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Changeling Trust - Nightmare Rift

A Changeling has to earn back the trust of the friends that she had. Before she revealed she was a Changeling, she was pretending to be an Alicorn.

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Day 31: A Dream Gone Wrong

Starlight’s POV:
“We have to help her Celestia!”

“I know Starlight Glimmer, but how? I’ll bring Luna here to see if she knows!”

As Celestia disappears I start to think about how to help Styx. How to let her escape from a nightmare unlike any I have ever had. Trapped in a society that fears her and wants to kill her, alone and with almost nopony to trust. Wait, she might trust me, or better yet Sombra. But, do ponies sleep while in Limbo?

“No, ponies do not sleep or dream while in Limbo. However, Starlight Glimmer, we can access the dream realm, same as Luna.”

I whip around to see Sombra standing behind me, smirking as if he does this on a daily basis. “So can you help? Since I assume you have been listening in in my head?”

“I could help, but that would be too easy of a way out for you and Celestia. So I will not help, but instead impart to you some wisdom. Those that suffer in fear also gain power in equality,” Sombra says, vanishing from sight.

“Those that suffer in fear also gain power in equality…” That’s it! Equality, the very thing I forced onto my village, can be used in a different way to show Styx courage. This is a dream, so now I just need Celestia to make her dream and mine dream the same one. As if on cue Celestia returns with Luna. “Celestia, I need you to make my dream the same one as Styx’s.”

“But how would that help?”

“I don’t think you any better ideas, so do it!”

“Why? What wisdom have you gained that would help?”

“The wisdom imparted by your nemesis,” I hear Sombra say as he comes into view of the three of us.

Celestia and Luna immediately shove me behind them, as if they are going to protect me. Humph, well fine, if you think that is going to stop him from contacting me, too late. “What do you want Sombra?”

“Absolutely nothing, other than to help out Twilight’s star pupil,” he says, grinning wickedly at the sisters. Although, he is avoiding looking towards Styx, I’m guessing he doesn’t want to watch a close friend? Lover? suffer through her nightmare.

“What did you tell her?”

I pipe up as not to be excluded from the conversation, “Those that suffer in fear also gain power in equality.”

“I don’t understand what that could possibly mean in terms of helping out Styx with her nightmare.”

“Exactly, so if you are done trying to get technical, make the dreams the same.”

“Alright Starlight Glimmer, if you think that is best, then we shall go.”

As Celestia gets ready to make the dream, I take one last look at Sombra, and surprisingly, he is mouthing the words, “Help her” to me. I nod in acknowledgement as we disappear into one dream.

We appear in a realm not much unlike what Twilight described the realm under the rule of Nightmare Moon. A dark, desolate, and unforgiving wilderness. Not caring about what Celestia or Luna do, I race towards where Styx is facing her nightmare, turning myself into a dark Changeling in the process. I then duplicate myself too many times to count in order to show Styx that equality is power in her nightmare world. As I reach Styx I see her eyes widen in awe and happiness as a bunch of what look like kin come racing towards her. I run up to her and hug her tight, not planning to let go until the nightmare ends. The duplicates all form a ring and hug the two of us, creating a cocoon of Changeling bodies. I dare to close my eyes as the light comes bearing down on us, the weight of the beam threatening to tear me apart. I’m free falling, I open my eyes to see that my duplicates are gone and I am back to my normal self, still hugging Styx. She comes to, opening her eyes, and gazes around before landing on me.

“What just happened?”

“A lot, but why don’t we wake up first, then we can discuss when I get back to Ponyville.”

“Okay, I’ll see you soon then Starlight.”

I start to fade away, only seeing a glimpse of Sombra and Styx talking as I wake up. I wander to the balcony where Celestia is laying down with Luna, their cutie marks switched back to normal, and they turn as I start my sleepy, rickety walk towards them. “Well done Starlight Glimmer, you have solved your friendship problem, but also discovered something new about yourself. I think the map says your task is complete, so I guess you should be going.”

“Thank you Celestia, I hope to not have a repeat of any of that anytime soon. Goodbye Luna.”

I take the Ponyville Express back home and walk to Styx’s house to talk about the dream. Although, I can’t fathom how I am going to ask her about Sombra. I knock on her door and hear her hoofsteps descending the hollow sounding stairs. She opens the door and freezes, “Are you okay Styx?”

“Honestly, no, but I don’t get a choice about whether to feel okay or not. The dream however, Sombra told me all about it.” She gestures me in as she continues, “Thank you Starlight, I’m glad I can trust someone to understand the struggles of being seen as a villain.”

“Of course, although, you should be thanking Sombra. He gave me the hint on how to help you.”

“That is true, but you came up with the plan all on your own. Sombra just had to lead you in the right direction to how to help me.”

“Alright I'll give myself some credit, although, I am curious as to why Sombra didn’t help you himself?”

“Well, let’s just say that while he has access to the dream realm, he can’t do much in it. He can travel to dreams and communicate to the ponies in them, but no dream manipulation.”

“Interesting, but why would he help me and not just tell Celestia?”

“Arch-nemesis, besides, he sees you as much closer to me than Celestia. So, he was more willing to help you. Along with wanting to see Celestia upset, after all, she did deal the final blow. But enough of that, how was Twilight with this whole thing?”

“Oh, I haven’t actually told her yet.”

“Oh boy, well you best get back and not keep her waiting then. Since we all know how Twilight gets when somepony else is sent on a friendship mapquest.”

“You’re right, I should get back. I guess I’ll talk to you later then.” Walking myself out the door. I jump as I hear it slam rather quickly behind me, but I think nothing of it, just Styx being Styx.

Author's Note:

Alright. Last chapter to be posted before the story is truly on hold. Let me know if you want me to continue writing this story.

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