Raze's Journey

by Roarin Thunder

Season 2 Setting Sun and a Rising Anger

Raze's Journey Chapter 20

Celestia flew to the left of the golden blade. The movement of the blade ripped open the training grounds just behind where she had been recently.

‘Just one less seco-’ Celestia teleported in a flash as yet another golden arc of energy sliced into the air she had just been at.

This time, her castle had suffered the brunt of the attack. As soon as it had struck a loud crash was heard as stone blasted into the inner sanctum.

Mythic looked around quickly, “Where is sh-” He felt flames wrap his entire being in the air and quickly summoned his golden shield to stop the flames from descending upon his body.

Mythic grunted while the flames pulsed around his shield. Celestia appeared before him while being wreathed in flames herself.

“So, you’re faster than you were before. I’ll have to give it to you there, Celest-” Mythic felt his shield begin to be pushed inward by the powerful flames. He immediately pushed back with superior power.

“I will not allow you to hurt my subjects any longer! You may have been free to cause destruction outside of my watchful eye, but you have revealed yourself to me and sealed your fate! Now begone!” Celestia roared as the fire grew in strength around the golden cocoon.

But Mythic wasn’t ready to give in just yet. The shield began to grow outward as he powered up his magic. Sparks flew off the outside as Celestia began to lose hold of her flames.Mythic felt victorious as his magic increased.

The shield exploded out in a bright flash, expelling the flames instantaneously. Celestia felt the winds change and immediately summoned a wall of golden energy to her right side. She felt the powerful strike of a blade against her shield and smirked.

“Gotcha!” She exclaimed while firing off a blast of magic at the warrior.

The blast continued past the area she’d assumed he had been at. Only to find that the sword was floating in midair, illuminated by the bright blue light of the valley below them. Her eyes widened and she looked around quickly.

‘Why would he abandon his weapon so easily?! For that matter, where’d he go?!’ She flapped her wings and teleported from the area as a flash of lightning zoomed past where she had been recently.

Celestia ascended into the sky while dodging several light beams fired from multiple different angles. She angled her body to match the air currents and began to raise up her horn while summoning her stockpile of magic.

Mythic appeared above her out of an explosion of light that spread particles all around the her, “Watch out Celestia! These particles will cut you apart.”

Celestia froze in midair while millions of particles surrounded her and became larger. Light spread around her while Mythic held out his hand.

“Seems you have nowhere to go, no backup or pla-” Mythic stopped as she spoke up.

“Even if this is as much as I can do against you, I promise that you won’t win this in the end!” Celestia said to the insane human above her.

Mythic closed his hand and Celestia was bombarded with blasts from all around. Smoke grew around the area as Mythic continued to let loose the magical projectiles onto his helpless target. He ran out of the powerful projectiles soon enough and was left watching the smoke rise into the air.

Celestia slowly descended from the smoke as her wings fell to her sides and the speed of said descent began to rapidly speed up. She hit the ground and crumpled in a heap as Mythic floated down to her level.

“Well, the heroic speech was good until it suddenly backfired on you…” Mythic walked toward the laying alicorn.

“You…” Celestia trailed off as she felt her body being lifted from the ground.

Mythic lifted her up to eye level, “You were strong at one time, Celestia. But now it seems that the tables have turned.”

Celestia grunted in response as the wind picked up around them both. Mythic moved his arm to the left and threw her at the wall of the castle with the motion. She smashed into the side fell to the ground.

Mythic summoned his sword in a blazing light while he continued to walk forward, “This is the end of an era! Good riddance!” He thrust the blade forward.


Suddenly, he felt a huge amount of pain as his arm snapped from the pressure of a large body bashing into him with incredible velocity. Mythic crashed into the ground and grinded through it as stone churned upward from around his body.

Rainbow Dash stood in the aftermath of her sudden attack, “Don’t you ever go near our Princess again!”

Mythic slowly pushed himself up with his right hand as a golden light passed to his left arm, “WHO DARE-”

He was engulfed in a large orange explosion fired from high in the air. A large root came down from around the stone wall carrying a bandaged pony upon it, “Yer done here!” Applejack yelled with ferocity.

Twilight flew in from the air as a much larger alicorn with a sparkling aura, “Stand down!”

The smoke blasted away from the area quickly as large golden wings spanned outward from Mythic’s back, “Who in the hell are all of… You...”

Twilight flared her wings out threateningly, “That doesn’t matter! We’re here to stop you, and that’s all you need to know!”

Mythic put his sword into the ground which stabbed the earth with ease, “You look like someone I’ve known in the past!” He pointed his index finger at Twilight.

He felt the memories flooding throughout his mind, yet Twilight was already preparing her attack. Roots surrounded him completely leaving only Twilight visible to him.

‘Clover Sparkle… This must be a descendant.’

‘I’ll always be there for you...’
Another pony had taken Twilight’s place.

‘Yes, I know.’ Mythic reached out toward the pony only for the image to shatter.

Mythic immediately stepped back in horror as he was swallowed whole by a large magical wave. The attack smashed against the back of the large root wall causing a massive explosion to ripple upwards into the sky. The roots began to lose shape against the massive blast. Fire seemed wreathed up the sides as Applejack finally let them go.

The large appendages hit the ground and the side of the castle causing the wall to cave along with most of the earth churning up. Twilight shielded her face with her right wing and stepped backward as the fire continued growing.

‘A will o’ wisp and a powerful explosive spell to boot, there’s no way that he’s getting out of that!’ Twilight thought as a hoof touched her shoulder.

She looked over to see Octavia looking at her seriously, “I’ll take it from here.’ Twilight could swear that the bow around her neck was lighting up.

Out of the fire emerged a bright golden shield and then a whole body stepped out. Mythic looked at them all while holding his sword in his left hand and a golden ball of magic in his right hand.

“I’m not sure what you did there, New Alicorn… But I’m not going to let anything stop me again! Celestia will pay for my suffering and then you will be made an example.” Mythic direly said while hefting up his blade and pointing it at the retreating Twilight.

“Your fight isn’t with her!” said a new voice.

Mythic looked at his new combatant and his eyes widened. He started to laugh. First it was a small chuckle and then a large guffaw as he let down the golden shield.

“An earth pony? You send this to fight me?! I swea- argh!” Mythic felt a hoof smashing into his stomach.

Octavia had moved forward in the last few seconds and was standing beside him on her back hooves planted firmly in the ground causing indents to be evident. Mythic stumbled backwards slightly from the shock as Octavia moved yet again.

Mythic saw the left back hoof as it struck him solidly in the side. The force of the impact threw him straight into the castle wall and even further inside the building carrying large stones with the impact of the attack.

Octavia dropped back onto all fours while waiting for her opponent to get back up. Twilight was amazed by her movements as were, Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Mythic pushed the wreckage off himself and walked out of the rubble.

He charged for Octavia immediately upon reaching the ground to which she side stepped him with another burst of speed sending him into a small titter. He stopped on his right foot and summoned his sword in his left hand.

He swung it in her direction to which she hit the ground a in reverse crab walking position. The sword missed every inch of her body and she turned to her side which smashed her left back hoof in to Mythic’s arm.

He dropped the blade and Octavia disappeared in a flash of gray light. Mythic disappeared in golden light just as another hoof went in for a powerful blow. His sudden disappearance caused Octavia to stumble down as he reappeared and bashed her heavily in the side with his right foot.

Octavia hit the ground hard and slid for a few moments. Her hooves twitched as she started picking herself up.

“You hit pretty hard, Earth Pony.” Mythic said with a grin.

Octavia was back on all fours once more and looked up fiercely, “Well, come on over and let’s see if I can’t crack a rib!”

“Feisty too, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson it seems.” Mythic spread out his wings and flew into the sky.

“I don’t think you’ll have much of an advantage from down there!” He laughed at the grounded Earth Pony.

Octavia closed her eyes and began to focus on her bow. Light began to shimmer from the pink ensemble as she was surrounded by a dark gray aura.

Octavia lifted off into the air towards a very surprised Mythic. She reached him and he disappeared. He brought the side of his hand down upon her neck causing her body to jolt at the sudden contact.

Octavia felt her strength had begun to decrease, ‘What?! I thought...’ She felt herself falling through the air.

Twilight galloped toward her and activated her horn. Octavia’s descent was stopped completely and she was teleported out of harms way as Mythic had come down for another strike. He landed on the ground and summoned his sword to his side once more.

“I’ve had it with all the interruptions! I’m not allowing myself to trip up any longer!” He turned to Twilight and immediately charged her.

Twilight was still holding Octavia as he appeared before her. She gasped in shock as it seemed that her life would come to an end.

"Twilight!" an all too familiar voice called out. The young unicorn watched as Celestia flew in front of her, encompassing her and Octavia in her wavering shadow.

Mythic's blade struck the alicorn, forcing her to jolt from the horrendous pain that borrowed deep into her body. Her cry echoed throughout the area, filling Twilight's head with a tempest of emotion

"NO, CELESTIA!" she yelled, frozen in place as the blade exited her mentor's body. Celestia gave her friend a light smile and collapsed on the floor.

The sound of her form colliding with the ground reverberated in Twilight's ears. It would for a long time.

"WHY?! Why'd you do it?" She pushed herself to her mentor and buried her nose into her white fur.

"I... I couldn't just let y-you die, could I?" Celestia chuckled weakly.

Tears slid down Twilight's cheeks. "N-n-no... You'd never do that!" she cried.

Rainbow Dash helped up Octavia, “You alright?” She asked.

“Just a little shaken up…” She replied quickly while turning back toward the main issue at the moment.

“I think it’s time I started showing my full capability!” Mythic shouted to them while pointing his sword at them.

Twilight looked up with tears blinding her vision nearly as she saw the blade golden glow receding away. Mythic noticed this as well and pulled the sword back to examine it. All of it’s power had faded away.

“What’s this?” Mythic said while noticing the lighting from the sun was beginning to flicker like the power in his blade.

The wind began to die down as Twilight felt her mentor’s chest heaving for air. She heard a faint whispering coming from Celestia.

“The sun… Without me, it’s going to fall…” Celestia turned over and had to resist the urge to scream in agony from just the one movement.

Twilight grabbed one of her hooves, “What can we do to stop it?”

Celestia slightly shook her head, “Stopping i- it isn’t g- g- going to be a- a- an option…” She trailed off with a small cough that brought blood with it.

“Then what choices do we have?” Twilight questioned.

Celestia smiled wistfully, “I- I- I w- was t- trying to t- tell you…” Her attempt to talk barred by another coughing fit.

Twilight leaned in closer, “Please, save your strength! You’ll survive! I know it!” Twilight exclaimed while powering up her horn and trying to summon her magical strength.

The stress was getting to her though, and the power wasn’t nearly enough for what she needed to do. Celestia breathed in once more and shook her head slightly.

“P- Please, S- S- Stop worrying s- so m- much… T- There is a- a- another w- way,” Celestia whispered to her student.

“What is it?! Can it save you!?” Twilight asked urgently.

“I- I’m not s- sure how t- to use t- them, b- but t- tell your f- friend, R- Raze about t- the D- Dragon Balls… H- He should k- know how to u- use them...” Celestia’s breathing began to slow as Twilight nuzzled into her neck.

“No, No! Celestia, don’t leave me!” Twilight broke down as Celestia’s heartbeat finally stopped.

The sun faded out as the moon rose into the sky. The only Alicorn left being Luna that held a celestial object in the sky. The sword in Mythic’s hand also became a heavy black useless blade.

He tried forcing magic into it, but nothing happened.

“WHAT DID SHE DO TO MY BLADE!?” He roared while ponies around the area silently sobbed for the loss of one of their leaders.

Twilight stayed by the side of the cold body as she felt the wind begin to pick up once more. Her left ear flicked and her horn seemed to be feeling a strange energy. Mythic noticed the change in wind current and backed up slightly.

“What is this? What are you doing, Alicorn?!” He exclaimed at the teary eyed Twilight.

She got up and summoned the magic she had left, “I’m not sure…” Her horn flashed, both her and the body of Celestia disappeared from view as the wind picked up broken pieces of earth which were being thrown in Mythic’s direction. He quickly flapped his wings and went high into the air.

Twilight appeared beside Rainbow Dash and Octavia with Celestia’s body as they watched the sky for the oncoming thing that was happening at the moment.

He looked around for the source of the wind and looked high into the sky south of the castle. A crack in the sky seemed to be opening. Slowly but surely it became greater in size. Lightning crackled around as white light poured out of it.

The ground shook below and birds flew away out of fear. Trees fell in the forests below and earth dislodged itself from the ground into the sky above.

Far in the desert, the portal surrounded by agents was growing smaller. Dinosaurs began to disappear from the area foreboding area shut inward on itself.

Soon it stopped, but the sand still shook with ferocity coming all the way from the events currently taking place in Canterlot.

~Inside A Blue Box~

“WE’RE COMING IN FOR A LANDING!” The Doctor exclaimed with a mad grin upon his face.

Derpy’s laugh mixed in with the mad pony in a box while Raze sat to the side of the insanity. He kept looking at the picture he had in his hands.

‘It was fun, but we’ll see each other again soon, I promise!’ Raze said while seeing the smiling faces of Ken, Kira, Lyra, and even Bon-Bon who had joined in on their last big photo to commemorate the time spent in the other Equestria.

He quickly folded the picture and put into his new sash. He got up and held onto a support bar. Derpy also grabbed one as the Doctor put his hoof up to the brake.

Discord wrapped himself around one of the bars and joined in the laughter.

“HANG ON!” The Doctor yelled as he pulled the emergency brake.

~Back outside the widening portal~

Twilight and the others watched the sky above town from where they were as it began to glow brighter and brighter. Suddenly a small object broke free from the portal as it soared down into the town and out of sight.

‘What was that?’ Twilight questioned herself as she saw Mythic coming down toward the group.

~Back inside the Blue Box~

“WE’RE GOING TO HIT A HOUSE!” The Doctor yelled as the ship shook wildly.

Raze hung on to the guard rail for life alongside Derpy and Discord who were still laughing despite this new revelation.

They hit the ground and begin to grind into it as the house got closer in the camera view. The Doctor pulled harder on the emergency brake as the ship slowed down. The TARDIS got closer and closer to the house until it stopped just after chipping a piece of paint off the wall.

Smoke rose into the air and from the inside as the door opened and Raze ran out while holding in the precious little air he had. Discord flew out along with Derpy and the Doctor fell out of the doorway.

“I didn’t even know this ship had literal brakes!” Raze said while looking at the smoking box.

The Doctor pushed himself back up, “It’s always been a feature and it’s usually always on! I’m a little forgetful like that…”

Derpy flew through the air with a joyous look upon her face, “We’re home! We’re home! And why is it so dark?”

Discord looked around with a serious frown, “Somethings off… Wait a minute…”

“I feel it too! It’s coming from the castle!” Raze said while feeling the ominous energies coming from that area.

Discord closed his eyes for a moment. He opened his eyes wide with realization.

“We need to go now, Raze! Something is about to attack the other ponies and Celestia is gone!” Discord exclaimed as he grabbed Raze’s shoulder.

“What do you mean?! Why is Celestia gone?!” Raze asked the Chaos God.

“She’s dead! And he killed her!” Discord roared in anger.

“Who killed her?!” Raze asked once more.

“He’s some blonde guy! I’m going to kill him, or have you do it!” Discord said with steam rising from his ears.

“Uhhh… Okay! I’ll do it!” Raze said with a smirk.

“So, when we teleport you will end up beside the evil guy. Do something heroic and hurt him, or I will get you back after I kill him.” Discord said with a grunt.

“I’ve never seen you so serious before…” Raze trailed off with slight worry.

“Get used to it for the time being.” Discord finished as they both disappeared.

The Doctor and Derpy frowned.

“You forgot us!” And they were left alone in a random part of town.

~The Main Scene~

Twilight flinched as she readied herself for the attack.

Mythic raised his fist powered up by magic and thrust it downward at Twilight, “THIS I-” His fist was stopped by another hand grabbing his arm from the side.

Mythic looked over at the newcomer and his eyes widened.

Raze looked at him through narrowed eyes, “You’re pissing me off!” He then smashed his own fist into the side of Mythic’s face and launched him into the castle.