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With Princess Twilight soon becoming the ruler of Equestria, Discord decides she'll need all the help she can get. With so many villains who think beating six magical ponies is very easy, he knows that the best way to help is to gather Equestria's greatest villains and learn from their mistakes.

And that involves A LOT of roasting! Time for Dr. Discord to teach them how to become (actually good) villains!

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Hmmm, I like where this is going. Will follow.

Ok first chapter gots me curious of where this is going, Heh Niicee.

Ok im hooked past villains coming up for a chat with discord to essentially get roasted at being villains fun idea. Niiiccce


No Chrysalis, you aren't a joke!

That would be giving you too much credit.

Wait ......why isn't discord roasting himself as well since he is following his rooms rules , or is that saved for a later chapter?

Because he needs to give the diagnosis to the patient. He's not the patient yet.

Look on the bright side, Chrysalis. You've come the closest of any villain short of Tirek (who would have just trashed everything). No mean feat by any stretch.

Next time at "make me a better villain"

A certain bacon hair unicorn will be our next guest

This was a practice round?
Oh ah, ah, Im getting stronger? :pinkiehappy:

Hah chaos noodle, sombra is never a bright villain. I mean he can become part of the shadows right? So he can not take a hit and hide in the shadows

Discord carried out that last joke,

With Relish. :moustache:

Let me guess... a horny red centaur


And that horny red centaur has a BONE to pick with us

“Nope, I’m just your friendly neighborhood draconequus willing to hear out a former baddie. Though, if you’re looking for a therapist, I’m sure I can introduce you to this lovely wolf fellow in Ponyville. His voice is like a symphony for the soul.”

Am I hearing things? Because I'm pretty sure that's a shout to the great Dr. Wolf........ Awesome!:pinkiehappy:

You heard right!
Thanks for noticing

Funny i thought he would say" be a great hero , cause your bad at the villain business tata." As the joke but this was a pleasently funny at the hair

He should be glad Maud didnt go for a cheap shot. :pinkiecrazy:

Plot, or Narrative Causality.

You know?

The stuff Pinkie rewrites during the show so she doesnt have to break the laws of reality? :pinkiehappy:


Wait, shouldn't his crotch be under his tail?

“AAAAH,” screamed the Discord puppet, “IT’S SATAN!” If the tension in the air was a bubble, it was definitely popped by a chainsaw, as Tirek was too busy being confused to be intimidating. “Satan? Who in Equestria is that?”

Yowie-Wowie! I get the reference

And hoo... boy, those fish girls gonna hit the salt SO bad, in they 5° anniversary of Rainbow Rocks

Discord started reclining in the air. “That’s called tough love my dear. I’m not the spirit of kindness.”

No but he knows such a pony...who has also learned how to employ tough love.

I'm really curious, Cozy Glow now can have a good time with Discord because she said Fluttershy is the best pony LOL. XD

Plöt didnt cause tirek to lose ,he just wanted to flex on them ponies.

Discord plays Fortnite?

If he doesnt like the 2012 version, he can always update it with the 2020 version. :pinkiehappy:

Or was it 2019.

Which decade is it again?

This goat might have been fake, but the bell is oh so real.:trixieshiftright:

Well I'm curious about what he is going to say to Adagio, about her being a sex appeal to all the male teens from the universe LOL.

That was an arrow? I thought it was to the combine mix of Tirek’s human half and his horse half

Mmh, that’s a good suggestion thanks.


Sorry, Thought you were referencing Fortnites recent total island destruction, black hole, and reopening. Was such a big deal in gaming, got on the BBC new site.

and her reaction about the popular waifu vote go to Sonata as the sexiest siren, she will freak out, while she is great as affair, Sonata and Sunset is the best waifu material LOL. And Aria would have envy about their two LOL

Well let’s pretend I did make a Fortnite reference. After all I’m funky-fresh with the kids these days. I can do the most hardcore of dabs! My default dance is lit!

(I don’t know what I just said I never played Fortnite)

Mother-bucker, good to see best trio coming in now . I'll spam call discord as much as I want thank you very much

Whoa ok I did not realise there was that many trio names to make use of as refrences for the dazzlings. Discord deserves the fork drawing stab lol.

Coming up... Hail Starlight Cobra Hydra Hitler Glimmer!

Featuring: :trixieshiftright:

Okay either you've been spying on me or you are the best at educated guesses. Either way...

NO SPOILERS!!:raritystarry:

Basically it was a guess, and let's be honest, Starlight is a version of Trixie, just on steroids :rainbowlaugh:

I take it there wasnt much ash for the Roomba to Hoover.

After all,

Slim Pickins? :pinkiehappy:

I noticed discord's mug said "world's best Q" which he is lol

I can imagine in the next chapter Discord will make a few, when I mean a few, I mean a lot of pranks on them. LoL

The next villain is such a cyka blyat.

Let me guess... Gloriosa Daisy?

You will learn the communism ways and you are gunna like it starlight!

You could've been closer.
Here's a hint just for you...
He's introduced as a major villain, but not only does he only appear for a total 10 minutes, but gets overshadowed by a much edgier villain.

Also he was Sabretooth that one time.

Almost wrote themselves into acorner with that movie. Fortunately they could Canon Pinkie DEM into that corner as well.:pinkiehappy:

Stormy should be glad it wasnt the Queen Of Hippos. It be like Battlechess with King Prawn. :trollestia:

"You like makin fluttershy into art huh?
Well you aint gunna do that here no nono i got the perfect place for you on the mooooooooonnn, BEEEEEEYOOOOTCH" storm king shoulda been launched to the moon still good and satisfying reading storm king launched.

On top of that, Sombra can spawn crystals that basically work like short-range versions of Chrysalis's throne. And his plan to beat Discord? Just spam basic beams, and not even try spawning any. :facehoof:


A horny red centaur

Goodnight, everybody!

So is discord gunna get ouut orrrr...stay grounded now , though it would be nice side spin-offs of the other villains that were'nt in the show.

So now we part, at least Discord can Piece out with Pinkie? :pinkiehappy:

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