• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Facing Your Darkside

Author's Note:

This chapter has to be written all over again due to the fact that I made this chapter when I was a beginner level writer. I would suggest that you not read this or any other chapters afterward as they are a mess. Chapter 1 - 3 have been rewrote and the chapters that use the same style continue with chapter 13 and onward. So don't read if you can't take heavy grammar mistakes among other things.

If you read all that and still want to continue. Then go ahead.

Chapter 7 of Raze's Journey

Raze opened his eyes and brought his hand to his head and wiped his forehead 'Oh man I feel like I got hit by a spaceship...' he thought as he picked himself up.

Raze looked around and saw orange clouds and artificial sunlight appeared to be everywhere and the world appeared to be pinkish 'Whoa where am I?' though he was thinking to himself and didn't expect an answer back he got one anyway and the voice was... female?

“You are on the verge of life and death playing the game of limbo is what your populace would call it am I right?” she asked him as Raze turned around and saw a pony this time it had wings and a horn with a white coat, rainbow colored mane, and to top it all off she had slight pink tinge to her coat.

Raze had an idea of what was about to happen “Are you the god here? Oh I get it I'm between death, so ill have to play some cruel game against you with no chance of winning at all and then with all the cruelness you can manage you'll kill me off and send me to some hellish dimension in the middle of no space! Right?” he finished as he leaned in inquisitively to see if he had gotten that right.

The being leaned back a bit with wide eyes before she giggled “Well you certainly are an interesting person aren't you Raze?” she then laughed at his explanation for the events happening to him as she held her ribs.

Raze knew when he was being made fun of and decided to give her a rebuke “HEY! I'm just a bit confused and I don't even know who you are! and how do you know me?” he asked because he was confused about her mentioning him 'I never told her my name...' he thought to himself.

She then giggled a bit before finally controlling herself “Oh yes, how rude of me, my name is Celestia and I'm the princess of the sun in Equestria” she said as she spread her wings out in a grand way to exude her power as sunbeams reflected off her coat creating a huge glowing effect all around her.

Raze looked at her with wide eyes “Amazing...” his voice trailed off before the sight that stood before him the power Celestia emanated was breathtaking.

“But that's enough about me, what about you Raze?” she asked even though she knew more than enough at this point she had never intended to visit Ponyville and so she would take this time to know him.

“Well there isn't much to know, so ill just explain the basics.” he cleared his breath and began the all to familiar explanation about what he was, where he came from, and of course his past few days in Ponyville while Celestia nodded and shot surprising looks at some of his feats.

“And that's pretty much what's been going on for the past few days.” he finished as he looked in Celestia's direction. Raze was surprised when he saw a scroll and pin floating in her magical embrace as she had written down every detail of his story.

Celestia then made the scroll disappear and smiled, “This shall make a nice biography.” Before Raze could question why she wanted to make a biography her face had changed to the serious expression she had one other time, “Now we need to find a way for you to get back before you die.” she said with urgency.

Raze could only nod as he followed her they stepped along the path on what appeared to be a snake “So, where does this lead?” he asked Celestia.

Before she could say anything she was interrupted by a laugh that appeared to be jovial at their expense “Why bother asking her questions when I'm the one that knows you just as well as you do?” after the words Discord popped in and held in his tiger paw a cup of chocolate milk which he took a sip of and then snapped it away.

“What do you want, Discord?!” asked a now angry Celestia as she prepared to fight while Discord rolled his eyes.

“Now now, Celestia we wouldn't want you to burst a gasket.” he said in an over dramatic tone while he fainted in a very over the top manner.

“What's a “gasket” supposed to be?” she asked in heavy annoyance.

Discord appeared from her side and put his lion paw over her shoulder “Oh, it's nothing Celestia. I wouldn't want you to lose your head thinking of something that doesn't exist in the land of harmony.” he said with a high amount of sarcasm laced in his voice.

Celestia shook him off and fired a magical flame at him that appeared to have swallowed him in a wreath of blue heat. The flames licked at his body and the clouds nearest perspired to nothingness almost instantly, but Discord snapped his finger and the fire disappeared.

Discord yawned “Celestia if that's your best then you should give up on harming me!” he then guffawed before snapping his fingers again. This time instead making things disappear he made cotton candy appear and forced the clouds to become attracted to Celestia as if like a magnet the clouds covered her like water and stuck to every part of her much to her distaste.

Discord laughed at her “Bahahahaha! you should see yourself now!” he then snapped his fingers and a mirror appeared which he floated over to Celestia who was to busy struggling with the cotton candy to notice the mirror.

Celestia began to become far more angry than she could stand, "Discord! Release me from this cloud at once!” she roared as the cotton candy got stuck everywhere.

Raze was still standing on the pathway to wherever it was they were going before Discord had shown up and he looked very confused “Hello?”

The response he got was a guffawing spirit and an angry, “WHAT?!” from the princess which made him shrink from her sight.

Celestia finally decided to blast the cotton candy away with her magical ability, 'Why didn't I do that earlier?' she thought to herself when she remembered that she couldn't think to herself here.

Discord answered her thought that spoke aloud from her mind, “Because you rarely think, Celestia!” she shot him an angry look and prepared to charge enough energy to turn anyone into dust before Raze absconded her vision.

“Can you please fight some other time I'm kinda gonna die soon.” he said half questioning and half urgent.

Celestia nodded and dispelled her magic and then teleported to them to the beginning of the snake like path which was the direction they had been heading in before Discord had interrupted them and she still wondered, 'Why didn't I do this in the first place?'

Raze answered her this time, “Who cares?! We need to figure out what's going on here!” he was now getting impatient after all this was taking to much time.

Celestia coughed a little and blushed, “Yes, Raze. Let's continue from here.” and with that he followed her.

~In the Hospital~

Twilight trotted in circles outside the emergency room Raze and Fluttershy had been rushed into. She was having an internal battle right now, 'This isn't good... We shouldn’t have let them leave if they’d stayed in Ponyville none of this would've happened!!' she thought to herself as she continued her agitated pacing. She was unaware of the gray missile flying her way when it crashed into her sending them skidding across the floor and into the wall labeling the end of the hallway where they slid down the side of it slowly.

“Hi Twilight we came as fast as we could when we heard the news!!” Derpy said as she picked herself up while her eyes whirled comically.

“Yes, but I think you may have been a bit to worried Derpy” said The Doctor who was chuckling lightly at the crash scene in front of him.

Twilight picked herself up and summoned a duster with her magic, which she then used to dust herself off. She put it back and then said “Thanks for coming you two are the closest to Raze not counting the girls and I, so it will hopefully work out” she finished in her “everything is completely fine” voice.

“Well speaking of the girls where are they?” The Doctor asked Twilight who then pointed down the hall with her hoof to door marked Cafeteria The Doctor then added “Well that makes sense” he then turned to Derpy whom had disappeared leaving an outline where she had been. He turned back towards the doors of the cafeteria where the doors appeared to be flying open.

In seconds a scream came from the staff “SHE'S BACK AND SHES TAKING THE MUFFINS!!!!”

Suddenly you could hear several bangs followed by “YOU CAN'T HAVE MY MUFFINS!” followed by more smashing sounds and then terrified ponies who galloped down the hallway past Twilight and The Doctor screaming “THE HORROR!!!!!” as they disappeared into various rooms.

Twilight and The doctor then both said “We probably should go get her” then they looked confused for a second before nodding and going towards the door not knowing what lie on the other side.

~In the subconscious of Raze~

“So you're telling me that I cannot possibly get back to life unless I face my darkest self, but how is that stopping me?” Raze asked the big red troll in front of them that can mumbling something about mahogany.
“It's as simple as that Raze you must fight your inner evil and in order for you to do that you must find it first, but that shouldn't be to hard after that the plot device will free you from your comatose state and you will heal from the poison” the troll said as he quickly added “My names King Yemma and my desk is made of mahogany” his words went to a sort of whisper at the end of his sentence.

Raze opened his mouth to say something “Wel-” he was interrupted by King Yemma who said “Mahogany” in a tone that sounded quite creepy if you ask me.

Before Raze could say anything else Celestia teleported herself and Raze out of there to the front of the building. Raze was about to question why she did that when a clicking noise was heard as Discord popped into existence in all his chaotic power.

“Well hello again Celestia it's been a long 15 minutes now and I'm sure you've cooled of-” he was interrupted by a flash of the same magical flame she had used last time only this time it seemed much more powerful and contained the spirit in a magical field where he was helpless.

“Yes Discord it has been 15 minutes or longer, but this time you're the only one who's going to be burning with rage” Celestia said in a somewhat unimpressive manner.

Discord groaned “Is that the best you've got Celestia? Anti-magic flames? Raze would you help me out of here it's not as if I harmed someone” he said to Raze while Celestia looked angrily at him.

Raze looked at Discord who smiled. He looked over at Celestia who looked ticked at this point. He then looked back Discord whom had puppy dog eyes he then looked at Celestia who was now staring angrily at him.

Raze finally decided to say something “Okay Discord I'll get you out of that” he then proceeded to move towards the anti-magic flames, but Celestia had teleported in front of him blocking his path.

“Don't you dare free him!! Discord deserves nothing but scorn for what he has done to my little ponies and Equestria!!” she exclaimed with the fury of the sun itself and it was directed towards Raze this time though even at her scathing words he wouldn't back down.

“What did he do?” Raze asked Celestia as he made sure to keep himself as calm as possible in this bothersome situation.

Discord could be heard from behind the anti-magic flames saying in as sarcastic a way he could manage “Here we go again she reopens these wounds so much gag” he pointed to his throat emphasis on the gag reflex itself.

Celestia though had stopped paying attention to him by now and was focused on Raze “He enslaved my ponies and played with them as if they were puppets and even spread chaos to the borders of our land” she sighed and then added “Discord was the scourge of our beautiful land of Equestria and even now he likes to cause what little chaos he can from his stone imprisonment that is why he deserves none of your concern or help” she finished with justified anger or at least she thought it was justified.

Raze was now thinking of what she said and nodded before turning to Discord and asking him “What about you? Did you think of it as torture or is it just natural to you?” he finished while for an answer.

Discord at first had decided not to answer, but seeing as the odds were against him he decided to go ahead and answer Raze anyway “It's normal for me to spread chaos and play with the minds of others after all I'm Discord the spirit of disharmony. What more could you expect from me Celestia?” this time directing his question to Celestia who looked away with a huff.

Raze then decided to ask something of both the beings before him “Can you put aside your differences and work together for the time being then fight whenever you want okay?”

Celestia thought to herself 'Fine I guess I shall agree, but only because the situation is dire' before she could nod her head Raze said “That's great Celestia!!” when he said that she realized all her thoughts could be heard still and Discord said “Yes our thoughts can be heard so no hiding things after all were friends now” he finished in a slightly aloof way.

Celestia complied and released her anti-magic flame shield and then watched as Discord stretched “It's nice to be free of the tiny fire house and now we can get down to what you're here for Raze so what did you need?” he asked Raze in earnest.

Raze explained the situation of trying to find his dark self and fight it so he could return to the waking world and Discord listened intently with a few nods and mumbling about how cliche it sounded and that he's heard of it before and before you knew it the explanation was over.

Discord grinned “I can help you easily with finding your dark side, but I cannot help you fight it he may be as strong as you are on your own” he warned Raze as prepared to summon his energy to make the wish of Raze's come true.

Raze waited for something to happen as orange energy began to flow around him in large circles turning into a twister of sorts.

Celestia watched in awe as the aura around Raze began to burn like black fire and saw it separating from the body of Raze she wondered what was about to happen as she began to document it with her magic.

Raze felt as if he had been torn in half in life the pain was unbearable as he let out a yell of agony “AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as the blackness was being ripped from his body. He collapsed down onto Snake Way as his body felt like each of the ligaments were being twisted and pulled apart form the darkness inside of himself.

Celestia had stopped documenting and tried to go help Raze before being blown away by the amount of magic Discord was using to separate the entity from Raze's body. She could only hear the pained yelling that came from the vortex that was starting to slow down as Discord's energy began to drop.

Celestia got closer to Raze “Are you alright Raze?” she asked him as he began to move picking himself up and getting his surroundings together. His body ached everywhere and yet he began to walk past Celestia before collapsing again.

Discord flew down and said “Don't move yet your body needs to readjust even if were in your subconscious and you Celestia need to wait till the spells are complete honestly are you trying to get killed or something?” he finished with a glare her direction.

Celestia glared back at him “Well the most important thing right now is Raze, so don't tell me I did something wrong by being concerned!!” she rebuked him which made Discord laugh.

Before she could fire a spell his direction Raze interrupted her by putting a hand on her back “Can you two please argue later?” he asked weakly.

Celestia gave her full attention to Raze “Are you alright?” she asked him in a motherly tone. Raze responded to her “I'll be just fi-” he coughed a bit before losing his hold on her back and falling to his knees.

“Wow I've never felt so weak before in my life” Raze said slightly to himself, but of course Discord and Celestia heard him.

Celestia was about to say something when a new voice rung outwards “Well Raze feeling weak? That's not how I remember you”

Raze's eyes widened at the sound of the voice “No....” Raze slowly turned to where the darkness had formed into a new person Raze looked at the shape of his godfather “But you died... Why are you here?”

His godfather smiled “Because you needed me after all I'm the darkness inside you” he cleared his throat before going on “I'm the reason you keep looking back and hating yourself, you continue to feed more of your hate and anger causing me to grow stronger”

Raze finally felt like he could stand and picked himself up and began to walk towards his godfather. Raze outstretched his arms hoping to hug his godfather for all the time he had lost, but just as time was lost so was his own mind.

His godfather had instead adopted a look of pure hatred and smashed his fist into Raze's face sending him across the clouds which turned themselves into a fighting ring which Raze's body crashed into breaking most of the arena up as his body finally came to a stop in a crater like hole at the end. Raze laid there completely dazed and knocked from the hit.

His godfather flew down to the ring and stopped in the middle of said ring. He then began to change form into a differently colored version of Raze with white hair, gray skin, and a huge black aura.

The newly formed darker Raze then said “You may refer to me as Fhaze in your last moments before I take over your body and kill all of your new friends” Fhaze said with a smirk he then turned to Celestia “How would you like to be the first to die fair princess” he spat the last two words out with a deep malice behind them.

He then walked towards them. Before Celestia could react Discord pushed her out of the way of Fhaze's attack as a huge black energy sphere pulsed past her and hit Discord. Discord had performed a counter shield and sent the black sphere back at Fhaze before he could react the sphere swallowed him whole in an explosion that sent broken pieces of the tiled floors of the arena in all directions.

Discord looked down at the smoke covered arena trying to sense the presence of darkness, but he couldn't find Fhaze. “Hey why don't you look up here fool?!” Discord turned around and caught a leg in his eagle claws and then threw Fhaze into the arena following up with a round of magical lightning that struck Fhaze and exploded into cotton candy. Discord laughed at his handy work “Bwahahahahah You aren't that strong for someone who should be all powerful!! This is priceless, just priceless” he openly mocked the dark entity whom had freed himself from the cotton candy.

“YOU DARE MOCK ME?! I WILL SHOW YOU MY POWER!!!” Fhaze yelled at the being before he began to release his true strength in the form of what he calls Nocturne Saiyajin. As his aura began to flare further outward it crackled with black sparks as his power level rose to much more incredible heights with a final yell he attained the full transformation “RAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Discord noticed the difference immediately “Celestia get out of here or we'll both die!!” he yelled to her immediately not really caring if he was hurt at this point.

Before Discord could even think Fhaze showed up from out of nowhere “Miss me?” he asked the spirit of disharmony whom teleported before a kick could hit his body.

Fhaze looked around and yelled to wherever the spirit had disappeared to “You can't escape me in here this is my mind and I can take away your powers!!!” he then began to make sure that the powers of teleportation were taken away and discord appeared on the arena floor a few feet from where Raze was.

Fhaze yelled tauntingly at the dumbfounded spirit below him “HA!!! WITHOUT TELEPORATATION YOUR FUTURE IS CANCELED!!!!!” he then flew towards Discord.

Discord snapped his fingers and cotton candy clouds appeared and began to envelop Fhaze's body “WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?!” he yelled questioningly as the cotton candy completely took form over his body.

Discord smirked “This is where even you cannot escape and now for the main event!!” Discord exclaimed as his fingers snapped once more and Fhaze fell to the ground hard.

Fhaze then began yelling incoherent phrases of how he was going to murder Discord and rip all his bones out and build a stack of.... Well that kind of stuff.

Discord stopped paying attention to Fhaze and floated to Raze. Discord began to summon his golden magic and then snapped his fingers when the spell had charged enough to unleashed a torrential power surge that instantly woke up Raze and refueled his energy.

Raze immediately woke from his unconscious state at full strength “Wow my energy's returned to normal” he then noticed Discord looking a bit winded “Thanks Discord you really do come through!!” he exclaimed to the weakened spirit.

Discord laughed, but it ended in a series of coughs “D-d-don't worry ab-b-bout it just beat Fhaze my cotton weights won't hold him much longer” Discord finished as he flew away to let Raze take over the fight.

Raze looked over to where he saw an almost exact copy of himself “Woah you must be Fhaze”

Fhaze had broken free of his prison of extremely heavy hardened cotton candy and then glared at Raze “Must have taken a few minutes for you to figure that out!!” he exclaimed in anger.

Fhaze then regained his composure “No matter.... It doesn't matter if you are awake or not you can't stop me” Fhaze then began to grin and his black aura flared up “Come on lets finish this if I win you will lose all the control you have left of this body and die while my soul will strengthen this body and let this poison pass harmlessly”

Raze smirked “What if I win?” he asked with a confident gleam in his eyes.

Fhaze put an arm straight out and outstretched his pointer finger “Ah ah ah.... Those dreams are to sweet for such low lifeforms such as yourself”

Raze then put on his serious face “Well then how about we stop talking and get... this.... done.....” he began to concentrate on raising his energy.

Discord clicked his fingers and using his magic made sure nobody could the others thoughts anymore he then began to use telepathy to speak to Raze 'Raze you need to go Super Saiyan to stand a chance'

Raze responded to Discord 'But I don't think I can activate it again' he said Discord through the link.

Discord whom remembered watching the training between Goku and Gohan thought of something 'Just get angry use the pain of loss or whatever Goku had been talking about at the time'

Raze had powered up to Kaioken x10 without announcing it to hopefully surprise Fhaze as he charged forth to attack.

Fhaze responded by dodging Raze's attack and surprising him by grabbing Raze's right leg and then throwing him to the ground where he began to try to stomp the life out of him only for Raze to dissappear thanks to the afterimage technique.

Fhaze smiled and turned around to punch Raze only for his fist to go through another afterimage Fhaze thought quickly 'His next appearance should be right here!!' he thought as his foot through yet another afterimage.

Raze smashed into his opponents right side and threw a ki wave which Fhaze knocked away and then countered by throwing his own ki wave which Raze failed to send away and it ended up exploding knocking him away while Fhaze appeared behind him kicked his side knocking him back in the direction of the ki explosion.

Fhaze then flew ahead punching Raze in the stomach sending him into the air and then flew ahead of him to deliver a final strike, but Raze managed to catch himself and used afterimage to get out of Fhaze's striking range before flying down and touching the arena floor.

Raze looked up as Fhaze descended towards the arena floor.

Fhaze smirked “You're not bad for being me”

Raze smiled widely showing off white teeth for all to see “Heheh I try” he then adopted his serious face once more readying himself for the next round.

~Discord is joined by Celestia~

Celestia sighed as she watched the spectacle “That Raze is surely something is he not Discord?” she asked him sincerely.

Discord nodded “Saiyan's are quite an interesting bunch of individuals I have watched them for the last thousand years and I've never been more interested in them than when Raze was transported here”

Celestia looked at Discord “Actually I believe he is here for something far greater than we may realize” she said almost cryptically causing Discord to raise an eyebrow.

Discord had to ask her he was to curious now “Did you bring him here by any chance?” he asked her, but she didn't give him an answer the only thing she did say was.

“They have started to fight for real and Raze is about to outclassed severely” Celestia said with a slight amount of worry in her voice.

Discord once again began to communicate with Raze via telepathy 'Raze you're about to be outclassed and if you can't use the Super Saiyan then you need to come up with something else and fast!!!'

~Raze and Fhaze's Fight~

Raze was was just dodging hits by the skin of his teeth when Discords voice had popped up in his head causing him to lose focus and getting caught by a nice right hook from Fhaze who then followed up with a kick that sent Raze's body flying across the arena floor.

Raze thought quickly through the link 'NO TIME DISCORD!! HES GAINING THE UPPERHAND AND IT MAY BE OVER ALREADY!!!!' as he barely dodged another hit from Fhaze who then laughed insanely.

“YOU MAY WANT TO FOCUS BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T YOUR ENTRAILS ARE GOING ALL OVER THIS ARENA!!!!” he yelled in madness as his attacks continued to get faster and Raze only got fatigue for all his efforts so far.

'Dammit he won't stop and I don't have time to make a plan of action!!' Fhaze had begun to swing wildly and was becoming harder and harder to predict. Soon it became clear to Raze if he slipped up it would all be over.

~Back to Celestia and Discord~

Discord was hard at work trying to come up with a plan while Celestia just watched as Raze fought a hopeless fight with no way to win unless he transformed into a super saiyan. Discord says that will even the odds and the possibilities would be up to him from there, but as Raze grew weaker she could see only death and destruction for Equestria should Fhaze ever escape.

Discord smiled widely “I have quite the idea now!!” Celestia looked at him in confusion, but he ignored her stare to communicate with Raze 'Raze if were in your mind then why not use that against him?'

~Raze and Fhaze's Fight~

Raze smiled as he rushed away from Fhaze's onslaught 'Discord that's genius!! So what do I do?' he asked as he kept his mind half and half ready on the outside and inside.

Discord went through a list of things that may change the fight to Raze's favor while Raze dodged the brunt of Fhaze's attacks and with each new thought that Discord gave him he smiled bigger and bigger.

'Alright Discord I'm ready to try this out!!' Raze flew back away from Fhaze who then got angry.

“YOU?! WHY DO YOU RUN!? YOU'RE DELAYING THE INEVITABLE!!!” Fhaze yelled as he blasted towards Raze who only smiled.

Raze could only think one thing 'Okay if this is my mind then I have a request... Slow down Fhaze' As soon as he opened his eyes the first thing he saw was a fist which he flew around and avoided. Fhaze looked at him with undisguised hatred and then moved to try and score a hit which was easily dodged by Raze.

'This is going to be so easy!!' Raze thought to himself as he dodged another fist.

Fhaze was going at full speed from his own perspective and yet Raze was avoiding all of his blows 'How is this weak fool getting arou-' he got cut off by a knee flying into his stomach followed by a series of jabs from Raze before being elbowed toward the arena floor.

Fhaze stopped himself mid flight and looked up at a smiling Raze who waved and seemed to be challenging his own superiority “YOU CAN'T CHALLENGE ME!!” Fhaze roared as his aura burst outward in a dark flame and held his hands in the air.

Raze watched Fhaze from above and then began to charge downward towards Fhaze.

Fhaze smirked and unleashed a multiple energy blasts upward at Raze who realized to late what was happening and got swallowed by the blasts in a huge explosion that shook the arena floor.

“Lets see you make it out of that” Fhaze said mockingly as he laughed to himself.

Raze had formed a barrier out of ki energy to protect himself at the last second 'Whew that was a close one' he thought as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.

~Meanwhile with Discord and Celestia~

Discord was quite angry at Raze this second 'YOU IDIOT!!! Do you have any idea how close that was?! I could practically feel it from over here!!'

Raze's response was 'Hey at least I'm still capable to fight if I had been any later death wouldn't be my only problem!!'

Discord slapped a hand over his face 'Whatever just keep managing this lucky streak and we may make it out of here'

Raze then asked 'Do you have anymore suggestions?'

Discord was about to say something sarcastic when Celestia entered the conversation in their minds 'The smoke is about to clear Raze get ready and pay attention please' she said as her prediction came true to reveal that Raze was indeed still alive (Not that they didn't know that already) and he was raring to go.

~Raze and Fhaze's Conflict of interest~

Fhaze on the other hand wasn't quite prepared for the fact of Raze surviving that 'How can this cockroach be alive after all I'm a Super Nocturne Saiyan he is only using Kaioken!!! He must be using something to his advantage, but what could it be?!'

Raze had touched down on the arena floor at least 20 feet away from Fhaze and began o think of what else he could use his mind for 'Maybe I could make myself faster and stronger than him somehow alright lets try it!! Mind I command you to make me faster and stronger!!' he then charged forward and began to fight in close combat with Fhaze.

Fhaze was making each blow meet his own and they clashed before Fhaze managed to hit Raze who hacked up some blood from the hit and then was bombarded with more attacks from Fhaze. Each hit scored their targets making Raze reel backwards in pain as he struggled to keep himself up on two feet.

Fhaze wasn't going to waste the opportunity and started to knock Raze around smashing fist after fist and kick after kick before finally using a ki blast to knock Raze away.

Raze hit the ground... hard as the arena itself came apart from the force of the impact. Raze coughed a bit and began to pick himself up again while thinking 'Mind just slow him down a bit' that was all he would need to think because of course Fhaze slowed down just like before.

Fhaze's fist hit Raze or at least he thought it had before Raze had disappeared 'Is he using afterimage or something? My fist was dead on and he should be in agony at this moment!!'

Raze had changed the landscape with his mind and his power level and covered himself in clouds while he tried to come up with a plan 'How can I beat him when he still has more power than me?'

Fhaze on the other hand saw the change in environment and realized 'He must have figured out the ability to control his mind!! That's the only way he could beat me!!' Fhaze then smiled 'I'll finish this quickly with this new knowledge!!'

~Discord and Celestia~

Celestia looked down at Fhaze who was now grinning wildly she then turned to Discord and said “I don't like the way he is looking”

Discord nodded “Well we definitely shouldn't like this because he has figured out what Raze is doing and is now ready to finish this fight completely”

Celestia's face turned to a much more worried expression “We need to warn Raze of this new change in events”

Discord gave her look as if to say “I'm already on it” he then focused on the link connecting he and Celestia to Raze 'Raze can you hear me?' he asked while waiting for a response.

Raze responded 'Yeah and I have new plan on how to use my new advantage!!'

Discord laughed through the telepathic link 'Nope.avi!! Time to change plans Raze he knows and that's no good!!' (Ha two references in one Discord thought!!! SUCCESS!!!)

Raze couldn't believe it 'Ummmmm... Discord please be playing a joke....'

Discord was interrupted by Celestia 'This is no joke Raze you have to get a new plan Fhaze is about to go insane or at least he looks like it'

Raze couldn't believe it still 'Well were doomed I don't have enough power to face him and without my advantage you may as well get our tombstones ready'

Discord already had some stones from the arena floor 'I've put our names on these will they be enough?'

Celestia gave him an angry glare and Discord sweat dropped “What? I thought it was appropriate!!” Celestia facehoofed and then turned to look down at Fhaze who was charging up energy.

Celestia sent a warning to Raze 'LOOK OUT!!'

~Raze and Fhaze's Conflict of Interest~

Fhaze charged up his energy and blasted it into the sky and it spread out among the clouds dispersing them all only one of the beam hit Raze and he fell out of the sky before hitting the ground “Owww that hurt a lot” Raze said as he tried to pick himself up before being kicked away by Fhaze who kept walking forward.

Raze looked up at Fhaze before Fhaze's boot connected with Raze's own face knocking him back again blood seeped out of a head wound thanks to the metallic surface of the boot Raze's vision was obscured by the blood trailing down his face.

Fhaze laughed before walking over again and harshly kicking him in the stomach with metallic piece of his boot again. Raze landed on his side while screaming in agony “AUGH!!”. He looked over at Fhaze who looked as if he had enough of this pointless torture.

“I appreciate you unleashing me from your mind Raze, but this is where your end is I see no point in dragging this out any further and I'm sure you can't stand much more yourself” Fhaze watched as Raze picked himself up and Fhaze cleared his breath before continuing “Once you die it will appear that you have died in real life, but then I will take over and kill everyone of your new friends”

Raze bared his teeth in anger, but he knew that without the power of the Super Saiyan he had nothing to do and no way to keep up he could only listen to Fhaze as he prepared for the inevitable.

Fhaze then smiled wickedly “I know of the perfect way to finish you off and what better way than to use your hero's greatest move the Kamehameha Wave!!” Fhaze then added “Enjoy your last moments this death will be the least painful way to go”

~In the Hospital~

Twilight and the rest of the gang (Derpy and The Doctor included) rushed to the observatory where Raze was being healed.

The Doctor saw that Raze was struggling on the table his teeth were bared and his face was that of true anger 'What has gone wrong in his mind?' he wondered before another doctor or more specifically Nurse Redheart had shown up in the observatory.

Nurse Redheart began to explain to them the complications and why Raze had not left the room “He appears to be in stress and if this continues he could end up dying, but there's even more perplexing issues than there should be...” she took a breath before continuing “He seems to be getting injuries while he is fidgeting around on the table and what's even worse is there is internal damage happening that make absolutely no sense!!”

Derpy's eyes rolled in different directions while she pressed her face against the glass that looked down upon the operation table. She then turned around and asked Nurse Redheart “Is Raze going to die then?” she asked the nurse who turned away. Upon not getting an answer Derpy began to shed tears while The Doctor made his way over and comforted her.

Twilight, however had an idea “What if we went into his mind?” she asked the rest of her friends whom all looked astonished at the idea.

Pinkie Pie agreed with Twilight “Yeah Twilight knows all kinds of magicky stuff and shes super smart we could definitely get in Razey's mind and stop whatever or whoever is hurting him!!!”

Applejack nodded as well “Yeah we could buck the tar outta whatever is in there”

Rainbow Dash agreed also “Yeah I agree with Applejack it's time to kick some flank!!!”

Rarity hadn't said anything, so they stared at her Rarity looked from each of their faces and then whimpered “But ill get dirty...” One by one her friends shook their heads at her and then she gave in “I guess we can go knock whatever is in Raze's head” Her friends perked up after that and they all decided to give it a go, but they were stopped by The Doctor.

He looked at them and said “No! Absolutely not happening today if at all ever” Twilight was about to say something when The Doctor gave her look of “That's not going to work”. Twilight turned her head sheepishly.

The Doctor then looked at the glass and back to them “He must go through this himself I have had this happen to me many times over fighting dark sides among nagging doubts and other things” he cleared his throat and spoke again “If he is to escape with his mind intact he has to fight this evil on his own otherwise he will cease to be the Raze you all know and the Raze I know”

Twilight and the others stepped back towards the glass all with hopes of Raze winning whatever it was he was supposed to win if he won at all....

~Raze and Fhaze's Conflict of Interest~

Fhaze smiled as he cupped his hands together “KA!!” he then began to add “ME!!!” he pulled his arms back and kept his hands cupped “HA!!!” he then strung the second to last word “ME!!!!” and then he kept charging hoping something would happen in the next few moments.

Raze heard something beating was it his heart? No it sounded like... Wings? He looked to his right and Celestia flying as fast as she could possibly muster Raze shouted at her “GO AWAY!!!! HES USING THE KAMEHAMEHA WAVE!!!!”

Celestia couldn't make out the words he had yelled and that's when Fhaze turned his attention to her 'That stupid bitch thinks she's going to be a hero huh?? Well there are no heroes left here, so she dies first!!'

Celestia had stopped frozen in midair something had stopped her she looked over to Fhaze to see him smiling at her as he decided fire the wave “HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!” as he turned his out stretched hands into her direction.

Raze somehow found the strength to fly as he got in front of her freeing her from Fhaze's mind and allowing her to fly away the only thing Raze could was say and think “IT'S NOW OR NEVER”

Everything was going slow motion as Fhaze's wave powered towards him Raze quickly found his stance and said the words altogether at once “KAMEHAME!!!!” he had pulled his hands back and then pushed them forward “HAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!” as his own wave shot forward smashing into Fhaze's attack.

Discord stared down at the sight and quickly sent a message to Raze 'Now Raze transform use the pain of loss!!!'

Raze was losing the beam struggle and was being pushed to the breaking point when all of a sudden the memory of his Godfather passed through his mind and he looked around to see him floating next to him.

His Godfather looked disappointed “So this is how you're going down? What did I die for?” when Raze didn't answer him he smirked “For nothing that's what and your just giving up I should've never fulfilled my destiny”

Raze felt himself gathering energy and then his Godfather looked him up and down “You are gaining strength from your anger use it like a weapon show Fhaze what you're made of or you will die!!”

Raze glared at his Godfather “NO!!! I WON'T LOSE!!! NOT NOW!!! NOT EVER!!!!” Raze's hair flashed up and he felt his power surging to the surface as his aura exploded into a golden flame and a golden colored explosion of light filled the air “I AM A SUPER SAIYAN!!!!!!!!” he roared as his power burst open and his Kamehameha wave pushed forward against Fhaze's attack.

Fhaze who was now struggling to gain control of the situation was the one losing “NO!!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!!! I'M THE ONLY ONE CAPABLE OF SUCH POWER!!!!!! YOU ARE A WEAK DESPENSABLE FOOL!!!!” despite his taunts and his rage he found his power to be failing him as his wave was completely over come by the Super Saiyan's own and he was swallowed by the attack “NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Fhaze yelled as he was rejoined into Raze's own conscious which was now at peace by the change in events.

Raze powered down and fell to the arena floor which turned into clouds soft as fluffy feathered pillows he began to laugh weakly at his triumph and was joined by Discord and Celestia as they too fell onto the clouds and rolled on top of them.

After they stopped their rolling they looked up as a gate appeared Celestia was the first to talk “It looks as if your mind is at peace”

Raze disagreed with her instantly “I don't think I'll ever be at peace after all my Godfather is not completely off my conscience, but I do feel better than when I arrived oh and I guess I'll see you then Celestia” he said as she nodded and began to glow till she had disappeared.

Discord was the only one left on the clouds around Raze so he decided to ask him “So Discord have you known Celestia a while??”

Discord shrugged “Sure have and now it's time for you to go back to the real world or at least as real as Equestria can get” he gagged at the thought because he had been truly happy to have seen a chaotic battle it was just like when Goku had fought Broly well almost anyway...

Raze disappeared and so did Discord leaving the world of Raze's mind to it's peaceful self.

~In the Hospital~

Raze opened his eyes and saw a bunch of masked ponies around him at once he jumped into the air “WOAH!!!! Is this one of those creepy doctor circles were they rip apart new species and stuff on a table?!” he asked in a fit of paranoia.

The doctors took their masks off “This was a beautiful success we have healed him and he has grown a tail!!!”

Raze was confused 'A tail? What do they mean by tha- OH MY GOD!! WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN' was all he got out as a tail was moving around sticking out from behind his hospital covering.

While Raze was confused by the fact that he had a tail he didn't notice the doors flying open and a Derpy missile flying towards him “RAZEY!!!!” she yelled in happiness as she crashed into him followed by the Mane Five (Fluttershy was in a different room at the time) which made him the bottom of the dog pile or should he dare think pony pile.

Derpy looked at him with watering mismatched eyes “I MISSED YOU RAZEY!!!”

Raze smiled “I missed all of you equally!!” he didn't catch Twilight's look of disappointment because as it had appeared it had disappeared.

Before the Mane Five or Derpy and The Doctor could say anything Raze stopped them “Okay I know we all missed each other, but can we please check on Fluttershy first after all it was my fault she got hurt in the first place” he finished as he walked out the doors quickly followed by the Mane Five with Derpy and The Doctor (I need to come up with a nickname for Derpy and The Doctor please help me with that!!! :D)

~End of Chapter 7 and Season 1~

So this is the end of season 1 and number 2 is around the corner thanks for all you're support and hopefully this fight scene pleased all of you. I hope it did :D

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