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Nightmare Rift

Trying my hand at writing fan fiction. A huge lover of My Little Pony. I enjoy reading other people’s fan fictions.


Night Crystal has revealed herself to be a powerful Changeling instead of an Alicorn. Now she must earn back the trust of her friends if she is to continue to live on the edge of Ponyville. If she can’t regain their trust within 90 days she will be forced to move into solitude in the mountains, never to return to civilization. If she succeeds, she will be allowed to stay. But who is she trying to convince to trust her again? Or does everypony need to trust some other pony? But can she do that while also keeping her feelings about a certain stallion in check?

Sequel to Changeling Fate.
Cover art wasn’t created by me, credit to Derpibooru.

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Huh... tracking this for now. But until then, I'm going to read the previous story.

-Desperate Dawn

You should link to the previous story. I know you've only written two so far, but it's just in case you decide to write more in the future.

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