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A warm-hearted, young foal is found in the wilds of the icy north. Is he some unfortunate pony or a true spawn of evil.

Collaborative work between Myself and Rocinante. Edited by Rinnaul

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Interesting choice of storyline, little bro...

Let us begin the read...

nice story so far.
although Lux feels more like 6 years old or something, definitely older that 3-4 y.o., basing on his thoughts and behavior.

I like it.

I love what you've done with the piece.
Especially what you've done with Lucerna.

Well played, well played...

Lucerna? Someone is using the Czech language. :pinkiehappy:

6375091 No, Latin... but I just found out they have similar meanings. Language is cool like that isnt it

6375133 True, true. Well, most European languages have a lot of words from Latin. So I'm not surprised that they are similar. :twilightsmile:

The following is a hypothesis, due to my lack of awareness as to the authors opinion of spoilers even done by prediction I shall thus have them put as a spoiler, ye be warned they who put their cursors along it.

Hmmmm so somepony thinking Sombra was the best thing since sliced bread decided to use what may well have been his horn and implanted it on a child quite Sombra's possibly though I doubt it, more probably an average earth pony or pegasi (more likely the former though this is based on mere speculation of his unfamiliarity with flight or wings [this does not of course rule out his being Pegasus as we don't know what age they knowingly fly nor is their any mention of a wing transplant]) abducted from his former home with his birth parents unaware of his survival or dead themselves...

Wonder what we shall learn from the crooks themselves as by all accounts they have been captured by the guard and barring their death, injurys that prevent communication, escape, release, or clearing themselves in court they should be available for questioning.

Wow. That's all I can say. I'm intrigued...I really wanna see where this goes.

I'm a bit confused about lux and lucerna. I see there is name switch for one character. I highly suggest that you stick with one name throughout the whole story. For example, Father, Celestia, luna, and Cadance can refer to lux as lucerna when talking about him but for the narrative refer to him as lux.

Anyway, good story.

6584710 Lux is the short version of Lucerna. Shining Armour does say that "We can call you Lux for short"

Come on man when is the next chapter coming? This has been on hiatus for FOUR MONTHS already! Give us the next couple of chapter please. I love this story! I can't wait any longer.

Update this story already! It's already been FOUR months since you last updated!

UPDATE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please atleast put this story on a hiatus if you are not going to update for a while.

Several months later and STILL no update...

I'm not going to stop reminding you that this story has not seen an update in months unless you put it on a hiatus. Just put up the hiatus tag already.

One year later and still no update. Whelp its official since the author won't put it on a hiatus, this fic is dead.

7688145 This fic is NOT dead. Myself and Rocinate are still writing it however we've been incredibly busy with our lives and the fact we live on other sides of the planet. A new chapter is in the works and coming soon and we are both sorry for the delays

7701308 Thank you for finally answering. I apologize for making many comments about there being no updates and you taking so long, I really do not like doing that. But atleast put the story on a hiatus when you are taking so long to update, please.

Is said new chapter coming out soon it's been 2 years now

Three years later and still nothing.

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