He is doing well enough to be able to use our shared magic for the most part.”


“He looks to his Unicorn magic first and that is the dominant magic. So far he has been unable to use them equally.”

“So if he was using them together properly then the fire would be as clear as his aura?”

“Yes,” Kahl said to her. “Currently that is not an issue so I have let it go and chose to pick my battles. It is not needed to use it equally unless he is calling on the flames of the world directly.”

“And when he does?”

“I typically do it,” Kahl informed her.

She rolled her eyes and sagged for a moment before she looked at him. “Okay, so you need to get him to do what you have been doing. I will take care of the letter to the Princesses and then I will help you two with your flames issue.”

“I appreciate the help but his fear is pretty deep and I have chosen not to argue it.”

“But by letting it go you have put the world out of balance. I understand you not wanting to start a fight with him since you share the same body. But sometimes you have to butt heads a bit to get your point across.”

Kahl chuckled. “True enough. Ponies’ are much different than my fellow dragons and a fight with them is usually very different than it would be for him and I.”

“I’m guessing you actually fight with the others?”

Kahl barked a laugh and nodded. Twilight sighed and shook her head. “I have allowed it to go longer than I had intended but I am coming to realize that I may need to fight him a bit more than I have been,” Kahl admitted.

Twilights' lips set in a hard line as she nodded. “I think your right. The dragons have kept the elements of the world in balance as long as the world has been alive right?”

Kahl tilted his head one way then the other before he nodded. “For the most part. We are as old as the world in some respects. As long as there have been dragons we have been alive.”

“Can I ask a personal question?” Twilight asked him and he nodded in reply. “How old are you, personally?”

“Me?” She nodded as he chuckled. “I am just over fifteen hundred years old. Mitsu is the eldest of us.”

“How old is Mitsu then?” She asked with an uncertain look.

“He is closer to two thousand. Suki, Ice, and I are close to the same age. Suki is the youngest while I come next and then Ice.”

“Wow. So you have all been around just as long as the Princesses?”

“For the most part. We met them both when I was young and unruly.”

“You have met Princesses Celestia and Luna before?”

“Yes though it was shortly before Luna fell. I think it was a hundred years before that, give or take a year or two.” He replied.

“Wow. I hadn’t thought about how the four of you were in terms of the Princesses and the history of Equestria.”

“We have seen much of the world as it passes by us. Our kind stays out of politics and we try to keep to ourselves.”

“So that’s why ponies would not know who you are?”

“Exactly. We remain in the shadows of the ponies worlds. Dragons know us well enough and they tend to leave us alone unless needed.”

“Do the dragons ever need your help?”

“There have been times they have called on one or two of us. It’s rare for all of us to be needed.” Kahl informed her.

“Okay. I think I understand it. So we need to get Nix used to fire and help him to be able to walk around it without flinching?”

“Flinching and running away.” Kahl chuckled. “In time I hope he would be able to control it as easily as I. Otherwise the world will slip further out of balance and it will begin to break through and cause problems.”

“We will work on it. Can you summon lava and fire to the surface for him to work with?”

“Of course.” He replied.

“Good. I think that will make things easier. It will allow Nix to see it and be around it as well.”

“He will be able to manipulate it freely once it is brought to the surface.”

“Perfect,” Twilight said and got to her hooves.

Kahl got to his hooves and charged his horn, teleporting them both back to Ponyville.

Author's Note:

Here we go for the next chapter. Let me know if there are any glaring errors and I will try to fic them as quickly as I can.