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"Despite what the layman might think, the damage caused by hooligan activities is actually inversely proportional to the top speed of the vehicles involved. Celestia help us if they ever get their grubby little hooves on a bulldozer." – Reflective Vests, ROSHA director.

Something silly.

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I have no idea what happened. One second, I'm sitting at my desk, working. The next second, I'm Sombra. Or rather, I'm in his body. And nobody seems to believe me about it...

Now with (amazing!) cover art by Mix Up. You can find their work here.

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Night Crystal has revealed herself to be a powerful Changeling instead of an Alicorn. Now she must earn back the trust of her friends if she is to continue to live on the edge of Ponyville. If she can’t regain their trust within 90 days she will be forced to move into solitude in the mountains, never to return to civilization. If she succeeds, she will be allowed to stay. But who is she trying to convince to trust her again? Or does everypony need to trust some other pony? But can she do that while also keeping her feelings about a certain stallion in check?

Sequel to Changeling Fate.
Cover art wasn’t created by me, credit to Derpibooru.

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Sombra, the dreaded King of Darkness, was defeated and his body shattered, but his dark soul survived the return of the Crystal Empire and went into hiding. Some time later it found a path between worlds, a mirror portal, and arrived in a place called Hueco Mundo, where it gained a new body to start a new life. In the process Sombra loses his memories and becomes a shell of his former self, searching for something that he knows that he lost while having no idea where to find what he was missing.

Along the way he somehow finds his way to Karakura Town, into the hands of Kisuke Urahara, and learns more about his new body than he could have learned on his own, before coming into contact with Ichigo Kurosaki and his small group of friends. From there he starts an epic journey to help them save another friend from a terrible fate, fight the people that were in their way, and face an evil that was hiding in plain sight at the same time... along with finding out what happened to his missing memories.

(Bleach/ MLP Crossover)
(Part of the Universe 13 story series, though reading the other stories is not required)
(Also, the story will not include the Fullbring or the Thousand Year War Arcs)

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After King Sombra narrowly escapes his demise yet again after his attempts to conquer Equestria. Sombra was weakened and wandered through Equestria only to end up in the Kirin village, completely exhausted. But luckily one talkative Kirin took in the dark unicorn to nurse him back to proper health. Sombra was annoyed by the talkative Kirin, but decided to wait until he returns to full power and crush all who defy him. Only if he survives the Kirin's insistent talking. Or, possibly even warms up to her and see the world in a new light.

The awesome art cover was created by anotherdeadrat

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Following the return of the Crystal Empire, Twilight begins some intensive research into the history of the Empire and its late king. Modern historians know next to nothing about the enigmatic dark mage. Who was he? Did he have family? Loved ones?

The answers to those questions changes everything the Element of Magic knows about herself, and in doing so catches the attention of a shadow that yet clings to the frailty of life...

Cover art made by Skijarama!
Reading can be found here.
Edited by RC2101_Copey.
Featured on 20/10/2018.

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This story is a sequel to Shattering a Heart of Darkness

After returning to the side of good and banishing a threat to Equestria, Sombra is dealing with new changes, both physically and emotionally. He is now dating Twilight Sparkle and has moved to Ponyville with hopes of a fresh start. What kind of wacky adventures can the former Shadow King get into?

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Celestia, Luna, And King Sombra were all talking until they discovered a portal leading to a whole new universe. Now after defeating the evil queen and turning her back into twilight sparkle, love is in bloom

Oh and ps the creators name of the cover on deviant art is WolfKlce

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Long long ago, as the resentment came and built up within the Princess of the night. Princess Luna had begun to act out of her regular duties as Princess of Equestria, from leaving the castle without escort to visiting foreign lands without permission. She had even forged a forbidden romance with a ruler of a faraway land, as their bond grew, so did their love for each other. Not too long after their 5th date, she laid down with this ruler and had given a name to an heir to their names. Instead of bringing the couple even closer together like any other parents, it drove them apart. Princess Luna had grown scared and feared the reaction her sister would have of this forbidden relationship, rather than to confront her sister she turned to the father of the child for help. She had asked him to hide the child within his kingdom, to raise him as his own and promised him that one day they would be back in each other's hooves.

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A warm-hearted, young foal is found in the wilds of the icy north. Is he some unfortunate pony or a true spawn of evil.

Collaborative work between Myself and Rocinante. Edited by Rinnaul

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