Changeling Trust

by Nightmare Rift

Prologue: Recap

Styx's POV:
While I must admit that this wasn’t where I planned to be at this moment, it could’ve been worse. I am currently sitting in the dungeons under Canterlot, locked in the most pathetic chains I have ever seen. I gaze around the small, dark, gloomy, plain gray cell I was placed in and ponder why Celestia and Luna thought a magic inhibitor would stop me from doing magic. It doesn’t, but over the last few nights I have snuck in more dances with Sombra, well the projection of him anyway. However, with nothing inhibiting my magic, I could technically get out whenever I wanted. Instead, I chose to stay here, humoring Celestia and Luna. I decided to act civilized rather than making my life difficult. Discord and Twilight have visited me each once before today, Discord being sad that I was in here. Twilight was just shocked and betrayed, but I think she got over it eventually. Today I am to duel Luna and Celestia while in Changeling form with Sombra’s sword and my magic. Simple enough I suppose, but it is going to be shown to everypony in Equestria by the use of specific unicorns essentially broadcasting it through their magic. Twilight is the source of the footage and is connected to the other unicorns. Cadence is showing it to the Crystal Empire. She was informed as soon as I was locked up. I was told by Twilight that Cadence wasn’t surprised at all. She knew something was different about me the moment she met me but neglected to say anything to Luna or Celestia. Her and Shining forgave me already and told me to visit them the first chance I got. Well, I knew to visit as soon as I get a letter telling me that she had the baby, but first, I have to get through Celestia and Luna.

I am escorted by two guards to the grounds where I am to duel. I watch calmly as Celestia and Luna put on their armor and grab their weapons. Celestia speaks toward Twilight who is now filming. “Today Luna and I will battle Styx. Anypony who knows her may have known her as Night Crystal or Skylight. She has been lying to all of us. But today, we will fight her to see if she is truly who she says she is or if she is lying again. If she is Styx, then this battle will take time. If she is not, then this won’t take much longer than a minute."

Hm, interesting speech. Although I can say that the second option is what is most likely going to happen. Since these two are foal's play to me. I am more powerful than Sombra was in his reign, since even he was a match for these two sisters. Although they think they are going to win, they are wrong. I am released from my shackles, the magic inhibitor is taken off, and I am offered armor. I take the armor and transform it into an altered version of Sombra’s cloak, crown/helmet, and hoof armor. My cloak being purple instead of red, but the silver being the same. Luna and Celestia draw their swords, and as do I a beat after them. I give myself over to my training. My eyes glow green, purple flames come streaming off my eyes, and I wait for the attack to come. I watch them take off into the air, and their blades come crashing down, only to meet mine. I continue to push up and slice both of their blades in half. They stand staring at me in shock for just long enough to allow me to bring a blade to each of their throats. Celestia yields, but Luna isn’t done yet. She smacks the blade away and flies into the air again. I lower my blade and wait, for I know her next attack won’t be with a sword. Twenty individual magic blasts come raining down on me, only to find me not there. I continue to dodge as Luna continues to bombard me. I hear Celestia shouting at Luna, something about yielding because I could kill her if I wanted to. She isn’t wrong, but I don’t mind toying with Luna and indulging in her foalish behavior. She will tire soon enough.

“Stop!” yells Twilight, managing to use the Royal Canterlot Voice. Although she is a princess, it is a very difficult thing to produce, or so I was told by Celestia a while ago.

Luna flutters down, landing next to her. “Why does thou want us to stop?”

“Because this is pointless, look at Styx.” Luna, Celestia, and Twilight look at me. “She isn’t even trying to avoid you. Let alone the fact that she has never attacked you before now. Even now, she doesn't appear to have any intention of hurting you two."

“My dear friend Twilight is correct.” Twilight looks angrily at me at that remark. “I have not even shown you half of the power I possess. On top of that, I have no desire to overthrow you. I just want your respect as an enemy, and your trust that I will bring no harm to anypony. I wish to continue my life in Ponyville with all of the friends I have made, as I have never meant any ill intent towards them. I accept whatever you may see fit for my life from now on,” I say looking at Celestia.

“Okay. You have proven that you mean no harm to any part of Equestria. You have most of my trust. Still, you will have to prove to me you mean no harm by earning the trust of everypony else back.”

“The same for us. We think thee would make a good sparring partner,” Luna cuts in.

“However, in order to stay in Ponyville, you must prove that you have the trust of all of the bearers of the Elements of Harmony, along with Discord, Spike, and any other pony you have gained trust from.”

“Easy as pie.”

“But you must do so in 90 days. If you fail to show us that your trust is regained, you will go into solitude in the mountains, not to make contact with anypony ever again.”

“Deal. However, I must ask. Would you be okay if at some point I decided to bring Sombra back from Limbo?”

“An even better challenge. Regain the trust of your friends and have the bearers, Spike, and Discord come to trust Sombra within those 90 days.”

Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting, but I had no choice. So now all I had to do was regain trust, in my Changeling form. I was not allowed to change form for any reason. So the bearers and I went to Ponyville to begin this process. Discord knew the whole time so I didn’t need forgiveness and trust from him. I’ve had it the whole time. The bearers and Spike forgave me the minute we left Canterlot. Fluttershy knew since Hearth’s Warming Eve so I gained her trust immediately. The bearers understood my reason for lying to them about who I was. Starlight was hesitant at first, but apparently Twilight talked to her and she accepted me back, mostly. She will take a little more working on. The rest of Ponyville, that was easier said than done, as they were all very unsure about me.