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Changeling Trust - Nightmare Rift

A Changeling has to earn back the trust of the friends that she had. Before she revealed she was a Changeling, she was pretending to be an Alicorn.

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Day 13: A Figurative Shadow

Styx’s POV:
I wake up to hear birds chirping, which is odd because no birds ever get near my house. As I am so close to the Everfree Forest, so I crawl over to the window and look outside to see Mystel. I glare at her and close the blinds to my window. I wander outside, still fuming that she thinks she can stalk me all day. Well, I guess I’ll give her a bit of an interesting day. Hunting for meat, essentially useless flying and tricks all the way to Cloudsdale, and ending at Twilight’s castle to have her explain why she will most likely have been following me all day. Well, explaining it to Twilight, not me, as I don’t really care. I have no interest in any other Changelings, as most of them were foolish to accept the reign of Celestia and Luna. While she didn’t have a choice as she was born into the reign, I still don’t particularly like any of them. She does tug at my heartstrings a little bit, since she is an orphan like I was. However, if I fall in love with her as being my child then I will not be able to keep providing her with that love. Since, when I free Sombra, I will not be able to continue to love.

You are giving up what!!?

Ow. I will have a headache for the rest of the day no thanks to you. Also, yes, it is my choice and my decision. Besides, is it really that big of a price to pay for your freedom?

Yes! Do you not understand that by giving that up you will never feel any type of love? Family or romantic, ever again. Meaning that all of the love you had or still have for me you will never feel again?

I do understand, and if it means bringing you back then I am willing to do it. Don’t you know how badly I want you back?

I do know, but how is giving up the feeling of love worth having me back?

It is worth it, because it means I have the one person who I know will love me unconditionally for the rest of my life. I also know that you will know I love you, even though I can’t feel it for you ever again.

I suppose, but how does that work if we ever want to have children? It’s not like you can just suddenly learn to love again. You don’t need to do this, I’m sure there is something else that Limbo would want. It’s not like it can take you and trap you in it in exchange for my release.

No, it can’t. However, the only other thing that Limbo wants it shall not get.

What would that be?

My own body. My own black, chitin, bug like body.

A beautiful body may I add.

Not important right now.

It isn’t, hmm, well never mind on that then. Anyway, what would happen to your soul then? I’m assuming it would inhabit another’s body?

Yours actually, your newly freed body. We would live in reverse to what we are now, except I wouldn’t also be trapped in Limbo. Like you and your precious body that just had to go to Limbo with you.

Not like I had a choice my dear, Celestia chose that.

Sure. Anyway, so now you know why I would rather give up my ability to love. It is much less valuable than my body.

I suppose so, but it doesn’t mean I won’t continue to argue this with you at a later date. Go hunt my precious river. I will speak to you later.

I will, I love you.

I love you too.

As Sombra fades from my mind I take off into the Everfree Forest to hunt, keenly aware of the Changeling young close at hoof. I soar above the canopy scanning the forest floor for a plump mouse or vole. I spot a small movement near a bunch of fallen acorns and plummet into a headfirst dive. With fangs all the way out, I snatch and kill the vole, taking my prey to the highest cliffside to eat. I land and gently set down the vole. Hearing a small thud behind me, I turn to face the young Changeling, who is wearing a face of shock and disgust at what I just did. “Can I help you?”

“Why did you just kill it? I mean Changelings, or ponies otherwise don’t eat meat. So, it’s not like your going to eat it. Are you?”

“That’s exactly what I am going to do. So if you would rather not watch, then I suggest you turn around or go down a cliff lower, or all the way into the forest. Up to you, but I would decide quickly,” I say, turning back around. I lay down and proceed to take a large, juicy bite out of my vole. I hear a gagging noise come from behind me and turn my head just enough to see Mystel vomiting over the opposite end of the cliff we are on. I finish up my meal and throw the bones off my side of the cliff. I lick my chops clean so that I don’t scare Mystel as I go to comfort her. I reach Mystel and say, “Now I know you haven’t ever seen anypony eat meat, but long before you were born, Dark Changelings ate meat. It wasn’t anything foreign to us, in fact, it was norm. When Celestia and Luna took over they forced all of us to no longer eat meat. Hence the reason for the relative skinny and short stature of all of you today. Me eating meat is still the reason I am larger and taller than all of the adult Changelings you know. So, just don’t think about it, are you ready to continue following me the rest of the day?”

“I think so, where are we going next?”


We take off, her still behind me, I do all sorts of aerial tricks on the way up. Cloudsdale isn’t far from Ponyville, but it is still a little ways up there. At least for me, for Mystel I’m sure it feels like it is a long way as she isn’t use to flying long distances. So I’m surprised that she is keeping up with me all the way. We land in Cloudsdale and I decide to check in on Spitfire and maybe finally meet Soarin. We head over to the Wonderbolt headquarters and head inside. The Pegasus at the front desk is thoroughly shocked to see us, and quickly says something into the phone. Apparently she called security as I see six guards come running towards us. I turn around, pulling Mystel to me, and form a shield around us. All of the guards don’t see this so they all end up bouncing off, I project my voice to outside the bubble and say, “I am here to see Spitfire, tell her that Styx is here and tell her to bring Soarin along too.” The Pegasus mare at the front desk doesn’t move so I emphasize my point, “Now!” She quickly does so and up comes Spitfire and Soarin.

“Somepony care to tell me why all of the guards in this building are surrounding my friend and her guest!” she pauses waiting for an answer, “No, well then get back to work and while your at it, you all can call the rest of the ponies that are supposed to come into today and tell them they get today off! Now move it!” She blows her whistle, emphasizing her point. A shrill sound to say the least, I can’t imagine hearing that almost all day. Rainbow said that Spitfire blew it almost constantly during Wonderbolt Academy, so I am really glad that this is the most that I will be hearing of it today.

The guards leave and the receptionist begins making calls. I drop the shield and turn to Spitfire and Soarin, “Thanks Spitfire, I didn’t know what else to do.”

“No worries, I knew who you were as soon as Flare sent for me and Soarin. By the way, care to introduce me to your guest?”

“Oh, this is one of Twilight’s friendship school students, Mystel, she is following me around today for some reason. I don’t care to hear the reason so I haven’t asked her. How have been Spitfire?”

“Good as can be, holding up, Dash has been showing up so that is always good. Soarin here has been trying to lay off the pies, but we all know how well that works. Isn’t that right Soarin?”

“Yes Spitfire, although I haven’t had a pie in a week. Cause I have been in your sights almost the entire week, so it has been going better. Good to finally meet you Styx, even though the first time we were supposed to meet you would have been Night Crystal. But hey, no judgement here, I guess I understand why you did it. So what did you come here for?”

“Mostly just to check in and say hi, since it has been a little while.”

“Well you know, you should come by more often, maybe watch a few routines and try some out with us,” says Spitfire.

“I might take you up on that, I could use the challenge. Good to stretch my wings and test my limits now and then.” I hear a snicker behind me, I don’t turn, and pretend I didn’t hear it. I probe around into the mind of whoever is behind me, Celestia. I bid Spitfire and Soarin a good day and then Mystel asks to use the restroom. I tell her how to find it, and once she is out of sight I turn around to face Celestia. “Can I help you Celestia?”

“Well shoot, I didn’t think you heard my snicker,” she says, revealing herself.

“It is difficult to tell if my ears twitch at a sound as my movements are much more subtle than that of an average pony, being that I am a Changeling. Now if you will excuse me, Mystel and I are going to continue our day, meaning that we are going to Twilight’s castle. So, if I ever catch you following me again, my next response will not be as calm and collected as this one.”

“Okay, I just wanted to see if you were making progress. But I can see that I left you in good hooves with Twilight.”

“Actually I haven’t seen Twilight all that much, so not really. Bye Celestia.”

“Goodbye Styx.”

As Celestia vanishes, Mystel comes back and we descend from Cloudsdale all the way down to Twilight’s castle. I am sure that whatever reason she has for following me can’t be good for me, but I will stay and listen to it anyway once we arrive and find Twilight.

Author's Note:

This is what Mystel would look like, just smaller.

Image from deviantart by kirbymlp.

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