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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 3 Eat Your Greens

Season 4 Eat Your Greens

Chapter 26

“How did I get roped into this?” Octavia asked Raze who stood quietly beside her.

“To be honest, I don’t think I even expected this to happen…” Raze said while looking upon many battleships poised to launch doomsday upon the entirety of the planet.

Each ship held a hefty cannon on the front with many more down the sides. Metallic and shiny they were to any that looked up. Surely the town should be in a panic at this point. Yet it was strangely silent all below.

A smaller ship jettisoned out of the larger ships above landing before them spreading all sorts of dust particles. After properly landing the object in question it opened up.

“And is that?” Octavia questioned without knowing.

“Green?” Raze finished as several claws reached out of the ship gripping the sides of the doors.

A green head popped out with menacing pink eyes to match, “So very sorry sir and madam. Do you by any chance have an idea where the nearest topsoil is?” He took off his monocle that covered one half of his eyes (He has three).

Raze nodded slowly, “You see that store over there? There’s plenty of topsoil over there. It’s even got decent pricing. I’ll bet you don’t even have to waste your time syphoning it. Do you have gold? That’s always good currency here!”

“Hmmm… UNACCEPTABLE! We shall now duel for this planet’s topsoil!” He put his monocle on in a threatening way.

Suddenly, without much warning. (The monocle didn’t give it away.) Saibamen began raining down from the ships. Soon, the entire area was covered in green as if the draw distance couldn’t get much further than that.

Raze and Octavia took battle stances in the middle of the horde. Things did not look well for them as the largest Saibaman made them press the attack. The first crack was heard from Octavia’s side as she hammered a hoof into his body.

Raze fired off a ki blast causing many more to scatter avoiding the blast giving Raze the time to move forward and knock the fleeing Saibamen out of the way. But Raze wouldn’t get much further as the largest of the saibamen charged him.

Octavia jumped up and out landing on her hind legs as several Saibamen surrounded her. She smirked she hopped onto her front hooves while turning her body into a propeller of pain. Her back legs spinning in a circle three hundred and sixty degrees with terrifying results.

Some Saibamen lost body parts in her deadly attack while some merely dropped hard onto the unforgiving metallic ship. She jumped back onto her hind legs while moving forward bashing and smashing anything that got close to her.

Raze smirked thinking how easy a victory this would be as he punched the largest of them. He waited a second after making contact. His smile quickly formed into a frown as he moved backward quickly.

The saibaman stood still as could be, “Very troubling if I do say so myself. Is that all you have?”

Raze frowned, ‘This is worse than that dream where I got killed by a cape wearing bald -!’’ His inner thoughts cut off as an alien fist bashed him into the head causing him to go reeling backwards.

A kick crashed into his side causing Raze to be flung to the side of the ship. Trying to catch himself after the attacks, Raze found it nearly impossible. He fell off the ship only to stop in midair.

“Okay! That’s it!” His body buffed up as the a familiar yellow aura covered his body whilst his hair defied gravity.

The Ultimate Saibaman frowned as Raze floated upward, “Heh… Let’s try that again!” He flew forward as suddenly as he stopped. Time seemed to have frozen and large cracks appeared to be forming in different areas around them.

The entire area appeared to just be a grassy field behind a large house. Raze, Discord, and Octavia stood at different sides of the green field with looks of disbelief.

“Oh, that’s too bad. Couldn’t hold this thing up for that long…” Discord sighed despondently.

Raze let go of his form and fell backwards laying sprawled out on the ground that still managed to be soft and springy underneath him, “Can’t be helped. I think you may have added too many characters.” Raze said as Octavia trotted over to them both.

Octavia sat on her haunches, “Well, I believe that was interesting while it lasted.”

Discord looked at her, “You know what, Raze? I never asked, but now seems like a good time. When did she start living here?”

Raze smiled awkwardly as a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead, “Since she did.”

“He destroyed most of my home in the fight against, Mythic. You can piece together what happened after all that mess was sorted out.” Octavia finished while edging her eyes at Raze.

He frowned and threw his hands up shaking them while a large sweatdrop appeared on his face, “I thought we already were okay about it after I apologized so much!”

Discord smirked, “That’s rich! And here I thought it was because he asked you ouch!”

Octavia removed her hoof from his side and allowed him to kneel in pain.

“What was he about to say?” Raze questioned her as she rolled her eyes at Discord.

She turned back to him with a slight tinge of pink on her muzzle, “He was just saying that I was going to ask you about living arrangements.”

“Sure I was going to ask that…” Discord muttered while Octavia frowned at him.

“I’m pretty sure he wasn-” Raze tried to finish, but Octavia.interrupted him anyway.

“He did. Now I’ll be taking a shower if you two don’t mind.” Octavia said in a huff while heading toward the lavish home.

Raze frowned as he watched her open and then shut the door behind her, “Is she mad at us?” He asked Discord to which he got a shrug as an answer.

“I wouldn’t have much of a clue, Raze. Just be careful like Scorpan is when he listens in on conversations.” Discord finished as Raze adopted a confused face.

“What about Scorpan?” Raze asked as Discord snapped his fingers and revealed Scorpan to be five feet away from the both of them.

“That’s some very amateurish invisibility magic, Scorpan. You should probably stick to combat magic next time.” Discord said to him while Scorpan’s eyes widened.

“Was it really that obvious?” Scorpan asked him.

Discord nodded while Raze shook his head. Scorpan looked away, “Well, at least I managed to pull the wool over one of you.”

“What are you doing here anyway? Didn’t I tell you we’d fight some other time?” Raze asked him to which he nodded.

“You did, but I was just wanting to know how long it would be before our fight.” Scorpan said anxiously.

“I’ll be able to fight soon enough, but right now we’re all getting settled into this new place.” Raze said as Discord had a lightbulb turn on over his head.

Raze and Scorpan looked at it in confusion as Discord looked to Scorpan, “So, you’re anxious for a fight, right?”

Scorpan nodded, “It would be most beneficial. I’ve yet to use my full strength in combat and need to test what I’m capable of.”

“Perfect… Because right now in the twin’s world they’re having a tournament.” Discord said as Raze smiled.

“Oh, yeah! I remember seeing flyers about that! There were strong fighters coming from all over for it! That’d be perfect for you Scorpan!” Raze exclaimed with excitement in his eyes.

Discord then appeared next to Scorpan, “And you’d be able to go toe to toe with Raze’s niece and nephew. How is that for excitement?!”

Scorpan looked to Raze, “Are they strong?”

“They should be more than strong enough to give some sort of challenge, but just don’t go too far with it. Okay?” He asked Scorpan.

“I’ll try not to.” He assured Raze.

Raze nodded to Discord, “Well, you heard him. Go ahead and get the, Doctor!”

“Wait! Me?! What about you?!” Discord w
questioned Raze who ran to the backdoor of the home.

“Simple! You can teleport!” Raze exclaimed while closing the door behind him leaving Scorpan and Discord sitting by themselves.

“I’ve got your back covered, Scorpan…” Discord said while snapping his fingers and leaving Scorpan completely alone

~Derpy’s Homestead~

The Doctor was taking a nice shower when Discord poofed into existence before him with his own scrub brush handy, “I’ve also got your back too, Doc!”

“Why are you here!?” He exclaimed as the chapter ended.

End of Chapter

Author's Note:

I've decided that chapters can be as long as 1400 words to as long as I'd like them to be. So, that's how I'll do them from now on.

Besides that...

Writers block is gone now. So, expect updates sometimes. Thanks for all the upvotes and have a nice chapter for your waiting.

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