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I got 3 ocs and all are living very different lives


Long long ago, as the resentment came and built up within the Princess of the night. Princess Luna had begun to act out of her regular duties as Princess of Equestria, from leaving the castle without escort to visiting foreign lands without permission. She had even forged a forbidden romance with a ruler of a faraway land, as their bond grew, so did their love for each other. Not too long after their 5th date, she laid down with this ruler and had given a name to an heir to their names. Instead of bringing the couple even closer together like any other parents, it drove them apart. Princess Luna had grown scared and feared the reaction her sister would have of this forbidden relationship, rather than to confront her sister she turned to the father of the child for help. She had asked him to hide the child within his kingdom, to raise him as his own and promised him that one day they would be back in each other's hooves.

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Thanks man trust ALOT more is on the way im working on CH1 as we speak

So the mc is luna son so Will be reunited with her mother?

Yes all within good time

Why she hide her son from celestia and give him to sombra?

Needs an editing pass. From the errors in the blurb alone I can tell that.

Did...did you misspell your own name? I assume that's meant to be crimsonwing, with an r?

Carmelo Marks I get used to doing CM instead of my oc's CW sometimes.

The editing though I am still trying my hardest to correct that

A browser-based writing program. Extremely helpful for catching those little punctuation mishaps and spelling errors. I would recommend it. Highly.
For example

Rather then brining the couple even closer together like any other parents, it drove them apart.

It is telling me I would want to write 'than' instead of 'then' and 'bringing' instead of 'brining'

ill check it out thanks for the tip

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