• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Chaotic Dreams (Redone Chapter)

~Raze's Journey Chapter 1~

In the West Galaxy, a ship traveled through space. The stars glistened and comets burned trails through space as they passed the ship. The ship in question had "Capsule Corp." written in huge letters on it and it had a young saiyan prince named Raze inside.

He had been sent off after a week long holiday in celebration of the coming of age for the prince. However, things hadn't gone quite as expected, and he was now searching for a killer rather than enjoying a vacation. 'Once I find him, I'll be able to finally let my Godfather rest in peace.' he thought to himself as he walked to the map screen.

He turned on a map screen of the East Galaxy and went through the motions of locating the first planet on his mind, Minosha. 'People who monitor the satellites around Absalon said that a ship had fled for the East Galaxy the same day, this planet is the closest one to the edge of that galaxy and that's where I'll head towards{.}' he thought to himself as he also looked at the description of the planet.

The description said the planet had lush forests, a large ocean, 3 suns, and one moon. It was tropical and the perfect place to go for a retired person. 'Or a murderer who just got a big pay day to do his job. I'm going to check here first!' Raze pressed few buttons on the keyboard and set the ship to auto pilot.

After he finished setting up the ship's auto pilot he heard his stomach rumble 'Woah! I need to eat something, all this planning and I forgot to eat!' He thought as he walked towards the kitchen.


Raze walked to the fridge and opened it. Once the door was opened completely, Raze was treated to sight that would make any man's mouth water. 'There's food everywhere! I may have died and gone to food heaven!'

He dug into the fridge only to find a few buttons in the back, one was titled “Muffin Button.” He looked at it strangely, 'Muffin Button? What in the world could that possibly do?'

He shrugged off the momentary lapse of thought and decided to press it. Suddenly, the oven on the other side of the room popped on. Raze looked at and then walked toward it. He looked at the oven in curiosity when it opened up and made a loud ding.

The top row came out, it held a pan of finished muffins that had steam rising from them. Raze looked at the sight, 'I don't know if this is natural, but I certainly won't question it!' He finished as he got a pair of oven mitts and got the pan out.

He brought it to the table at the other side of the kitchen, looking at the muffins as he sat down. 'I wonder what flavor they are...' He pondered as he picked one up. He looked at it closely for a few seconds, and then brought it to his mouth, proceeding to voraciously tear it apart before swallowing the treat quickly. The flavor was unique to his taste buds; and it definitely wasn't blueberry, or raspberry. He decided it wasn't important and finished eating rather quickly.
Raze walked out of the kitchen feeling a lot better than he had been before proceeding towards his bed, thinking of the amount of training he was going to put forth the next day.


Raze walked towards his bed and pulled off the covers on it. He crawled into the bed and pulled the covers over himself. 'I'll be there in the morning, then I'll investigate...' he thought as started to drift away into a world of dreams.

Raze was soon softly snoring as he fell into a deeper sleep. That's when things began to fall apart for him. Suddenly, an ethereal image of a creature appeared beside his bed 'I have waited long enough to properly introduce myself, and this shall be the perfect moment!'

The entity laughed as it snapped it's fingers and disappeared into Raze's dream world.


Raze looked around quickly as a white bipedal alien charged him from the side, smashing into him with a roundhouse kick followed by several fast punches that knocked Raze backwards.

Raze righted himself with his ki and smirked at the tyrant he had been fighting for a good five seconds.
Raze began to taunt Frieza “Oh yeah Frieza!? Is that all you got, or are you holding out on me!?”

Frieza looked at him with a grace that only true evil could give a creature “You fool, do you honestly believe I'm trying my hardest? You're just a simple monkey, and yet you think that you could have an upper hand against the mighty Emperor Frieza!? I pity you for your thoughts being so high.” finished the almighty tyrant as he charged forth once again.

Raze got into a defensive stance and began to block furious punches and kicks coming from Frieza before he finally caught him by the leg.

“What?! Let go!” Frieza yelled at Raze.

Raze smiled,“Time to get a taste of your own medicine!” He then dragged Frieza down as he smashed the Emperor into the ground once, twice, and then a third time for equal measure.

“It's time to end this!” Raze began to charge up a heavy energy attack as Frieza suddenly began to morph into another creature altogether!

Frieza's body began to melt as it stood up and then began to change colors. His body was being made of reddish orange skin and purple armor. His body grew at an exponential rate and soon he was taller than Frieza ever could have been.

Raze looked at the monstrosity before him 'It can't be!' Before Raze stood Janemba, a beast spoken of in fairy tales that harbored death for all.

The creature looked at him with a deadly glint in his eyes “Hehehehehe.... Rarrrghh!” he charged an energy blast that consisted of heavy glowing green light as it blasted towards Raze. It struck as the explosion threw green light all around the area.

As the light faded, smoke traveled through the air and a crater was seen. It was fifty miles wide and Raze was nowhere to be seen. Janemba couldn't see his enemy anymore and assumed that he had won, he laughed insanely to himself. Raze, who had barely gotten out of the way, could only stare in shock at the level of power that it must have taken to create that crater.

'There's no way I can compete with that!' Raze thought to himself.

Suddenly Janemba's laugh stopped and Raze found a hand on his shoulder. Raze turned around and found Janemba floating behind with a maniacal look of glee on his face. Raze floated away, scared for his life, as Janemba prepared to finish him.

Janemba charged up an attack and fired it at Raze, who couldn't move for some reason and then he closed his eyes.

'It's all over!' Raze thought as nothing came. Raze continued to wait for the incoming blast with his eyes closed, but it still didn't come.

Raze opened his eye's halfway and then shut them again. Then his mind processed what he had seen 'My eyes are deceiving me...' He trailed off while taking another peek to make sure his mind wasn't deteriorating, but it was still there.

Raze saw what looked to be upside down houses, dancing cows, and long legged rabbits stampeding around 'All those hits I took during combat training are finally coming back to haunt me.' Raze flew down onto the ground and looked into the sky.

Raze watched as the sky filled with pink puff that floated lazily around, “Is that?” he questioned to nothing in particular as he jumped back up into the air quickly and scooped his hands into the cloud like substance.

He put it in his mouth, 'Cotton Candy? Now I know that I'm going a little crazy.' He touched back down on to the road below as he slipped landing in a pile of soap.

Raze's eyes narrowed slightly, 'This is getting frustrating.' He felt a drop of something land on his shoulder before he looked up to see that the cotton candy clouds had amassed before more droplets hit his face.

Soon enough it began to drizzle. Rather than water, it seemed to be a strange, brown liquid of sorts. Before long, it cascaded down and caused Raze's hair to droop down as the substance soaked into it. Raze took his hand and caught some of the substance.

Raze looked at it inside his hand and then took a sip of it, “And chocolate milk rain. That's pretty appropriate. What's next? A strange creature descending down to me from who knows where?!" Raze yelled to absolutely nothing in particular.

Raze looked around and nothing happened, 'Now I'm talking and yelling to myself. Someone should put me out of my misery...' Suddenly the soap around him shape shifted and floated upward just a few feet off the ground.

Then it began to fill itself out into a horrendous looking creature. Raze had never seen anything like it, 'It didn't descend at all. More like dragged itself out of hell!' His brain chewed upon itself trying to figure out what the thing was and how best to approach it.

It had the arm of a lion, an eagle claw, a snake tail, and the head of a pony? Or was it a horse head? Raze made a mental note to ask it if it was friendly, but also readied his defenses just in case things turned sour.

"You! Who are you? What are you and where are you from?!" Raze questioned the floating thing before him.

The creature rolled his eyes before questioning “I could ask you the same. As if I didn't already know who you are, Raze.”

Raze's eyes widened and then narrowed once more, "How do you know my name?! I'm only going to give you a minute, so you better answer me!"

The creature's eyes lowered and then he smirked showing the few teeth he had, “You're too serious, have a cup of chocolate milk! It will make you feel better!” The creature snapped it's fingers and a cup of chocolate milk appeared before the confused Saiyan.

Raze looked at it and then slapped it away. The chocolate milk hit the ground and exploded. Raze looked at the small crater with a gaping mouth “The fuck was that?!” He questioned the creature who was laughing once more.

“Priceless! The look on your face when that hit the ground!” He laughed as Raze began to steam a bit.

Raze watched the creature somber down a bit in what appeared to be boredom, “There you go being serious again. What happened to being a laid back fighter? I'd say Goku had that down before. Vegeta on the other hand is what you sound like. Easy to anger as always.” The creature said while Raze frowned in growing anger.

"I'm not sure how you know them or even why they matter in this situation, but if you would go ahead and answer who you are already I would be not so easy to anger..." He trailed off as the amalgamation scratched his chin hair.

It sighed and then immediately exploded into confetti before lights rained down upon his previous location as he reformed quickly, "If you must know! I'm the Master of Disharmony! Spirit of Chaos! But you may call me by what everyone calls me! Discord!"

Raze's mood seemed to lighten just a bit, "Huh... Discord eh? Sounds like an appropriate name. So, how did you come to know those names?"

Discord brushed his goatee with his lion paw and thought up an answer to Raze's question. “Well, I was imprisoned on my world, so I have a lot of free time! I have a limited amount of powers to my possession and three of those happen to be Dimensional Ability, Chaos Control, and being able to be an ethereal creature that's able to invade dreams or the minds of others.” Discord explained to Raze, who was scratching his head.

When Raze didn't say anything, Discord continued. “I have used this ability multiple times to influence the villains of your world. Frieza was hilarious as he tried to deny the fact that Goku had far surpassed him. He was ready to give up after a certain point, but I told him to power up and show Goku what he truly was! In my mind, I knew that even if Frieza powered up to his maximum, he was no match for a Super Saiyan!” Discord said to Raze.

Raze looked baffled “But why?! Goku had chose to spare Frieza! Right?!” he remembered reading history books saying that Trunks had killed Frieza.

“It was sort of like that, but I filled Frieza's thoughts with the thought that he could win if he gave it one last attack! Goku was still too strong and ended up almost killing Frieza, but he survived and then got killed by Trunks anyway.” Discord finished his tale with a small laugh as he wiped a tear from his eye while thinking how priceless that moment was.

Raze gathered his thoughts, “So, you enjoy tormenting others for your own amusement?!”

Discord wagged his eagle talon as if it were a human index finger, “Isn't it the same with you Saiyans? After all, it's in your blood to cause suffering and disharmony just as it is my mission to do the same. I have done it with less violence than your kind, but I'm thinking about changing my approach to the situation.” Discord said as he drank chocolate milk from a cloud.

Raze shook his head as he was already out of questions at this point, but he was sure Discord would continue, so he waited for Discord to speak.

Seeing that Raze had nothing to say, Discord continued, “I especially loved the battle against Cell. Oh how amazing it was when he broke down and became insane when Gohan was just too powerful! And then, even after our brave hero Goku sacrificed himself to save the world he still came back for the final attack! He was quite the villain!” Discord said in a respectful tone of voice.

Raze knew what he was talking about, it was about Gero's greatest creation, Cell. The android had nearly destroyed the galaxy, but it was saved by the Z fighters in a last ditch effort to defeat the monster.Because he knew the story, he had no real interest in hearing it again.

Raze then demanded Discord to tell him what he wanted to know, “I don't really need to know about that. What I want to know is why you're in my dream?!”

Discord waved his eagle claw around, “Ah ah ah, don't get ahead of yourself. I have been watching you for the last three weeks and I know that you shouldn't be acting so happy after al-”

“NO! This has nothing to do with that at all, don't you dare bring that up!” Raze shouted angrily at the spirit who only chuckled in response.

“Oh, but you know that he wouldn't have died if you had stopped the assassin, but he murdered him and that's all there is to it. You're trying to avoid looking at that part of your life with distractions like training or eating and even thinking of vacation spots.” Discord finished with a very satisfied smirk.

Raze looked at him, “That's not true, I'm... I'm just trying to be happy, he wouldn't have wanted me to be sad.”

Discord shook his head, “You're looking for the killer, I know it from the look on your face.” Discord finished as Raze looked angrily at him.

“You don't know anything! I don't have to take this!” Raze yelled as he began to walk away only to slip on the soap covered path.

Discord rolled his eyes and guffawed loudly, “HA!! That's hilarious!” Discord then looked down with a serious face, “I know more than you think! I know that you've become a Super Saiyan! I know that you won't use the ability because you're scared of it! I also know that Saiyans shouldn’t be capable of that kind of emotion and that's why Super Saiyans are a rare occurrence! I think it's sad that you won't use your ability as it's meant to be!” Discord finished as he drank more chocolate milk.

Raze turned away in near anger and another emotion he couldn't process, “Whatever! I don't need to listen to you, that kind of power isn't needed and I think I was just fine before the transformation!” he declared as he turned his face back towards the spirit.

Discord then smiled a final time before saying, “Well, believe what you must, but when faced with a new situation, I think you will change your attitude and your mind.” Discord then snapped his fingers, and Raze flew up out of bed.

'It was only a dream...' he thought to himself 'Yeah, totally a dream and it's all over for now... I hope...'
That's when Raze heard the alarm sounding off, saying,“WARNING! WARNING! UNIDENTIFIED SPACE ANOMALY!”

Raze ran toward the ladder leading up to the main room. He climbed it as the ship began to shake wildly. Raze lost his grip on the latter and began to fall back. He used his energy to catch himself and then gripped the ladder again.

Raze climbed back up the latter and finally made it to the main room of the ship.

Raze ran to the main control panel, “WHAT'S GOING ON?!” he shouted at the top of his lungs as he tried to gain control of the ship.

Raze tapped down several codes that would initiate emergency boosters to escape the anomaly, but he was thrown back by a fluctuation and hit his head on the wall of the ship.

The hit knocked him out as his ship went through the anomaly and everything faded to black.

Author's Note:

Let me reiterate that this chapter has been redone for a third time and with the help of my prereader, Moldyshishkabob, it's finally done. Everything that was pointless has been gotten rid of and the grammar was cleaned up to be much better than anything I could have done on my own. I'm really glad to have had his help and with him helping me, this story will be cleaned up and polished for the rest of Fimfiction. Happy reading to all!

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