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(featured as of Aug 30th... how?)
(MLP + Warframe crossover.)
(Technically HiE but more focus is given on the Warframe angle.)
(probably goes without saying but, will have major SPOILERS FOR SECOND DREAM/WAR WITHIN! go play those quests before reading anything warframe related ever again!)

After being left to die in the crystal caverns beneath Canterlot by Chrysalis and her minions, Cadence had almost given up hope completely. Until she found something... something in the dark. Something that just might save them all.

Chapters (5)

When you were growing up as the only human in Equestria you knew you were different. With your canine fangs, these wrigglers you have on your hoof and being an omnivore, you gave up on having friends. Until one alicorn change it all.

I might switch it to third person depending on the story's perspective or you guys' opinion. Cover art is done by me.

5/26/2019 Holy moly I did not expect this story to be featured on the same day, thank you so much!
3/6/2020 Sweet apples it's featured again! Thank you guys so much!

Chapters (4)

Baked Bean, an aspiring writer of questionable skill, has come across the perfect source of inspiration: the Castle of the Two Sisters. All it will take is a quick trip through the Everfree Forest, and a new world of potential writing prompts will be his for the taking.

Once there, however, he finds there's more to the Castle—and the old legends surrounding it—than he ever imagined, and an ancient law will force him to mate with all of the Royal Princesses...

...whether he likes it or not.

This story is an alternate take on No Nose Knows, so expect plenty of polygamous shenanigans.

Sex tag is for references. Ye be warned.

Edited by Zen and Ponies, Sipioc, Georg, and Spartanpony007!

Cover art commissioned by an anonymous fan and drawn by Apricalico!
Much thanks to Sipioc for the original cover art!

Chapters (7)

Prince Noctis did everything he could. He went through hell collecting the royal arms; fought, freaking, gods; watched his fiance die; went to a coma for ten years; fought Ardyn to take back the kingdom, correction, ruins of the kingdom; sacrificing himself and his ascention to free the world from the darkness. He sacrificed everything and, in the end, what does he get? A rewardless death!

Luckily, a certain equestrian goddess thinks this isn't fair.

So now, Noctis, reborn as an earth pony, have another chance to prove himself worthy of ascention, in the magical land of Equestria! (NOW FULLY EDITED)

Chapters (10)

Hearts and Hooves Day. Anon wants a pizza; Cadance wants to find him a marefriend. Only one of them is going to get what they want today.

Chapters (1)

Anon is used to strange things. Being taken to a world full of colorful small equines was not one of those things. Now he goes through day to day life with ponies trying to kill him, befriend him, and sometimes both.

But he doesn't really care.

He's chill like that.

Chapters (1)

Not very long ago in our beloved mlp universe, three almighty alicorns became four. With this has come a collection of adventures since Twilight became the newest one. Now as the Grand Galloping Gala comes by once again we find our 4 favorite princesses sulking in their own ways; all of them for the same reason. They all yearn for the love of a child to fill the hole in their hearts. Their wish may soon become a reality as Celestia finds a young boy by the name of Aaron who is in dire need of love after everything that has happened to him. Will he ever learn to love and trust after everything has happened to him? His four guardians intend to give him all this and more. As Luna would say, "Huzzah! The love has been quadrupled!!!"

Chapters (1)

In an effort to find the couple that truly needs her help to find some romance in their life, Cadance develops a spell to send her to them.

It's just that when she gets there, neither of the creatures seem that interested in her help. They want to talk about silly stuff like her magic, the existence of other dimensions, stupid government conspiracies meant to keep aliens under wraps, and whether she is a winged unicorn, or a pegasus with a horn when they should just KISS ALREADY!

Chapters (7)

Cadence, the princess of love. One would think she'd have the usual story. Her knight in shining armor whisks her away to a beautiful palace where they live happily ever after. And while that may have happened, few know that it was the wrong knight.

A peaceful conversation brings up painful memories from Cadences past along with a slew of questions left unanswered for years. Now armed with a painful truth, she sets out to reclaim what she lost.

Chapters (2)

Despite living in an orphanage, Nova is a mostly well adjusted colt. He's happy, healthy, and has the cutest best friend in the whole world! Life would be perfect if it wasn't for his seething hatred of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. A problem further compounded by the fact that the very princess he loathes just so happens to be a patron of said orphanage and often takes the time to write personal letters to all the young residents.

So when he discovers that the Princess of Love is to be wed to the Captain of the Equestrian Royal Guard, Nova begins scheming up a way to crash the wedding. Unaware that an ominous group of shapeshifters are also planning their own surprise wedding crash.

Meanwhile Nova's best friend, Glide, tries his best to figure out why his friend harbors such an unusual anger towards one of Equestria's most beloved princesses. All while trying to hide his huge crush on Nova. But as time passes, Glide gradually finds it harder and harder to keep his feelings a secret. Worried that if Nova ever finds out it just might ruin their friendship forever.

And thus a tale of adventure, romance, and a bit of awkwardness unfolds as the two colts run away from the orphanage. On a quest to make it to Canterlot in time to crash a Royal Wedding!

Chapters (4)