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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Rocks Can Hurt You if Nothing Else Can

Author's Note:

This chapter has to be written all over again due to the fact that I made this chapter when I was a beginner level writer. I would suggest that you not read this or any other chapters afterward as they are a mess. Chapter 1 - 3 have been rewrote and the chapters that use the same style continue with chapter 13 and onward. So don't read if you can't take heavy grammar mistakes among other things.

If you read all that and still want to continue. Then go ahead.

Raze's Journey Chapter 8

Two days have passed since Raze had fought his evil counterpart, Fhaze. Two days of pain, sweat, blood, and near death training. Fluttershy had healed up thanks to unicorn magic though they told her to stay off the leg just in case something might happen. Twilight and the rest of her friends had visited Fluttershy in attempts to help her and Fluttershy accepted most of there help with quiet yet friendly “Thank you's”

Derpy and The Doctor had disappeared mysteriously both saying something about saving worlds or some other third thing. Pyrus just slept for those days uncaring of each party. Spike was now looking forward to the fact of Raze having to stay in Ponyville. He had been so caught up in preparation he hadn't noticed the nervous pacing of Twilight whom seemed quite worried about something.

“Twilight is something wrong?” he asked her, but she didn't turn to him in fact she may not have heard him at all.

Spike decided to get more direct and so he did what any sensible young dragon would do. He charged Twilight and jumped on her back pushing her into the ground. Spike then got off her and went around to look in her face “Twilight there has to be something wrong, can you tell me?” he asked her.

Twilight finally had her attention on Spike and though his attack had surprised her, it had not hurt her in anyway, so she answered him “Nopony has heard from Raze in the past two days and he hasn't been outside according to Rainbow Dash!!” she finished in a worried tone.

Spike looked at her with his hands on his hips and asked “Why would Rainbow Dash know that he hasn't been outside in the past two days?”

Twilight responded with “Rainbow Dash volunteered to spy on him, so we could see whether he is peaceful or not” Spike looked at her with a piercing glare which made her cave in “Though now that I think about it we probably should have known by now that he isn't a threat to our well being”

Spike sighed and said “You should know you can trust him because from what I hear Raze is quite the friendly creature”

Twilight nodded and said “You're absolutely right Spike!!! Ill go get Rainbow Dash and tell her to stop spying on him!!” she turned and began to run her way out of the library.

After Twilight's clopping hooves sounds were distant Spike looked around the library and realized something “Time for some ice cream” he then laughed evilly “Muahahahahaha!!!!” as he adorned a hat, cape, and fake mustache whilst heading for the kitchen.

~Rainbow Dash in her Spy Cloud...~

Rainbow Dash looked down from her cloud which was the only cloud in the sky at the moment. She was watching a lone object on the only mountain closest to Ponyville and this object just so happened to be a space ship. She knew what was inside, but she was confused as to why he hadn't come out.

'What's he doing in there?' she asked herself she then thought 'Why haven't I gone down there and looked in on him yet?'

Rainbow pulled her head out of the only cloud in the sky and then began to do some test flaps with her wings. When she decided they were ready she began to flap them in unison and in perfect coordination and then flew beside her cloud and bucked into nonexistence. She then made her way to the space ship and looked in through a window.

~Raze's Training~

Raze's fists flew through the air punching an invisible target that nobody or pony could see. With each fist that flew sweat seemed to fly off the skin of each arm. Raze himself looked far to entranced with the target and was visibly angry looking.

In Raze's head thoughts were pouring like water out of a faucet 'I almost let them die!!! I couldn't do anything!!!! I got lucky and that's all it was....' he thought continuously. He kept going over how lucky he had gotten during the fight with Fhaze.

'If I hadn't transformed when I had than all would've been lost....' After another punch, the machines came out. Raze fired a ki wave at one of the machines which was bounced of that machine to the next one and then bounced back to Raze who canceled it with another ki wave which caused an explosion.

Raze flew away from the explosion and hit the side of the ship. He picked himself up and got back into his stance. Raze looked over at the gravity counter and it read out “460 g”. 'I am about to give out here and I'm only at 460 g?! I know I trained at a higher level before!!' his thoughts were cut off by the machines making their own energy to blast him with.

Raze knocked the blasts away and then they were caught by the machines again which then sent them back at Raze. Raze dodged one, but the other hit him sending him into the floor. He tried to get up, but he couldn't.

'I will try harder!!!' Raze then decided it was finally time to transform “RAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!” as his hair stood up. The yellow aura blasted outward seemingly covering the entire room with golden flames that fiercely burned around Raze.

His eyes were of greenish hue and his body was a wreath of power. He had learned how to transform easily and was able to do so almost immediately. 'I have to remember to only use this power for emergencies, but I may have some fun with it, after all it is something I'll have to train with....' he trailed off in his thoughts as he began to move around a lot easier thanks to his new found ability.

Raze decided to end his little bit of frolicking around as he transformed back into his normal state. Immediately he felt the changes and the gravity pressed down upon him. He began to continue his practice unaware of several presences outside his ship.

~Mane Five (No Fluttershy Due to Doctor's Note)~

Twilight Sparkle and her friends were gathered in a circle trying to figure a way to get Raze out of the ship Rainbow Dash was the first to speak “I think if we teamed up we could drag him out”

Normally Applejack would've agreed with the pegasus, but this time she couldn't “That's all well an dandy except for one thing, He's capable of bucking trees all the way to who knows where!!!”

Rainbow looked down and said “Oh yeah.... Anyone else have an idea?” she asked while looking around at the other four expectantly.

“Oooooo!!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!!!” Pinkie said whilst jumping around Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash shook her head at Pinkie “No... How about... RARITY!!!” she exclaimed to the white pony.

Rarity sighed and said “Maybe he'll come out if we give him a trip to the spa” she finished while giving a hopeful look in Rainbow's direction.

Rainbow Dash looked at her just like this (-_-) “Anyone else have a better idea?”

Applejack nodded and pulled out some apples from her satchel “What about these he can't resist em” she said to the others who then smiled and nodded.

Twilight smiled showing off her pearly whites “That's a great idea Applejack!! You can pretend to be delivering them and get him to come outside” she then pondered for a second and added “We'll hide in the cave over there and wait to see if it works”

The rest of the group and Twilight disappeared into the cave leaving Applejack behind to try her idea. Applejack began to climb up the bridge to the door which had been shut to prevent intruders from getting in. She raised her hoof and bashed it against the metal door several times.

Raze heard the clop sound of a hoof reverberating off his door. He turned off the gravity and began to walk his way to the door before finally opening it. He was greeted by Applejack whom was looking at Raze's torn clothes and sweating body 'Whoa nelly he must take physical fitness to the extreme!'

Raze sat down in a chair and looked over at her “So whats up?” he asked her.

“Oh nothin just deliverin some apples to ya and hoping you might wanna come outside?” she made the ending sound like a sort of pleading as she hoped he would get the memo.

Raze smiled at her “You have some apples!? Can I get one now?!” he asked her with a look of pure innocence.

Applejack laughed inwardly 'I got Im now!!' she then nodded and smiled “If you're willin to come outside Ill pass you one”

Raze thought for a second 'Hmmmm..... Apples and outside? Or training and being ready?' he continued to ponder which made AJ begin to perspire.

'Is he gonna say no?' she closed her eyes thinking they would have to go to plan B, but Raze interrupted her train of thought.

“I guess going outside wouldn't hurt” Raze said as he began to walk her towards the door 'Sorry Applejack, but I made a promise to myself and everypony else' he then thought 'I SAID EVERYPONY!!!??? Yep this is getting to me....'

Applejack had thought she had succeeded 'Ha and they thought it wouldn't work!!! Is there nothing apples can't do?' she continued thinking that when she heard the door slam behind her.

Applejack immediately went back and banged on the door “RAZE!!!! IT'S FER YER OWN GOOD!!!!! YOU HAVE TO COME OUTSIDE!!!!” she roared as her ranting went on deaf ears.

When Applejack realized that it would do no good she finally stopped and turned around only to find Twilight standing there.

Twilight smiled “Plan B?” she asked.

Applejack nodded “Plan B!!” she exclaimed and that's when Twilight's magic encased a good sized rock.

Twilight was thinking at the time 'Well we do anything for friendship and this is just another helping hoof in the right direction' and so Rainbow Dash with her knowledge of the ship found the door opening button on the side of it which opened the door.

Raze heard the door open, he looked in that direction and saw a piece of parchment in front of his door, so he walked over and picked it up and it read:

Dear Raze,

By the time you've read this you'll
notice that you're feeling lightheaded.
This is nor-

The letter cutoff as a rock hit his head. As everything began to get hazy Twilight and the others surrounded him.

The computer in the background noticed this and played this one part of a song it had enjoyed.

Mmmm whatcha say
Ooh that you only meant well?
Well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say
Mmmm that it´s all for the best?
of course it is
Mmmm whatcha say
Ooh that you only meant well?
Well of course you did
Mmmm whatcha say
Whatcha say (whatcha say)
wha- wha- wha- wha- what did she say?

After hearing all of this Raze passed out and everything was black.

~The Walk To Ponyville Library~

Twilight and Rarity used their magic to carry Raze's unconscious body. As they made their way to Ponyville a conversation had taken hold of everyponies interest.

“So Twilight why are we taking him to yer library?” Applejack asked her.

Twilight responded to her with “For science” Applejack being the element of honesty detected something else to her words.

Applejack narrowed her eyes a little “Are you absolutely sure that's the only reason?” she asked her.

Twilight nodded “Of course why would I lie about this?” she asked Applejack who only snorted.

'I can't believe she won't tell me... I guess we'll find out something in the future, so ill leave it fer now' Applejack thought to herself as the walk continued.

After a 10 minute walk they finally reached Ponyville and then the Library in which Raze was set down on a couch in the main living room and was healed by Twilight as a way of saying “Sorry that I hit you with a rock hope this feels better now!!”

After the healing process Twilight looked in her friends direction to find that Spike had offered them all refreshments and that two of her friends were reading books. Those two were Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy with one having a Daring Do book and the other having a facts about different animals book they were both enthralled to say the least.

Twilight then heard a grunt and she turned to find that Raze was opening his eyes “Ohhhh man, What hit my head.....”

Twilight smiled awkwardly “That was me Raze”

Raze began to laugh a little “What did you hit me with though??” he asked as he was curious of what could possibly knock him out.

Twilight couldn't help but giggle at that “A rock!!!” she said in between states of giggles.

Raze started to laugh with her until they were loud guffaws of joyous laughter and soon even the rest of the group joined in until the library shook. They managed to catch themselves finally and Raze stated.

“That was one helluva rock!!” he said while rubbing his head.

The ponies gasped and Pinkie yelled at Raze “LANGUAGE MISTER!!!!” Raze was caught off guard and fell back onto the couch.

“Well I'm done for tonight... I guess ill just go back to the ship and-” he was caught off by Rainbow Dash whom had her own rebuttal.

“I don't think so!! We just dragged you here so you're staying for this entire week at this library!!! GOT IT!!!???” she exclaimed to him the last part making sure he got the message.

Raze nodded quickly and asked “Twilight what time is it?”

Twilight looked at the clock and said “Well sense it says 9:45 we should be getting to bed soon” she then paused and added “You can sleep on this couch tonight and then tomorrow we can get you a bed”
Raze started to shake his head “No that won't be necessary-” interrupted by Rarity whom said “Dear it's always necessary to have a nice bed!!! We don't take “no” for an answer!!” she finished before turning to Twilight.

“Hey Twi ill be heading back to sweet apple acres now” Applejack said to Twilight as she opened the door and made her way back home.

In the next few minutes more byes were heard and the room emptied until Twilight, Spike, and Raze were left alone. Spike yawned and said “If you need me ill be at the basket” and he disappeared upstairs leaving Twilight and Raze.

Twilight went upstairs and got a blanket and pillow for Raze then she made her way back down to hoof them over to Raze. Raze took them off her hooves and smiled “Thanks Twilight” even his tail wagged a bit in happiness or at least that's what he assumed it was.

Twilight went up the stairs and finally hit the sack. Raze also began to fall asleep after moving around and finally deciding to sleep on his stomach because his tail got in the way in any other position.

~The land of Raze's Dream~

“Wow it feels so light in here” Raze stated as he flew through the clouds of his dream scape. He began to think about things 'So I'm at Twilight's library and ill be here for a week....' he then smiled 'Maybe it won't be that bad after all ill be able to hang out with them all including Twilight, so everything should be fine' from there on he focused on flying.

Raze was blissfully unaware that he was being followed and soon this creature would make itself appear, quite literally. A snap of to eagle claws and he interrupted Razes flight by raising his power. Raze noticed immediately and stopped in midair.

Discord laughed a little “It's been two days Raze and you haven't been to sleep” he paused for effect and added “Now that you're finally asleep I can check on you, so what were you doing within that amount of time?” he asked Raze accusingly.

Raze shrugged and said “Training” Discord clicked his fingers and appeared from behind Raze's shoulder.

Discord then asked “Was it because of Fhaze?”

Raze nodded and put on his serious face “I wanna be ready for him or anyone who would threaten Equestria!!”

Discord then guffawed for no reason and pointed behind Raze “Looks like you've got a tail!!!” he then grabbed it which made Raze feel slightly weakened 'What's going on?!' Raze thought to himself.

Discord let it go and Raze felt better instantly he then asked Discord “What did you do?”

Discord shook a talon back and forth “Ah ah ah young saiyan I shall tell you why” he then made a psychiatric room appear complete with couch, chair, and lollipop plant.

Raze looked confused about the lollipop plant, but Discord saw this and said “It's very stressful listening to your problems and sugar is a great stress reliever!!!” and with that he took the lollipop.

Discord took down the lollipop with one bite and then popped up some chocolate milk and instead of drinking it threw it behind which made it explode “Now that I'm done with my explosive tendencies let's get to your problems Raze” he then looked at the couch and looked back at Raze “Get on the couch” he said to Raze who then complied with the demand.

Discord then snapped up his clipboard, feather pin, glasses, and monkey in a cage “Now apparently during your intensive care incident where you, the fighter got poisoned and you apparently grew a tail” Discord finished with a bit of laughter behind it.

Raze nodded and was about to say something when his mouth zipped up and Discord said “No interrupting, now I shall “tail” you what your back growth means” he then pulled out a metal stand with rolled up paper and pulled one of them down revealing an in depth look at Celestia's flanks.

Raze blushed a bit “Ummmmm...... They fill up the paper???”

Discord was also blushing a bit “They're naturally sized I'm sure, at least I'd like to find out...” he trailed off as another presence was felt. Discord turned around and saw a white chest he then turned back around and at the same time put his lion paw back to make sure he was correct 'Yep soft fur, that's Celestia behind me....'

Raze turned around “Hey Celestia!!! What's going on?”

Celestia half smiled at that “I'm just checking in on my new favorite hero here” and then she added “I'm also here to check on my least favorite villain”

Discord snorted disdainfully “Well you're my least favorite princess!!!” he exclaimed to her.

Celestia got a smug smile and pointed her hoof at the picture on the slide show presentation and said “That would say otherwise” she finished with a giggle she asked Raze “What do you think of my flanks?”

Raze blushed “Errrmmmmm... They're nice I guess” he had no idea what to say in a situation like this he felt like a kid caught looking over the internet at naughty things.

Discord was actually about to ask her if he could see the real thing that is until the fake thing had been vaporized by a silently fuming Alicorn, so instead of asking he turned back to Raze “And the real lesson is to never piss off the ladies especially god tier ones!!!”

Celestia smiled once more and said to Raze “I see that you've got a tail again and my student sent me a letter telling me that she managed to get you to her library” she cleared throat and added “Let me lay some ground rules down for you” she put her hoof on his shoulder gently and paused, but what came next Raze would never have expected.

Celestia's grip with her hoof became a near crushing feeling on his shoulder “Rule 1, No distracting her from her studies unless she asks you to” she waited a second and then went on “Rule 2, Since you did dance with Twilight and you were with Discord staring at my flanks I can tell you have no problem with alien race, so unless it's consensual you WILL not touch her in any naughty way or you'll find out how SOUL crushing these hooves can be, Understand?!” Raze nodded in fear “Rule 3, I want a report from you every week on adventures you've had in our land of Equestria” Raze agreed to that while still being afraid of Rule 2, not that he had anything to worry about he had no want for ponies and that's what he'll tell himself for a long while.

Celestia smiled “Perfect!! and now Discord what were you going to tell him?” Celestia questioned Discord as she wondered what this lesson was supposed to be about.

Discord was going to say something when an alarm went off and the sound of wubs reverberated into his mind which dragged him out of his sleep rather quickly.

~The Waking World~

As soon as Raze had opened his eyes he found that indeed the walls were shaking and books were falling all around and he had no idea who was playing the beat. Raze got up and walked outside to find banners hung up everywhere saying “Welcome Raze!!” in big letters everywhere.

Next thing he knew Pinkie Pie had shown up out of nowhere like normal “Hey Pinki-” he had started when she opened her mouth “HI RAZEY!!! I put this together two days ago and everyone had agreed we had to get you down here, so I got Vinyl Scratch and everypony around here to make this go really well and the princesses are going to visit and I got inflatables, balloons, and even performers!!!” she exclaimed loudly and happily.

Raze felt that she went overboard, but he could forgive her based on the facts he knew about her so he responded with “Thanks Pinkie that was really nice of you and I will have to find a way to pay you back sometime” with that Pinkie disappeared and was replaced with Twilight tapping him on his waist.

Raze turned towards her saying “Hey Twilight having a nice morning?”

Twilight looked really different, her mane was everywhere and she looked as if she had stayed up all night as he could see bags under her eyes she responded finally “I woke up in the middle of the night and could go to sleep, so I read a lot and there's no coffee made because Spike is gone”

Raze looked skeptical “How can you not know how to make coffee?” he asked her.

Twilight shrugged “Everything I touch in a kitchen burns to the ground, so Spike is the breadwinner when it comes to cooking” she finished as she began to to walk to Sugarcube corner.

Raze would've followed her had he not been interrupted by a pony he had never met before. She looked smaller than the others and there was three rather than one. One was orange with a purple mane, another was white with a pinkish purple mane that seemed to have two different sides, and the last one was yellow with a red mane.

The first one to talk was the orange one “What are you!?” was the first thing she asked.

Before Raze could say anything Applejack interrupted them “Isn't that a might bit rude Scootaloo?” Scootaloo looked at Applejack and then at Raze before grabbing her scooter and zooming over to what appeared to be Rainbow Dash.
Applejack looked at Raze “I'm sorry about that Raze, but Scootaloo is really headstrong sometimes” she said to Raze whom shrugged.

“It's alright I've gotten used to it by now and besides it's time I met some more ponies by now and what better way to start than at this block party?” he asked her.

Applejack nodded and smiled “That's the spirit Raze and these two are Applebloom and Sweetie Bell”

Raze bent down and put his hand out which was obliged with their hooves which were both shaken “Hey Applebloom and Sweetie Bell, I'm Raze!!”

They both responded with “Nice to meet you Raze!!” they then added “Were the Cutie Mark Crusaders!! or at least were missing a member, that was Scootaloo you should meet her!!” they then went with Applejack to the apple bobbing booth leaving Raze alone.

Raze walked over to Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo “Hey Rainbow nice day huh?”

Rainbow Dash smiled “It sure is!! I had the weather team clear out all the clouds from here to the mountain!!” she finished excitedly. Though it didn't seem to matter to her normally she did have a lot of pride in the weather team being she was the captain and all.

Raze then bent down to Scootaloo's level “Hey there Scootaloo I'm Raze!!” he then held out his hand to which she smacked away 'She's feisty Ill give her that' he thought to himself as Scootaloo opened her mouth.

“I know you and Rainbow Dash raced and I also know that it was a fluke!!!” she growled angrily at him. Raze stood up and scratched his head.

“I'm sure that it wasn't a fluke Scootaloo, in fact I think she was trying, right Rainbow?” he asked her as he was genuinely curious to know her answer.

Rainbow Dash looked from Scootaloo to Raze and said “Alright the truth is I was trying as hard as I possibly could to beat Raze and it didn't work....” she took a second to let that sink in and then added with a confident look “But I'm training really hard and I definitely wanna race some other time!!!” she finished in a her highly confident manner.

Raze smiled “I'd love to race sometime again, but I think that I could help you out with your training” Rainbows ears perked up at the sound of that.

“You could help me train? How?” she asked in a nonchalant manner, though in reality she actually liked the idea.

Raze went on despite her nonchalance “YEAH!!! You could do some gravity training and become really strong then I could have a student!!!”

Rainbow was about to say something, but Raze was truly excited and ignored her while going on “OH!!! and then you could spar with me and OH!!! Having a pony fighter would be so awesome!!!” /)^ɛ^(\ his face had almost contorted in his own hands at the thought of training one of those miniature horses it just made his day.
Rainbow finally decided to get a word in edgewise “So you would train me for nothing at all?”

Raze nodded “It would have to be next week though because I'm supposed to hang out here with Twilight”

Rainbow smiled “Awesome!!! So how about Monday next week then?”

Raze agreed “Yeah Monday sounds cool!!” he said in excitement.

Rainbow then narrowed her eyes “I gotta find something to do till next week then... See ya Raze!!” and with that she flew off.

Raze watched the rainbow trail fade into the sky while thinking 'Now what could I possibly do now?' he turned back to the party 'Oh yeah....' and with he made his way to the apple bobbing area to enjoy the rest of the party.

~In the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters~

A whirring could be heard as the TARDIS came into view and out stepped the time duo looking very heroic and somewhat sweaty. The Doctor and Derpy made their way out of the castle and towards Ponyville.

Derpy was the first to talk “So did you enjoy your present on the way back Doctor?” she finished with a curious gaze in his direction.

The Doctor blushed “Errrmmm... It was an endearing experience even though you didn't give me any other choice...” he said while feeling slightly embarrassed.

Derpy then got all the way in his face “Would you come back home with me for round 2 if I made muffins?”

At that The Doctor nearly combusted on the spot “Ummm-”

Derpy laughed and said “Actually I'm really tired so, let's just go home...” and with that she walked ahead leaving a wordless Doctor in the dust.

Well the beginning to season 2 isn't exciting, but it isn't supposed to be it's just telling you what happened in the next two days. With references everywhere I'm beginning to wonder if ill ever run out of ideas. I guess we'll see.

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