• Published 14th Apr 2012
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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 1 Grand Moon Celebration Finale

Author's Note:

This chapter has to be written all over again due to the fact that I made this chapter when I was a beginner level writer. I would suggest that you not read this or any other chapters afterward as they are a mess. Chapter 1 - 3 have been rewrote and the chapters that use the same style continue with chapter 13 and onward. So don't read if you can't take heavy grammar mistakes among other things.

If you read all that and still want to continue. Then go ahead.

For the people that do manage to read this chapter, look below this sentence to see what happened after the end of the chapter you're on now.

This is the next part of the story to find out what happens to Raze after this. ------------> Journey of Saiyans (Raze Version)

Raze's Journey Chapter 11

~In the Kitchen 11:45 A.M.~

Raze had just got into the Kitchen only to be stopped by Derpy which was a horrifying ordeal as she happen to have two muffins on her at the time and she shoved one into Raze's mouth. He ended up choking a bit and ran to the sink while spitting out muffin pieces all into it. And then wiping his face off with a towel that was conveniently there at the time.

Raze breathed in and then turned to Derpy asking “What the heck was that for?!”

Derpy frowned and said “Sorry, I've just been a little on edge since the Doctor said he was going to attempt to do yardwork.” She shuddered.

“Well, just try to avoid doing that next time please?” Raze asked nicely and Derpy nodded with her own salute and that's when the Doctor came down from what he was doing in the attic.

“Well the TARDIS is fixed Derpy and now I will be extremely bored and do all kinds of menial chores” he excused himself from the kitchen and went outside leaving Raze and Derpy in the kitchen.

~Outside in Derpy's shed~

The Doctor eyed his target menacingly “I shall conquer you today lawn mower...”

The lawn mower in question was an old style push mower that had blades in a cylindrical fashion that demanded far more attention than a mower from his old home world and he really hated it.

The Doctor moved in on his target and the mower sat there silently mocking him as it knew the day would burn the back of the fool attempting to over power it.

The Doctor then lunged at it as the deadly battle began and you could hear the sounds of blades and a sonic screwdriver fighting for life itself.

~Raze leaving Derpy's Home 11:55 A.M.~

Raze waved at Derpy as he left and made his way back to the tree library. Only to be greeted by Twilight immediately while she gave him his train ticket “Here ya go Raze!! I already have everyone's train tickets now we just have to wait on the Doctor, Derpy, and Dinky to show up then we can leave!!”

Just as she said that they appeared with Dinky bouncing around them. The Doctor looked rather haphazard and Derpy looked the same as they finally made their way over to the whole group.

Then after exchanging greetings they left toward the train station and boarded the train. Now we will skip to the beginning of last chapter where there is only ten minutes left on the train ride as it approaches Canterlot with utmost haste.

He sighed and closed the window as the conductor stated over the intercom or what he assumed was an intercom “10 MINUTES TILL CANTERLOT IS REACHED!!! PREPARE FOR DISEMBARKING AND WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED RIDING THE FRIENDSHIP EXPRESS!!!!!” and with that Raze decided to leave the compartment.

~10 Minutes Later~

The entire group walked out the train station as Twilight mentioned something about visiting her brother. She left and then the rest of the group dispersed leaving Raze, Rainbow Dash, Derpy, Dinky, and the Doctor behind.

The Doctor looked around and noticed Rainbow Dash “Why are you still here?” he asked for no reason at all.

Rainbow Dash shrugged and said “Everypony i-” she was interrupted by the Doctor laughing out loud to everyone and everything at once.

“Everypony” get's me every time...”he said as he chuckled insanely.

Rainbow Dash rolled her eyes “Fine! It gets boring around the others because they're to girly sometimes and I know that if I hang out with Raze ill have a racing partner and I won't have to be bored!!! Two birds killed with one stone!!”

Derpy smiled and said “Never a dull moment with the Time Duo!!” she then lopsidedly stared at Raze she blushed remembering she had forgot him “And one Saiyan....”

The Doctor looked around “Look at all these shops there has to be a Fez here somewhere I know ill find it!!!” he then trotted off with Dinky and Derpy.

Derpy waved and said “We'll meet up at the festival!!!!”

Rainbow Dash looked around and said “Come on Raze let's find something to do”

Raze shrugged and followed Rainbow Dash determined to find something to do.

~Canterlot Garden~

Raze looked around in awe at statue after statue. Of course didn't know what they meant and Rainbow Dash wasn't explaining anything as she trotted along.

Raze noticed a maze of bushes and more notably a statue that he already knew. He walked closer to the side of it and asked “What's Discord doing here?”

Rainbow Dash answered him with “He tried to take over Equestria... Or actually he did take over Equestria, but we stopped him”

Raze raised an eyebrow at her “You mean as in all six of you stopped Discord?”

Rainbow Dash nodded while smirking “We got the Elements of Harmony together and trapped him in stone!! He never stood a chance!!!” she finished with a wide grin.

Raze thought to himself 'So he tried to take over.... Well now he seems nice enough maybe I should free him...' his started stretching his hand to the statue and charged some energy into his palm preparing to free the Draconequus when Rainbow Dash interrupted him by tackling him to the ground.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!” she roared in confusion at him as he almost had destroyed the casing of the most dangerous creature in Equestria.

“I was ummm.. uhhh..... I don't know....” Raze had felt completely delirious and drained?

Rainbow Dash got off of him, but kept a close eye on him nevertheless “You had me worried it was like you were in a trance... Did you feel like you had lost all hope? That you would never achieve anything?” she asked anxiously.

Raze shook his head “No I just felt curious and for absolutely no reason...” he paused himself and then said “Wait a second! Can I tell you something if you don't tell anyone else Rainbow?” he finished while looking at her looking for an answer.

Rainbow put a hoof to her chin and said “I guess so... I MEAN!! YES!! Whatever you have to say ill keep it a secret!! I Pinkie Promise!! Cross my heart and hope to fly stick a cupcake in my eye!!” she then did the usual motions finishing by putting her hoof on her closed eye.

“Okay Rainbow now follow me” he summoned his ki which surrounded him in a white aura and then he flew off into the maze.

Rainbow Dash looked on after him thinking 'Show off...' she then spread her wings and took off in the same direction as Raze towards the center of the maze.

Raze landed in the middle and waited for Rainbow who was there in a second. Raze turned to her and saw Discord standing behind her in spiritual form.

Discord smiled and said “Tell her to touch you and then ill explain it to her myself!!”

Raze nodded and said “Touch my pants leg or something Rainbow”

Rainbow nodded and did so then suddenly they both hit the ground apparently out cold.


Rainbow Dash opened her eye's and was surrounded by the vision of pink sunset skies, cotton candy clouds, chocolate milk rivers, popcorn fields, gumdrop bunnies, and Discord.

Immediately upon sight of Discord Rainbow put up her hoofs “COME ON!! I GOT 1 AND 2 WAITING FOR YOU!!!” she yelled in anger to which Discord yawned.

“Oh come now! Don't you remember how well that helped last time? Just give it a rest and ill explain everything! But first we have to wait on Raze and he's having quite a trip! Something about prophetic dream mumbo jumbo....” Discord rambled until he stopped to see Rainbow staring him down still with her wings flared out.

Discord then asked her a question “Do you have any favorite kinds of candy? This might take a bit...”

Rainbow Dash squinted her eye's and said “How about Apple Cider?”

“Done!!” and with that Discord snapped his fingers and produced 20 barrels of the finest Apple Cider in all of Dreamscape.

“SO AWESOME!!!” she exclaimed and squeaked at the same time as she dived to the first barrel with a huge enthusiasm.

Discord then looked at the readers and said “Cut to black!!” he then snapped his fingers causing the screen to go black and then a saw appeared through the black screen and cut a hole in it and out popped Pinkie Pie.

“HEY THAT'S MY JOB!!!!” she exclaimed as she pulled two big black curtains together while exclaiming at the top of her lungs “TRANSITION!!!” and as the curtains came together it revealed the words like this.

~A Prophetic Moment~

Raze flew through the air. Cold winds cut through any warmth that might have been. The Moon was high in the sky bigger than any moon he'd ever seen before in his life.

Then he touched down on the top of a castle. 'This is Canterlot Castle, but I thought Discord was somewhere else...' then a strong wind blew him off balance as two speeding Alicorns passed by him heading towards a forest down below.

He looked in the direction they flew and saw a huge creature of some sort attacking them. It had red eyes and was sending huge energy waves off into the distance. Luckily nothing in Canterlot had been targeted yet.

The beast threw it's massive fists around as he managed to catch Celestia off guard and knocked her towards the ground. The other Alicorn whom he hadn't met previously flew forward charging her horn full of pure energy as it was blasted out ward projecting a dark cover over the beast.

It roared in anger as his eyes were blinded and turned a darker red as the Alicorn made the beast blind. This only managed to anger the creature as it began to fire random energy balls in all directions. One struck the top of the other side of the castle and exploded upon impact. Another energy ball missed Canterlot entirely though it still made an impact that nopony or other creature would miss.

Raze decided it was time to stop standing around and flew towards the creature as he got closer the veil of darkness was letting up. He saw and ape?! 'What the heck?! A giant ape?!' he decided to not question it as he fired several ki blasts at the ape, however none of those attacks hit him in fact it's as if they never existed.

Then as he Raze thought it couldn't get any a weirder a white blur flew past him her tail streaked across the sky as rainbow 'Rainbow Dash?'

Then the world began to get brighter as Raze fell into nothingness “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”


Raze fell and he fell as he finally hit the ground. He picked himself up while thinking 'Oh god.... Feels like I went through a blender....'

Raze looked around noticed cotton candy clouds, chocolate milk lakes, and a Draconequus sitting on what appeared to be a throne. He looked around a little more and noticed barrels of something and then he felt a hoof on his pants leg. He looked down at Rainbow Dash who appeared to blushing and had a mild haze going on in her eyes.

“Ummm... Rainbow are you alright here?” Raze asked in curiosity as she then got this anger filled glance at him.

“OF COUR- hic AH'M AL hic RIGHT!!” she then said “EVERYTHING IS SO hic COLORFUL!!!!”

Raze looked in Discord's direction immediately thinking he had something to do with her condition “Discord!! What did you do?!”

Discord raised an eyebrow and said “Oh come on Raze relax grab some chocolate milk and forget about her!! She'll be fine in a few hours!!!”

“What did you let her have?” Raze asked him as Discord smiled.

“Apple Cider with a hidden ingredient... Something about lsd or some other thing....”

Rainbow Dash looked at her tail and then waved it around “Woah.... Double Rainbow...... No wait... hic Triple Rainbow..... It's like my hic tail is talking to me.....”

Raze looked from Rainbow Dash to Discord and then sighed “Come on Discord change her back...”

Discord watched as Rainbow Dash's eyes dilated even further and she said “WOW!! hic I think tha hic thing with the horns hic is attacking that donut....”

Discord finally decided that Raze was right and he snapped his fingers which cleansed Rainbow of the drug and the alcohol which cause her to shake her self off wildly “Woah!! What just happened?! Raze your finally here?! What took you?!”

“Uhhh... Nothing at all... Discord didn't you have something to say?!” Raze exclaimed as he tried to avoid his visions.

“Yes I did... Now then My Little Dashie Raze and I have known each other for quite some time and I have known him since the beginning of his life and the past of the Saiyans before him”

Rainbow Dash looked confused “You know his ancestors too?” she turned to Raze with an angry look on her face “SO YOU PLAN IS TO TAKE ME PRISONER SO THE ELEMENTS WON'T WORK HUH?!” she exclaimed in a great anger.

Raze looked confused “Why would I take you as a prisoner?!”

“Muahahahahaha!!” Discord laughed evilly “Yes we've taken you prisoner Rainbow Dash and ill be free FOREVER!!!!!”

Rainbow Dash's wings flared out as she flew to Discord's face “I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN!!!” just as she was mere inches from laying a hoof on Discord's mismatched face she felt a tug on her tail and she looked back to find Raze had grabbed her.

“Let go....” she said in mild annoyance.

“No, not until you promise not to throw your hoofs around” Raze said as he held tight to her tail.

Rainbow Dash looked back at him in anger now and said “Okay... But no funny business....” she then touched the ground and Raze let go of her tail.

“Thanks Rainbow!!” Raze said and then he turned to Discord “Now no more of that evil stuff, I can handle the explanation”

Raze then told her about when he first met Discord in the strangest dream of his known life. He then explained all the other encounters including fighting his dark side. By the end of the tale Rainbow had latched on to one of her favorite parts.

“So Discord actually has a thing for Celestia?! How funny is that?! He doesn't have a chance with her!!!!” she giggled before bursting out into a full on laugh at Discord's expense.

Discord was pretty angry right now and so in his fit of anger he snapped his talons causing cotton candy clouds to fly down and stick to Rainbow Dash.

“HEY!! STUPID COTTON CANDY!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!” she roared as she got stuck to all of it.

Raze shook his head and said “Discord really?”

“Yes Raze I enjoy hilarious bits of pranking and besides she was asking for it” Discord said as he teleported beside the struggling Rainbow Dash and picked out some cotton candy.

Raze walked over and grabbed some cotton candy too “Well I haven't had cotton candy before...”

Discord had eaten some and then smacked the cotton candy out of Raze's hand “Don't eat it... It tastes stale.....”

Rainbow Dash looked like she could burn there face by staring at them “GET.... IT...... OFF..... ME.....”

Discord snapped his talons and it was gone and the whole world changed to the scene where they had left to the dream world. Their bodies were unconscious still and the entire maze was still empty.

“It's been fun Raze and Rainbow Dash, but all this fun must come to an end. Hopefully Rainbow the next time we speak it will be in real life and ill be free once more!! Oh and Raze don't move my statue or touch it... I have a feeling my release will happen soon enough” and with that the Raze and Rain fell through the world leaving the Dreamscape.

~Waking World~

Rainbow Dash punched Raze in the face as soon as his eye's opened. Even though it left no mark or scratch to be seen it still jolted him a little “That's for letting Discord put cotton candy on me!”

Raze smiled and said “Okay I deserve it..... I'm sorry for letting Discord do that....”

Rainbow Dash smiled and said “I'm going to go and find the others...” she flared out her wings preparing to lift off before stopping and turning around “Oh and your secret's safe with me”

“Thanks Rainbow” he said before waving as he flew off towards Canterlot Castle.

'Wow.... This castle is huge.... Maybe they'll let me have a look around...' he flew off to the front gates to see if it was possible.

~Canterlot Market District~

The Doctor walked out of the hat shop wearing his prized Fez “I love a good Fez....” he muttered to himself as Derpy came out of the shop with a sombrero.

“I think the Sombrero looks cooler!!” Derpy said as she looked at the mirror placed outside the shop for no apparent reason.

The Doctor shook his head “But the Fez is just so amazing!!! How could anypfffff hahahahaha!!!” he laughed as he thought of the words “anypony” and “everypony” and it just made him lose his stoic look.

Derpy smiled and said “Anything looks good on you Doctor!!”

“Now what we need to complete this formula is the most important thing of all!! Butter!! An english muffin or anything will do!” the Doctor practically salivated at the thought of all the butter.

Derpy heard the words “English Muffin” and she whispered “Traitor....”

The Doctor then saw a cafe that interested him “Come now Derpy the butter search begins!!” he exclaimed as he drug her off to the little cafe.

~Front Castle Gates~

“Please?” Raze asked in such a pitiful childlike way that the guards had to give in and yet they remained as stoney as ever prompting more agitation from Raze.

“Can I get somepony to talk here?!” again he received no words just quiet from the two stoic guards.

That's when Twilight trotted up “Oh hey Raze and hey Steve!!”

The guard in question that Raze had been trying to get a reaction from for the past 10 minutes actually acknowledged her existence “If it isn't Twilight Sparkle!! How's life been treating you?”

Twilight smiled and said “It's been going great and I'm nearly done with my newest report to Celestia!!”

Steve smiled and chuckled “Well you can come on in!!”

Twilight trotted forward and then paused “Raze is with me also!”

Steve looked at Raze and said “Alright your lucky such an upstanding Unicorn is allowing you to be her personal guest”

Raze smiled a very fake smile and said “Yep lucky me....” he then quickly followed her through the gates to see a shining castle.

Twilight looked over to Raze and said “Welcome to Canterlot Castle!!”

Raze had seen it in his prophetic dream, but he was still in awe of it's majesty “It's pretty amazing...”

Twilight then said “I have to talk with a few ponies in private. I trust that you'll be just fine without me. Right Raze?” she finished with a questionable glance at him.

Raze nodded and said “Yeah ill be fine!! You go on and enjoy yourself!!” and with that Twilight left Raze to his own devices.

He looked around and noticed the stares he was getting, so he decided to hurry his way to the doors Twilight had just went through 'Okay here goes' he thought to himself as he opened them and walked through.

He was in the main hall leading towards the room where Celestia sat during the day. He took a peek in and saw Twilight running around helping Celestia organize her place of work 'Wow... Being a Princess must be boring as hell...' he thought to himself before quietly shutting the door and wandering towards the next hallway.

Raze looked in awe at colorful glass pane windows 'That looks like Discord in two of them....' He walked through until he came to the end of the hallway '6 windows are empty....'

Raze continued looking around while walking and then hit a solid object. He looked in front of himself only to see dark fur and what appeared to be another alicorn staring at him “Ummm... I'm sorry for waling into you” he said to the Alicorn.


Raze had both felt and sensed the sound which made his senses overload “OWWW!!!!” he exclaimed as he fell backwards and hit the ground.

The Alicorn immediately realized her mistake and began to apologize profusely “WE MEA- Ummm... I mean that I'm sorry for causing you pain”

It took several minutes for Raze to regain his senses while the Alicorn continued her apologies until he put a hand on her muzzle “It's okay just don't do that again.....” he said as she nodded.

He let go of her muzzle and she began to speak again “We... I mean I am Princess Luna or Princess of the Night, but you may refer to me as Luna”

“And I'm Raze it's nice to meet you Luna!!!” he said enthusiastically as he got a better look at her. He noticed the flowing mane and tail. He also saw the very night sky in her mane “Wow you look really different from Celestia...”

Luna didn't know how to take that, so she asked him what he meant “What does thou mean?”

“You look a bit more somber and it looks like you have a much more serious attitude about things than Celestia would have”

Luna was confused “How do you know my sister?”

Raze looked down for a second and said “I kinda rescued her from the arms of death...” he trailed off as he realized what haphazard meeting it was.

Luna was even further confused “How was she in any deadly situation? She hasn't told me of any problems as of late....”

Raze looked back up and said “Well my dark side might have tried to kill her...” he now felt embarrassed and pretty horrible about this awkward situation.

Luna arched an eyebrow and said “So you have had a dark side as well? Then I am not the only one...”

Raze was about to say something when he was interrupted by Luna who had went back to her Royal Canterlot Voice “OH MOST WONDERFUL OF DAYS!!!!!!”

Luna then dragged Raze along while telling him of her past and how she became Nightmare Moon. She even went on to the Elements transforming her back to her current self. They ended up in a room to which she locked the door behind them and then went rummaging through her dresser.

Raze stood in the same spot the whole time until she finally pulled a strange object out and then brought it over to him. It looked like a rock “This is my best friend!! His name is Skippy!!! He lived on the moon with me for 1000 years!!!! What do you think?!”

Raze looked at the rock and then back to Luna and he thought quickly 'Okay!! Okay.... Can't say anything mean or anything at all because it will offend her.... Yeah offending.... When have I done that?! Oh she's waiting for an answer!! I GOT IT!!!'

“Ummmmm.... uhhhh.... Defeating a sandwich only makes it tastier!!” Raze's eyes widened a little and he mentally slapped himself.

Luna's irises shrunk a little and she said “Ummmm... I think you should go....” and with the meeting was over and Raze was now walking away 'I'll find a way to apologize later and maybe we can restart at a later time...'

~Canterlot Gardens Time Skip to 7:30~

Many ponies sat on big blankets and some like Rarity had brought mini couches to sit on. The Grand Moon was soon to arise in five minutes or so and the crowd was eager with anticipation. Celestia's sun was making it's way down albeit quite slowly.

Twilight was the first to say something “This is going to be so amazing!!”

Applejack nodded in agreement “This is the first celebration in which Luna is the host!!”

Pinkie appeared from behind Twilight and said “YEPPERS!!! Which means that the night should last FFFFFFFFOOOOOORRRRRREEEEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR!!!”

Rarity gave Pinkie a disapproving glance and said “She isn't like that anymore Pinkie!! And that's very rude of you to insinuate that something like that would happen again!!”

Pinkie frowned and said “You're right I'm sorry....” she then turned to Raze and asked “Have you met Luna Razey?!”

Raze nodded “Yeah I met her, but I'm not really sure our first meeting went that well... I always felt like something inside of me was trying break out.... and it felt awkward to be around her....” he then looked back at the faces of the ponies he was around and noticed they were all blushing, except for Rainbow.

Rainbow slapped a hoof on his shoulder “That's Raze!! So you've got a feeling for royalty huh? I'll admit it, that's a shocker considering she's out of your league, but since you got that Super Saiyan thing you could probably look 20% cooler that way”

Raze blushed “WHAT?! No way!!! Nuh uh!! Not happening!!! I know that sounded weird the way I said it, but NO!!! That wouldn't ever happen!!!!”

Twilight let out a sigh of relief while every other pony laughed. Raze felt embarrassed as hell at the moment and that's when a voice interrupted the groups and everyone else's chatter “HELLO LOYAL SUBJECTS!!!! WE WELCOME THOU TO THE GRAND MOON CELEBRATION!!!!!!”

The crowd stomped their hooves a little, but other then that it was pretty quiet then Luna continued “WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU LET THE RISING MOON COMMENCE!!!!”

Luna activated her magic and burst from her horn glowing mighty blue hue as the stars invaded the skies and the moon rose slowly towards the center of the sky.

Raze suddenly became entranced and began to walk forwards away from the mane six. He flew into the sky ignoring anything else but the moon itself. In the background several ponies were yelling for him to come out of the air, but he wouldn't listen and he couldn't either.


Raze's body began to expand. Ponies were now paying attention to Raze as the moon finally lifted into it's position in the night sky. Raze began to grow as his eyes changed color they became a deep red.

His face also began to contort as his mouth went outward and began to turn into a snout. His canines became more pronounced and sharper as he ripped open his clothes. His body was growing hair all over and his legs grew. His arms reached outwards and his tail grew in size as it twitched around.

“ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH RRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR” as the Oozaru body reached it's complete size. The ape then fell to the ground luckily missing the ponies around him. He then began to act on sheer instinct as he punched the ground and opened it's mouth “ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!!!” and then he fired a huge ki wave which ended up a few miles away.

It hit the ground and leveled it completely in seconds. Luna had watched the whole thing happen before her very eyes as she turned around to the ape she found him lunging at her she barely dodged it as the ape fell to the ground below Canterlot.

As soon as the ape hit the ground it fired more barrages off striking in every direction leaving craters everywhere as it roared in the distance “RRRRROOOOOOOAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Celestia had been told of the apes appearance and she had flown up to join Luna “Luna we must protect our little ponies”

Luna nodded and they both flew down towards the beast. The ape sensed them and fired off ki barrages at them. They both maneuvered away from each other to avoid the blasts.

Meanwhile above the battle the Mane six had taken to evacuating the ponies from Canterlot via The Friendship Express. Rainbow had stayed behind to watch the battle and was shouting to both the ponies “DO A BARREL ROLL!!!!!”

Twilight went and got the Elements from her suitcase which she had kept for the fact that something dangerous normally happened when somewhere and it just seemed smart to be ready. As she passed by her friends she put each necklace on and put on her crown 'This is good and now we just need Rainbow Dash!!'

~Celestia and Luna's fight against the Oozaru~

Celestia flew past using tailwinds to pass the furious beast before firing off some energy balls in it's direction. Luna made it a priority to blindside him every every chance she got.

The ape however was growing wise to their attacks. Using the senses it had he through his fist where he knew Celestia would be. Catching her and then bringing her in.

The ape got a close up look of the Alicorn before she fired a magical wave into his eye's causing the ape to let her go. The Oozaru was now agitated as he blindingly fired off more ki barrages. Luna moved the wrong way and got hit directly.

“LLLLLUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNAAAAAA!!!” Celestia wailed as Luna hit the ground unmoving.

Celestia turned with rage to the beast and summoned her magical power to it's fullest. As soon as the creature felt the energy rise he found his target.

He fired a Chou Makouhou and clipped her left wing. Celestia used her right wing and magic to make a softer landing. But she now had lost focus on her energy. Both the Princesses had been knocked out of flight and one was either dead or heavily crippled at the moment.

“RRRRROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!” the ape was celebrating his victory it seemed as he opened his mouth and spewed fire into the forest. The blaze hit the trees and instantly the night glowed with a heavy orange and red mix.

~The Elements of Harmony Together~

Twilight had teleported the group down and they were now running towards the giant ape “Come on girls!!! It's time to put this ape down to size!!!”

Rainbow Dash was running in sync with Applejack. Fluttershy was running with Rarity. Pinkie was bouncing slightly ahead Rarity right next to Twilight.

At last they reached the perfect spot to make formation.

Rainbow looked up at the towering ape “Alright Raze it's time to go down a notch!!!!

The ape noticed them and blasted fire out of it's mouth in their direction only for a golden shield to keep them away from the burning flames.

Celestia had finally gotten back up from her near death ordeal and exclaimed “NOW!! USE THE ELEMENTS!!!!!”

“FORMATION!!!” Twilight exclaimed as everyone gathered around.

The Element of Magic sparked to life and the others burst to life as energy began to collect. White light expanded outwards as Twilight's eyes opened. Then an explosion of rainbow energy blasted upwards and swallowed the ape whole.

“RRRRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” the Ape roared as he was swallowed by the blast and the rainbow swirled into a tornado.

Celestia smiled “Yes they got him!!” she then flew off to find her sister.

~With Luna~

“They hath done it!!” she said as she laid on the ground. Her wings had been all but singed off and her back leg was broken, but other than that she was still alive.

Celestia looked from above and spotted her sister whose feathers were smoking from the intense blast. She flew down and immediately hugged Luna whom returned the hug with haste. Celestia let the moment last before finally letting go.

“I thought you had died...” Celestia trailed off as Luna smiled.

“Tis you who taught me the advanced shield spe-” Luna coughed and blood spattered onto the ground. She attempted to talk more, but Celestia stopped her.

“Save your strength” she looked over in the direction of the still growing rainbow and then back to Luna “I think it's all over”

~Back with the Mane Six~

Twilight and the others floated back down and finally touched the ground, but even though they were sure it should have been over by now the rainbow tornado hadn't stopped.

Applejack was the first to make a comment “Uh Twi shouldn't the rainbows have stopped by now?”

Pinkie had also noticed this “Yeah last time we used them it didn't take nearly this long!!”

Rainbow Dash also added her two bits “Yeah!! What gives Twilight?”

Twilight looked over at them “I- I'm not sure... Maybe it's because he's so big it just takes a while” she said while also being slightly confused.

“Not that the rainbow isn't colorful, but I really need to take a bath, so lets hope this finishes up soon” Rarity said in her overly dramatic voice.

~Celestia and Luna~

Celestia's face had changed from a smile to a somewhat horrified face “This isn't good...”

Luna was confused “What is wrong dear sister?”

Celestia could feel energy coursing from inside the tornado “This is far from over” she looked at Luna “IT'S FREEING ITSELF!!!”

~Twilight's Mind~

“TWILIGHT GET AWAY FROM THERE!!! RIGHT NOW!!!” Twilight suddenly jolted and turned to her friends “WE HAVE TO GO!!!!” she began to push her friends away from the rainbow tornado with her magic.

Applejack was much more confused now “What's wrong Twi?!”

Her other friends looked at her expecting an answer and she exclaimed “HE'S STILL THERE AND HE'S PREPARING TO ATTACK!!!” at that she let them all go and began to trot away.

The others followed her quickly as the rainbow tornado exploded and throwing chaotic energy all around. The Oozaru had used Super Explosive Wave to escape the treacherous rainbow power and now he had his sights on the six currently running away from him.

He fired off more barrages in their direction which they barely dodged and soon found themselves with nothing they could do.

Then a barrage hit directly where they were about to be and they soon found themselves no where to run.

Rainbow Dash flexed her wings and then she flew off into the air and began to turn at high speeds. She caught the tailwinds and then straightened her wings out and then began to climb in to the air. She then did a loop and went downwards proceeding at an extremely high velocity. A cone began to take shape around her body and she continued as her speed increased.

She was heading straight towards the beast in a downward gale “ALRIGHT GIANT APE!!! LOOK OVER HERE!!!!” as she finished saying that the cone expanded and then burst as a loud BOOM echoed outwards and caught the ape off guard as he turned toward it and fired the beam. The rainbow spread across the skies distracting the ape further.

The charged Chou Makouhou went through the royal Canterlot gardens and a statue fell over 'Yes it's finally time for chaos....' a crack had started at the side and began to chip downwards.

~Twilight and the others~

They had managed to find somewhere to hide while Rainbow Dash had distracted the beast.

“Twi why didn't the elements work?!” Applejack asked her as Twilight paced around in circles.

“I'm not sure....Wait!! I have a clue why this didn't work” Twilight took a deep breath and then explained “The ape isn't acting evil or trying to kill based on true evil intent but, it attacks on instinct!!”

“Quite right Twilight Sprinkle!!”

“Huh?” was all Twilight could say before the Doctor gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes the ape is basing it all on instinct which is why your magic had no effect as it had no interpretation of evil nor harmony!! You genius!!!” he turned around readying himself to be brilliant when instead an angry Derpy greeted him.

“YOU KISSED HER?!” The Doctor was about to defend himself when instead she lunged for the kiss. The kiss deepened and they were using tongue by now. Rarity looked like she was about to faint of happiness and Fluttershy hid behind her mane. Twilight looked like Pinkie Pie and Pinkie was going “Mmmmmm.....” in the background.

Finally Derpy pulled away leaving a trail of saliva in between there lips before it disconnected. Derpy then turned away from the Doctor who was very tipsy and said “That's how you really kiss!!” she had directed that towards Twilight, but it seemed Pinkie was the one taking notes this time.

“YEPPERS!!! I think ill have to remember that just in case....” Pinkie trailed off as she thought of her future.

Meanwhile the Doctor had come back to a conscious state of mind and then pulled out an orb “This is why were here!!!”

Twilight immediately recognized the item in the Doctor's mouth “That's that artifact Raze gave me!!”

“Yes apparently future me told me through a letter to look in your castle room and bring it to you because you would forget it!!!” the Doctor explained as he put it before her.

“Well that's great and all, but we have no idea what this thing does!!!” Twilight exclaimed to the Doctor who then pulled out the letter.

“Well it says here that you need to focus your magic and it will make one pony be able to fight whatever needs to be fought” he then put the letter down and looked at Twilight “Who do you choose?”

“Well..... Hmmmm..... We need to get Rainbow back here so we can properly decide!!”

“You rang?!” Rainbow trotted over and then sat down and then she asked “Do you have a plan Twilight?”

“Plan? Plan..... Actually... No I don't have a plan” she stopped and then turned to the rest of the Mane Six “But we need to pick a pony for the Doctor's plan to work!”

“You should choose Rainbow Dash!! She's the fastest and has experience moving in gale force winds!! She'd be my vote if it were my choice” she then pulled out a muffin and her eye's went wall eyed.

Applejack smiled and said “Yeah I think I'd be willing to trust Rainbow with our lives”

Rarity looked at Rainbow Dash and said “Just as long as this doesn't get to the dears head I would trust her with my life completely, after all she did save me once”

Pinkie only nodded and smiled.

Fluttershy looked at Rainbow and said “Ummm... If it's okay with you, I'll vote for you”

Rainbow Dash looked at them and her eyes began to water she pulled her hoof up to stop the waterworks and said “Wow girls, you really think I can do this?”

They all nodded and even Twilight agreed “Well we don't know what will happen when we hit this with all our strength... But let's hope for the best!!!”

The Doctor smiled pleased with their answer “Well we should get started then now we need the Elements to power up again!!”

All six of the elements nodded and began to focus the elemental energy once again, however this attracted the ape whom sensed an energy increase in their direction “RRROOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!” the ape made his way toward the Elements preparing to strike.

Luna and Celestia looked up at the beast. Celestia decided that this was no time for her to be sitting and got up. Luna watched her clearly confused “Sister where are thou going?”

Celestia looked to her sister and said “I'm sorry, but I have to protect them no matter what!!” she focused her magic and made a magic armor for herself. It would heal her wounds, but it was slow working.

With that she opened her wings and flapped twice before going back into the air. Celestia sped towards the ape and summoned up a large quantity of magical energy “CELESTIAL STORM!!!!!” she fired the golden magic into the sky.

The ape looked in Celestia's direction and decided to ignore the other energy and went towards her instead. Celestia grinned and said “Gotcha!!” then a blazing gold storm fell from the sky crashing down on the ape as explosions rocked the entire area.

“RAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!” the ape roared in pain as it was electrocuted from all sides. He backed up as the pain became unbearable “AARRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!”

Celestia charged up her and fired off a magical blast!! Of nothing.... It sparked out and she realized that the armor was gone as well “NO!! How did I run out of magic that fast?!”

By now the storm of golden power had let up and the beast now had intentions to crush the creature who dared attack it. The ape walked towards Celestia who had no where to go.

“I guess this is it.... I'm sorry for not being able to protect anyone....” the ape got closer and she continued “I suppose I wasn't cut out for being a leader....” she stopped flapping her wings and touched the ground. She had no possible way to keep going. Celestia the leader of Equestria had cast her last spell.

“DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP NOW CELESTIA!!!!!” the ape's fist hit the ground where Celestia had been moments ago.

A flash of white was all that was seen as the princess found herself being picked up by another pony “Rainbow Dash?! But I thought you had all left!!!!”

“I never leave my friends hangin!! I'm the Element of Loyalty and don't you forget it!!!” Rainbow Dash touched the ground and put Celestia down and then blasted off again.

This time she touched down in front of the ape.

“Okay it's time to teach you a lesson in friendship!!!” said Rainbow Dash as her aura exploded outwards in a powerful white torrent. Her aura also had sparks of bio electricity “Well?! I'm waiting!!!”

The ape had no other instinct but to attack this creature and so it did “RRRAAAAAAAARRRRGGHHHH” he fired off several barrages which she dodged easily and she flew around him into the air and then she flew forward and then Sonic Rainboomed right next to him causing the ape to lose hearing and then she flew back hitting yet another Sonic Rainboom. This time the ape lost it's balanced and hit the ground hard.

“I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I'm SUPER RAINBOW DASH!!!!!!” she then thought to herself 'I'm so awesome!!!'

~Canterlot Sculpture Gardens~

The statue chipped further and further downward as it hit the foot of Discord and then it broke “YES!!!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!!!!!” he then looked around and then teleported with a snap of his fingers.

“YEP!!! I missed doing that!!!” he then summoned a few cotton candy clouds and engorged himself on it. Then he summoned chocolate milk and drank a bit. Discord wiped his mouth and said “In Dreamscape you never get to have the real feeling after eating and I missed that so much!!!!”

Discord then heard a large smash “Hmmmm... Sounds like Raze fell over... Should I do something about it.... Or should I watch the fireworks?” Discord tapped his finger against his head and while that was happening his head changed from a ball, skull, cactus, and his sculpture head before going back to normal on the last tap.

“I guess I should help or Celly won't be the same ever again nor Equestria for that matter...” he snapped and teleported to the third highest power that was still there and ended up standing next to Super Rainbow Dash whom jumped in the air.

“WOAH!!!! DISCORD?! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” she questioned while still yelling at him.

“Slow down” he then stuck his talon into his and pushed it through the other side of his skull making sure to have cleaned them out “Oh and stop yelling while your at it”

Rainbow got her best angry look and said “Fine! What are you doing here and how did you get out?!”

“The Chaos my dear!! It's beauty has allowed my freedom once again!!!” Discord looked at the Oozaru Raze and said “I know how to stop him, but you have to distract him or it won't work and ill miss”

Rainbow Dash looked onward as the ape began to get up “I'll do it!! You better be right!!!” she then flexed out her wings before speeding into the air above the creature “GET UP YOU LAZY GORILLA!!!”

“RRRROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!” as it finally stood on it's two legs the ape began to chase her.

The Oozaru charged and fired several barrages into the air. Rainbow avoided all of them and then insulted him more “IS THAT ALL!? YOU'RE TOO SLOW!!!!!” she then sped up to at least half her speed and then stopped in midair while flapping her wings.

The ape continued charging forward and then he stopped as well. The ape began to charge for a Final Chou Makouhou. When Discord put his giant scissors to work. ~Snip~ “Roar?” His attack disappeared and his tail hit the ground. The ape then began to rapidly lose it's muscle mass and body hair. Finally it deformed back into Raze who then hit the ground completely unconscious.

Discord smiled and then used Piccolo's most metro attack “I've always wanted to say this!!! Clothes Beam!!!” he then snapped his fingers and Raze was dressed in Goku's costume “And he's got the resident hero look now!! Just perfect I could have a fangasm now!!!”

Rainbow Dash touched the ground beside Discord “Aw man that transformation wore off... When do you think he'll wake up Discord?”

“Give him a few hours or I could invigorate him.... Okay invigorate it is” he put his hand on Raze's shoulder and began to heal him. It took all of a few seconds and Raze's eyes opened.

“Huh? Where am I?” he looked around and saw Discord and Rainbow Dash “What's Discord doing here and hey Rainbow” he said as he noticed the burning forest and nearly destroyed Canterlot “What happened?” he questioned them.

Discord took the liberty to answer “Raze you destroyed nearly all of Canterlot”

“I- I did?” Raze looked at his hands “No way....”

Discord nodded and said “This isn't a lie, you did this”

Raze looked at Rainbow Dash and asked her “This can't be true!! Right?”

Rainbow looked down at her hoofs “Well you kinda did nearly destroy everything...”

“I see... Well is there any survivors?” Raze asked them.

Discord nodded “The only ponies left here are the Elements, Celestia, and Luna” he paused and then said “Speaking of them, we need to go and find them” he then snapped his fingers and teleported all of the ponies left into the castle and made himself invisible 'I trust them to keep me a secret for a while'

Celestia, Luna, and the Mane Six were very confused “How did we get here?”

Rainbow Dash and Raze looked at each other and said “Long story”

~Five days Later~

Raze had left Canterlot after making sure each pony was okay. Celestia and Luna had received medical attention and everypony else was cleared off as fine. The Doctor and Derpy were no where to be seen after the whole mess and Discord had stayed beside Raze the whole time.

“Well I packed up the ship and everything else” Raze said to Discord.

“Are you absolutely sure you want to do this Raze? Nobody or pony is telling you to do this” Discord said as he tried to be a voice of reason in this situation.

“I'm a danger to them! And I refuse to attract that kind of attention... I also refuse to be used as an engine of destruction and I don't want to become the monster” Raze said to Discord.

Discord looked at him and said “Well I do know of a place in the desert where nopony will look for you! Shall I take you there?”

Raze nodded and smiled “Let's go....” he then flew off following Discord. He promised to not return until something happened. Until he began a new life 'I need to get away from the blood and wash away my past, but how?' Eventually he would figure this out.

~Canterlot Castle Clean Up~

Twilight galloped towards Celestia's room. She opened the doors with her magic and then continued galloping until she reached Celestia “CELESTIA!! I found this in Raze's room!!!” she levitated a letter to Celestia whom then opened it.

I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused.
I know it doesn't mean much, but I'm
leaving. I know that I'm a hazard and that
I attract trouble. There is no denying it.
I nearly killed Celestia and Luna and then
nearly destroyed all of Canterlot. So yes, I'm
sorry and may we meet again someday. By
the time you have finished reading this
ill be gone.



Celestia closed her eye's and rolled up the letter and levitated it back to Twilight “I think it's for the best Twilight. He has to sort out some things and maybe he'll return as a better person for it”

Twilight shook her head and said “Surely you don't mean that Princess?!” she then began to gallop for the door “I'LL FIND HIM MYSELF!!!” the doors shut before her and she tried hitting it with her hoofs, but nothing could get through.

Twilight turned back to Celestia “Why are you not trying to look for him?”

Celestia looked at her with a stern glare and said “Because it's not up to us what he chooses! He's a living being and has the option to do what he wishes when he wishes!!” she then lost her rigor and said “I wish him well and you should only tell your friends, but do not influence them to help find Raze!! He will come back someday and when he does we'll be here waiting for him”

Twilight sniffed a little “I- I understand Princess...”

“Good now I expect you to be here for dinner” Celestia said with a loving smile.

“Of course Princess....” Twilight said as she clopped out of the main room.

~In the Glass Hall~

“Well girls it looks like Raze has left...” Twilight said to her friends as they all collectively gasped.

Rainbow was the first to ask a question “Will we ever see him again?”

Twilight looked down at her hoofs “I don't know Rainbow... I just don't know....”

~End of Chapter 12~

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