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During the time Twilight and Spike visit alternate versions of Equestria whilst trying to stop Starlight, one of the worlds had an anomaly of the extreme, diverted so far from the original that an entirely new world had been created.

The only remaining resident of this world decides that he won't just disappear.

Chapters (31)

Used to be called Element of Strength.

This fanfic was inspired by A New Hero

As the time for Nightmare Moon to return draws closer, Celestia gives birth to a son she names Fire Sword. To her surprise he ends up being an alicorn. Knowing he will have a role to play when her sister returns. When his mother disappears, Fire Sword joins Twilight Sparkle on her quest to defeat Nightmare Moon and bring Celestia back as they make new friends, as well as keep old ones from Canterlot and undergo the journey of a lifetime to study the magic of friendship.

Updates weekly now.

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This story is a sequel to Changing Expectations

When ages are segmented and divided in the annals of history, it is done so with great events as breakpoints. The Second Age of Heroes was unanimously declared to have started with the return of Princess Luna and the changeling Invasion of Canterlot.

For thousands of years, the changelings survived beneath The Great Tapestry, that which connects all living and nonliving things. Hundreds of generations worked endlessly to keep their existence a secret. With one command from Queen Chrysalis, the Masquerade was broken.

In a single night, the changelings waged war against Equestria and took the Kingdom by storm. Months later, the war between changelings and ponies has ended. A new tapestry, a new story, must be woven between the two species. Equestria and the Fifth Hive have gone through a dark chapter and have emerged stronger for it.

One war ends and another begins.

As The Sword of Damocles hangs above the heads of the formerly-human King Phasma and his Equestrian counterparts, the forces of light must work on an ever-shortening window before war once again brings Hell to Equus. Dark powers grow in the places that the light does not reach, and they bring one irrefutable truth.

Epitaph is coming.

Cover art by Nixworld.

Special thanks to my pre-readers!

Chapters (31)

Jack came to Equestria.

Unfortunately for Jack he came to Equestria tens of thousands of feet above the ground.

Jack very promptly died in Equestria.

This is how falling works.

Chapters (17)

This story is a sequel to My Faithful Student

After being trapped in the past by a botched spell. Twilight was almost free to go home before a tragedy struck. Now staying in the past with her two new daughters and a kingdom under her, Twilight Sparkle, the Eternal Queen, shares her time with her foals before her return to the present.

In the present, a pony finds a certain journal left behind from those Forty Long Years, a pony who wishes nothing but revenge upon the Eternal Queen. A pony who hopefully, after seeing all the trials and tribulations of the Queen, will learn that forgiveness is the answer to her troubles. Or at the very least, learn the name of the Queen to enact revenge upon her immortal being.

Sequel to the very successful and well received, My Faithful Student, which was Co-Written by me and FadFreaky

(Coverart made for this story! Thank you Glitteronin!)

Chapters (36)

The daily lives of the royal princesses, often times is pretty simple. Wake up, raise or lower their celestial bodies, hold court, meetings, sleep, and repeat. Oh, and dealing with their infuriating nephew! Overall, things aren't all that easy for them but it's manageable and mundane.

But when an innocent wish came true, both sisters are now facing a new Blueblood. One that can be considered better, yet for some reason, this version seems to have forgotten how magic works and keeps looking at the world like a newborn baby.

So what happens now? Did their wish actually come true? Is it some sort of act? Has he been replaced by a changeling? And what does this new Blueblood mean for Equestria?

Only one thing is for sure, shenanigans will appear and a lot of ponies are about to spit their coffee. Look out Equestria! There is a new Blueblood on the loose, and this one might actually be worthy of the title 'Prince'.

The 'Romance' tag is for events that happen later on the chapters

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Thank you so much for giving me a hand!
Initials in the chapter titles denotes who to thank/blame for the majority of the edits in that chapter.

Now with a Russian version!
Link: https://ficbook.net/readfic/8253964
By: Mariness

I made this out of curiosity and intrigue, so there is no need to take too seriously. This takes place during season 8 before Spike got his wings.

Rated ‘Teen’ for language, mild violence, and graphic depiction of cuddling. Ratings could change at any moment depending on how the story progresses.

Chapters (133)

Aurora is a unicorn filly with the mind of a human, however, the said human does not remember much from his old life on earth, just bits and pieces.

Being born in Canterlot to a unicorn family she quickly discovers that her unusual dark coloration makes most if not all ponies wary of her, and her social life confusing and full of different emotions. As she grows and develops, she sees the world differently than most ponies, making her curious and adventurous. And that leads to... Complications down the road. Especially when the Magic Of Friendship develops in Equestria at the same time.

If that's not making it difficult to adapt to her new environment and body, a certain white alicorn makes Aurora hooves full of mysteries and plots to solve, making it difficult to learn magic and have a life of a simple filly at the same time.

[The first five chapters are 'test chapters'. I plan to remake them in the future.]
[See tags for warnings please.]

Chapters (18)

In the middle of the night seventeen year old Blake awakens when he suddenly finds his body changing into one both different and familiar.

From normal human male to equine mare goddess of night, he or rather she will now be spending alot more time up at night then usual.

Sex tag for references to the act and not explicit sex

Chapters (23)

Twilight Amicitia Aurora Sparkle:

"Goddess of Harmonic Forces"
"Crownprincess of Equestria"
"The Protector of Pony Kind"
"Goddess of Magic"
"One of the divine three"
"Heavensent of the Stars..."

That all were just a few of the many titels the youngest alicorn princess of Equestria was known too.

It sure might be nice and had it´s benefits to be a kind of litteral goddess. Yet she herself couldnˋt care less for her near omnipotence and limitless wisdom.

What were all her titels; powers of the god of gods; all the knowledge one could wish for and an immortal live and body worth when one had like no actual friends?

After breefly seeing five young mares at their honoring ceremony. Just barely some hours after they averted a recent threat, she decides to taste her luck and aproach them in friendship - after all friendship is a kind of harmony, isn´t it?

An alicorn seen as an omnipotent goddess by her subjects. Approaching five seemingly ordinary mares...what could possibly go wrong about that....

G5, it's ponies and events are seen as uncannon and never to be happened (or happening) for this story and it's arc. Familiar names used are solely for the purpose of "Royal Friendship" and it's separate alternate universe storyline.

Cover Art made and used with Permission by zidanemina . Definitely check it out. Thatˋs some serious quality over there!:raritywink:

Chapters (7)

Morality. It's something that everyone knows, yet is subjective to each being. So, when ones way of life is threatened, their morality is put into question and they need to defend themselves, most would go to extreme methods. But what if the weapon that they make gets their own sense of morality? Forged through fire and blood, was a warrior, made to be the perfect fighter. However, he was left incomplete. He wanders, trying to find something that could make him whole.

Note: Sex is implied, though not detailed. Death and minor gore is prevalent from chapter to chapter, though nothing graphic.

Cover by Tyotheartist1 on twitter and instagram

First two chapters have been rewritten as of January 2023

Chapters (28)