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I, the OpenPage, solemnly swear to write the words. Also something about a Patreon for the future.


New Vegas is a thriving community in the west. The land around it though is lawless, ripe for the picking by factions that wish to vie for the valuable resources it has. A Dam that can turn the tide of a war. Everyone is going to want the help of one person. Sadly he's dead, and the only replacement is a purple unicorn over her head. Whats a mare to do?

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Interesting let's see where this goes.

Hi! Thanks for reading! I am going to write what I can but creativity is a cruel mistress at times.

So a proper fallout crossover rather then a FoE sidestory....interesting

Hello, Ya I feel a proper crossover focused more on TWILIGHT then just Twilight being the companion hasn't been done. And you know, I wanted to do it.

Yeah I remember having a mod that made it so wild wasteland was an option like hardcore instead of a trait. Made for more build variance.

I couldn't NOT put wild wasteland am I right? just seems like the perfect perk for a unicorn in a human world.

I was just reminiscing. And I also recall mods that let you play as the ponies. Though they were a bit limited in design.

if they ever make a FOE project horizens game, i think the wild wasteland perk should outright effect what ending you get

cause the whole soul eater think simply cant happen without that....so wild wasteland, cannon ending
no wild wasteland, it actualy is a machine cognitum is just nuts, and the final boss is either her or the legate depending on how you played the game up to that point.

and if you havnt read project horizens why not, its epic! (well okay the first 3 4ths of it are anyway)

A FOE game would be amazing, and definitely would need Wild Wasteland. I have read PH and agree its pretty good up to the battle of thunderhead. I just actually ordered the good volumes from The Ministry Of Image bookstore online. Check it out if you want a hardcover.

its a shame too cause there are elements of hte final arc that work...there just poorly strung together

2 points i think universaly agreed that would be removed, the kill off of half the named cast, yeah fuck that shit, and the soul eater...both of those plot points need to die in balefire

(and my personal view but noot shared by many is that fucking up glories charicter to make her go from meh but in a lovable way, to totaly unlikeable was a rather poor call...it was rather iritating to find out im one of the few people who actualy like glory...)

People didn't enjoy Glory?! She was a great character who grew through the whole series. I loved how naive she started to a true wastelander as the books went on.

i know, but all i kept hearing was how 'flat' she was and how she reacted in unrealisitic ways...
unrealisitc maybe if you dont realize that she was literaly forcefed nonsense about the surface most her life

though i must admit the brand plot point took it a step too far, she grew up the daughter of a prominent political figure...i find it SERIOUSLY hard to belive she didnt see that coming...it would have made more sense personaly if instead of forceing her into it they blackmailed her with blackjack and co's safety to get her to agree to it, that would have made infinitly more sense given the charicters background

but eh its a nit pic to an otherwise great charicter arc

also am i the only one that thinks she should have kept rds body...just saying, lot more athletic, both wings still attached, far more....ahem...flexable *wink wink, nudge nudge*


New Vegas is my favorite for what i have played of fallout.:pinkiehappy: Cant wait for more.:pinkiesmile: If i can be so bold,:twilightblush: you can use big mountain as a good place for twilight to learn more about computers and science.:applejackunsure: Jason Bright and his followers would be a good place to learn about energy weapons too.:applejackunsure::pinkiesmile:

Hey Thanks, man! glad to see you here again! I am super pumped to get to some of the farther along quest lines, Big Mountain won't be reached for a while though. I have special plans for Lonesome road, so i hope you stick around to see all the exciting action!

By the way, I was just about to head to bed, but reading your comment invigorated me! so back to work on the next chapter!

“You can get your bearings for a couple of minutes. I’m going to get you some supplies for while you are out and about. Meet me at the front door when you’re ready to leave.”

:twilightoops:: "Leave? I know neither where I am nor how I got here."

As he talked her vision flashed, and little bars filled her vision. A compass and health bar floated in the corner of her eyesight. Another bar filled with a thing called her AP. It was all very confusing and shook her to her core.

Would be my reaction, too.

“While you were still out cold I was working on this little thing for you.” Mitchell held out a blue and yellow jumpsuit tailored to fit her. Saddlebags hung from the sides and it looked armored around the torso and shoulders.

(Question: How big/small is Twilight in comparison to Doc?)

Good prologue!
I'm very curious to see where it goes.

Heard of the fan-made game "Ashes of Equestria"? (Old name "Fallout Equestria - The Game")

I was looking for an cute picture of Twilight wearing an vault suit like you described it, but didn't find one.
But I still found this and wanted to share it: (Source: Derpy #1203544)

Suggestion: Write the stats rather like this:

Twilight's S.P.E.C.I.A.L

Tagged Skills:

With less new lines and more line breaks. Makes it easier to read.

Gotta leave sometime right? The Doc doesn’t raise ponies! Hehe, anyway ya for height, Twi is about 3 foot 2 inches. Her horn would poke the doc in the belly button. Also that’s a hilarious scene; and might make a cameo of something similar into the book now.

I will definitely change that authors note, It would certainly make it easier to read. Still waiting on ashes of equestria, a bit hesitant it will be released, but I’m willing to play it if it does!


That is a very good way of explaining the level ups and perks in a real life setting.:pinkiesmile: Very clever.:pinkiehappy:

“You said you would tell me about the thing on my leg victor, what’s this about a… level up? Sounds a bit silly.”
“Bit of a thing Vault-tec, the fancy company who built the vaults, wanted for anyone who would survive.” He rolled in a circle around her “Thought that if they survived the bomb’s they would need every advantage they could get. So they made it like a game to any civilians and let you choose what kind of chemicals and subliminal messaging they pumped you full of while you slept.”

An very interesting way to explain stuff like perks and levels.
But still not convinced about Vault-Tec's goal to save anyone... Maybe she will have a few shocking revelations about that in the future.

“Huh, well never seen anyone who looked like you before.” Shaking her head and giggling to herself “Still not as weird as the talking brahmin.”

You know you live in an crazy world if an talking, purple horse is one of the less weirder things.

She had to make a hundred caps last till she could find a job or stuff to sell.

And don't forget to figure out who you are, where you came from and how you get back.

Twilight asked “Twilight, can you tell me the difference between the clean water and dirty? Why would you sell dirty water?”

Unless she is talking to herself you probably meant Trudy here, right?
And to answer Twi's question: The difference is, that dirty water is dirtier than clean water.

Yay, you even included the radio!
Maybe we will see an certain toaster at some point, too.

Deep breath, Twilight looked down her sights and lined up with a sunset sarsaparilla and fired. The bottle flew through the air and she knew she hit her first shot. “YES!” Giggling like a little filly she hopped around “Yes yes yes! Did you see that sunny?! I hit it!”

Question: How did Twi operate the gun? With her hooves, teeth, magic or an combination of those? (Magic was explaines later.)

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it and look forwards for the next chapter.

You would be right, Vault-Tec was not made to save anyone. I won't go into story details but the chemical batches and subliminal messaging ARENT for the vault dwellers benefit. At least at first, most heroes have used it to help though. Pshhhhh Twilight isn't working about those pesky things like memories, Look! there coming back already on there own. No need to panic.... OK PANIC!

Thanks for calling out that little slip-up, I shall go make sure Twilight is talking to Trudy instead of herself. Also, Dirty water is Dirtier then clean water, It is amazing what science has wrought. Uh, Twilight pulled the trigger with her hooves, using a small TK around her hooves. It's automatic for all pony races and she does it out of instinct mostly. If sunny had called her out on it she would have been just as confused how she did it.

Thank you for enjoying the chapter! Sneak peek Next chapter Title is Celestial Sundown Showdown.


Thanks, I really liked the Idea. I read it in another story and it was so good that it became my new head-canon for how the level up feature works!

It took me some time to read this, I had put it in the read it later section. I do like fallout quite a lot and it is a welcome change to see a canon character in an actual Fallout game rather than just another Fallout Equestria story. I like how this is shaping up though I need a little refresh on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L system. Strength, Perception, ..., Charisma, Agility, ... I don't remember what the E and L were for. :twilightsheepish:

Ah yes, leveling up. Can't have an Action RPG without it. You made a nice plot pick to get around that one. :trixieshiftright: I shall see what happens in the foreseeable future as I'm not quite up to speed on what happens in New Vegas. I only played a little of Fallout 4 after all. :twilightsheepish: :facehoof:

S.P.E.C.I.A.L! Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, Luck! THAT'S what makes you special! Also, Thank you tons for reading! I am super glad you enjoyed it and might even have the chance to learn a little about the Mojave and its nastier inhabitants. Just to say though, Somethings are going to be changed hard, so don't be surprised if something you remember is different,

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