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Raze's Journey - Roarin Thunder

A Saiyan is thrown into the world of Equestria. Watch as he grows in this new adventure.

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Season 3 Fight for the Sun

~Chapter 27 Fight for the Sun~

Two weeks have passed since the reconstruction had begun on the castle. Raze has just been dismissed to do what he likes as the finishing touches are being made. He has no idea what to do.

‘I have no idea what to do…’ Raze’s thoughts wandered around the lavish living room he now sat in.

‘Why am I even here?’ He questioned himself as Discord popped into the room.

“I’m back! How has your day been, Raze?” Discord questioned him as Raze edged off to the side of the couch he was sitting on.

“Just kind of bored, Discord… I haven’t heard from the Doctor, Derpy, or Scorpan. I’m beginning to wonder if they’re ever coming back.” Raze sighed despondently.

“You can’t just sit here and expect to be entertained.” Discord said while snapping up some chocolate milk for himself.

“Aww! Come on! How do you get through a day, Discord? I know you’ve had to be bored at some point.” Raze finished pointedly while turning over on the couch.

Discord sipped silently before setting down his glass, “That’s simple, Raze. I can just make anything I want happen, but you can’t do that.” He paused before looking at Raze once more, “I mean, it’s not as simple as looking at the door and expecting a fight to come to you.”

Then a loud knocking sound was heard as he finished his statement. He looked at Raze.

“That’s a coincidence, Raze.” He said as.Raze jumped up and walked to the door.

“Coincidence or not, I’m taking it.” Raze confidently said whilst opening the door.

“I certainly didn’t expect this…” Discord said to himself while staring at Celestia.

“I do hope that I’m not interrupting anything.” She said to Raze who smiled.

“You didn’t interrupt anything. Me and Discord were just discussing how we pass time. I’d been wondering about Scorpan since he wants to fight me and everything.” Raze said while looking to the side as Celestia herself smiled.

“I’d heard how Scorpan wanted to fight you and that seems interesting because now I’d like to give that a shot myself.” She finished with a wide eyed excited look adorning her face.

Raze looked at her and then back to Discord. Then at Celestia and back to Discord again.

“What did you do to her, Discord?” Raze asked him pointedly.

“Don’t point at me like that. I’m just as surprised as you!” Discord exclaimed while Celestia frowned.

“So, is that a no?” She asked as Raze turned to Discord.

“Is it a no?” He asked him.

Discord shrugged, “Maybe she suffered brain trauma in the fight with, Mythic.”

“I didn’t suffer brain trauma.” She said as Raze looked between them both with his own wide eyes.

“Do you have a fever then?” Discord questioned her while teleporting over and checking it with a magically conjured thermometer.

“Discord, I’m not sick.” She said as he took the thermometer out of her mouth.

“I don’t know… It says your pretty hot on here.” Discord said while Celestia frowned.

“Normally I wouldn’t mind you flirting, but you honestly think I wouldn’t stand a chance?” She asked him seriously as Discord poofed his items away.

“I’m not saying that you couldn’t it’s just that he is really strong.” Discord trailed off as Celestia’s wings flared out.

“Well, you won’t fight me seriously in a magic duel, so I figured that I would ask him instead.” Celestia said as Raze finally spoke up.

“Uhhh… I just want to say that I wouldn’t mind going against you.” Raze finished as Celestia’s wings lowered.

“That’s perfect, Raze. Now then…” She turned to Discord, “Can you make us a field strong enough to handle our fight?” She finished as he scratched his arm on the side.

“I can, but are you absolutely sure that today would be good and are are you vying to fight here?” He asked her as she smiled.

“Yes, here would be perfect. I know you can easily warp dimensions, so why not make a battlefield in his backyard?” She asked as Discord frowned.

“You were here a few weeks back weren’t you?” He asked her.

Celestia opened her muzzle in false shock, “Would you really accuse me of doing such things?”

Discord smirked, “Maybe not… But if you were here, you’d let me know, right?”

Celestia smiled once more, “Yes, I would let you know. So, I wasn’t actually around here, but I did talk with Octavia about it. She seems to be having quite a good time with you both.” She said to them as Discord seemed a little giddy at that.

“I knew she enjoyed hanging with us! Actually seems like they’re a lot of people that like watching our antics!” Discord exclaimed while looking toward a wall.

“People?” Celestia questioned as Raze frowned.

“Who are you talking to, Discord?” Raze asked as Discord smiled.

“Nobody in particular, so don’t worry about it.” He finished with a wink toward the people.

“Alright then… So, let’s get this going. I won’t lie, I think this is going to be really fun!” Raze finished with excitement showing all too easily.

“I can’t wait much longer myself.” She said while to Discord, “If you would. Please get a start on that, Discord.” She asked him nicely enough.

“If you insist…” He trailed off while snapping to the backyard.

~In the Backyard~

Discord looked around the nicely sized area and then put his hands together before cracking his knuckles, “Let’s get battle centric!” He snapped his fingers as large force field spread out around the area. Then he began snapping away.

A large arena in the middle, guest seating, banners, and one side filled with miniature versions of himself. They each wore a hat with mini Celestia and Raze pins on them. He snapped a few fountains on the walkway toward the circular fighting ring. Then he wiped sweat off his forehead.

“That was relatively fun, but now we need more than just me as an audience…” He trailed off as Raze and Celestia had found their way outside.

He turned to them with a smirk, “I’ll be back very soon! Don’t get too bored!” He snapped out of sight leaving Raze and Celestia alone with the audience.

“Wow, he really did pretty good with this setup!” Raze said while going to the hot dog stand next to the walkway to the arena.

Celestia followed him as he ordered his frankfurter. Raze frowned as he sniffed the thing, “What’s this supposed to be?”

The Discord at the stand shrugged, “You want pork and other byproducts?” Raze nodded expectantly.

“Then find a portal to your world or go hunting. This vendor is pony friendly!” With that, he harrumphed.

“Saiyans these days…” He trailed off in annoyance.

Raze walked over to Celestia and passed her the thing he refused to eat, “Thank you, Raze! This may not be cake, but I do love tofu occasionally. Also, please ignore the cake part…” She trailed off while taking a small bite of the tofu dog.


“And they’re not back yet…” Discord snapped his fingers only to appear in a symphony next. He found his target to be currently on stage. He turned invisible and made his way quietly towards the back left hand side of that stage.

Octavia stood on her hind legs playing some sort of symphony. Discord couldn’t guess what the sound was, but he didn’t really care for it.

“Pssst! Octavia, behind you.” Discord whispered to her as Octavia frowned.

“Seriously. I’m right here and invisible.” Discord said a little louder as she her frown deepened slightly.

“Not now, Discord. I’m not able to talk.” She whispered while making sure to keep up with the large ensemble.

“You can’t speak, huh? Well, let me fix that.” He snapped his fingers.

~Backyard of Raze’s Place~

The entire row of cheering Discords disappeared in a flash leaving Raze and Celestia entirely confused.

“He’s doing something weird I bet…” Raze trailed off as Celestia finished her tofu dog.

“He always does and I’m sure it’ll be funny. Shame I can’t be there to see it.” She said while sitting on her haunches.

“It wasn’t funny and you didn’t miss anything.” Discord said while Octavia walked out of a door he held open.

“What’s going on here. Why are you here, Celestia and is that an arena?” Octavia questioned them both to which Raze answered.

“Me and Celestia are going to fight. I guess Discord just happened to need an audience for it is all.” Raze finished while cracking his knuckles.

“And you? Fighting Raze? Why?” She asked her dutiful leader who just shrugged herself.

“I want to say that there isn’t a reason at all, but that would be a lie.” She cleared her throat and continued, “The truth is that the power I had when I came back is still not under my control. Therefore, I’m trying to bring it back out.” She finished as Octavia nodded.

“I see. Raze don’t do anything to crazy.” She requested him as Celestia sighed.

“You too? Do any of my little ponies think I can handle myself in combat?”,She asked Octavia who looked away then back to her with frown.

“I’m not sure what to say…” She trailed off as Celestia’s eyes widened.

“You can be honest with me!” She said desperately while walking closer to her, “I’m not weak am I?!” She asked her to which Octavia’s ears twitched.

“Ummmm… No?” Octavia answered as Celestia retracted her head.

“I see. You question it too. Okay, let’s go Raze!” Celestia exclaimed while her horn glowed brilliantly.

“Shouldn’t we be in the are-” He and Celestia had disappeared and reappeared in the middle of the square stage.

“That’s convenient.” Raze said while turning to her, “So, you’re ready now?” He cracked his knuckles.

Celestia stomped her hoof to the ground in a rare showing of impatience, “I have to regain that power. You have to bring it out of me. I’ll do just about anything to get it.” She looked at him with increased vigor, “I need to fight you at full strength.”

Octavia gasped at the usually gentle leader’s determination showing itself. Discord narrowed his eyes.

‘That fire burns brighter than it has ever been.’ Discord thought to himself before shaking his head, ‘And that thought was far too serious for someone like me… Let’s go with something else.’

“Hoof his ass!” Discord shouted as everyone looked at him with flushed cheeks. (Except Raze.)

“WHAT?!” Octavia shouted as Discord frowned.

“WAIT! That sounded better in my head!” Discord said as Raze charged toward Celestia.

Throwing his first punch toward her head as Celestia quickly disappeared in a flash of light. Raze stopped with a skid before changing his direction only to find a ball of light smashing the ground before him.

The resulting clash brought chunks of the fighting stage into the air with dust mixed in creating a small smokescreen. Raze began to try sensing her location, but forgot that she wasn’t based in ki.

Celestia appeared behind Raze and hit him with an intense round of lightning. Raze tried to back off, but found his body to be seemingly paralyzed.

Celestia began charging her magic at an alarming rate, “I know just how strong you are and that you’re not trying. I can’t reclaim that power if you don’t help me!” Her horns light cut through the smokescreen as wind began to kick up from her wings.

Raze tried to move, but his body resisted. He became surrounded in a white aura as he roared, “HAAAAAAA!” His legs twitched as he began to finally move them right as Celestia fired a powerful blast right at him.

Raze moved to catch the attack much to Celestia’s surprise. It pushed him back slightly as he finally moved the energy to the side and threw it into the air.

His hands had smoke coming off them and looked to be singed. He blew on them as Celestia fired up her horn once again.

“Not bad, Celestia! And yeah, I’m not trying until I know that you’re giving it your all too!” Raze smirked at her while her horn began to glow like the sun itself.

He pushed his white aura outward as he placed his hands together in front of himself. A red sphere of energy spread out in his hands as sparks flew out. He then moved his hands to the right side of his head while cupping the energy inside them.

Discord seemed to be losing his marbles over this display, “That can’t be!”

Octavia looked at Discord whilst her whipped to the side from the amount of wind being kicked up from their display, “What’s going on, Discord.”

“It’s one of Raze’s own techniques! He hasn’t used it yet on anyone!” Discord exclaimed as Raze threw his hands forward.

“FLASH WAVE!” He yelled as a powerful red wave of energy flew out of his palms toward Celestia who returned it with her own power.

Her horn pulsing with energy she turned it downward toward Raze’s energy firing in turn. The energy from her horn clashed with the Flash Wave sending shockwaves around the area.

Octavia stomped her hooves into the ground for leverage while Discord sat in midair with the widest grin on his face. Even as the arena cracked in the center and pieces of it floated upward the powerful clash continued.

Celestia found herself being pushed back by Raze who began walking forward bit by bit. The edge close behind her she decided to drop the beam firing from her horn and flew high into the air flapping until she got over Raze’s head.

The Flash Wave collided with the side of Discord’s barrier and resulted in a powerful explosion. Raze had no time to move as Celestia hit him with a powerful blast causing him to be flung backward.

She popped of existence and appeared behind where she kicked him with her hind legs sending Raze flying back to where Celestia had previously been at.

Octavia gaped at her Princess, ‘Where did she get this fighting sense?’

Discord frowned, ‘Yet she still hasn’t got it yet.’

Raze picked himself and started doing some.stretching. Twisting his arms around and moving his legs a bit before finally cracking his neck.

He turned to Celestia with a smirk upon his face, “Seems we’re on the right path to getting that power back.”

Celestia smiled herself, “Yes, but I still have need of your time.” She began to scrape her hoof on the arena much like a bull, “Should I start round two?”

“Be my guest.” Raze said while assuming a fighting pose.

Celestia smirked for the first time in a long while and lowered her head. Raze watched this as she scraped her hoof once more before that same hoof smashed the arena as she flew at himself.

Raze sent his flying forward only for him to hit air as she appeared beside him with both her hind hooves ready to smash into him. However Raze anticipated this and grabbed both of them. He then held on and started to swing he and himself in a large circle before finally throwing her.

Celestia stopped herself in midair with magic and changed her direction to be flying back toward Raze with a flurry of kicks. Raze blocked many of her melee moves as he found himself being made to move backward by her assault.

Raze finally jumped out of the way of her attacks only for her to let go of her magic and land upon her hooves. She lifted off with a powerful sweep of her wings.

“Do you think I’ll let you go that easy, Raze?!” She questioned the saiyan as he charged up an energy sphere in his right hand.

“I wasn’t counting on you to!” Raze then sent the energy flying at her only for her to dodge it in midair.

She bashed Raze in the side causing him to be blasted backwards, “You should watch out!” Raze yelled as he moved two of his fingers up.

Celestia turned only to find the energy sphere was already upon her. The explosion would of been heard for at least a mile if not for Discord’s barrier.

The sky enveloped in smoke which parted as Celestia cascaded to the ground. Smashing tiles upon impact. Raze looked at her while she remained unmoving.

‘Guess I’ll finish her now.’ Raze thought as he prepared to blow her off the arena with a harmless blast of air.

‘I’m not letting her out of this.’ Another thought sprang forth as Raze felt his limbs being forced to the front and spread apart.

‘Huh?’ Raze thought as the other voice spoke up again.

“Really Raze? She asked for your strength and you’d rather knock her out painlessly?!’ Raze’s eyes widened.

‘Fhaze?! What are you?!’ Raze mental faculties took hold as he felt energy surging in the air between his palms.

‘You act surprised?! I said that I would come around! Now lets send her off with a bang!’ Fhaze shouted as a sphere of red energy manifested itself in between Raze’s hands.

Raze felt the words coming before he could stop himself, “Flash…” His arms raised to above his head with the tightly compressed energy trying to find its way out.

Discord frowned, “This isn’t good…” He looked to Celestia, “You have to get up! I’m not sure what’s going through Raze’s head, but that’s too much energy!” He exclaimed while getting no response from her.

Octavia’s eyes widened, “Discord! What’s happening?!”

“CANNON!” He roared while throwing the red sphere down at his fallen foe. The attack travelled with great velocity toward as the wind picked up intensely.

Celestia’s eyes opened finally as she stood up and fired up her horn. The attack stopped in midair and began to grow larger.

‘I’m not done…’ She thought to herself while the energy pushed her back, ‘I can’t stop it, but I need to.’ The energy began regaining movement toward her bit by bit.

She grit her teeth and her muzzle had the first snarl she’d ever made as she ground herself against the mighty attack, ‘I’m not going out like this!’ Her horn glowed a deep orange as power began welling up inside her.

A cocoon of light began to appear around her as fire wreathed outward. Her form grew inside as her mane and tail became a bright blue flame. The wings at her side had a blue trail of flames coming from them and her eyes opened revealing the very sun inside them. Finally, her royal jews became colored in orange. Her true form revealed itself.

Suddenly the energy around Raze’s Flash Cannon grew in intensity as his attack shrank in size. Celestia funneled the power back into her horn and actually absorbed it until nothing was left.

Octavia was flabbergasted at the display of magic being done by her Princess. Discord was very pleased as he sat there with the widest of grins though sweat was still pouring down the back of his neck.

Fhaze looked at Raze, “I think you should focus more on her now. I’ll beat you some other time.”

Raze frowned, “This isn’t over.” He was gone already though. Raze finally turned to look at Celestia himself and he gasped in shock

She looked up to Raze with a fierceness he’d never seen before, “Show me your power.” She demanded him.

His eyes widened, but then he smiled and flew down to the arena. He landed with a tap of his boots and looked upon her closely.

“Your form is different from last time. Before it was some height difference and glowing orange, but you’re completely unrecognizable now!” Raze said while clenching his fists and holding his arms in front of himself.

“HAAAAAAAAA!” Raze powered up and quickly assumed his super saiyan form before her.

They stood before each other looking as though they were about to fight, but then Celestia chuckled.

“I figured you’d still be too strong for me.” Celestia said as she turned to the side and sighed, “I had too high of an expectation of myself.”

“Don’t go beating yourself up. This fight was to help you out and it cured my boredom. Everyone wins.” Raze laughed as he powered down.

Celestia followed suit and stretched herself, “I must thank you for helping me.”

“I would say not to worry about.” Raze finished as he extended his hand to her.

She arched an eye before finally conjuring a hand to shake his own, “I also came here for a different reason.”

Raze retracted his right hand, “What reason could that be?”

“All of the world's leaders came together for a great meeting and decided that they wanted to host a gathering of sorts.” Celestia said while Raze turned his head sideways in thought.

“What kind of gathering?” Raze questioned as Celestia smiled.

“A tournament where strong fighters from all over will come. Some magically gifted and others more physical. I wanted to ask you if you’d like to come.” Celestia then leaned in and whispered, “Scorpan already agreed to go.”

Raze smirked, “Alright! Sounds like a good time. So, count me in!”

~Chapter End~

Author's Note:

Was this interesting? Does it get you hooked? I hope it does.

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