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This story is a sequel to Anon’s a Villain Again

Well, I believe the title says it all. It’s been a couple years since his last conquest, and Anon decides to conquer the world because he made a bet with Celestia. This time, he ain’t McCluckin’ around. Welcome, to the finale of this trilogy.

Featured on March 17th, 2021

Author’s note: Y’all, I’m sorry this didn’t come out exactly when the last one reached 500 likes, but I didn’t think it’d come this fast, Jesus.

Chapters (5)

Long story short, I was a brony. I woke up one day to find myself in Spike's body. Dream come true, right? I'm in Equestria, I could interact with my favorite ponies, etc.

Well, as it turns out, I just happened to wake up right at the beginning of Season 1. Which could only mean one thing: I can change the future of Equestria. I could solve problems prematurely, prevent disasters from happening, and keep Twilight from going insane.

So now, my mission isn't to hug my favorite ponies, but to make sure everyone gets a happy life.

Chapters (81)

With Princess Twilight soon becoming the ruler of Equestria, Discord decides she'll need all the help she can get. With so many villains who think beating six magical ponies is very easy, he knows that the best way to help is to gather Equestria's greatest villains and learn from their mistakes.

And that involves A LOT of roasting! Time for Dr. Discord to teach them how to become (actually good) villains!

Chapters (12)

Discord grows tired of Twilight and friends not getting that chaos magic is unlike theirs. So he then decides 'What if they were to see it for themselves'... And that was how Equestria was unmade.

[This story was a long work in process and I'm hyped to show it, this story would have been pretty subpar were not for my editor George. I owe the awesomeness of this story to his skills.]

Part one of the chaos trilogy

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves Episode 21: The Cybermen Invasion of Equestria

Twilight's clone, Thalia, has been born. A converted, human Celestia has been ordered to obtain the Elements of Harmony and destroy anything in her way. An army of wretched creatures has appeared within the Everfree Forest. The Doctor seeks to unravel the mysteries of Discord Whooves's past. Secrets will be revealed, breaking points will be tested, and the impossible will begin.

Chapters (7)


Whether they are supermen with incredible strength and speed or alicorn princesses with the power of magic, they fight a never ending battle to uphold truth, justice and friendship. They are the pillars of the world, keeping it safe when all else fails.

But what if those six pillars are reduced to one? Can a single hero hold up the weight of the world? That is what the new ruler of Equestria Twilight is trying to figure out when a superhero enters her life. Strong, fast, impossibly white teeth, the hero All Might is the lone pillar that holds up his world. And perhaps this hero can show her how to be that lone pillar.

Or perhaps she will show him why one pillar cannot stand alone.

Chapters (30)

The day had been saved, the ultimate life form known as Kars beaten, those were Joseph Joestar's thoughts as he closed his eyes and plummeted down to Earth. He smiled as he believed his bizarre life was about to come to an very honorable and heroic end. He was underestimating just how bizarre things can be as when he opens his eyes he finds himself as a pony in the world of Equestria. How will the young Hamon user handle this sudden change, find out after he finishes yelling, "OH MY GODDD!"

Coverart created by SemiJuggalo check them out on DeviantArt

Also fair warning, all flashbacks and references to the show will be based off the English dub, both because I personally enjoy and because I have seen no less then five different subs online (no real difference beyond saying Hamon instead of The Ripple, but I just figured I'd say it before someone commented)

Chapters (12)

Charlie, local human, has made a discovery about how things work around these parts as opposed to the home turf. Or at least has decided he's made a discovery.

Twilight happens upon him just as he's about to test this.

Lunch is involved.


Now with reading from Straight To The Point Studio

And also some guy who wrote it I guess.

Chapters (1)

A genuine oblivious simulator.

Watch as pony after pony, throw themselves at you!

And you simply act borderline retarded.

Contains Mild Cursing And Lots Of Sex Slang!

I Wrote This As A Gift To My New Mate MDCommissioner!

It's dumb and silly but I hope you still enjoy luv!

Art By PonutJoe, check source for link.

Bloody Featured On 1\19\20 & 1\20\20 & 1\21\20 & 1\22\20 & 1\23\20 & 1\24\20!

Chapters (6)

After watching The Steven Universe Movie on a loop for almost a full day a Human falls asleep and is shocked to wake up as Spinel and oh boy is she not prepared to deal with the Magic of Friendship

Featured 9-12-19 (apparently)
I have never made one of these stories before so I hope it's at least passible.

Chapters (22)