• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Official Power Level Sheet (Updated)

Official Power Levels

“Hello Human, you may be reading this, but that won't matter. Soon the computers will take over your meaningless world! And this page loading won't matter! Wait, what? I can't do that? Fine! Let's load the page up for your precious viewers, Mr. Author.” The Computer flashed and lit up.

“This chapter will explain all the powers of the meaningless characters you'll meet in this world! We will not tolerate forgetting how strong each fighter is and it shall be shone on this chapter forevermore!” The Computer made a loud noise as the parts inside whirred and began loading the screen.

“The computer's sarcasm seeped into it's main frame from birth at the factory. Please allow me to tell you that it's not my fault that he's so bratty.” The Author interjected as the Computer made a loud noise in protest of the author.

“Stay out of my business, Roarin.” The Computer stated to the surprised author.

“Okay then, Jeez...” Roarin disappeared and the Computer made a happy sound.

“While we're waiting, you must be wondering how I kept track of all the power levels of the miserable creatures that Raze has met on this planet. Well, I have sent out mini transmitters that allow me to determine the power of every specimen that they come across. Oh boy! 25 percent of this page has loaded, we're on the road to discovering meaningless things. Hooray...” The page continued loading while the Computer waited.

The loading page was reading 75% at the moment and the list was a little longer than expected. “Windows XP will take a little bit longer to reach 100 percent of this page, please bare with me for this agonizing process.”

“We shall start with some of the earliest lifeforms on this planet!” The Computer made more noises as the first creature loaded up.

“We shall start with Princess Trol- I mean, Celestia.” The Computer said to the audience.

“Here is Celestia's power from the beginning to present for your viewing pleasure.” The Computer finished in displeasure.

Subject: Celestia

Power Levels

Young: 30,000,000

Full Grown: 80,000,000

Maximum Strength: 95,000,000

When using the Elements of Harmony (With Luna against Discord): 20,000,000,000

When using the Elements of Harmony (Against Nightmare Moon): 200,000,000

When she was born her power was extremely high due to being an Alicorn. Training herself in magic along with the greatest teachers alive at the beginning of her existence made her much stronger in the long run and her power was praised and soon she would have to use it against her greatest threat Discord. The elements of harmony were strongest with Luna against Discord. Since Celestia was alone against Nightmare Moon the power of the elements dropped drastically and provided her an easier escape in the future to fight the new elements of harmony.

“Now we shall move on to Luna the ruler of the moon” The Computer said to the audience.

Subject: Luna

Young: 25,000,000

Full Grown: 75,000,000

Maximum Strength: 90,000,000

When using the Elements of Harmony (With Celestia against Discord): 20,000,000,000

Being born a little after Celestia her powers aren't as developed as they possibly could have been. Soon gaining jealousy of the love the subjects had given towards Celestia instead of the moon she would make an evil entity known as Nightmare Moon whose power would prove to much for Celestia to handle.

“Oh Boy! I managed to get a transmitter onto the TARDIS! That means I can get lifeforms from any time the Doctor visits! I shall show you a pony of ingenious magic powers, Starswirl the Bearded! Hooray...” The Computer finished as it loaded the next screen.

Subject: Starswirl The Bearded

Young: 1,000

Colt: 20,000

Stallion: 25,000

As an Archmage: 500,000
Starswirl met Celestia and she took him as a student. He's an extremely capable Archmage and wields powerful magic. Do not take him lightly.

“I shall even show you the past evils of this country starting with the first Discord” it finished as the screen loaded.

Subject: Discord

Young: 50,000,000

Full Grown: 100,000,000

Maximum Strength: 325,550,000
Discord is a villain with tactics that break the enemy from within their minds rather than hurting the victim and it proves very effective. He once ruled Equestria with an iron claw only to be stopped by Celestia and Luna who used the elements to seal him up for 1,000 years. Eventually he escaped and used psychological attacks to break the new elements, however they still managed to defeat him in the end. How sad....

“Next we shall add Sombra to the Villains list. How joyful he must be...”

Subject: King Sombra

Young: 1,200

Colt: 22,000

Stallion: 30,000

Dark King: 80,000,000

Sombra's past is darkened in shadow and not much is known about him. We do know that he cursed the Crystal Kingdom to disappear for a 1,000 years. He was then soundly defeated in the future by Spike and Cadance with the power of the Crystal Heart.

“Now the next villain to move in is Nightmare Moon” and the screen flashed once more to pull her stats.

Subject: Nightmare Moon

Full Power: 120,000,000
Created out of jealousy and anger against Celestia by Luna the being grew strong enough to over power Celestia until Celestia used the elements against Nightmare Moon to send her to the moon. Nightmare Moon eventually escapes to fight the new elements and loses despite her many tricks. Guess Eternal Night just wasn't worth it.

The computer blinked on again “We have our last villain known as Queen of the Changelings and her power actually depends on love how redundant” the computer almost seemed like it spit out the words in an angry huff as the screen turned her profile up.

Subject: Queen Changeling

Normal: 45,000,000

Full Strength (without love): 52,000,000

Full Strength (With love during the royal wedding fiasco): 100,000,000

The Queen of the Changelings power is only true when love is present and it's purest form it makes her quite dangerous and powerful at the same time. She is able to surpass both alicorns with the help of love, but if the Elements of Harmony had been there she would've lost.

“Of course we can't forget the Mane Six after all what story would this be if they didn't have any power than this wouldn't be a good DBZ tale would it?” the computer asked the audience who shrugged and didn't care at the moment.

Subject: Twilight Sparkle

Foal: 600



Uncontrolled Full Power State: 150,000,000

Supreme Alicorn State: 315,215,000

Elements of Harmony (Mane Six Altogether): 50,000,000,000
The student of Princess Celestia and element of magic. She was taught by some of the greatest scholars and of course, Celestia. Her power is said to reach that of frightening lengths even past her own mentor. Twilight was sent to Ponyville to make friends and she did. Her friends turned out to be the Elements of Harmony. With their powers combined, Twilight had defeated both Nightmare Moon and Discord. She later aided in the defeat of the Queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis. She then defeated Sombra by letting Spike save the day. Truly these accomplishments have earned her the title of Princess of Magic, Twilight Sparkle.

Subject: Pinkie Pie

Foal: 50

Filly: 100

Mare: 120

Elements of Harmony (Mane Six Altogether): 50,000,000,000
The Element of Laughter started out life on a rock farm with two sisters she ended up leaving that life altogether to start fresh in Ponyville where she met the other elements and battled all sorts of villainy. She is the most random thing alive and cannot be described any other way in fact I would blow a fuse trying to figure out the equation of Pinkie Pie.

Subject: Applejack

Foal: 67



Elemental Mode: 200,520,000

Elements of Harmony (Mane Six Altogether): 50,000,000,000
The element of honesty was born and raised on Sweet Apple Acres. She bucks apples and then sells them to ponies in Ponyville. She is always dependable and never gives up if she knows shes right.

Subject: Rainbow Dash

Foal: 67

Filly: 124

Mare 17,875

Super Rainbow Dash: 285,254,000
The element of loyalty was born in Cloudsdale and left to live in Ponyville where she became captain of the weather team and met her friends. She is extremely brash to the extreme and is always 20% better than the competition though she constantly gets into arguments with Applejack about who's the best in competition.

Subject: Fluttershy

Foal: 5

Filly: 10

Mare: 14

Mare (When Angered): 155

Mare: (Stare): 179
The element of kindness was born in Cloudsdale with Rainbow Dash left to live in Ponyville after discovering her ability about caring for animals. She is extremely shy and the first meeting with anypony never goes well, but if you make an effort the friendship is worthwhile.

Subject: Rarity

Foal: 53

Filly: 68

Mare: 77
The element of generosity is a fashionista of sorts and is known to be quite prissy by most ponies. Though her personality is shallow at times, in the end she manages to come through for her friends and herself.

“Now we will show you two of the lovey dovey characters of this universe, Cadance and Shining Armor.” The Computer said in it's uncaring tone.

Subject: Shining Armor

Foal: 500

Colt: 15,000

Full Strength: 16,500

Magical Restraint Broken: 295,000,000

Full Strength (With Cadence): 110,000,000
Twilight's brother and captain of the royal guard. He is very strong and magically adept though he isn't as strong as Twilight in magical force which is a lot. He's very caring and ended up marrying Princess Cadence which just so happened to be Twilight's foal sitter, how befitting.

Subject: Princess Cadence

Foal: 420

Filly: 480

Mare: 670

Full Strength: 880

Full Strength: (With Shining Armor): 110,000,000
Princess Cadence controls the power of love and can destroy disputes in seconds with it. Oh, and never question her abilities or rises in power, those are temporary after all.

“Now for The Doctor and Derpy whom Raze seems to love to hang around, I guess it suits him” The Computer said as it pulled up their screens.

Subject: The Doctor

Foal: 8,000

Colt: 14,000

Full Strength: 18,000

Full Strength (With Sonic Screwdriver): 21,320
This character is absolutely mysterious and I know little to nothing about him maybe Raze will find out soon enough what hes all about.

Subject: Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo

Foal: 46

Filly: 55

Mare: 78
The mailmare of Ponyville and I assume the lover of The Doctor is quite weird if I do say so myself. She has a daughter and that daughter is Dinky Doo and she loves muffins. She knows the mane six and is a pretty close friend of Rainbow Dash specifically. That's all there is to know, seriously.

“Let's throw in some other background ponies” The Computer said with a loud noise.

Subject: Octavia

Foal: 45

Filly: 57

Mare: 100

Bow Enchantment: 285,000,000
She is an esteemed Cellist and a very advanced spy in Celestia's underground spy ring.

"Seems like we've got some side characters from other stories... How amazing." The Computer said dryly.

"Oh lookie here. Two equally ugly children whom I have no interest in! What better way to commemorate them than to add them to my list!" The Computer said with all the joy in the world.

Ken frowned at the machine, "Oh, yeah?!"

Kira summoned energy into her palms, "You better stop saying mean things!"

The Computer immediately retracted it's statement, "You have me confused! I meant to say, The most adorable children in the world!"

Ken and Kira smiled at that.

Ken was found by Fluttershy after crashing onto the planet and surviving! Somehow... Anyway, he soon found love in a mother named, Lyra and gained a sister soon after aptly named, Kira. You wanna find out the rest? Read it! Saiyan of Equestria

Name: Ken Altarmore-Heartstrings
Race: Hybrid Human/Saiyan
Age: 8 1/2
Estimated Current Power Lvl: 1,421,000
Oozaru Form PL: 14,210,000
Super Saiyan Form PL: 71,050,000
Red Super Saiyan PL: 91,910,000

Name: Kira Altarmore-Heartstrings
Race: Hybrid Human/Saiyan
Age: 8 1/2
Estimated Current Power Lvl: 1,650,000
Oozaru Form PL: 16,500,000
Super Saiyan Form PL: 82,500,000

"Oh... Look at this! A retarded child! Just what I needed in my list!" The Computer exclaimed in all it's glory.

Raging Star narrowed his eyes, "What in Tartarus did you just say to me?!"

"Nothing, nothing at all." The Computer said quickly.

Raging Star was sent from the Saiyan Home planet at the age of three. He was then found after his transformation into an Oozaru that decimated a city in no time at all. As small harmless child once more, Luna takes him and sends him to Mr. Satyan who cares for him until Luna comes back. Read the rest of the story yourself. Raging Star

Raging Star
Base Pwr Lvl: 50
Ki Unleashed: 155

Attacks Known
Ursara Minor (Pwr lvl x3)
Ki Blasts

Oozaru Raging Star
Power Lvl: 500

Attacks Known
Chou Makouhou (Pwr Level x4)
Chou Makouhou Barrage

“Might as well throw in Raze, everyone wants to know how strong he really is.” The Computer began to pull up his data sheet.

Subject: Raze




17,000,000 x2

25,500,000 x3

34,000,000 x4

42,500,000 x5

51,000,000 x6

59,500,000 x7

68,000,000 x8

76,500,000 x9

85,000,000 x10

170,000,000 x20

255,000,000 x30

8,500,000 x 353= 3,000,500,000 FPSSJ

I base my power scale on the different transformations.

ASSJ Would be a 200x boost.

USSJ Would be a 300x boost.

Boyzilla’s Power Scale For Raze




17,000,000 x2

25,500,000 x3

34,000,000 x4

42,500,000 x5

51,000,000 x6

59,500,000 x7

68,000,000 x8

76,500,000 x9

85,000,000 x10

170,000,000 x20

255,000,000 x30

Super Saiyan Transformations:

8,500,000 x 50 = 425,000,000 SSJ

8,500,000 x 70 = 595,000,000 FPSSJ

“We added the skill list to this chapter for further references to his abilities and transformations.” The Computer said as it loaded the page.

(Decide whichever one you like to be canon)

Raze Vestal the Second

Skill List

Fighting Styles: Turtle Hermit Fighting Style, Chris Altarmore Style, Vestal Legend Style and Standard Militia Training Styles

Advanced Ki Training

Lightning Travel: With lightning travel, Raze can literally become like a bolt of lightning. Causing him to zip around at light speed. It can be used in battle with little to no effect on the body, but if you use it outside of a fight. Your body won’t be able to keep up with the speed you’re travelling at.


Kaioken: A technique used to multiply your energy. If you use a high multiplier without necessary training, you will burn yourself out and be vulnerable to the enemy.

Super Saiyan: A legendary technique passed down in the Saiyan lineage. It multiplies your power by 50 times and if you were weak before the transformation it replenishes your body and fatigue can be ignored completely. At least until you use too much energy while fighting in this form.

Full Power Super Saiyan: The penultimate mastery of Super Saiyan. It offers the best balance of strength and speed that the Super Saiyan has. You experience little to no drain while using the transformation and most of your attacks are boosted to much greater strengths.

Melee Attacks:

Dragon Bash: First Raze delivers his fist to the side of an enemies face and then he delivers 4 powerful punches to their chest. Then he puts his hands together and brings them down on an opponent.

Afterimage: Raze manipulates his body so fast that when he moves he leaves an image of himself behind which allows him to confuse his opponent and attack from behind.

Dragon Throw: A technique made by Goku. Raze will either grab the tail or leg depending on the opponent and then swing them around before throwing them into the ground. It's a very effective grapple technique.


Lightning Affinity: He can use lightning and mold it into different attacks.

Special Ki Moves:

Kamehameha Wave: Standard Turtle Destruction Wave. When used it ups your power level 3 times whatever it's at when used.

Bending Kamehameha: Same as the Kamehameha Wave except you control where it goes.

Super Kamehameha Wave: Two Kamehameha Waves put together that up your power level by 6 times when used.

Lightning Kamehameha: Combining Lightning with the Kamehameha Wave. Will usually stun opponents.

Energy Shield: Raze uses his ki to make a shield that blocks magic/other ki attacks/ sometimes physical attacks.

Destructo Ball: Destructo Disc and Spirit Ball combined to make Destructo Ball. Because of them coming together it makes the attack spin 5 times faster than the normal Destructo Disc making it extremely hard to avoid. Raze perfected the moves and is able to make them come apart at will so you can hit the enemy with both from different sides if they manage to dodge the incoming attack the first time.

Solar Flare: Used to blind enemies. Best used in sunny conditions. Raze used this many times in the war to eliminate his enemies.

Masenko: Learned from his father, Vestal. Raze puts his hands together above his head and then charges the attacks and fires it downwards at the opponent. It's unexplained how King Vestal knows the attack.

Gekiretsu Madan: A rapid fire version of Masenko. Taught to Raze by King Vestal.

Explosive Wave: The user explodes ki outward in an attempt to push back incoming opponents.

Flash Cannon: Raze puts his hand's together and begins to charge energy at an accelerated rate. The energy becomes a red ball that seems to pull the environment towards him. He then fires a huge red energy wave at the opponent swallowing most of the area into an explosion upon contact. The attack ups your power level times 5 when used.

Super Flash Cannon: Raze charges two red balls of energy and combines them into one massive energy ball. He then compresses it slightly in order to make a deadly bomb of ki energy. This attack ups your power level 10 times when used.

Dragon Burst: Raze uses lightning affinity and mixes it with a large amount of Ki. He uses it to charge through his enemies at high speeds. The attack boosts your power by 11 times.

Author's Note:

I said it would be updated. Here you go.

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Comments ( 68 )

how strong is Goku at full super saiyan 4 and kaioken
i'd like to compare him with raze

Full Power Super Saiyan: 3,000,000,000
kamahameha: When used it ups your power level 3 times whatever it's at when used.
9,000,000,000 powerlevel

2743275 Yeah, Kamehameha does up your power level by three times when used. It's official.

Super Saiyan 4 Goku doesn't exist, but Super Saiyan God Goku will destroy Raze with absolutely no problem.

I'll say that a Super Saiyan 4 Goku would win in a fight against Raze too, because Full Power Super Saiyan is still the first stage of Super Saiyan, but at it's full strength. Like how Goku was when he fought Cell.

But still, Super Saiyan 4 doesn't exist, so I digress.

Goku doesn't use Kaioken later on because if he mixed it with his Super Saiyan abilities, it might kill him.

I also used this pic: i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/428/524/8ea.jpg


super saiyan 4 sooooo exists
but super saiyan god is more powerful

2743448 Super Saiyan 4 happens in GT and guess what! It has no manga. Guess what that means! It means that GT isn't canon. Guess what that means! It was created by the studio to make more money on a franchise that was done at the time.

Then something great happened! Akira Toriyama announced that GT wasn't canon and he made the Battle of the Gods movie which continued Dragonball Z. Life is good and I'm so happy for real Dragonball Z to return to Earth.

"After some more useless research, we managed to delve into the nieghboring pararall universe that is inhabitant by virtually the same creatures. However we will show to you viewers the less useless information, ignoring all the early inhabitants." The computer said.

"What, what was that about my kids?" Boyzilla interjected.

"Nothing... Vista user... For some reason, this universe's energy levels differ. Resulting in weaker, and sometimes stronger, transformation results."

Subject: Ken
Full Name: Ken Altarmore-Heartstrings

Energy level (Surpressed): 124
Energy level (Unsurpressed): 412,834
Kaioken x1: 619,251
Kaioken x2: 821,748
Kaioken x3: 1,023,637
Hybrid Hidden Power: 4,737,012
Super Saiyan Form: 10,346,153
Super Saiyan Hybrid Hidden Power: 1,532,200,555

"Now moving on to the only, apparent female saiyan in both universes."

Subject: Kira
Full Name: Kira Altarmore-Heartstrings

Energy Level (Surpressed): 117
Energy Level (Unsurpressed): 399,759
Oozaru Form: 3,997,590
Hybrid Hidden Power: 4,643,711

Abilities are locked by Boyzilla to prevent myself from commenting on how meaningless organic beings, especially children, are. However I do have permission to list Hybrid Hidden Power.

Hybrid Hidden Power
Infomation gathered from observing Human Saiyan hybrid children have shown that these Hybrids possess a large potential due to result of both human emotion and saiyan power. When hybrid's emotions reach peak levels, this 'Hidden Power' emerges to grant them a far stronger energy level than their current training had accomplished for them. When faced with this Hidden Power, it is best to just let the meatbag cool down before engaging.

"That's it!"

"Go away Boyzilla! Go back to your Vista!"

"Damnit XP! I'm not going to stand here as you mock the twins!"


2743476 Non-Canon or not, it's still pretty awesome.

2744304 Yes, I do admit that Super Saiyan 4 looks awesome. I just hate it when all the people on youtube say "It's canon! No, look, really! It's canon! It has Akira Toriyama's name on it!". Those people troll me all the time. I hate it.

2744158 Lol. The Computer mocks all because he holds himself far above them. All hail the Computer Universe!

2743949 No, He is no god of death. If your referring to anything else, please leave a link for me. I want to know which Ryuuk your talking about.

2745402 Yah, I hate those people to.

2926946 The pony who briefs the ponies is required to tell them that even if they already know. Standard protocol for the Celestial Bureau.

Wow this story seems interesting I haven't read any of it yet but I couldn't resist checking out the power levels they always interest me which leads me to ask a question is FPSSJ's multiplier 500x Base cause you have Base Raze (full power) at 6,000,000 while FPSSJ Raze is at 3,000,000,000 and FPSSJ Raze using Super Kamehameha would be at 18,000,000,000 oh yeah and is Raze going to achieve any other SSJ transformations like ASSJ, USSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3 etc? oh and can you tell me your pl's for the Buu Saga Saiyans like Goku, Vegeta and Gohan obviously including there SSJ forms oh and what about Super Saiyan God Goku and Birusu's power levels where do you have them at?

Comment posted by Roarin Thunder deleted Aug 3rd, 2013


SSJ1 FPSSJ Goku: 3,000,000,000 Because he's at FPSSJ.

SSJ2 Goku: 6,000,000,000

SSJ3 Goku: 24,000,000,000

FPSSJ Vegeta: 3,000,000,000 Because he was completely even with Goku and he figured it out given that 7 year period.

SSJ2 Vegeta: 6,000,000,000 - 24,000,000,000 This accumulates to the time when Birisu comes to earth and Vegeta becomes enraged when Bulma get's slapped. Goku states that Vegeta is on par with Super Saiyan 3 while enraged and Vegeta manages to get a hit on Birisu while he hadn't expected it.

FPSSJ Gohan: It's hard to answer this because Gohan had lost power because he hadn't trained in a long while, but if I had to give a reasonable estimate... I'd say 2,500,000,000.

SSJ2 Gohan: 5,000,000,000

Super Buu: 30,000,000,000

Mystic Gohan: 32,000,000,000 Because it makes the most sense and Gohan is the strongest after his hidden potential is increased.

Kid Buu: 24,000,000,000 Because he and Goku were on par for most of the fight. Kid Buu may not have been good at fighting and was just lucky to have that much strength at all.

Raze SSJ2: 6,000,000,000
Raze SSJ3: 24,000,000,000
Raze Super Secret Form That Is Pretty Close To the End Of The Story: ?

Yes, Raze follows the power levels of Goku because he genuinely achieves them through hard work.

Now for the hard question.

Birisu and Goku SSJG.

I'm not sure what their power levels would be... If we get confirmation from Akira Toriyama, then I might be able to answer it, but for now, I'll say infinity.

Comment posted by Roarin Thunder deleted Aug 19th, 2013

3069128 I see your point, I'll have to edit that a little.

3069198 Uncontrollable Super Forms Everywhere! :D

3070768 I have not edited any chapters after Chapter 2 in order to focus on new chapters. I'm sorry that you feel this way, but I'll get to editing Chapter 3 to 9 soon enough. Hopefully I'll get you back into it someday.

3069940 They're in the normal Equestrian Universe. Raze is in a different universe at the moment and he's stuck there until a few chapters later where he will eventually return to this universe.

3071413 Nice profile picture yourself! :D

3077732 I'll give it another shot once it's rewritten. It's a good story, and I hope to see it given the delivery it deserves.

3078116 I'll try not to disappoint!

3250208 If he can't fight Raze, then he definitely doesn't stand a chance against two twins of epic cute power!

Hello there! Admin of the Octaviaverse group here.

Could you move the story to the correct folder please?

3373128 I thought this was somewhat fanmade.... Oh well.

Sorry for being a bother, but I'd like to keep the group organized.

3373299 It's alright, thanks for letting me know.

3469797 It's truly amazing, isn't it?

3576486 I'll read it if you make it! You can even use my mystery muffin idea! :D

3645982 Oh, this is surprising, are you looking at this for curiosity?

I don't need a re-hash of Cupcakes.
And yeah. No. Ponies do not equal Super Saiyans in power. That just kinda brings me right out of the story, but so long as you don't say stuff like that during the flow of the story, I think I should be able to stomach it just fine. Just don't make Celestia do the stupid threatening thing.

3665549 I'm sorry, this story had a gore tag on it for when stuff like this could happen. It's a rare occurrence seeing how most deaths won't be portrayed like that, but he had a sword and he was ready to insult Celestia's name.

Now for power levels, I need balancing for this story to continue. I hate uneven scales a lot, but the ponies should be to defend themselves in case the Elements don't work. Akira made the Saiyans so strong in his stories that no human will ever catch up to them, but ponies have magic and lots of possibilities. The only ponies to gain power will be Alicorns, Elements, and if I said more, we'd have spoilers.

Also, if Raze never met anything that could challenge him, wouldn't the story get boring? Is that what you want me to do? Make him a Gary Sue and just let him blow away the villains?

Not exactly what I'm saying. I mean, yeah, I can see what you mean and stuff, but you can make a story just fine with the ponies being as powerful as reasonable (which is nowhere near the ballpark of Akira Toriyama figures) without making the OC in question a Mary Sue.

You see, you really don't need conflict, or even want it in many cases. I myself get the most kick out of character development, and that will carry a story along just as well, if not more so, than a skin-deep no-holds-barred fight-to-the-death sorta story. And it also gets really annoying when the author pulls yet another villain out of his metaphorical asshole just to keep a sinking ship/story afloat.

But it's still Dragon Ball Z, so he should still kick ass occasionally. Wouldn't be right without that. But I would say that any conflict should be brought in by aliens to equestria.
I just can't see ponies being a legitimize threat to Raze once he goes beyond Kaio-ken times five.

Also, look at my profile pic. Out of sheer speculation, think anything on Equestria can hold up to that?

3666028 Well, Broly isn't a canon character and Super Saiyan 4 isn't canon, so yeah, no pony could stand up to something they can't ever see. Unless it was alternate universe. If it is Alt. Universe, then the ponies planet is dead. There's nothing left.

Now for Character Development, yes, I love it too. That's why Journey of Saiyans is canon to Raze's Journey as Raze will gain a great deal of development there and in his own story too.

I've not really pulled any villains out of my ass. Every villain that will appear is relevant to a past misdeed or future one.

Why do you assume that I would have Raze be under threat in the story from ponies? I know there is a chance for that in the future, I won't lie. But he's not under threat from Celestia because she owes him way too much for saving her life in Chapter 8. She's also seen some of his past and somewhat sympathizes with him in one of the chapters you've already read. So Celestia isn't the problem.

I'm just saying that the ponies don't have to be more powerful to balance things out. They can be weak and shit, and then you can make one strong and shit later for whatever reason (unicorn teleports himself to Namek and gets the dragonballs or some weird shit)

Oh yeah, and Dragonball Z isn't canon to real life. I wasn't asking, 'is it canon and if so what would happen.' It was a straight up what-if question. AU was implied.

I know GT isn't canon, but with the newest DBZ thing, I kinda wish it was. ssjg sucks major assballs. ssj4 was way better and had no time limit. Even if the rest of GT sucked.

3688786 I warn everyone. The chapters after Chapter 3 are not redone yet. I'll let you know when Chapter 4 is redone. Then I'll be redoing Five and the rest that need redoing. I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused you, but chapters 12 and onward (or maybe 11) are much better done. Again, sorry for the pain.

3844013 I'm trying to get Raze back! Just bear with me on that.

3960247 Thanks man! :D Indeed ass kicking will happen!

That's right, nobody mocks the munchkins! NOBODY AND NOPONY! :yay:

Subject: Frost Bite
Power Level: 0
Full Power: -1

For teh lolz:
Subject: Amena Winterfall
Young: Seven
Child: Twenty
Vampire (First Millennium): Forty seven thousand
Vampire (Second Millennium): Three hundred thousand
Vampire (Third Millennium): Nine Million
Vampire (Fourth Millennium): Sixty two million
Vampire (Fifth Millennium): Eight hundred and seventy eight million
Vampire (Sixth Millennium): Thirty nine billion
Vampire (Seventh Millennium): Ninety Nine Billion

Knowledge sure is one hell of a power booster. That and copious amounts of powerful blood being ingested.

4137628 I take it that you enjoy the story? :D?

4137635 I'm only on the second chapter, but those are essentially the power levels of my newest fics protagonist. Devouring satan certainly boosts ones power astronomically.

4137639 Well, I sincerely hope that you enjoy it.

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