• Published 10th Apr 2018
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Kulaas ahrk Dovah - SkarinOfAtmora

While studying the Tree of Harmony, Princess Twilight Sparkle stumbles upon and releases an ancient evil hidden deep beneath the tree itself. Luckily, she also releases the only one who can stop it...

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2 - Awaken

First thing he felt waking up was a draft of cold air. Not that he minded, it was actually refreshing. Sounds of water droplets hitting the stone floor in random intervals followed "Dungeon... " he said quietly. When he tried to move his arms he found they were chained to a wall as he felt resistance. He was on his knees, arms chained above him and bars infront of him "Damn it... "

"Princess! " an unknown voice caught his attention but since he was barely concious it mattered little to him "It's awake! " this got a quiet laugh out of him Guess I've been called worse... Still, where in Oblivion am I? slowly opening his eyes he found his suspicions confirmed. Cold, dark and damp Dungeon... But where? one thing he noticed about the guard was the golden armor but everything else was hazy Damned Thalmor got me. And I'm naked... well, almost naked. The one remaing item of clothing were his leather trousers but without his gear he might as well be naked. Then he heard footsteps echo through the dungeon, probably this Princess comig to see him "You better not try anything funny while our Princess is here! "

"Oh bite me you Thalmor bastard... " defiant to the end, a true Nord "Sovngarde Saraan... "

"Was that a threat? " a sword came to his neck, the guard's face obscured by shadow. And that's when he heard the most divine voice in his life.

"Calm yourself, Storm Hammer. " the guard quickly stood to attention which earned him a snicker from the chained individual "I thank you for your effort in guarding our guest- "Guest? Thalmor really have bad manners. Or a dark sense of humour. I'd say both..."-but I assure you I can take it from here. " he tried to see who the voice belonged to but it was too damn dark. By the dark sihoulette he confirmed it was a female but there was something strange about the helmet she wore. It was elongated and had a horn on the top, unlike any he'd seen before. Also, he could swear she had wings.

"If this is how you treat your guests... " he felt their eyes fall on him "I wonder how you treat your enemies, dear Kulaas... "

"Why, I simply send them to the moon. " she answered with amusement, though not quite jokingly might I add.

"Which one? " his question seemed to catch her by surprise as silence followed it.

"I'm afraid I do not understand. "

"It's simple, wench... " the guard was already drawing his sword but the Princess, not taken kindly to the insult, stopped him anyway with her arm extended "I asked which moon. Masser or Secunda? " more silence and confused looks followed "I thought Thalmor were smart. " said Princess turned fully towards him.

"Where do you think you are? " she asked.

"In a dungeon? " he answered in annoyance.

"Well, yes, but what I meant was, where. "

"Solitude perhaps? Know you Thalmors like to have your little gatherings there ever since you set foot in Skyrim. "

"What is this Skyrim you speak of? And why do you keep calling us Thalmors? " now it was his turn to stay quiet. Her tone suggested she had no idea what he was talking about and he could tell when a Thalmor was lying. This was definitely no Thalmor.

"You're not Thalmor? Got me worried there for a moment. " he sighed in relief. He could take on Thalmor but their hospitality was just atrocious. But he wasn't prepared for what she said next.

"No, we are not. We are ponies. " a long silence followed before he finally spoke.

"I'm sorry, WHAT? " his question was answered when the Princess finally stepped into the light and he was NOT prepared for what he saw. A being unlike any he had seen before stood before him, her equine looks confirming she was telling the truth. But unlike the equines he knew about, she looked beautiful. Dare he say like an angel? A weird thing to think about your captor, right? Her equine features toned down just enough to let the more human ones stand out. Her body was that of a goddess, or at least blessed by one. He also confirmed for certain now that she had wings and a horn. But what he was drawn to the most were her big magenta eyes.

"We are ponies and I am Princess Celestia, co-ruler of Equestria, a country on planet Equus. You are in the city of Canterlot, or as you said, in it's dungeons. We also have only one Moon that my sister raises at night while I raise the Sun in the morning. " a small smile followed her explanation to which she only recieved a blank stare "And who might you be? "

"You lost me at Equestria princess. " he was still staring at her What in Oblivion are you talking about?

"Show some respect you hairless- " Storm Hammer was ready to smite this arrogant creature but once again Celestia calmed him with a simple gesture.

"It's fine Storm Hammer. If I were in his place I wouldn't fare much better. " a smile graced her lips once more which he found soothing "We can go into details later, but for now, just tell me your name. " she continued to look at him with that warm smile and after a little thing he gave in.

"Skarin. That is my name. "

"Pleased to meet you, Skarin. " she hummed in thought "Skarin... A strange name indeed. You are not from Equestria are you? "

"It may be strange but it is mine. " and after rattling his chains a little he continued "And no, apparently not. I'm strating to think I'm not on Mundus either. "

"Is that your planet? Mundus? " she asked while inspecting him closely. She could see he was a warrior and a well experienced one at that, judging by the scars and very muscular body. Her guard made an astute observation about him being hairless, though not entirely. There was hair on his head, long and blonde, and his face but not all of it was covered. His chest was somewhat covered in hair and that was about it. His blue eyes were sharp and little wrinkles showed his age and experience. A blue leaf-like tattoo was painted on his right cheek.

"I guess you could say that, LAAS... " Skarin whispered the last part, hoping they wouldn't notice what he just did.

"I'm flattered you think I'm young enough to be called that. " another smile.

"Where's my gear? " not wanting to waste time he cut right to the chase. This time the guard answered.

"We have stored your weapons and armor in a safe location until we decide what to do with you, prisoner. "

"Some of my guards told me it was dangerous to let our guest-" shooting a look at Storm Hammer "-have his weapons with him. "

"You think my weapons make me dangerous? Good, keep thinking that. " the way he said it unnerved the two ponies in the dungeon but he then continued "Just tell me why I'm here. Did I start a drunken brawl in one of your taverns? I tend to do that a lot lately. " this question confused Celestia "Wouldn't know how I got there in the first place. "

"Do you not remember what happened? " she asked in concern.

"What did I just say? " he frowned at her.

"Perhaps this will help. " Celestia extended her arm towards him.

"What are you do-AAAAARGH! " as soon as she touched his forehead searing pain erupted in his mind and it all came back. The cave, the screaming, Alduin, Celestia, some others he didn't recognize and then nothing. When the rush of memories came back he was finally wide awake and gasping for air "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? " he tried to lunge at her but the chains kept him in place. Celestia jumped back and Storm Hammer drew his sword ready for anything. Celestia knew what he was asking about and her face turned to sorrow. It was the exact same question he asked once he was freed of his stone coffin.

"I- " Celestia began but was cut short.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU DID? ANY AT ALL? " he was struggling against his chains and Storm Hammer, to his horror, saw them slowly being pulled out of the walls. These chains could hold minotaurs for Celestia's sake!

"Step back Princess, I'll handle him! " Storm Hammer raised his sword in preparation. The chains broke out of the walls and Skarin stumbled forward but quickly regained his footing.


"Please calm down- " once again Celestia was cut short.

"I will not calm down! And you can tell the guards behind that wall to either come out or get lost before I turn this place to dust! " Storm Hammer grinned in satisfaction.

"You can't use magic here. There's dampeners all around your cell. It's the most secure cell in all of Equestria! "

"Time to test that. FEIM! " in an instant his body became ethereal and Skarin simply walked out of his cell. Now the hiding guards ran out and attacked him to defend their Princess. If only they didn't go right through him and hit the cell doors which were charged with an electricution spell that promptly knocked them all out. Skarin was so taken aback by this development he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at the downed guards "Ooookay... " Storm Hammer was at a loss for words. Celestia decided to use this, let's say mishap, to try and calm the situation.

"If you would please calm down so we can talk like civilized ponies? "

"I am not a pony and I will not calm down! " his ethereal form faded and Storm Hammer saw this as his chance to strike. Before his sword could connect, a finger-snap was heard and he vanished along with his fellow guards. A voice followed the snap, one Celestia knew all too well.

"I'd do as the lady says, Skarin. "

"Discord. " she glared at the draconequus. Now she was certain he knew more than he let on.

"Do I know you, creature? " he was slowly reaching his limit for the day. He was this close to shouting the place apart.

"Of course you know me Skarin! And before you ask Celestia, your guards are in their beds sleeping like babies. " pyjamas appeared on his snake like body along with a sleeping hat and a teddybear in his hands.

"SPEAK BEFORE I-MMPF! " a large pacifier appearing in his mouth stopped Skarin from finishing.

"Yes, yes before you shout this place apart, yadda-yadda. You're getting repetitive, Dragonborn. " Discord smiled a toothy grin when Skarin spit out the pacifier and focused his glare on him.

"Dragonborn? " Celestia chimed in and looked at Skarin.

"My dear Princess Celestia, you are now in the presence of the one, the only, the legendary- " lights, camera, action! "Dragonborn! " Discord's voice now had an echo to it and he was wearing a tuxedo "Coming to you from the frozen land of Atmora, standing at an imposing 6'6'' and weighing in at 300 pounds I present to you Skarin, the Last Dragonborn! Thane to half of Skyrim and Harbinger of the Companions! Heart-throb of many young ladies-URK! " Skarin grabbed Discord by the throat and ended his little show "Also known for his charming personality! " he croaked out.

"Let him go! " Celestia grabbed Skarin by the arm but he wouldn't budge. Now she finally realized how tall he was, even taller than her who was the tallest pony at 6'2''.

"Who are you? " Skarin growled at Discord who, strangely, began tearing-up.

"Y-you don't remember me? " he asked with tears already starting to flow. Suddenly he disappeared in a poof of smoke and reappeared besides Skarin "But we had so much fun together in the Blue Palace! " a hip-bone popped-out of nowhere into Skarin's hands "With you know who... " he whispered into his ear making Skarin drop the bone. Finally the Princess decided she had enough.

"What is going on Discord? " Celestia stepped in between him and Skarin "How do you know him? " she wanted answers and she wanted them now.

"Dammit... " Skarin huffed in annoyance "Why'd it have to be him? Of all the Daedra ever, why him? "

"Oh my dear Celestia, Skarin and I go a loooooooooo- " a smaller Discord presses the fast-forward button on a remote and speeds things up. There we go "-oooong way back. We go so far back I wasn't even Discord! " his body began shifting into something new and once it was done a man stood in front of them, shorter than both Skarin and Celestia "I was know as Sheogorath. " he finished with a wide grin "And now we really need to talk. " and with a snap of his fingers, they were gone.

Meanwhile in another part of the castle...

The memory was still fresh in Luna's mind, her hands still trembling. Never had she expreienced something so terryfing in her long life. The black dragon broke free of the stone encasing him and began thrashing around wildly. Twilight could have gotten seriously hurt, or even killed, hadn't the warrior in bone armor put himself between her and the dragon's sharp talons with his shield.

"GET AWAY FROM HERE! NOW! " Twilight wasted no time and ran as fast as she could towards her and Celestia. The dragon tried with another slash but once again the warrior blocked it, giving Twilight a chance to escape. The guards attacked the mighty beast but Luna could only watch as the dragon simply swatted away their guards like flies, leaving them barely alive in the process. The warrior then began shouting among the ensuing chaos.

"PROTECT THE STATUES! " his deep voice still reverberated in her head and left even more questions. What was so special about the statues? Why did he risk his life when one was almost destroyed by the dragons tail? She remembered casting powerful offensive spells at the dragon but they simply bounced off it's skin. The warrior's blade, however, managed to cut through it and the dragon roared in pain. It looked at it's attacker and spewed fire at him that engulfed him completely. In that moment Luna could have sworn the dragon spoke, almost as if it was an incantation.

"YOL TOOR SHUL! " it may just be her imagination but she would have to look into it. If it was indeed a spell then it was a very powerful one. And also very dangerous.

"THIS IS BETWEEN YOU AND ME ALDUIN! LEAVE THEM OUT OF IT! " Alduin. The name those nobles said at court. The world eating dragon. But how could such a small dragon eat a whole world? He was at least a dozen times smaller than the dragons she knew. Maybe it was figurative?

"The Scroll. " Luna came to the realization that Star Swirl wrote a book about this topic. She hadn't read it herself but it would appear her sisters and some of the nobles did. Alduin is mentioned in that book "It cannot be a coincidence. " Luna mentally reminded herself to find a copy and read it to help shed some light on the situation. As soon as the chaos started, it also ended.Alduin somehow managed to burrow through the tunnel Twilight came through and escape into the world. That was not a good thing.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? " he was angry, that much was clear. The way he threw away his helmet, his eyes burning with rage as he approached them. It felt as if another dragon was in the chamber with them "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? YOU JUST- " that's when Twilight used her magic to knock him out, with his own shield no less.

"I'm sorry... " that was the last thing Twilight said before fainting into Luna's arms. She was currently in the medical wing of the castle with her brother Shining Armor standing watch just in case. The warrior was carried of in a magical aura by her sister and placed in the dungeon for security reasons. Luna had a really bad feeling about all of this. She knew it was bad, but not how bad. Luna needed answers. Steeling her nerves and calming her trembling hands, Luna stood up and headed towards the library. If only Twilight was awake, the little mare knew her way around the library like Luna in the Dreamscape. This will take a while.

Medical wing...

Shining Armor was keeping a watchful eye on his little sister. It's been hours and he hadn't moved an inch. When the Princesses returned with gravely wounded guards, his sister and some unknown creature he had no idea what was going on. After a brief explanation by Celestia, Shining Armor decided to watch over his sister with one of the guards keeping him informed on the state of his injured troops. They were not in mortal danger anymore but were very lucky to have survived. From what Celestia told him, the mysterious creature saved his sister's life. He had to find it, well, him, from what Shining could tell, and thank him properly. For now, the only thing that mattered was his sister.

Author's Note:

Couldn't get that laptop and my phone is getting slower and slower as the chapter gets longer. So I decided to split it into two.

Before you question Skarin's height and weight, he is Atmoran, from the actual continent of Atmora in the north. I imagine the Atmorans to have denser bones and tissue, hence enchanced strength, durability and also they weigh more. Kinda like the Asgardians in Marvel comics.

I'm also on the lookout for a good anthro Celestia picture to put up as a cover so if you have any in mind leave the link in the comments.

See you next time! :moustache: