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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 The Race of All Races (Redone Chapter)

~Raze’s Journey Chapter 4~

~Continuing Where We Left Off~

The moon was rising into the sky since the day had been spent climbing the mountain and fighting a large dragon. Now Raze was facing his biggest challenge yet, Rainbow Dash and she looked very angry.

“So what's with you, Spikey?!” Rainbow exclaimed as she threw her hoof out at Raze's face, “Just what the hay is your name supposed to be?!”

“First of all, My names not Spikey! Secondly, it's Raze!” Raze said with anger at the pegasus who was brushing dust of her coat from the push into the ground she had received.

“I'm still going to call you Spikey!” Rainbow sneered at Raze who glared back at her with equal ferocity.

Applejack sweat dropped and smiled warily, “Well, it's nice tah meet yah partner.” She said while extending her hoof to Raze.

Raze looked at her apprehensively and Applejack grew a bit more nervous. She'd seen what happened to the dragon and despite her courage in the face of most other dangers, she was sure that she didn't want to mess with this creature.

Raze looked at Derpy who rolled her hoof around as to say, “Get on with it.”

Reluctantly, he shook her hoof, though that gesture confused Applejack. Rainbow on the other hand was still angry at the creature in their midst and wanted to give it a piece of her mind for the mere fact that he had touched any part of one of her friends.

“Hey, Spikey Alien! Don't you tou-” Rainbow could finish the sentence as hoof was stuck her mouth.

Rainbow was surprised by the sudden intervention and even more surprised that it was Derpy doing the hoof shoving, “Please don't be mad at Razey. He only pushed you because you were being rude and getting in his face.”

“Please cool down and stop being so mean, okay Rainbow?” Derpy asked the rainbow maned pegasus.
Rainbow couldn't believe that she was defending an alien creature with weird powers and a destructive personality, 'I won't trust him, this thing has to be something Discord made!'

I can't believe that you're trusting and defending him, Derpy! We need to run the alien out of town before he destroys something else!” Rainbow argued to Derpy.

Before Derpy could manage another word, the Doctor stepped in, “Why would you want to drive him away? I know that he wanted to come up and did admittedly endanger our lives, but he still saved us and it's not like we don't do the same thing to ourselves... Besides, he's pretty good company once you get to know him a bit!”

The Doctor thought that his input would change Rainbow's attitude, but it did nothing to stop the fire of her aggression. Instead, she thought of the ways she knew best on how to solve every kind of issue. The first was hoof wrestling, second involved a competition, and the third, and most importantly, was a race.

Rainbow knew first hoof that his strength was on a whole other level than hers, so hoof wrestling was out before it ever had a chance. Rainbow thought of the competitions that she and Applejack had, then she thought about not being able to actually see some of Raze's movements. That idea was burned up in seconds.

The race sounded far more plausible than all the other ideas thus far and so she decided to go with that, 'He might be fast normally, but a Sonic Rainboom will show him not to mess with me!'

Rainbow smirked at Raze, “I know just how to solve all of this! We can race through the gorge not far from here!”

Raze raised an eyebrow, “Is that really how you want to solve this?” he asked.

Rainbow smiled, 'Gotcha!'

What? Are you scared of racing me?” Rainbow asked with all the sweetness that a cocky foal could muster.

Raze's eyes narrowed in annoyance, “No way! If you want to race then you'll have one!”

Rainbow smiled victoriously, “Well, now for the fun part! If I win this race, you’ll leave and never come back!”

Derpy gasped, “He would have to leave and never return?!”

The Doctor put his hoof to his face and sighed, “She's always being so hot headed...”

Raze scratched his head and then smiled, “What if I win? What do you have that I would want? Or what should I ask for?”

Rainbow's pupils shrunk at that, 'What if he does win? What if I lose?! Would he have me leave forever instead?'

Raze didn't hear a single comeback from the Rainbow hothead, “You know what? I do have an idea of what I want!” He boldly proclaimed to the ponies standing around them.

Rainbow was starting to panic a little, 'Oh no!'

Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash with objectiveness, “Seriously, Rainbow?! What if he asks for yer banishment?! Me and the others will miss yah and won't see yah ever again if he asks for that and wins!”

Rainbow was about ready to call off her proposed race when Raze spoke up, “I'd actually like more of those apples! They're really great!”

Derpy and the Doctor hit the ground rather comically while thinking the same thing, 'He asked for apples?!'

Applejack smiled in earnest, “Actually, Ah don't think that ah mind aliens that much anymore, especially when they can appreciate a great tasting apple!”

Rainbow Dash's mouth hit the dirt, 'Apples? He could ask for anything, but he asked for apples?!'

Rainbow then realized what Applejack had said, “Are you really thinking of defending him just because he likes your apples?! Can't you see what a threat he is?! He could attack other ponies and it would be another disaster just like Discord all over again!”

Applejack frowned, “Ah was only kidding, Sugarcube.”

Applejack turned to Raze, “Ah can agree to those terms and you will definitely have apples, if you win.”

Raze smiled, “I'll definitely make sure to win then, pardner!”

Applejack raised an eyebrow in annoyance, “Are ya making fun of mah accent?”

Raze quickly shook his head, “I don't think I've ever made fun of peo- I mean, ponies’ accents at all!”

Applejack gave him quite a stare and then nodded.

She turned to Rainbow Dash, “Rainbow, now that ya got yer challenge setup, we should get back to Ponyville. Ah need some sleep before the morning comes.”

Before Rainbow Dash could respond, lightning struck from a large cloud, followed by a thunderous boom. Rainbow remembered something that she had forgotten when they had started this spying mission of hers.

Oh, right... The weather team was told to make sure it was cloudy in time for the night so that we could have a rain storm,” Rainbow finished as a large amount of clouds seemed to begin to spread out over the sky from a central point.

Most of the moon was covered as rain began to fall. At first it was a small pitter patter on the rocks, but then it began to grow.

Raze looked around at the ponies before himself, “I could set up my ship, so we have somewhere to stay for the night.”

Rainbow Dash was repulsed by the idea, but Derpy's smile grew out of nowhere, “We could have a sleepover, play games, and all kinds of stuff!” Derpy exclaimed in a short burst.

The Doctor nodded, “That actually sounds just fine to me!”

Rainbow looked between Clockwork and Derpy, “Are you two seriahhhhhhh!” A loud booming thunder sounded and Rainbow had ended the sentence with a loud shriek.

Rainbow now had both of her front hooves above her head. She was looking around nervously while trying to pretend she hadn’t just been scared of thunder.

‘Jeez, I work with thunder and lightning, this is nothing!’ Rainbow thought while mentally slapping herself.

She looked at Raze who was waiting on an answer for an answer from her. Rainbow knew this wasn’t a winning battle for her, so she had no choice.

Applejack tilted her head, “Are ya gonna say somthin?”

That was all it took for Rainbow to cave in, “Okay, fine! We’ll play your little game, but I’m watching you!” She said while pointing her hoof at Raze.

“Fair enough. After all, I wouldn’t want my “Competition” to be tired and worn out before her big race, ” Raze said to her with a big grin on his face.

Rainbow Dash stomped her hoof into the ground in annoyance, “You won’t even make me break a sweat!”

Raze shook his head, ‘She thinks so now, but we’ll see. Oh, I guess this would be a good time to get out the old capsule case.’

He reached into his armor and quickly pulled out the handy carrying case. He looked through them quickly and picked out the right one. He took it out and walked over toward the middle of the area where he wouldn’t be near the mouth of the cave and clicked the top of the capsule. He threw it onto the ground and a large explosion sounded off as a Capsule Corp. ship appeared in all it’s glory, albeit covered in a small layer smoke.

Raze walked up to the button located on the side and pressed it which started the process of opening the main. White smoke blew out of the lock mechanism as it began to open. The hatch slowly made it’s way down to the ground where the ponies genuinely marveled at the machinery, except for Doctor Whooves.

“Well, it’s Ship Sweet Ship. Come on in!” Raze said while walking up the platform.

The Doctor and Derpy followed Raze while two other ponies seemed a bit hesitant.

Rainbow was feeling uneasy, but Applejack put a hoof on her shoulder, “Ah know that we shouldn’t be trusting strangers an such, but we both aren’t going very far and even lightning can be dangerous to you, Rainbow. So…”

Rainbow sighed, “Okay Applejack, I’ll go in for this night, but we’ll leave once the morning gets here.”

With those words, they walked up into the unfamiliar metallic ship. They found that Raze was already bringing some blankets into the main room.

“Will these do, Doctor?” Raze asked him.

“They’ll be just fine, now can I ask to look into your console?” The Doctor asked Raze who shrugged.

“Of course you can. Just don’t mess anything up,” Raze told him to which the Doctor nodded and smiled.

The Doctor proceeded to start taking off the sheet of metal on the side of the main console and dig himself into the innards of the machinery. Derpy took the sheets from Raze and began to lay them out in order to make a proper bed.

Derpy looked at her work of art and smiled, “Thanks Razey! We’ll be able to sleep just fine tonight.”

Raze frowned, “You don’t have to call me that…”

“But you like it!” Derpy exclaimed to Raze with her big sparkling eyes.

‘Ugh… Those eyes…’ Raze decided to just leave it at that because he wouldn’t win in this situation and maybe some part of him did like the pet name. Just a little.

Raze looked around to notice Rainbow Dash and Applejack hadn’t moved too much since the door had shut behind them. Rainbow was looking around with shifty eyes while Applejack just looked around.

‘I guess they’ll never warm up to me… Maybe I should do something...’ Raze scratched his chin.

Raze went to walk toward them and that’s when Rainbow shot him the harshest glare he’d probably get while staying here. Needless to say, he stepped back.

‘Or not.’ Raze turned away and walked back over to his ladder.

“I’m going to sleep myself, it’s been a pretty exhausting day, see all of you tomorrow!” With that, Raze jumped into his ladder well.

~Down the Ladder~

Once he was assured that he was alone, he breathed in heavily and let loose his frustrating thoughts that he'd been having for the past day or so. Raze walked to the end of the small hallway and stood before his room door.

Raze opened the door leading into the one room on the ship and walked inside while discarding the top half of his Yardrat armor. He sat down on the edge of his bed, taking off his boots one at a time.

As they dropped to the floor with a one thud each, he sighed while turning to a heavy duty shelf that held his memories. Medals and trophies for achievements he'd won through his acts that were considered selfless by many, but to him it meant that he got to live another day.

He looked at one object in particular, a clock attached to a long chain that he had used so many times on the front. Raze stood up and walked over to it, taking it into his right hand and opening it revealing two pictures he cherished so much.

'So, it's really true... I'm stuck somewhere so far away that I can't even find coordinates for this place.' He clenched the pocket watch closing it as he remembered his godfather's face when he took the ki bullet for him.

Even further back was the blurry images of his mother who managed to save him at an even younger time in his life. He put down the pocket watch and turned away from it.

"I'm sorry." He said aloud to nobody.

"But for now... After all the thinking I've done this day. I'll have to put off my quest for vengeance." Raze turned back to the small watch.

"Please forgive me..." He said while walking away, leaving the watch to sit out on the shelf untouched.

~To the top Floor~

Derpy found a nice spot on the sheets and took a pillow for herself. She rolled around for a little bit before settling down and beginning her descent into sleep.

The Doctor continued messing with the insides of the ship trying to find the dimensional converter that he thought existed on it. Soon he was messing with wires and such with a much greater enthusiasm than he had before.

Applejack watched Rainbow moving around the room at quick speeds whispering things about the nicknamed, Spikey and talk of evil overlords. Applejack looked away to see Derpy looking very comfortable on the pile of sheets and decided to make the best of the situation.

“Rainbow, Ah’m hittin tha hay. Let me know if you find anythin suspicious,” Applejack said while making her way toward the very luxurious looking sheets.

She grabbed a pillow and a small part of the sheet, then began to fall asleep. Soon enough, she would snore peacefully. Rainbow continued her rounds until she grew more tired of the situation at hoof.

‘I guess that I can’t investigate while being tired...’ Rainbow touched the floor of the capsule corp ship and went to join the ponies underneath the sheets.

The Doctor had messed around with the ship for a few more hours before finally succumbing to his base desire for sleep. He tucked in next to Derpy after closing up the ship’s innards and went forward into dreams of adventure.

Raze was snoring long before that time and the time passed peacefully into the next morning.

~A New Day Has Arrived~

Raze jumped up while grabbing the rail on the sides of the ladder area and curled inward to go all the way down the tunnel like opening to touch the floor beneath without a single hitch.

He then went inside the kitchen and opened his freezer to find a pack of chicken awaiting his eyes. Raze smiled and took the first pack out. He got out a pan and cut up the heat, then he put them together and began to cook.

Around 20 or so minutes later, he had made himself a meal and was promptly full in the next five minutes. At least, for now.

Raze patted his stomach, “That hit the spot!” He leaned back in his chair slightly with a content smile.

Derpy moved while in her current position and Rainbows wings moved forward to tickle her nose a bit, her muzzle scrunched up a bit at that. The feathers continued tickling her and soon a enough her eyes opened as she sneezed.

Derpy immediately took notice of her surroundings and rolled away from the pony pile. She then got to her hooves and yawned while putting her left front hoof to her mouth to stifle it. The damage had already been done anyway and it had been caused by her sneeze earlier.

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Applejack’s hoof in front of her face. She immediately let go and got up which alarmed Applejack who also get up quickly.

Applejack turned away quickly, “We ain’t speaking about this, okay?”

Rainbow nodded sheepishly and then realized her surroundings immediately. She began to look around and remembered that she was on a particularly untrustworthy alien’s ship. She immediately upped her defenses and looked around with varying degrees of wariness.

Applejack looked around and immediately noticed the bag of apples she had given the Doctor and Derpy just the other day. She immediately picked them and brought them to the waking ponies.

“Looks like there are just enough here ta have breakfast, everypony dig in!” Applejack said with a smile.

Derpy nodded and went over to the Doctor and bopped him on his nose softly, “Time to get up, Doccy.”

The Doctor rolled over while mumbling, “Don’t wanna…”

Derpy smiled, “I promise to make it worth your while later if you get up…” She trailed off while leaning down and licking his muzzle.

The Doctor opened his eyes at that, “Worth my while? Or would it be worth more to you?” The Doctor smiled and licked her muzzle back prompting Derpy to blush.

Rainbow stuck a hoof onto her tongue and mock gagged at the scene, “Can’t you two save the mushy stuff for later?”

Applejack nodded in agreement, “It’s not that we don’t support ya’ll two being together and all, but do ya’ll have to do this stuff in front of us?”

Derpy and the Doctor blushed a bit, but they didn’t for long as the smell of apples was more enticing at the moment. They both took an apple and began to munch on them just as Raze climbed up the ladder and got onto the tiles of the top floor.

Raze looked at them and noticed that his bag of apples was completely depleted of it’s red treasure. He silently bemoaned their fate, but put on a half smile despite that.

“Hey, did everyone sleep alright?” He asked them all.

Derpy smiled at Raze, “Good morning, Razey!”

The Doctor nodded, “Yes, good morning to you and it was a nice sleep, but it seemed colder as the night went on…”

Applejack gave a half smile, “Yeah, thanks for the hospitality an such.”

Rainbow Dash still had memories of the morning and grunted in response to Raze. Needless to say, he didn’t press the question with her.

Raze’s half smile became a full smile as he remembered what had happened yesterday, ‘She can be grumpy all she wants, all I have to do is win a race and I can have all the apples I want! But where are we going to race?’

Rainbow Dash tossed an eaten apple core into the bag and turned to race with a competitive flare as she also remembered her new challenge, “Just in case you were wondering, the race is going to happen in Ghastly Gorge!”

She then smirked, “But I’m sure you’ll back out because you know you’re going to lose against me.”

Raze frowned, “We’ll see about that won’t we?” He said to her mockingly.

Rainbow frowned at that, “Yeah, I’ll show you that the only thing you’re going to see is a rainbow blur pass by you all the way to the finish!”

Raze shook his head, “Fine!”

Rainbow stuck out her tongue, “Fine!”

She began to walk toward the exit until she realized something; she’d completely forgot to tell him the time for when the race would be.

She turned around quickly, “Oh and, the time for the race will be three o’clock! Don’t chicken out!”

She turned back and walked straight into a door causing her to fall backward onto her plot. She rubbed her muzzle as Raze walked up beside her and clicked a button to open the ship’s hatch.

The doors opened and a breeze blew into the room.

Raze smiled at Rainbow, “You’re welcome.”

Rainbow held her muzzle for a second and then put her hoof down. She snorted at Raze while opening her wings and speeding off. Then seconds later, she came back and looked at Applejack.

Applejack understood and then trotted out of the ship.

Raze stood in the doorway for a few moments before turning around and walking back to the last two ponies on his ship.

Derpy frowned, “That Rainbow Dash is always a bit hot headed…”

Raze shook his head, “I’m fine with that, I’ll just have to beat her at her own game.”

The Doctor nodded, “Indeed you will. Now we’ll be going as well. I’m sure that you’re curious about our world, so once we leave, I’m assuming that you will go out to see the place you will have to call home for a whil-”

Derpy jumped into the conversation, “So we were going to give you this!”

Derpy pulled out a brown bag from a place that Raze couldn’t possibly know of. She held it in front of him and seemed to be waiting for him to do something. Raze decided to reach out and take the bag from her.

The Doctor smiled, “There are about twenty bits within that bag, so it should help you out if you want something to eat later on. Also, here’s a map of Equestria.”

Raze took hold of the map. It looked like it had been made by children for children, ‘Well, at least I’ll know where Ghastly Gorge is…’

“ -nd that’s why we gave you these items, we hope you’ll put them to good use!” The Doctor said to Raze who nodded.

“I will! Thanks!” Raze said as the Doctor and Derpy gathered their things up.

“Well, we’re off! Have a good time exploring! And we’ll meet you at Ghastly Gorge!” The Doctor said as he trotted out of the ship.

Derpy smiled, “See ya, Razey!”

‘I can’t stand the name, but… Forget it, I’ve got some flying to do!’ Raze thought while looking up at the bright blue sky. ‘I wish the skies on my world were this bright...’ Raze walked out of the ship and prompted the doors to shut behind him.

The wind blew upon his gi and they rippled with while Raze shut his eyes and took a deep breath. He exhaled while walking toward the edge of the mountain.

He stopped just short of the edge and looked downward, ‘This is going to be fun!’

That’s when a low rumbling sound came from the cave. Raze turned to see Pyrus making his way out. The dragon looked into the sky and shook himself a bit before looking around his environment.

He saw the ship and turned immediately to see Raze. His eyes narrowed a bit, but he said nothing to the warrior as he opened his wings and gave them a test flap. Today he would dine on some unfortunate creature in the Everfree Forest or find something within the lake nearby.

He quickly sped up his flapping and took to the sky. Raze’s clothes and hair were blown by the amount of wind that the dragon kicked up in his ascent. Raze watched him disappear over the skyline and decided that he was ready for his own test flight.

Raze quickly dived off the side of the mountain. The wind blew at his body as a white aura covered him whole. He accelerated forward and ripped through several wild clouds.

Droplets of rain water covered his gi, but it quickly dried as he flew through the air.

“YEAH!” Raze exclaimed while blasting through the air.

Raze saw a lake and immediately crashed into it. A somewhat small splash occurred and a few ponies that happened to be in the area were wondering if a pegasus just crashed into the water.

One pony had a camera and quickly moved towards the edge of the water. Surely she’d get a good picture of whatever had crashed.

Beneath the water, Raze swam around.‘Most of the water here is so clear…’

Indeed it was, he’d never seen so many different types of fish living in one area. But then again, he’d never seen too much of anything

‘Hmmm… Well, can’t stay in one place forever!’ Raze powered up, causing the water above to start trembling a bit.

A few seconds passed for the ponies above that watched as the pebbles began to move around constantly on the shoreline. That’s when a huge upheaval of water rose from the center with a small figure blasting out of it with great force. The pony holding the camera snapped for a picture and then proceeded to be drenched in lake water along with the other ponies.

Raze flew through the sky while having his gi air dried at the same time. He looked at his watch to confirm that the time was twelve o’clock, “I should have plenty of time to do a lot more exploring! So… Where to?”

He pulled out the small map and realized something was strange about it. ‘This looks like it was drawn by a two year old kid...’

Raze saw no reason to continue trying to make it out and put it back in his pocket. He continued flying until he saw a small cottage on the edge of the woods he’d knocked Pyrus into.

‘Somebody must live there, maybe they have a map!’ Raze quickly landed near on a dirt path that led to the quaint home.

He walked up the small path with a stride as he reached the door. Raze knocked on it and waited for a few seconds before finally scratching his head in confusion.

‘Maybe nobod-’ Raze looked over at one of the front windows and saw glowing ocean blue eyes staring at him from behind the transparent glass.

She finally took notice to being stared at and quickly shut the curtains.

‘Was it somethin-’ The door was opened to a point, and he immediately caught sight of a butter yellow pegasus pony.
“Uhhh… Hello?” Raze questioned the pony below him.

She turned her head curiously, ‘Is this that thing that Rainbow Dash told me about?’

Raze stood there as the pegasus continued looking at him strangely. He didn’t say anything, but it was getting a little unnerving.

She brushed her front left hoof against the ground awkwardly, “Ummm… Are you that creature Rainbow told me about it?”

Raze scratched his head. ‘Could this be any more weird…’

“Uhh… Yeah sure… Can I get some directions? I have a map, but it’s so crudely drawn that I’d have no clue or know of any place to go…” Raze finished while taking out the atrocity that was the map.

Fluttershy looked at it and then back at him, “Oh, Well, I uhhh... Know my way around Ponyville, why don’t you come inside and tell me about yourself.”

Raze looked at the pegasus and shrugged, “I guess so…”

Fluttershy watched him walk inside and shut the door, “So, would you tell me about yourself?” She asked the bipedal alien.

Raze looked around at all the animals scattering about the area, “Well, since you asked, I’m Raze. What about you?”

She slightly smiled, “I’m Fluttershy.”

Raze shrugged, “Nice to meet you, I guess…”

Fluttershy frowned slightly, “It’s nice to meet you too! Would you like any tea?”

Raze shook his head, “I’ll pass.”

“Well, uhhh… the offer still stands.” Fluttershy said a bit quieter as Raze turned his head to her.

“Can you speak up?” Raze asked the pony that now seemed to hide behind her mane at his question.

“Ummmm… Maybe?” She asked and stated rather quietly.

This was the start of a conversation between pony and saiyan. The two chatted for few hours on end. Raze had eventually decided to get some tea and slightly enjoyed the company of Fluttershy. At least until two thirty.

Raze put down his third cup of tea as Fluttershy quietly sipped on her own drink. Suddenly, a loud banging was heard at the door. Fluttershy immediately went to go see who it was.

“Rainbow Dash?” Fluttershy said with uncertainty while trying to stand in a way that might block Raze from her view.

“Yeah! Fluttershy, you ready to see me put a beat down on an alien?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed with a cocky grin.
“Ummm… Yes?” Fluttershy said uncertainly while trying to keep being the center of attention as rainbow pushed her over to see something that caught her eye.

“HEY! What’re you doing here?!” She asked while going by Fluttershy completely.

“It’s you again!” Raze walked over to her.

Rainbow flew up into his face, “What are you doing here with Fluttershy?!”

“What are you doing getting in my face again?!” Raze yelled at the rainbow pain in his ass.

Fluttershy quickly galloped over to them, “Please stop! We don’t need to-”

Rainbow Dash huffed, “Well, it doesn’t matter anyway! I’m going to win against you and kick you out of our town!”

Raze frowned at that, “Sure… You’re totally going to win. Your so awesome. I wish I could be just like you!”

“HEY! Stop being so sarcastimigic!” Rainbow exclaim while trailing back on her words.

“It’s sarcastic or sarcasm.” Raze said with a smirk.

Rainbow flushed in embarrassment, “Hey! I knew that, shut-up!”

“Sure…” Raze trailed off while walking away from the frozen pegasus.

“Well, the tea wasn’t bad, Fluttershy. Thanks for the directions and I’ll be seeing you soon!” Raze said while leaving the house and flying off.

~Back at the Homestead~

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow Dash with disapproval, “He really isn’t that bad you know, you could stand to be a bit nicer to him.”

Rainbow Dash wilted under the gaze of Fluttershy a bit, “But he started it! He pushed me down the other day then he put Time Turner and Derpy in trouble! We saw what he did! He’s nothing but trouble!”

“Maybe it was different from their point of view! Anyway, you should get to know someone before assuming that they’re the problem!” Fluttershy while trotting out of her home.

Rainbow Dash looked down at her hooves, but looked up with resolve, ‘They’ll see what I’m talking about! Somehow...’

~With Our Main Hero~

Raze flew high above in the sky with a destination in mind, ‘Alright, with the directions I’ve been given, the gorge should be in that direction.”

He said while looking in said direction pointed out to him by Fluttershy earlier. He blasted toward the apparent raceway with thoughts of victory high in his head.

He touched down and took a small look around the landscape, ‘Wow, this sure does look ominous.’

The gorge was filled with stalagmites and gray rock towered above a flowing river. There seemed to be all kinds of creatures swimming and flying up from the ground below. He even saw a large patch of thorns pretty far up ahead.

‘I suppose we’re expected to fly through all that? Well, I’m going to have to say no to that.’ Raze thought as he heard some hoof steps coming from a path.

He turned to find a small group of ponies making their way over to him. Purple, White, Fluttershy, Rainbow Menace, Pink, and Applejack.

“Ready to be floored, Alien?!” Rainbow said with a smirk.

“Let’s see what you’ve got!” Raze exclaimed.

The purple one walked up to Raze with an intriguing look on her face, “Hello there, ermm…”

“My name is, Twilight Sparkle. What’s your name?” She asked with a little too much enthusiasm.

Raze almost started backing up, “I’m Raze and what about the rest of them?” He said while pointing at them.

The white one frowned, “It’s rude to point you know.”

Twilight looked at her friends, “This is Rarity and Pinkie Pie. I’m sure you know the rest of them already.”

Raze nodded, “Yeah, it’s kind of hard to forget names like those!” He scratched the back of his head while turning back to the soon to be race track.

Another set of hoofsteps was heard by Raze as The Doctor and Derpy joined them all. Raze immediately went over to them.

“Where have you two been all day?” Raze asked them both.

“Around Ponyville and everywhere else.” The Doctor said to him with a small smile.

Derpy nodded with shining mismatched eyes, “But now we’re here to root for you!”

Raze smiled a bit, “Thanks, though I think that I will be just fine! She really won’t win!”

Rainbow Dash frowned for yet another time that same day, “UGH! You don’t know the half of it!”

“Let’s find out then, shall we?” Raze said while moving to the starting line.

Rainbow Dash smirked, “Yeah, lets!”

Rainbow Dash and Raze finally stood next to each other. Pinkie stood next to the starting line with a flag in her maw. Twilight stood at the ready to perform her teleportation spell in order to be at the finish line.

Pinkie looked at them both and moved the flag upward. Raze and Rainbow leaned forward and the ground slightly broke as he put pressure into the rock beneath his feet.

Pinkie swung the flag downward and both of the racers disappeared while blasting straight into the gorge. Twilight activated her spell as Pinkie joined her and they were gone in a flash.

Rainbow Dash was pretty confident at this point. There was no way that some alien could possibly beat her where she was in her best form. She wove in and out of some rocky overhangs all without decreasing her speed.

‘What did I have to worry about? This is going to be so easy!’ Rainbow thought to herself as she looked ahead with overconfidence brimming out from all over her face.

But reality seemed to be a winner today as she found Raze lazily flying backwards right in front of her, “HEY!? You’re supposed to be back there!” Rainbow Dash yelled at the alien.

“Nobody said that I was supposed to stay behind you. Not like I don’t have free will.” Raze said to the now annoyed pegasus.

“A smart flank huh? Well, I’ll show you!” Rainbow Dash began to increase her flapping and was now next to the creature.

“HA! This is going to be so easy!” Rainbow exclaimed while zooming onward and leaving Raze behind.

She continued onward and found Raze flying beside her yet again, “Hey! I saw you move forward in slow motion, can you do that again?” Raze asked with a small smirk.

Rainbow Dash frowned and sped up once more, this time they were coming towards the first obstacle a series of looping rock formations. She began to weave in and out just as Raze joined her.

Flying side by side the two blasted through every single loop with reckless abandon. Raze being larger went through several of the formations causing rocks to fall into the abyss.

He continued through only to see Rainbow Dash already approaching the next obstacle. A large patch of thorns seemed to cover most of the area with little room for crazy dives or much dodging to occur. But above it was a large foundation of rock.

He saw Rainbow Dash fly into the thorns and not come up, ‘There must be a tunnel in there, btu there’s no way that I’m going through it!’

He summoned ki into his hands and fired an energy ball into the patch causing a large explosion and a large portion of the patch to burn away from the area. Rainbow Dash looked back in shock as fire spread toward her.

“WHAT THE HAY?!” She yelled in confusion while reaching the tunnel underneath the devastated thorn patch.

Raze followed through the tunnel while the thorns continued to burn. Smoke rose into the air and was quickly seen by the bystanding ponies at the finish line.


The Doctor frowned, “I wonder what could have caused that…”

Twilight shook her head, “I hope Rainbow is alright…”

Pinkie jumped up, “Dashie can handle anything!”

Fluttershy looked around, “Maybe we should stop the fire anyway, It could end up spreading up the canyon and toward all the little animals in the forest.”

Twilight nodded, “If you can get me at least one cloud Fluttershy, I can use magic to make it larger and it’ll have enough water to stop it entirely.”

“Ok, Twilight.” Fluttershy flew into the sky upon sighting a cloud.

Derpy opened her wings as well, “I’m going to go help her, Doctor. See you all in a bit!” She flapped her wings and took off in Fluttershy’s direction.

The Doctor waved to Derpy, “See you later!”

Twilight teleported toward the fiery area which left the other ponies waiting.

~Back to our Racers~

Raze caught up to Rainbow Dash as soon as they left the tunnel, “Miss me?” He questioned her to which she turned her head angrily toward him.

“Why’d you have to start a fire back there?!” Rainbow yelled at him.

“I didn’t mean to… It just happened, it’ll be fine! There’s a river not too far off. We’ll be able to get water from that when I win!” Raze said calmly to the now enraged pegasus.

“Making dangerous situations and still thinking you have any chance to win?! I’ll definitely show you up!” Rainbow Dash said as they made it toward the Quarray Eels.

Rainbow Dash began to concentrate on her last ditch effort move, ‘A Sonic Rainboom will put this guy on the loser board for sure! Just gotta focus!’

Raze began to focus his strength, ‘Time to leave her in the dust!’

“KAIOKEN TIMES 10!” He blasted forward and straight past Rainbow who had formed a cone of air around her body. Energy seemed to spread from Rainbow at that moment.

‘She has a power level?!’ Raze questioned himself as a huge oval rainbow colors blasted out from behind Rainbow Dash.

She left a rainbow contrail as she came to be beside Raze, “IT’S NOT OVER YET!” She yelled as Raze increased his Kaioken.

“KAIOKEN TIMES 25!” His red aura burst alive as he and Rainbow passed the Quarray Eels who stayed inside their holes out of fear.

Pinkie stood beside the finish line with a camera and clicked it as soon as both racers passed the finish line. The ponies were then blown backwards by the wind that followed the speedy racers.

Applejack dug her left front hoof into her hat to keep it from flying away. Rarity had grabbed a tree and Pinkie seemed to ignore the entire brunt of the force.

Rainbow Dash immediately made a u-turn in midair and and flew back to Pinkie with an anxious look upon her face, “Who won?! Who won?! WHO WON?!” She exclaimed to Pinkie.

Pinkie shrugged, “We have to wait for the picture to develop and for everypony else to get back. They had to put out that fire which was started by accident.”

Rainbow Dash frowned, “Well, he-”

“He what? We can fix the situation just fine. There’s plenty of water around here.” Raze said while jumping up and flying toward the now cloud covered area.

Rainbow Dash narrowed her eyes at the disappearing dot that was Raze, “I’m not being shown up by an alien! I’ll show him!” She flapped her wings and flew off to go help the other ponies.

Pinkie watched them disappear on the horizon with a small look of confusion on her face, “But it’s almost done! They practically have it solved!” She yelled, but they didn't turn back at that nor hear her in the first place.

~The Firefighting Ponies~

Twilight blasted the clouds with magic that forced them to grow larger and much darker quickly. The rain continued to pound down onto the fires below.

Derpy watched closely alongside Fluttershy as the fire continued to roar despite their collective efforts to stop it. That’s when Raze and Rainbow Dash showed up.

“Hey! I’m here to help!” Raze said while landing next to the ponies.

“Me too!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed while landing next to Raze.

“Well, I’m gonna go ahead and stop it!” Raze said while jumping off the cliff side.

He jumped from rock formation to the next as he finally made it to the river. The fire had made the area seem to steam up from all the heat mixing with the cold rock.

Raze blocked some of the heat with the side of his arm while jumping into the river. Rainbow Dash blasted through the smoke and started to flap her wings slightly slower in order to stay above the river.

“This is my Rainbow Tornado!” Rainbow Dash said cockily while beginning to fly in an oval.

Raze watched as she began to gather water into the middle of her flight pattern. The water began to rise up further and further until it was a small typhoon.

Raze’s eyes widened, “That’s pretty cool…”

Rainbow Dash focused on her spin and began to approach the flames, “Alright! Time to show this fire who’s boss!”

The water from the rising water spread over the flames and brought them a considerable bit, but there were far more than Rainbow could possibly handle on her own.

Raze put both of his hands out and blasted the river with his ki reinforced air. The air lifted the water higher than Rainbow’s mini typhoon and even covered the rest of the area. Along with the clouds continuing the downpour from above, the fire died away leaving charred remains of what used to be there that still slightly smoked up before disappearing altogether.

‘That went well...’ Raze thought as he flew back up to the area where all the other ponies were currently at.

Twilight walked over to him while being followed by Derpy and Fluttershy. Fluttershy gave him a small smile while another bout of flapping was heard as Rainbow Dash joined them finally.

Raze looked at her, “You’re a bit wet.” He said to Rainbow who narrowed her eyes further.

“Are you alright, Rainbow?” Fluttershy asked with concern heavy on her voice.

“I’m awesome! Besides, don’t we have a picture to go look at anyway?!” She said with with a bit of fire in her voice directed towards Raze.

“I guess we do…” Raze trailed off while looking away.

Twilight arched an eye at that, “We’ll to that, but I want to know his name before we go back.”

“Why would you want to know his name? Just call him an Alien or something… It doesn’t really matter.” Rainbow said with a flick of her tail.

“But that’s kind of rude and I need to do some analyzing of his species! The princess would probably love to hear of an unknown species living in Equestria.” Twilight said while pulling a notebook and quill out of her saddlebags.

Fluttershy looked away from Rainbow Dash for a moment, “His name is, Raze and he’s really not that bad a person.”

Derpy joined in too, “Yeah! Razey is a pretty cool guy!”

“So… Raze.” Twilight said while writing down the name.

“Can you tell me more about yourself?” Twilight asked as Raze backed up a bit.

“Uhhh… Can we do that later? I’m actually kind of curious about the picture myself.” Raze finished with a smile.

Twilight sighed, “I guess so…” She put everything up and quickly brought the ponies plus one Raze together.

She fired up her horn and teleported them all back to the finish line.

~The Finish Line~

Pinkie held the picture in her hoof while continuously looking at it because she simply couldn’t believe what she was looking at. Applejack was talking with Rarity and she was laying on a luxurious couch like item.

A pop of magical energy and an entire group of ponies with one Raze appeared in the center of the clearing. Rainbow Dash immediately went over to Pinkie.

“Let me see that!” Rainbow quickly said while failing to grab it away from Pinkie.

“Okay, but I’m showing it to everyone!” Pinkie said while turning to the others.

~End of Chapter~

Author's Note:

Finally Redone For All! Enjoy!

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