• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Saiyans can't Dance Part 1 (Redone Chapter)

Author's Note:

This part of the chapter is now out. Enjoy the rewrite for the next one shall be out soon. :D

~Chapter 6 of Raze's Journey~

“SURPRISE!” A few ponies yelled out to Raze and Pinkie.

Raze reeled backwards and fell off the steps leading into the place. He immediately hit the ground causing the few ponies inside to cough awkwardly and walk back inside.

“Are you alright, Razey?” Pinkie asked while he picked himself up.

“I’m fine, just a little surprised is all…” He trailed off while patting dirt off his armor pieces and clothing.

“Well, if you’re okay… Let’s party!” Pinkie exclaimed as she popped out of existence only to reappear with a blue maned pony behind a DJ stand.

Raze walked in just as unfamiliar music began to play. Within moments, ponies were moving in different directions and Raze just stood there confused amongst it all.

“Hey, Raze! Come on over here,” the Doctor shouted to him. Raze smiled and walked over to greet him.

“Hey, Doctor! Is Derpy here too?” Raze asked. The Doctor pointed with his hoof to a table filled with all kinds of snacks.

Raze turned to see that Derpy was filling her plate full of muffins.

“She’ll be over here in a second when she gets just enough. But, now I have a question for you. How have you enjoyed your time here so far, Raze?” he asked the saiyan.

Raze scratched his head. “Uhhh… Its been just fine, I suppose. Its definitely not like home.”

“Speaking of homes… How’s the cave situation been since we left?” The Doctor asked Raze, who shrugged.

“Its been easy enough. Pyrus doesn’t seem to care or notice since the whole thing happened,” Raze finished while walking over toward a booth on the left edge of the room.

Two other ponies sat at a back booth behind the one Raze and the Doctor sat at. One had a mint green coat and looked over at Raze with a squeamish look while the other cream colored pony was a tad bit annoyed.

“Just go say something, Lyra. I know you’ve got to be excited to see that you’ve been right all this time about humans existing,” she said to Lyra.

“But, I’m not sure what to say, Bon Bon. What if I mess up and look like some sort of creepy pony?! Then I’ll never get to learn more! And then he’ll just run off to get away from me if I try to speak to him ever again!” Lyra hyperventilated to her friend who just shook her head.

“The only pony who can make you look bad is yourself. Just try and speak with the human. If he doesn’t want to continue speaking with you, just move on,” Bon Bon said as Pinkie brought them several cupcakes.

“I just had to give you two something for even bothering to show up! I didn’t think that even the tiny amount of ponies that did come would have actually been here. So, thanks!” She left quickly to bring more cupcakes to various other ponies around the floor.

Bon Bon inspected the cupcake before shrugging and taking a bite. Lyra slid her cupcake over to Bon Bon.

“I’m going to attempt to speak with him,” Lyra said with determination.

“That’s great! I couldn’t help but hear you two talking over here and was wondering if you were actually going to ask me anything,” Raze said as Bon Bon made a loud gagging noise and began to choke on her bit of cupcake.

“Bon Bon!” Lyra yelled while lighting up her horn quickly. The music stopped with a scratch of the record.

She began pulling out the obstruction in Bon Bon’s throat while Raze looked a bit a shocked with the Doctor also looking a bit surprised at the turn of events.

Bon Bon gasped as sweet air filled her lungs. Several other ponies had gathered with concerned looks upon their faces while Bon Bon continued her frenzied breathing. Lyra sighed in relief as her friend seemed to slow down within a few minutes.

Lyra turned to the small crowd and smiled. “Nothing to see here, she’ll be okay. Move along please?” She asked them as the music started up which made the ponies move back to their usual dancing magic.

Lyra then glared at Raze. “You know, you could have warned us before just saying something like that,” she said to Raze who had a small sweat drop upon his forehead.

“Yeah… Sorry about that…” Raze trailed off as Lyra blanked.

“So, we’re talking…” Lyra trailed off as well.

Raze nodded. “Yeah, we are. So, that Bon Bon pony said you were curious about me?”

“Well, yeah! I’ve been researching humans for a while, but there’s none left here in existence, so I can’t find anymore information than what I already have.” She then smiled at Raze.

“That’s where you would come in! I could really get the final bits and pieces that are missing because you’re here.” She finished as Raze shook his head.

“Well, if you’re looking for info on humans, you’re out of luck. I’m a Saiyan, but I do know a bit about an old friend of mine, and he was a human,” Raze stated while scratching his head.

Lyra nodded in understanding. “Well, maybe I could just learn about two species instead. When do you think we could talk about it?” she asked him.

“I could talk about it sometime later. Not sure when, but just eventually,” Raze said as Lyra nodded.

“I can wait a while, its not like I haven’t been doing this for a long while anyway. Thanks for speaking with me.”

Raze smiled. “Happy to help!” he finished, while turning back to see Derpy sitting beside the Doctor.

Bon Bon sighed. “Well, that’s good. Now we can focus on later tonight…” She began to talk with Lyra about many things while it faded into the background.

Derpy seemed all too happy with herself. A plate filled with muffins and her loving Doctor sitting beside her really just made her day.

“So, I think you just made a friend, Razey!” Derpy said with a smile.

“I suppose…” Raze trailed off while staring at the cupcake Pinkie had put on the table.

“Don’t be so down about it. You were bound to have to come here eventually, Raze. You may as well make the best of it,” The Doctor said while Derpy gave him her cupcake.

“Alright, I get it.” Raze took the cupcake and licked the frosting on it.

He set it down immediately with a grimace on his face. “No way am I going to be forced to eat that! There’s too much sugar on it.”

“Can I have it then?” The Doctor asked him to which he slid over the cupcake.

“You didn’t even have to ask.” Raze said as a sound of hooves clopping upon the wooden floor were heard.

“You know what? If I was going to come down here in the future anyway, I may as well go ahead and talk to someon-” Raze was stopped as Derpy frowned.

“What?” Raze asked her.

“It’s ‘Somepony’, not someone,” Derpy said, to which Raze frowned.

“That sounds weird,” Raze said as the Doctor began to chuckle.

“That’s what I thought too! Somepony… *snrk*” He laughed as Derpy sighed.

“You two…” She uttered out as Raze slipped away from them both.

Raze walked over to the table that was packed with all sorts of different snacks and reached for a croissant just as he felt something tap the back of his right leg. Suddenly, the area around him became deathly silent.

“Hello there,” An obviously female voice whispered to him.

Raze prepared to turn to meet this mysterious force, but she spoke once more.

“Not here… How about the kitchen behind the counter. You can face me there away from the guests.” In seconds, the world came rushing back to his senses and he found that she was no longer standing behind him.

‘What the hell was that?’ Raze questioned himself.

The Doctor had been watching the exchange with a thoughtful look upon his face. ‘So, they’re here for him too? I haven’t seen a member of that organization in years...’

Raze shook himself. ‘I guess that I don’t have much of a choice then.’

He walked towards the back of the counter and disappeared into the kitchen.

The Doctor frowned and got ready to get up until Derpy tapped him on the shoulder. “Let’s go dance, Doctor!” She said with her usual bubbly excitement as he was caught in her hoof lock and dragged onto the dance floor.

‘Sorry, Raze…’ The Doctor thought as he was pulled into a tight embrace.

~In the Kitchen~

A pony with a hoodie covering most of the top portion of her body sat by what appeared to be a case carrying an instrument.

Raze walked in slowly and sat down on a stool sitting next to the pony. “What’s this all about, Pony?”

“I was sent here to find something that had disturbed the magical fluctuation around the area. However, I expected a much more monstrous creature. That being said, I’d like to know what your plans are, Raze.” She asked him.

“First of all, how’d you know my name?” Raze asked her.

“It’s on the banner in the main room.” She returned with.

“Oh… Right. Well, before I say anything. How about your name?”

She removed the hood revealing her black mane and violet eyes. “My name is, Octavia Melody. But you may call me Octavia.”

“Okay then, Octavia. Next question. Who sent you?” Raze asked while turning the chair to a position where he could lean his front upon the back of it.

"I cannot divulge that information, Raze. Though, you can feel free to ask me something else if you’d like,” she stated to him while the party still thumped lively in the background.

Raze frowned at that. “Fine then. How did you find out that I was here?”

Octavia smirked. “Let’s just say that I have informants in high places.” She finished as the kitchen doors swung open to reveal Pinkie carrying a plate upon her back with what appeared to be two cups sitting on top.

“I saw you two come in here and realized that you didn’t have drinks! So, here ya go!” she cheerily stated while setting the plate on the counter next to them both.

“If you need anything else, you know where I’ll be!” Pinkie finished as a new song began to play in the background.

“Oh! This is my jam!” She exuberantly stated while trotting back to the party.

Raze looked at the drinks curiously while Octavia eyed them indifferently. Raze looked back to Octavia as she seemingly levitated a cup over. Now Raze had never seen the Doctor pick up a cup like that, but he’d seen Twilight levitating a clipboard.

“How are you doing that? I only saw Twilight ever levitate anything and usually the aura was connected to her skull by a horn,” Raze said to Octavia, who flicked an ear.

“You’ve already managed to deduce that I shouldn’t be able to do this. Interesting. I can say that I’ve got special abilities in my field of research.” She took a sip and waved the glass in the air tilting it side to side. “This ability is just one of those special talents. Now, I won’t be telling you anything more till I find out about you,” she said while tilting the glass in his direction with a somewhat smug smile on her face.

Raze smirked while taking his own drink. “How about a game? I tell a little bit, and you tell a bit more. Then, we’ll know as much as possible about each other by the end. Is that fair?” He asked her while taking a sip and wincing slightly as he tasted an obviously alcoholic beverage.

‘I didn’t think that a pony like that would have these kind of drinks around here. I’m going to have to watch out from here on in,’ Raze thought to himself while watching Octavia nod her head in agreement.

“That seems acceptable, but only if you go first,” Octavia said to him as Raze nodded and started to explain things to her in detail.

They went back to the party about an hour later only to find that quite a bit of ponies had left leaving only a few sticking around. Vinyl had just put down a new record that was much slower than most of the earlier ones they had both heard from the kitchen.

Vinyl gave Octavia a knowing nod and a wink. “Get ready for the slow jam tonight as we wrap this party up ponies and Raze.”

Octavia returned the wink and nod with a small smile before turning to Raze with a smirk. “Hmmm… How would you like to dance?”

Raze was confused, but being put on the spot made him feel somewhat less inclined to say no. “Umm… Well, I’m not that good at it… When I was a ki- wah!” He felt her hooves somehow clench his right hand.

“You never know till you try.” Octavia said as she quickly relocated them both to the middle of the room of Sugarcube Corner.

It was at this moment that Raze decided to just go with it.

~End of Part One~

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