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"Old Equestria's war is not our war..."

These words are law in Stable 61, last bastion of sanity in a world at war. At least according to the folks who live there. Ponies, zebras, griffons, you name it. They all live there in peace.

Peace is... not always easy, especially for people like Snowflake. The ones who don't quite fit in. Don't quite follow the plan.

What's a big sister to do when she's taken away from her brothers, and forced to face who she is without them? Snowflake must answer that question, and live in the process. Those aren't necessarily the same.

Now she's got a psychopathic mare, griffon merc, thieving technophile, and a killer sniper to deal with day-to-day. Quite the increased activity from monitor jockey. And then there's the little sphere tucked away in her gear…

She never had this kind of trouble with her brothers.

Attention! I am not the author of this story. I'm merely the custodian. The author left the fandom and this site a while ago, but they were kind enough to return and repost it so that everyone could enjoy it once again, including posting some previously unlinked content! So, enjoy, everyone. That's why it's here, after all.

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New Vegas is a thriving community in the west. The land around it though is lawless, ripe for the picking by factions that wish to vie for the valuable resources it has. A Dam that can turn the tide of a war. Everyone is going to want the help of one person. Sadly he's dead, and the only replacement is a purple unicorn over her head. Whats a mare to do?

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This story is a sequel to Fallout Equestria: Influx

The journey to find answers and to stop a madpony from unleashing an army of robots may have come to an end but now our heroes and some new ones have to live with the consequences and life in the wasteland.

Crystal and her family must content with life as wastelanders and Solaris learns what it is to be equine while protecting those that follower her.

(Chapters are now in chronological order)

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It has been nearly two hundred years since the megaspells rained fire down on the world, reducing it to a tainted wasteland. The ponies of Equestria get on by, but only just.

A lucky few survived in great underground shelters, the stables. Among these is the lost, and almost mythical, Stable 84. It was said that the stable in question was home to not ponies, but creatures who could change their faces with but a thought.

But that was just a myth, there was no way that the Equestrian Hive was real. Right?

(Be warned, spoilers for Fallout Equestria, Project Horizons and Pink Eyes may occur.)

Fallout Equestria is by Kkat, and can be found here.
TVtropes page here.
Cover art by Skijaramaz!
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 18/03/2018.

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Balefire bathed the land.

There were, of course, survivors…

The cities were scorched with weapons of untold power, the very land was soaked with poison, but the world was not destroyed, just a way of life. The first deaths numbered in the millions, but the death toll during the next year was even more staggering as ponies struggled to find water, food, and shelter amidst the ruins of the civilization.

In what had once been North Equestria, the survivors fought to prevail in a new age of sickness, balefire, barbarism and desperation. There were days of seemingly endless night, eerily lit by the glow of the pegasi’s cities burning in the sky. And then the sky was closed, blanketed by thick clouds that heralded an endless winter. Fetid swamps infected with magical radiation created new and terrible life forms. Windigo’s storms hurtled across the landscape with enough strength to level entire cities, and when by some freak chance a storm cloud swept in from the sea, it was warped, putrid rain that fell—balefire tainted water that stripped a pony to the bones in seconds of shrieking agony.

In isolated pockets, ponies survived and struggled against terrible odds.

Underground, ponies retreated into the safety of Stables and hoped to outlast the apocalypse.

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I wasn't always a slave. Hell, I wasn't always a outlander. Fate is fickle like that. What's that? Several raiders are coming for me? *Sigh* let's make this quick.

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While Twilight is testing a new long range teleport on the request of Princess Celestia something goes wrong and she is transported to a place where love and harmony is a thing of the past and killing is the way of life.

The Mojave Wasteland.

Now Twilight must find a way to get back to her friends in Equestria and survive her stay in the apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by everything that has learn to call this eradiated land their home.

(My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover with Fallout: New Vegas)

Editor: Grammer_Nazi
Pre-reader: Bum
Cover Artist: Wadusher0

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Some time has passed since the Lightbringer's journey came to an end, and the Followers of Apocalypse are hard at work healing a very important pony. While progress has been made, it's proven to be a slow and difficult process. But then a mysterious package arrives, the sender hopeful that it's contents will aid in the pony's recovery.

However, the package doesn't contain psychology books or ancient medicine. Instead, it holds echoes. Echoes of ponies who once held Equestria's fate in their hooves. Echoes of mistakes, regrets, and possibly even forgiveness.

*Contains massive spoilers for the original Fallout: Equestria.*

Editors: mikemeirs, Soge, and a few others from an editing group.

Pre-Readers: BioQullFiction and PinkieDP

Cover Art by Sakura

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the purpose of stable 76 was to train young colts and fillies to survive and repopulate the surface once it became habitable. unknown to all but the overmare's and overstallion's of the stable the surface wouldn't be habitable for centuries. a young stallion by the name of shining justice was eager to go to the surface so he and his best friends jade moon and blits star worked up a plan to get there. through a lot of confusion sneaking and handy work they were able to get to the surface but were surprised at what they saw.
(credit for the artwork and help with some editing goes to rainbow10dash ( http://rainbow10dash.deviantart.com ) who helps make this story possible

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Equestria's a big place. Big enough for history to forget about the little wars that raged across every mile of the wasteland. Wedged between New Appleloosa and Fillydelphia, Pinewood Valley is always drenched in bandit blood as gangs vie for territory, wealth, and power.

One bandit, a zebra named Phisa, has just been betrayed for the last time. She was close to the top, only for everything to come crashing down in a heartbeat. On the run and out for revenge, she must assemble her own rag-tag group of outcasts to fight back against her old allies and claim her place as the toughest, most feared bandit in the Pinewood.

Cover art done by the fantastic icekatze!

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