Lunar Soul

by ShadowedKnight68

First published

Being the bringer of darkness and forever night isn't easy.

In the middle of the night seventeen year old Blake awakens when he suddenly finds his body changing into one both different and familiar.

From normal human male to equine mare goddess of night, he or rather she will now be spending alot more time up at night then usual.


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On the late night of Saturday a full moon shone down on a house, the clouds seemed to part to allow the moon to shine as if a strange magic kept it uncovered, the house that the moons light focused on was a regular house that held a regular family, all except for one.

A seventeen years old boy named Blake lived in this house, a somewhat oddity among his family, as his mother had brown hair, and his father had yellow, a child of the two would be expected to have either of their hair colors or a mixture, Blake had none of the options as his hair was pure black from the day he was born.

The color of his hair had part in his name, but what really cemented his name was the dark smudge shaped birthmark on his thigh, it was darker than most birthmarks but the doctors had said it was a common thing for children to be born with and that he wouldn't suffer any consequences from it.

How wrong the doctor was…

On this night of the full moon lying in bed was Blake who had been sick for the last couple of days, an illness the doctors said was a common cold, but Blake had never experienced a cold like this.

I shivered under my blanket even though I wasn't cold I was far from it, I was sweating and dying if heat but the moment I would gladly the blanket off I'd be freezing and the sweat on my body would feel like ice water, so I suffered beneath my blanket.

My entire body ached, all it's joints and muscles felt like I had done every exercise known to man without resting, I could barely move without feeling spikes of pain, so instead I remained motionless, sleep would normally be the best option to escape my sickness but tonight I couldn't sleep no matter how tired and exhausted I felt, my body would deny me rest.

Looking towards the digital clock on my bedside table the numbers showed it was eleven fifty eight, almost midnight, and for some reason my body seemed to shake more from that thought, I couldn't tell why but today my body seemed to dread midnight, all day it was like I was watching a countdown timer, unknowing what the countdown lead to.

As I stared at the clock, I suddenly felt a spike of pain shoot through my head, the pain forced me to wince and my vision became blurred, the numbers on the clock becoming unreadable and white blobs took their place, I closed my eyes groaning, a migraine...of course it was a migraine.

I suffered from them often throughout my life, the pain in my head that made me experience a pain I never thought imaginable, like a metal spiked fist punching my brain, it hammer in my head leaving me unable to do anything for hours, I remembered the countless days where I laid in bed for hours suffering through the pain in my head unable to stop it he just having to suffer through it, a wet rag normally on my head to "help" the pain, it never did much.

The pain would become so bad I'd often ask God himself just to let me die so that the pain would end, afterwards when the pain had ended I'd thank God he didn't listen, I didn't really want to die, I still had plans for my life.

I wanted to become an animator some day, make cartoons that kids could actually enjoy, unlike most current day cartoons that were lame jokes meant for children just to look at the colors and listen to the jokes, I wanted to make cartoons with actually story that a kid would be eager to see the next episode, much like I had when I was younger, cartoons had really lowered from greatness since I was a child.

These thoughts brought a faint smile to my face before they were washed away by the hammer of pain in my head reminding me of my migraine, normally I'd grab some migraine relief pills but they were in the kitchen and my body did not want to move, my normal escape from a migraine was sleep but I couldn't even do that.

I was screwed, I would have to suffer all night until the migraine would end, most likely hours from now, opening my eyes I saw the white blobs in my vision but forced my eyes to focus on the clock, forcing the blobs to vanish so I could see the time, luckily it worked though it cause pain in my head I watched as the clock went from eleven fifty nine to twelve o'clock, and with that I felt pain rush through my entire body.

Eyes shooting wide open and opened my mouth to let out a yell of pain but no sound came out, my body felt like hot needles had been rammed into my body, into my joints and muscles, I twisted and turned in my bed causing more burning pain but I couldn't help it the pain was making my thrash around.

I felt my legs fully stretch out before I heard a popping and cracking sound, fear running through me I forced myself to look towards my feet fighting through the pain, I saw my left foot pointed straight out, it cracked again before it got longer, I clenched my teeth together in pain as I felt the pain of it, my left leg cracked and popped as it changed shape.

Although I wanted to scream I couldn't force a single sound out from my mouth, I watched with horror as my leg shifted and cracked looking nothing like a human limb, I even lost feeling in my toes, as they all became hard and unmoving, forcing my hand to grab the blanket I pulled it back so I could see my leg, the blanket slowly slid up from the end of the bed before I saw something that made want to puke, instead of a foot I found a fleshy tube like stump, pulling the blanket more I saw the stump was attached to an animal like leg having a backwards knee joint.

Shaking I stared at the leg, the pain in my body now forgotten as fear had filled all my thoughts, this wasn't something that just happened right? Legs don't just transform into this, was I dreaming? That had to be the answer but I thought you don't feel pain in dreams? Then this was reality? Or maybe a cold induced hallucination?

My thoughts were everywhere rushing around like bees in a hive, but they were pushed away when my other leg fully stretched out and made a crack and popping sound, shaking my head and grabbed my leg trying to stop what I feared was coming next, it was a futile effort as my right leg transformed to match the left.

After the second change I was left panting and gasping, as the two newly transformed limb shook and twitched, trying to move my toes the stumps simply just moved.

Forcing my eyes shut and tried to think this through, trying to calm my mind of this impossible change, but once more my thoughts were pushed to the side when I felt a pain in my spine and chest, my back arched as I felt my spin pop and elongate, I felt something push through the skin on my tailbone, looking behind me I saw what could only be described as a tail grow out from my body, eye twitching I now knew I was insane, though that realization would have to wait because my chest suddenly popped outward and I lost the ability to breathe.

I furiously tried to sukc air in but couldn't get any to my lungs, like I had gotten the wind knocked out of me, I gasped and grabbed at my chest pulling at my shirt and ripping it off, I looked at my now popped out ribs my stomach narrowed down and my waist sucked in, my guts felt like they were being forced through a straw now, tears filled my eyes as I fear I would suffocate, as my vision began to go dark from lack of air I suddenly felt air fill my lungs, gasping and breathing in as much beautiful oxygen as I could a smile came across my face.

Thank you God for giving me air once more, panting I looked back at my body finding a very dramatically changed form, all that looked like my original body was my arms which now looked strange on my weird hairless animal body, I wasn't even sure what animal my mind had made my body look like.

This nightmare hallucination or whatever it is freaked me out and I wished it was just over with, but then my right hand shook before outstretching, realizing what was happening I watched my hand slowly clenched into a fist, try as I might I couldn't open my hand no matter how hard I tried my hand remained in a fist.

My fist popped and cracked as it began turning solid, I shook my head trying to pull my fingers apart with my other hand but it didn't work, my right hand soon became a solid stumb, tingle spread up my right arm as it grew longer and tube shaped, my right arm now was a fleshy tube longer than my left arm, but that changed fast as my left arm changed as well until I was left with no hands, freaking out and waved the stumps around and grabbed at them or attempted to wind so had nothing to grab with.

I panted and laid my head down on my pillow looking up at the ceiling, I really hope this is a dream of something because I had no way of living a normal life if it wasn't, I was now a human with a hairless animal body.

I felt a sudden burning in my back and I rolled into my side forcing my head to look at my back as my back shifted and looked like something was beneath the skin, that was when strange limbs grew from my back and stretched out, they looked like featherless wings, now lay outstretched on the bed that twitched, I had featherless wings now….ok….

Shaking I looked away from my back, that was when my neck tightened and popped stretching, I choked as my neck grew longer and thicker, when were my changes going to end? How much more would change?

I was given my answer as I felt my face burn, eyes wide I shook my head at the fear of losing my face, but it did nothing to stop it as my face elongated and my nose melted into my face, soon I had a muzzle, my teeth suddenly sharpened until I had all sharp teeth in my mouth, feeling around with my longer to tongue I had to remember not to bite it when I talked otherwise I'd probably lose my tongue, my eyes began stinging as I forced then closed they then became larger nearly popping out of my skull but that transformed as well to fit them, my ears moved up to the top of my head and became longer and pointier.

Panting I moved my stump hands up and rubbed my transformed face, I now must have looked nothing like my human self, that's when I felt a burning between my legs, no no….I lost my body you are not taking that from me!!

Desperately I tried to grab with my stumps the one thing that there me male, the burning got worse and j felt as if a hit metal spike was stabbed between my legs, the pain forced me to let go and it sunk into my body, rummaging the smooth spot tears filled my eyes as I had lost my gender, and now was replaced with the opposite it seemed, this couldn't be reality, it just couldn't none of it could be possible.

Tingling went across my body was I felt tiny needles spread up my body starting from my legs, looking down with my fear filled eyes I watched as dark black fur crawled up my body like a blanket, the fur moved around my birthmark strangely but that soon began burning before purple fur grew from it and in the middle light blue fur grew in the shape of a crescent moon.

The black fur spread up my body covering me completely in black fur, my face even became covered, the naked wings on my back though soon grew black feathers becoming large black wings, the naked tail suddenly sprouted blue hair that grew longer, my scalp burned as my black hair became longer and turned the same shade of blue as my new tail.

Panting I sighed hoping the changes were over, once more my wishes were ignored as I felt a pain in my forehead before a spike shot out from my head, looking up I saw a black horn sticking out.

I needed to see what exactly I had become, I had a full body mirror in my room but it was in the corner and I couldn't see my reflection from my bed, I shakily moved my legs off the bed attempting to stand before collapsing tongue floor with a thud, my legs felt weird now and I don't think I could stand on them alone, put my arms under myself I pushed up and shakily stood on all fours, my long arms perfect length to allow myself to stand up straight much like an animal, closing my eyes I had to keep those thoughts out of my head if I didn't want to break down, looking at the mirror I careful walked there, walking on all fours I was finding it harder than expected especially with these large wings just limply dragging to my sides.

Making my way there I took deep breaths to try and calm myself, my entire body shook as I got closer to the mirror, my breathing getting quicker the closer I got, I closed my eyes as I moved in front of the mirror, slowly I opened my eyes and jumped back falling to my ass as what was in the mirror looked like a nightmare horse, it had freaking slitted blue eyes like a cat or snake! Plus it looked like work reformed horse as it had somewhat human features.

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I looked at what was my new reflection, swallowing my now dry throat, I stood back up and moved closer to the mirror, my reflection did the same, strangely I recognized this reflection somewhat, it was familiar but I don't know why, it was missing something but I just couldn't put my now non-existent finger on it.

That was until my hair and tail were engulfed in a blue glow as they began floating and turned to magical like energy, looking like a cloud of stars, and with that I knew why this reflection looked familiar, I'd seen it in a show I had recently started watching and come to enjoy, a character I liked a lot, I was Nightmare Moon.

Now I knew this had to be a dream, people don't turn into living cartoon characters...right? I mean I was definitely her, just thinking about the current gender I was made me sad, of course I liked Nightmare Moon but why did I have to turn into her? I had no problem with the female gender but suddenly being turned into one I didn't like.

This had to be a dream, it just had to, if it wasn't then my life was very, my dream of being an animator was down for, without hand I couldn't draw, even if I could who would hire a freak if nature?? Clenching my sharp teeth and glared at the reflection as tears filled my eyes, if it wasn't how was I supposed to love like this?

Tears streamed down my face as I began sobbing as I fell to my haunches, my new ears folded against my head, my body shaking as the sobs wracked my body, my tears hitting my carpeted floor, I was a freak and my life was over.

As I sobbed my ear twitched and bent in the direction of the door as I heard it open, eyes widening I looked in fear towards it as a figure stepped into my room.

"Blake…?" A female voice spoke.

Blake's mother had been awakened by strange sounds and as she followed them she heard crying in her son's room, opening the door and walking in she called his name "Blake…?" She tired looked to his bed finding it empty, looking around the room she found it a bit hard to see anything in the cake room but her eyes soon fell onto two blue slitted eyes staring s there in the dark, jumping back and hitting the door she stared wide eyed at the eyes.

She fumbled across the wall before finding what she was searching for and flipped the lights on, the room was filled with light and she had to squint from the sudden bright light but she saw in the corner of the room by the mirror was a large winged creature sitting in the floor.

The creature had been blinded by the light it seemed judging from its closed eyes, taking this opportunity she looked around the room for she son but froze when she saw Blake's shredded clothes on the bed and floor.

No it couldn't be possible, he son couldn't be dead, but he was nowhere and his clothes were shredded, this monster was in here as well, she shook her head as tears fill her eyes,her sadness turned to day and she looked at the monster the now looked to be recovering from the light, she ran at it grabbing Blake's bat by the closet "where is my son?!" She roared with anger as she raised the bar up.

The creatures eyes widened and it went to stand up, she quickly swung the bat connecting with the creatures face, the hit sent a vibrating through her arms nearly making sure drop the bat, the creature stumbled but pressed itself into the corner shaking.

"Where is he?!" She went to hit it again from not being answer but stopped when looking into it's eyes, those eyes she had thought were monstrous now were full of fear, she could even see the fur surrounding the eyes were wet, were they from tears? It looked afraid even before she grabbed the bat, but what would a monster like this be afraid of?

It was standing by the mirror when she came in which didn't make much sense, she figured it would possibly try to escape through the window after taking she son but it was far away from the window, the only reason it would be by the mirror is if it was….trying to see itself...Blake's mother looked at the terrified creature and shook her head, no no what she was thinking couldn't be true it was impossible...but standing in front of she was something impossible, taking a deep breath she spoke "B-Blake?"

The creature nodded its head still shaking.

I nodded my head looking at my mother, shaking after she had hit me with the metal bat, the pain still stinging in my cheek though a lot less than I had expected after being hit by a bat.

My mother dropped the bar putting her hands to her mouth "oh my God...Blake… did this happen?"

"I..I don't.." I stopped talking after hearing the voice of Nightmare Moon, looking to my mother was also surprised by the voice, I liked back to floor I couldn't look at her she looked so afraid of me "I don't know mom….I..I just became this…" I had once liked this voice but hearing it leave my mouth made me despise it.

"'s going to be ok Blake...I'll...we'll figure this out" my mother went to touch me but I flinched, I didn't mean to but after she had hit me my body had just expected another hit, seeing her reaction made me want to cry, she looked shocked before horrified at realizing what she'd done, she pulled her hand away "I'm...I'm sorry...I'll get your father…" she rushed out of the room.

I thought to follow her but decided against it, I didn't need to freak dad out the moment he woke up, shaking I remained where I was but it was getting harder to stay put, the light it hurt for some reason, I felt like I had a bad sunburn, I needed to get out of the light but I couldn't just leave the room or hide under the blanket no I had to stay here and wait for my parents, but it was getting harder to stay in the light it hurt so much, my entire body shook.

I can't, I can't do it...the light stop much, make the light stop...make the light stop….MAKE THE LIGHT STOP!!! With that yell I felt a warmth engulf the horn in my head and the lightbulb in my ceiling fan popped returning the room to darkness.

I jumped from the sudden popping and looked up at the ceiling fan with the now shattered bulb smoking...did I do that? this thought passed through my head I suddenly heard rapid footsteps coming closer form down the hall, fear gripped me and I scurried deeper into the corner for the room.

The door burst open and there standing in my room was my very tired looking father, he was squirting try to look around in the dark, I shook remembering my mothers reaction, my father would react very badly and I don't think I'd survive a bat swing from him.

My father looked in my direction and jumped most likely seeing my eyes, he then began looking around the room quickly and with a sickening knot in my stomach I realized he was looking for a weapon to hit me with, cowering to the floor I awaited his assault.

More footsteps rushed down the hall before entering room as my mother quickly walked to my father "honey calm down it's Blake!"

"What?! Blake doesn't have those eyes!" My father yelled.

My ear swiveled away from my head as I heard a clicking sound, I recognized it was my light switch being flipped.

"What?....Blake honey what happened to the lights?" My mother asked softly.

"T-the...the bulb popped…" damn that voice, it sounded nothing like my original and most definitely put more doubt in my father of him believing I'm actually me.

"Well replace it-" my mother spoke before being interrupted by my father.

"Rebecca forget the damn bulb! There is some…" my father fumbled with his words lost in trying to find the correct word to describe what I was " our sons room and our son is missing!!" His anger returned.

Thinking quickly I remembered a moment from my past "d-dad….remember when I was eight a-and we want sledding during the winter and we found a large snow covered hill, and I went down it on my sled b-but we did know that at the bottom the snow was pushed up to form an unintentional ramp and I was sent flying through the air before landing upside-down" I chuckled from the memory, though frightening at the time it was funny to remember, looking down at my new hooves I doubted I'd be having those fun times ever again.

Looking back up I saw my father with a shocked expression "I...only we would know that….Blake? that really you?"

I nodded "yeah dad….it's me…"

"I.." my father put a hand to his head struggling to process this.

"We should wait till morning to talk about this more" my mother offered "and maybe Blake will return to normal by then…"

"Rebecca…" my father seemed to try and doubt her but gave up "yeah...maybe your right" he sighed rubbing the bridge of his eyes before heading out the room "Rebecca you coming?"

"I will in a bit, I want to make sure Blake is alright" she looked to my father who nodded and left, she then turned to me.

"I...don't think I will be alright for a while" I sighed hanging my head.

My mother frowned and walked over before hesitantly ridding my cheek, she then looked surprised "oh wow...your cover in fur…."

I chuckled softly "yeah…"

"Sorry I was surprised, come on let's get you into bed and we can all try and get some rest" she motioned for me to follow her to the bed which I complied and followed her to the bed, currently I was equal height with her which was something new, before I was at shoulder height with her, lifting my long front legs I climbed into the bed before laying on my side and resting my head on my pillow.

Laying down felt so odd now, my body was so differently shaped, the long legs that ended with hard hooves though it was hard to tell where the leg ended and the hoof began, I couldn't see an edge or anything, pulling the legs in to my chest and forced my eyes closed so I wouldn't have to see the body that wasn't my own, but even in my mind I couldn't escape it.

Thoughts of my ruined life went through my mind, I couldn't go to school like this, I couldn't face my friends at least the few that I had, but now any hope of making more were crushed as I was some real life cartoon freak!

Tears formed in my eyes as I pushed my face into my pillow, my mother seemed to have noticed as she sat down on the edge of the bed and began rubbing my new long neck, she ran her fingers through my hair which calmed me, when I was younger she'd do the same to help when I had nightmares, the irony in that didn't amuse me.

"It's going to be alright Blake…" she comforted as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I hope so.." my voice is soft as I'm beginning to fall asleep, my eyes feeling heavier and heavier before sleep takes me.

I laughed evilly before reading up on my back legs and slamming my front hooves down onto the elements, their shattered fragments scatter around me, the pathetic little lavender unicorn in front of me looking distraught "you little fool! Thinking you could defeat me! Now you will never see your princess or your sun, the night will last forever!!" I laugh maliciously as my main and tail swirl above me.

My laughter is cut short when I heard indistinct shouting coming from down the hall, the lavender unicorn gasps before smiling "you think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony just like that?" She turns to me looking far braver then before.

I frown not liking where this is going.

"Well your wrong! Because the spirits of the Elements of Harmony are right here!" She yells as five other ponies Rush in and stand by her, two pegasi, another unicorn, and two earth ponies.

The elements shards begin glowing and shaking before floating up around me "what?" I exclaimed in surprise and confused.

"Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of honesty" the lavender pony calls as some shards float to the orange earth pony.

The lavender unicorn looks to the yellow pegasus "Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the spirit of kindness" more shards flew to the yellow Pegasus who looked confused and scared at first.

"Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of laughter" she looked to the pink earth mare who excitedly watching shards fly to her.

She looked to the white unicorn "Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift, represents the spirit of generosity" more shards flew through the air and surrounded the white unicorn.

"And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for he down heart's desire, represents the spirit of loyalty" she looked to the blue pegasus as shards surrounded her "the spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us".

I looked over the five ponies with the shards "you still don't have the sixth element, the spark didn't work!"

"But it did, a different kind of spark" the lavender unicorn turned to the five ponies "I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you, the spark ignited inside me when I realized you all…" she had tears of happiness in her eyes as she tried back to face me "are my friends!"

Light erupted from above the six ponies as the sixth and final element descended down, I held a foreleg up to shield myself from the light the element cast.

"You see, Nightmare Moon, when those elements are ignited by the uh...the spark that resides in us all, it creates the sixth element...the Element of Magic!" The lavender unicorn smiled and closed her eyes as the sixth element turned to white ball of light above her before exploding outward in light, each shard came together forming necklaces on each of the ponies necks store the sixth one formed a crown on the lavender mares head, each of the six floated in the air engulfed in the magical energy before a rainbow energy checked above them headed for the ceiling when it abruptly bent down towards me.

My eyes widened as I watched the display, the rainbow energy flew towards me "Noooo!! Nooooooooo!!!!" I yelled as the rainbow energy circled me, the energy burned directly into my very being, it ripped and tore away at my flesh vaporizing it as I was being taken off like the shell of my host, I struggled and thrashed trying to break free as the nearby crawled up my body destroying my form panicking my mind raced for an escape and I realized one, pointing my horn up I focused all my magic and sent it off, I shall be reborn and I shall take my vengeance on these pests!! The night will reign forever!!!!


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I was startled awake from the dream and ended up slamming my head into the wall before wincing in pain, smooth move...that was a crazy dream...I was seeing the ending to second episodes of fim but...from Nightmare Moon's point a view... although it wasn't as weird as the dream before that, that was terrifying…

I rubbed my eyes with my hands...only I felt something hard make contact with my eyes, and I couldn't move my fingers, shakily I pulled my hands away from my eyes opening then and saw the black hooves from last night, it wasn't a dream then…

Closing my eyes I felt the tears return, why couldn't it have been a dream? I could then wake up as my normal nerdy self, go have breakfast with my normal parents, and live my normal weekend normally! That's all I ask for!!

But no instead I have to be miss evil moon! I try lower my head into my hooves only for my head not to budge and to wince in pain as I felt a painful pressure on my forehead, looking up I frown at seeing my stupidly long and sharp horn had stabbed straight through my wall when I jumped awake and was now stuck, pulling my head back I tried freeing it but it wouldn't budge, I pressed my hooves against the wall and pushed trying to get free but still it reminds in the wall "come on!" I yelled in Nightmare Moon's voice or rather mine now.

I growled as I gave a strong tug and my horn popped free "huzzah!" I continue doing back "no no wait!" I fell off my bed with a thud "ow…" the thud had shook my bedside table and my clock fell forward and hit me right on the snout "...ow" it didn't hurt psychically more pridefuly.

Huffing I looked up at my horn where some plaster was stuck around the base of it, I then looked at my ceiling, what a way to start the day….I rolled to my hooves and stood up shakily before finding a suitable position to stand in, my new wings hung limply on the ground fully outstretched "ugh" I wouldn't be able to walk like this.

Looking around my room I spotted one of my sweatpants legs that had been ripped off in the transformation, an idea popped into my head and went to grab it, only for my hoof to just tap it "you've got to be fucking kidding me….ughhh" I grabbed the cloth in my mouth angerly and threw it over my back, I then reached under myself thanks to this long neck which was useful in this situation, I grabbed one end before looking at the other realizing my new problem "son of a…" my voice muffled from the cloth in my mouth, I lifted one leg to grab the other end before crashing to my side since I was used to standing on fours standing on three was beyond me apparently, and I had landed on my wing which hurt.

DAMMIT!!!" I roared in anger which actually shook my room, I was surprised by how loud I was, I had accidentally tapped into the Royal Canterlot Voice gonna have to learn to control that.

Looking at the cloth that had luckily remained draped over my back I found this position actually would be easier to do my idea, I twisted the two ends of the cloth together and then grabbed one end in my mouth while holding the other down on the ground and pulled my head back fighting the knot I made.

Standing up I looked at my wings which were now ride to my sides and off the ground, smiling proud of myself I trotted out of the room and towards the stairs before I stopped...I had just it was nothing...haha! I can walk like this! I immediately then tripped on my legs and face planted into the first step, sitting there for bit I thought about life and the universe and just how much I wished to destroy it all before a took a deep breathing through the carpet and pushed myself up, so I can trot like a model horse but walking is like I'm a toddler, that makes sense.

Growling I looked at my next problem ahead of me, stairs...I loved stairs don't know why, they were a fun thing to have, I've run up stairs on all fours when I was younger and it was a blast...down them though was something I never cared to try...until today…

I breathed in deeply and exhaled before taking a tentative step down onto the next, then another, so far so good, now the back, left one down, now the right, ok...nice and slow...after a few long long minutes I made it down the stairs, I was half expecting robots to be waiting down here with how long it took me, instead I found my father watching the news, I remembered the events of last night again and regretted coming down stairs

Henry had awakened early this morning after not getting much sleep, he did his regular morning routine before sitting in his chair and watching the news,taking his phone out he was curious about something that had happened last night and wondered if it had happened to or if a cure was made, he didn't find anything of the sort, unfortunately.

Returning his attention to the news he let his mind drift, how was he supposed to believe what happened last night actually happened and that he didn't just go mad, it seemed like the thing a mad man would imagine.

Sighing he rubbed his eyes but once he lowered his hand he jumped seeing the large black creature at the bottom of the stairs, it had a cloud of stars on its head and ass as well as a damn long horn sticking from its head, his breath hitched as he looked over this thing in his house before his mind calmed slightly, he had to remind himself that this was his son...even if it didn't look like it..

"Morning Dad…" I forced a smile to try and clam my dad but he seemed to get more unnerved by it, oh teeth…Yeah that definitely didn't look like a calming smile to him.

Henry blinked before shaking his head "uh...good morning..s-son" he cleared his throat, he sounded scared, scared of his own goddamn son..

I hung my head and head for the kitchen there I found my mother cooking breakfast, the smell made me smile eggs and sadness overwhelmed me, I couldn't eat bacon now...I was a horse...horses don't eat meat…

Rebecca turned around after hearing clopping sounds and found her son standing there lost in thought, he looked so sad, forcing a smile she brought a plate over to the counter which was luckily high enough for him "good morning Blake"

I got snapped out of my thoughts and looked to my mother, who was forcing a smile, she wasn't good at hiding her sadness much like me "good morning Mom…" I forced a smile as well.

"I made you some breakfast sweetie" she smiled and rubbed my cheek which actually felt nice before she walked away.

I then looked at the plate with the ever so delicious looking bacon on it, my mouth watered from just looking at the food I shall never be able to eat again...but...I could maybe just...chew it...yeah that shouldn't make me sick, I stopped myself from raising a hoof to grave the bacon and just grabbed it with my mount and began chewing and oh did it taste good, this noches tongue just have higher taste buds because I felt like I was in heaven, all the bacon I've ate in my life was rolled up and fused into this single piece.

I let out a purr noise as she basked in the flavor before I swallowed and went for another I then froze….I swallowed it...oh shit...I'm gonna get sick...stupid super taste buds! They made it taste so good I forgot!!

But I didn't feel sick, I felt fine, raising a brow and ate another piece and after enjoying the bacon and another route of enjoyment I found I didn't feel sick at all from eating the bacon, felt fine maybe Nightmare Moon just doesn't get sick from eating meat? I mean she does have sharp teeth so it would make sense…I ate another piece.

While deep in thought I heard a giggled get stifled, looking up from the plate while a piece of bacon stuck out from my mouth I found my mother holding her phone up pointed at me while smiling, I realized she was recording, she recorded me eating purring...a plush pierced through my black coat "m-mom!" My voice may have been high now but that single word hit higher vocals.

Rebecca laughed "I'm sorry Blake honey but you didn't see yourself, you were so cute!" She showed me the video and my ears pinned themselves against my head as I watched the video, I did look cute, but it was also super embarrassing.

"Delete it! Delete now!" I screeched.

"Never, I'm keeping this forever, oh I'm making this picture my phone's wallpaper" she showed me the phone again and the adorable picture of me was on the screen.

"Noooo" I whined and put my face on the counter, my mother was truly evil.

"Oh hush and eat your breakfast" she chuckled.

Lifting my head I grumbled and ate my eggs, unfortunately those tasted really good too and a big smile came across my face, purring once more, opening my eyes I found my mother recording again "hrr" I glared and she chuckled.

Looking at the remaining eggs, bacon, and toast I did what I normally did, I began making an egg and bacon sandwich, though it was more difficult than usual as I had to do with my mouth but nonetheless I made my sandwich, I proceeded to eat it then which resulted in an explosion of flavor, I kept the happiness inside me just so mother couldn't record it.

I munched the sandwich but like electricity the wonderful flavor was running through my body, I tapped a hoof trying to hold it in, it tasted so good, I tried to force the smile from creeping up my face but I couldn't hold it any longer and lost it to the flavor, I tapped my hooves on the ground with giddy and felt my wings twitch in their restraints, I purred loudly in happiness my tail swishing around.

"Oh so cute" my mother squeaked from behind her phone as she recorded.

My face got redder "mom…."

"Blake our adorable" she chuckled.

"Yeah well...your adorable!..." That was meant to be a come back didn't work how I wanted.

"Thank you sweetheart" she smirked knowing that he intended that to be a witty retort only to fail.

Blake's father walked into the kitchen with a smirk "Rebecca stop teasing him" he soaked over to her "send me that too, I want to show the people at work".

"Gahhh!! Father you traitor!" I yelled pointing my hoof at him "I shall have my revenge on both of you!"

"Don't forget I pay for your internet son" Blake's dad looked at him smirking knowing he won this argument.

"Curses…" I said under my breath as I looked away aware of my lose in this argument, now finished with breakfast I picked my plate up in my mount and walked towards the sink, it was strange not having hands and requiring your mouth for picking up and holding things, the horn s
a top my head would be useful for doing those things but I had not even the slightest of ideas on how to make that work.

"Oh Blake you don't need to do that, I can" Blake's mother walked over to him and took the plate.

"I'm fine with doing it mom…" I went to take the plate back.

"Nonsense….after what you've been through I am not making you do the dishes" she rubbed his fured cheek and walked to the sink beginning to clean the plate.

I was about to argue with her but felt I should just let her, this was her way of dealing with things that troubled her, she would try to make things easier for everyone else even if it meant making things harder for her.

I left the kitchen heading towards the living room only to stop, the curtain was pulled open from the window like usual allowing sunlight in, I had to squint while looking towards the window, I wasn't good with bright light when just waking up but for some reason now it was far less pleasant than usual.

I felt the all to familiar sting of a headache pierce the side of my head and headed back into the kitchen pulling open the medicine drawer and pulled the migraine relief bottle out of it, that was when I realized my next problem….child proof cap….dammit.

Placing the bottle between my hooves on the door I held each side and attempted to get the cap off, I'd rather not think about how humiliating it is that I am being beaten by a child proof cap, growling I pushed down in the cap and turned my to turn the cap but it remained locked, frustration getting the better for me I pulled and chewed on the cap before it suddenly slipped free from my hooves and I stumbled back.

"You ok Blake…?" Blake's father asked noticing his sons struggle.

I spit the bottle on the ground "I'm getting a headache and I can't get the damn cap off!"

"Watch your language" he walked over and picked the bottle up popping the lid off.

I growled in annoyance at how easy it was...hands...those blessed things I now lacked…

Blake's dad looked at the cap of the bottle finding it chewed up "woah….you could have chew the cap off if you sharp are your teeth?" He looked at him.

I ran my tongue across my shape teeth "sharp enough I feel I should remember to take careful as not to bite my tongue off".

Blake's dad stared at his son, this black horse creature that barely resembled any living creature on this planet, was his son….the child he had cared for and raised since birth, the child he loved was now this...thing.

"Dad..?" I looked at my dad who had just been staring at me though it was more like through me, he was deep in thought, a look I rarely saw on my father, he always seemed to know how things were, that fatherly knowledge though seemed to escape him in this current situation.

He shook his head snapping out if his France "sorry Blake here" he shook the bottle into his hand until two pills rolled out, he then handed them to Blake before stopping.

I realized just as he did, still no hands, huffing and opened my mount for him.

Feeling putty for his son he put the pills in Blake's mouth and went to get water for him, filling s glass half way he walked over and out the edge to Blake's mouth slowly tilting it up allowing the water to slowly pour in.

Swallowing the pills I shook my head "bleh" I already hated the taste of pills and the feeling of swallowing something without chewing it down smaller "thanks Dad" I smile softly.

"Welcome, uh how about I put these pills in something you can open? That way you won't need me or your mother to get them for you" he offered.

"Sounds good to both me and pride" I smirked softly as I left the kitchen once more and headed for the backyard, only the door stood as the guard preventing me from leaving the house, I really didn't want to do it but I grabbed the doorknob with my mouth and opened it, once outside I proceeded to repeatedly spit in hopes of getting the taste and germs out of my mouth.

My germ removal was suddenly interrupted when I heard dog barks getting closer, with that I realized I had not seen my dog inside, my head shot up at the realization and I saw standing in front of my was my husky Bear.

Standing wide eyed I looked my let in it's eyes, it looked both curious and cautious of me, no doubt not recognizing me in this form "h-hey bear…." He sniffed the air before barking at me "no it's me your father! I just look different!" I yelled stepping back but found the door behind me closed.

He growled running at me, a ferociousness I've never seen before in his eyes.

I headed for the incoming bite only to feel the door open behind me and my tail to get grabbed and I'm pulled inside, my dad then grabs Bear attempting to keep him from attacking me, I stumbled away from the back door feeling my heart beat a mile a minute.

Looking back outside I saw my dad had successfully calmed the dog that had always been nice to he acted like he'd never met me before...I guess he hasn't seen this me him I'm just some animal invading his territory.

Frowning I headed for the stairs and went up them finding it a lot easier than going down them, arrive by at my room I entered it and climbed back into my bed, I'm thankful my mother had closed my blinds last night which has now left my room in a comforting darkness, though my new eyes are still able to see in it clearly, one useful part of this body I guess.

Taking this time I thought of what to do next and something to rise my mind off of want had just happened...I was in the body of a cartoon character with no idea as to how this happened or how to reverse this, it's not like there's a website that tells people how to deal with his crap...right?

Sitting up I grabbed my tablet from the bedside table with my mouth and turned sit on with the bottom on top, I then attempted to slide my hoof up the screen to unlock it only for it to not react to my hoof, fan fucking tastic...I tried once more with my nose this time and luckily it open, huffing I prepared myself for the annoying task if searching the web using my nose.

After a couple of minutes typing in my search and deleting the mess ups, as well as then scrolling through pages and sights I discovered only stories and what if discussions, not very useful although one was useful in the process of using magic.

Of course I had no clue it would work as no one would really have experience in using unicorn magic, or alicorn as I soon discovered was what I am now, using magic to levitate things was relatively easy from want I read, the people discussing it said they would try to picture a hand picking the item up like you would with your own hand.

It was worth a shot and would definitely help my daily struggled in this body, feeling I had something I could at least do while in this body I turned my tablet off, the lit screen turned to black reflecting my new appearance.

Staring into the new reflection I frowned, not seeing this face and distracting musket with my internet search had somewhat allowed me to forget this was happening...I tried living my day normally but...I couldn't, this body was so different so wrong!

I couldn't change that, I was stuck like this, stuck in this strange body and I couldn't do anything about it, I clenched my teeth in anger but soon felt tears streaming down my face, gripping my pillow I pushed my face into it and closed my eyes, I just wanted to escape this body…

I laughed evilly before reading up on my back legs and slamming my front hooves down onto the elements, their shattered fragments scatter around me, the pathetic little lavender unicorn in front of me looking distraught "you little fool! Thinking you could defeat me! Now you will never see your princess or your sun, the night will last forever!!" I laugh maliciously as my main and tail swirl above me.

My laughter is cut short when I heard indistinct shouting coming from down the hall, the lavender unicorn gasps before smiling "you think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony just like that?" She turns to me looking far braver then before.

I frown not liking where this is going.

"Well your wrong! Because the spirits of the Elements of Harmony are right here!" She yells as five other ponies Rush in and stand by her, two pegasi, another unicorn, and two earth ponies.

The elements shards begin glowing and shaking before floating up around me "what?" I exclaimed in surprise and confused.

"Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of honesty" the lavender pony calls as some shards float to the orange earth pony.

The lavender unicorn looks to the yellow pegasus "Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the spirit of kindness" more shards flew to the yellow Pegasus who looked confused and scared at first.

"Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of laughter" she looked to the pink earth mare who excitedly watching shards fly to her.

She looked to the white unicorn "Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift, represents the spirit of generosity" more shards flew through the air and surrounded the white unicorn.

"And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for he down heart's desire, represents the spirit of loyalty" she looked to the blue pegasus as shards surrounded her "the spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us".

I looked over the five ponies with the shards "you still don't have the sixth element, the spark didn't work!"

"But it did, a different kind of spark" the lavender unicorn turned to the five ponies "I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you, the spark ignited inside me when I realized you all…" she had tears of happiness in her eyes as she tried back to face me "are my friends!"

Light erupted from above the six ponies as the sixth and final element descended down, I held a foreleg up to shield myself from the light the element cast.

"You see, Nightmare Moon, when those elements are ignited by the uh...the spark that resides in us all, it creates the sixth element...the Element of Magic!" The lavender unicorn smiled and closed her eyes as the sixth element turned to white ball of light above her before exploding outward in light, each shard came together forming necklaces on each of the ponies necks store the sixth one formed a crown on the lavender mares head, each of the six floated in the air engulfed in the magical energy before a rainbow energy checked above them headed for the ceiling when it abruptly bent down towards me.

My eyes widened as I watched the display, the rainbow energy flew towards me "Noooo!! Nooooooooo!!!!" I yelled as the rainbow energy circled me, the energy burned directly into my very being, it ripped and tore away at my flesh vaporizing it as I was being taken off like the shell of my host, I struggled and thrashed trying to break free as the nearby crawled up my body destroying my form panicking my mind raced for an escape and I realized one, pointing my horn up I focused all my magic and sent it off, I shall be reborn and I shall take my vengeance on these pests!! The night will reign forever!!!!


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I gasped awake shaking, that same nightmare again…it must mean something, maybe...maybe I became her because of the spell she casted? Ugh why was this happening to me? None of it made sense, this shouldn't even be possible! She's a cartoon character for God's sake!!

Sitting up I rubbed my eyes with my hooves….my hooves, thinking that is just weird...I don't have hands anymore, the things I always used now gone...I don't know how long I can live without hands.

I shook my head to get those thoughts away, I need to focus on something else to try and keep from falling into the pity party, looking up I stared at the horn that stuck out from my head, I might as well try to learn how to use that, just gotta do what the sight said, looking around the room I looked at a sock and closed my eyes imagining a hand grabbing the sock and lifting it up.

I sat for a couple seconds not feeling anything "ok that was worth a shot" opening my eyes they suddenly widened as a bunch of items around the room were now floating in the air "woah…." Looking up I found my horn engulfed in a sparkling glow "I did it!...well there's more than the sock floating but I did it!" Smiling I looked at the different floating items.

Some money, a couple socks, my ruined pants, my phone, some pencils, even some glass from my lightbulb...actually that was probably the most dangerous thing to have floating in the air, focusing on the glass I tried making it lower down, everything then began flying around the room instead of floating "no no wait stop!! Gah!" Ducking down I dodged my phone as it shot at me.

Looking forward I gasped and rolled off my bed as three pencils stabbed into the wall behind him like darts "on god! Oh God!"

I ran around my room dodging different things flying around, crouching down a dodged a bowling ball that flew by...wait bowling ball? We don't have a bowling ball, at that moment a bowling pin knocked me upside the head throwing me to the ground it also made the sound of a group of pins being knocked down at the bowling alley "ow…well...this can't get worse…"

Rebecca looked up at the ceiling down stairs "sounds like Blake's up….he's making a lot of noise…"

"I'm sure he's fine Rebecca...he's dealing with a lot" Blake's father said looking to his wife.

She stood up and walked to the stairs "I'm going to make sure he's alright" she walked up not waiting for her husband's response, knocking on Blake's door she waited for him to answer….she knocked again when he didn't "Blake...honey are you ok?"

"Uh mom…..I need some help…" Blake called from inside the room.

Rebecca opened the door and gasped at what she saw, it was like the scene from poltergeist, things all over the room were flying around in circles, as if a small tornado had formed in the room, her hand flew to her mouth as she saw Blake float by.

"I'm not sure how to stop this" Blake said with a frown as he floated upside down through the room.

"It's ok sweetie I'll help" she stepped into the room walking towards her son, surprisingly she didn't start floating.

"Wait mom no!" Blake called before he crashed into her and they tumbled to the ground, all the items in the room then fell to the ground.

Rebecca looked at her son and grabbed his face "are you ok??"

"I should be asking you that mom…" Blake got off his mother "a horse just landed on you."

"I'm fine sweetie, what was going on though??" She asked with worry in her voice.

"Well when I woke up, I decided to see if I can do magic, upside I can, downside I got no idea how to control it…" Blake frowned.

"Are you ok?" She rubbed Blake's neck, she had to admit, the soft fur Blake now had was pretty nice to pet, subconsciously she moved her hand up and scratched behind Blake's ear.

"Yeah I'm finnnnne…" Blake's eyes went unfocused as he leaned into her scratching which felt amazing.

Rebecca chuckled as she watched Blake lean into the petting, she remembered hearing horses like to be scratched behind the ears, she moved her other hand up and scratched behind Blake's other ear.

Blake's legs wobbled as his tongue hung out, the petting was just to much, leaning into the scratching he slowly fell forward into his mother, he then sat down and allowed his mother to continue to scratch.

"Hehe that must feel good huh?" She smiled looking down at him.

"Oh...yessss…" he closed his eyes enjoying the scratches.

She stopped catching and held his muzzle "your so adorable" she then squeezed his nose.

"Gah no!" He stumbled back "curses! You tricked me with your amazing scratches into lowering my guard! This trick won't work again mother!"

"Wanna bet?" She made a scratching gesture with her hand.

Blake's ear twitched but he shook his head "no stay away!"

She chuckled "ok ok I'll leave you be my little pony boy" she started walking away before stopping looking towards where her son's birth mark would have been "oh you kept your birthmark..but it's also changed? Is that a moon?"

Blake looked back before nodding "yeah the character I turned into was sorta the princess of a pony land that controlled the moon, though who I look like is the evil version of her…"

"Oh wow…." She walked over and rubbed the birthmark, it was so strange the mark was exactly the same only now covered in fur and had a moon on it.

Blake blushed "mom...that's my thigh…"

She blushed "oh!'m going to go now" she quickly left feeling embarrassed.

I watched the door close and looked back towards my thigh, it was strange my birthmark did looked exactly like Luna's or Nightmare Moon's cutiemark just lacking the moon, that had to mean something right? There was no way it was just a coincidence...maybe the dreams were connected too?

But how? Why? Maybe….maybe I was "ngh!" My thoughts were quickly interrupted as I felt a hard migraine hit me in the skull "f-fuck" I whinned stumbling towards the door, grabbing the knob in my mouth I turned it and hurried out of the room, the migraine was right where my home was which prevented me from rubbing that spot.

Carefully getting down the stairs I walked towards the kitchen before I suddenly heard static come from the tv, my migraine slightly forgotten but still there.

Blake's dad raised a brow and tried changing the channel but nothing worked, he smacked his remote but it did nothing.

I walked into the living room squinting from the bright sunlight which worsened the headache, looking at the tv in confusion as to why it had suddenly gone to static when I came down "did the dish stop working?"

"I don't know, it was working just a second ago" Blake's dad said scratching his head.

I looked towards my dad before I felt my horn get rubbed back like it was connected to a string and I had pulled it to it's full length, only the string was getting shorter pulling my head back in the direction of the tv, once facing that way my eyes wideneded as purplish pink electricity sparked across the screen, sparks reached out from the screen towards me and connected with my horn, it wrapped around like a snake before it started dragging me forward.

"Wh-what the hell?! D-dad!! Help!!" I yelled digging my hooves in the carpet to keep myself from going forward though it only resulted in my horn being pulled painfully.

Blake's dad jumped up and grabbed his son trying to pull or push him away, but it was like his son was on a track in that spot, and could only go forward, he let go of his son and ran at the tv grabbing the speaker by it and slamming it into the screen only for the electricity to form a sheild and blast him backwards away, he crashed onto the floor.

"DAD!!!" I yelled in fear watching my dad get thrown, I tried going towards him but it only resulted in me being pulled forward more.

Rebecca walked down the stairs and gasped at what was going on, she ran over and tried pulling Blake away getting the same result as her husband.

"Mom! I-I can't stop!" I yelled as I slipped forwards more, I was only a foot away from the screen now, the fear of whatever may happen when I reached it racing through my mind.

"It'll be ok Blake!" She ran to the outlet and tried to pull the cord free only it wouldn't budge, the electricity then sparked up from the outlet and shocked her making her let go.

"Mom!" I suddenly was pulled forward and I went face first into the screen, expecting to slam my face into it I instead sank into it like it was water, the static screen rippled as I was pulling it, I pulled my head back but my legs were pulled in, struggling and thrashing around I tried to get free.

"Blake!" Rebecca yelled running to her son and trying to pull him free.

Blake's dad groaned and saw his wife trying to pull their son from the tv, he got up and rushed over grabbing his son and pulled with her, they weren't able to pull him free and didn't even feel him getting pulled out in the slightest.

Tears filled my eyes as I looked at my parents "mom dad! Wh-what do I do?? I'm scared!"

"It's ok Blake! We'll figure this out! We aren't letting go of you!" Blake's dad yelled as he put his feet on the edge of the tv and pulled with everything he had.

Rebecca did the same pulling "we are not letting whatever this is take our son!!"

I felt myself start to get pulled out from the tv by them causing a smile to grow on my face, I looked at them smiling with now tears of joy before I suddenly felt the electricity grab my horn once more and with a powerful tug I was pulled back into the tv my hoof reaching for anything to grab and accidentally catching my mother's necklace breaking the chain, both my parents lost their grip, I was sent into into a static tunnel watching the rectangle window leading to my living room slowly get further away, my home getting further from reach.

"Blake!!" Rebecca yelled running at the tv but her hands just hit the screen.

Blake's dad grabbed at the screen trying to reach in, both parents looking in fear as their son was dragged away into the static void.

I screamed as I flew through the static void, thrashing around I tried to grip anything but felt nothing, slowly the static turned to many different colors turning to a rainbow tunnel, ahead I saw a bright light making my eyes widen, memories of the nightmare I've been having showing similarities to what was happening now "I don't want to die!!!"

Plunging into the white light I suddenly crashed into cold stone, my head clacking against the ground sending a jolt through my skull, wincing I laid on the stone panting, everything hurt and I smelt smoke, I also heard a group of people gasp.

Shakily I looked up opening one eye and looked around, a gasp escaped my own lips as what stood around me were none other than the Mane Six, looking around in panic I found the old castle of the sisters around me, stumbling to my hooves which clopped against the stone and echoed through the halls.

"U-uh T-Twi….why is Nightmare Moon here??" Applejack stuttered looking at the mare she thought they defeated long ago.

"I-I don't know!" Twilight was just as shocked at seeing Nightmare Moon standing before her.

I looked at each of the mares in front of me backing up further, I looked around for how I got here but I'd don't see anything of the sort, I needed to go back, back to my parents, where was it?? Why isn't it here?!

Twilight glared at the mare and lit she horn "don't move!"

I jumped my head turning back to Twilight "where's the portal?? D-did you bring me here?? Send me back!" I rushed towards her but suddenly felt a sharp pain strike me in the face from the left making me stumbled back, looking to the left I saw Applejack with her back turned towards me her back hooves just now returning to the floor, she kicked me in the face.

"She said don't move, ah suggest you listen!" Applejack glared.

I stumbled back away from them "wh-what do you want from me?? Why did you bring me here??" I was freaking out, none of this should be happening! I should be back home!

"Twilight why aren't you sending her back?" Rainbow Dash asked as she flew up next to Twilight.

"I can't...for some reason the spells not working!" Twilight said in panic.

"What?" I looked at her hearing what she just said "what do you mean?? You brought me here! You cAN SEND ME BACK!" I yelled accidentally going into the Royal Canterlot Voice.

The girls stumbled back their ears folding back from the loud voice.


Breathing heavily my whole body shook before I roared in anger throwing my head upwards blue electricity sparkling and crackling across my horn igniting it and blasting blue magic upwards blowing a hole in the ceiling, rocks fell down smashing into the ground.

The girls panicked running around dodging the falling rocks, Twilight teleported to each one teleporting them out of the castle.

I jumped as the rocks fell, stumbling around I dodged falling rocks, looking to Twilight I tried making my way towards her only for a large stone block to fall in my way "h-help!"

Twilight teleported to Fluttershy and glared at Nightmare Moon after she called out to her for help "help yourself…" she teleported out with her final friend.

"N-no wait!" A rock fell smacking into my back nearly sending me to the ground "gah! P-Please! Don't leave me!!" I yelled as I dodged more rocks, one hitting me on the head sending my vision into a blurry mess, I kept myself standing trying to clear my vision, I saw a hole in the wall and rushed for it dodging more rocks, though more hit me as I ran for it, I jumped just barely escaping a large chunk of the ceiling.

Rolling onto the ground I looked around finding the forest around me, standing up I tried to walk only to freeze in pain "f-fuck!" I winced as one of my legs throbbed in pain, pulling the leg up to my chest I slowly limped away towards the forest I need to find a way home.

Greet and Freak

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Twilight looked towards the castle which now stopped collapsing, she couldn't help but think about what Nightmare said, she asked her for help? She knew Nightmare could teleport, she was probably just trying to trick her into letting her hands down so she could attack her.

Fluttershy glared at Twilight "why did you go back for her?? She asked for your help!"

Twilight's eyes widened at the outburst "she was probably just trying to trick me...she caused the collapse and could easily teleport out herself Fluttershy!"

"But what if she couldn't Twilight? Maybe her magics not working or something? We have to make sure she isn't hurt Twilight" Fluttershy pleaded.

Twilight looked back to the castle and teleported in, even if Nightmare moon was bad there could be a chance she actually needed her help, she flew in the air as not to cause more of the ceiling to fall, she looked around but didn't see Nightmare anywhere, while looking she suddenly spotted her stumbling towards the forest, flying through one of the broke windows she chased after her.

The other girls saw Twilight fly off towards the forest and chased after her.

I limped through the forest looking around but mostly keeping my eyes on the ground so I don't trip, my leg didn't hurt as much so I could walk on it but only just barely, none of that matters as my mind was racing I'm in a fucking forest after being sucked into the tv!!

"I need to find a way home but I also needed to avoid those ponies...they attacked me...but they're the good guys in the show...they still left me for dead...the were just scared...I asked the for help!! Agh!!!" I slammed up against a tree as a spike of pain went through my skull, my mind was beating with a headache, I can't think straight…

Looking forward I found my vision going in and out of focused "I..think...I have a concussion...or migraine" I stumbled forward "maybe theres a doctor….who help large talking monster horses...yeah monster horses doctor...hehe and he's a horse of course hehe...oh that's a slope."

I proceeded to slip and fall down the slope rolling till I landed at the bottom, my head spinning and making me want to vomit, I then proceeded to vomit.

Shakily standing back up I stumbled away from the slope, my feet...hooves barely even lifting up now, I felt so tired...maybe some!! Sleeps not good with concussion...but is with migraine….wait is there even aspirin here…?

Where is here? I've just been looking down, looking up I saw I was in a familiar town...with scared ponies running….oh I'm in pony ville hehe.

"Hi little ponies…." I stumbled around after them, one crawled under a wagon, looking under I smiled "silly pull these not go under them hehe" I then fell forward on my face with butt in the air.

The pony ran off seeing a chance to run.

Standing back up I continued through town stumbling and dragging my feet "Hello!" I called waving at other ponies as I followed them, two ran into a building and slammed the door just as I was about to come in, my face pressing against it as I kept trying to walk before backing up "hey….." I knocked on the door "knock knock…."

My ear twitched waiting for a response but nine came, frowning I tried looking through the window but the curtains were closed "hmm…."

Following other ponies around trying to greet them with little success I noticed my vision would focused for a second before blurring, looking around I saw some shops, houses, I think a gingerbread candy house….oh wow I really do have a concussion, looking right I saw a tall pony with wings and a horn, she don't look ok, kinda sick...oh wait...that's me….oh I don't look good..

My world spun and I stumbled as everything went black for a second until coming back I heaved, my stomach not finding anymore to push up and out.

"Nightmare Moon stop" twilight and the girls had ran into town finding the ponies running around scared, she expected a fight with Nightmare Moon but instead...found a her in very bad shape.

Fluttershy gasped and tried running over to her but Rainbow Dash stopped her.

"Woah woah,how do we know this isn't a trick??" Rainbow dash asked.

I meanwhile stumbled over, I heard muffled voices and saw colorful shapes, I couldn't really tell what these people were voice though sounded soft and welcoming….

The girls stiffened as Nightmare Moon stumbled over, the angry or malicious expression she usually had now was pitiful looking, she looked pained and confused, her eyes unfocused, body swaying back and forth.

Fluttershy filled and waved her hoof in front of Nightmare Moons face "um...hello?"

"...cloudy...where….why amI...can't think...where's mom?" I fell forward collapsing unconscious.

Fluttershy eeped as the large mare came crashing down on top of her "girls we need to get her help!"

"Fluttershy…" Rainbow Dash was about to disagree till she got glared at, she begrudgingly helped pick Nightmare Moon up walking her towards pony fill hospital.

Fluttershy kept pacing outside the door to the hospital room, glaring through the window in the door at the unconscious form of Nightmare Moon in bed, the doctor then exited the room and she hurried towards him "is she going to be ok??"

He leaned back from Fluttershy suddenly rushing up "well..I haven't treat any Alicorn before but she seems to be fine now...she had a concussion as well as a sprained ankle...her alicorn magic should heal her and bring back to full health in a day…...if that's a good thing..I'm not really sure how I should handle this situation, you and your friends brought in the Alicorn named Nightmare Moon who is also not Luna from what you it such a good idea to even bring her here? She's dangerous...well will be, if it weren't for my medical code of ethics I'd not treat her…"

"I'm certain she's not dangerous…..I think…" Fluttershy wasn't fully sure, she seems to not want to hurt them back at the castle when she easily could have, though her anger unleashed a magical blast that brought the ceiling nearly down on them…She still felt she needed to help her.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and the sound a teleportation spell behind Fluttershy, there now standing in the middle of the hall stood Luna and Celestia, focused and intense expressions on their faces.

"Princesses, I'm glad you got sure, she's still unconscious so we have time to deal with her" Twilight said standing from the chair she been seated in, the three of them making there way towards the room.

"Wait what are you going to do??" Fluttershy had a bad feeling.

"We're going to deal with this" Luna spoke coldly.

"We won't of another pony suffer by Nightmare Moon's hooves again" Celestia had an equally cold tone.

"B-but-" Fluttershy was cut off as the two walked past her into the room.

Once they entered the room they lit their horns and walked towards the bed, Luna's glare intensifying as she saw Nightmare Moon's face.

Yawning I slowly woke up, I don't really remember sleeping….just a crazy dream, opening my eyes I winced as the bright sun hurt my eyes, squinting I noticed...the blinds were shut but then sure was the...light...coming….oh god.

Standing in front of the he was Luna and Celestia, Luna's horn engulfed in blue magic while Celestia's was shining brightly with a golden magic, as if the light of the sun had surrounded her horn.

Scurrying backwards till my back hit the wall "Gwaaaa???" A confused noise escaped out my mouth, not sure what it was supposed to be if it was words.

Luna raised her brow "that….was unexpected…."

"Indeed…" Celestia had a confused expression before she shook her head regaining her fierce look "Nightmare Moon explain how and why you returned!"

"I DON'T KNOW!! Please don't kill me!!!" I screamed hugging a pillow while shaking.

Celestia was finding it hard to keep up her fierce look as she had been expecting Nightmare Moon to either gloat, or attack them, but clutching a pillow and shaking scared.

"Is this a trick?" Luna looked to be sister.

"If it is….Nightmare Moon's been taking classes...she seems genuinely frightened of us, something unexpected of her…" Celestia was trying to understand what was happening.

Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god! Pony princesses are gonna kill me! I don't want to die! Not in this body!! I want to go home!! My body kept shaking.

Celestia looked from Nightmare Moon to the door "keep your eye on her" she walked out the room cautiously, she then brought the girls back in "we want an explanation."

Rainbow Dash suppressed her laughter at seeing Nightmare Moon holding a pillow scared, she still held a grudge for what Nightmare Moon did.

Twilight cleared her throat "we were attempting to uncover the mystery of what happened to Luna all those years ago, it's still unknown what turned Luna to Nightmare Moon, I used a spell to try and bring out any of the energy...but suddenly a strange portal appeared and...she came out of it…"

"Twilight that was very should have told us about this experiment, we would have helped" Celestia huffed.

"I know but I didn't want to bring up bad memories for you both…" Twilight hung her head.

Luna huffed "unfortunately this didn't prevent that…"

"I'm very sorry…" Twilight frowned.

Celestia sighed and leaned to nuzzling her "it is ok Twilight...but we need to deal with the current situation"

"Yes, how did she return without a host….not only that but her personality is completely different" Luna looked to be sister and the elements.

"W-wait….I-I'm not Nightmare Moon! I turned into this a few days ago!" I quickly spoke.

"Then why are you not under her control?" Luna asked not looking to buy what he said.

"I don't know! All I know is a few days ago I was human then I turned into this..then today I was sucked into my tv and brought here!!" My body still shook in fear.

Celestia and Luna looked from Nightmare Moon then to each other, a look of disbelief on each other's faces "what a convenient story…." Celestia looked back to Nightmare Moon.

"Yes and humans, I'm imagining the same from the mirror portal?" Luna looked back to Nightmare Moon aswell.

"M-mirror portal?...wait! There's a local back home?? Please take me there!" My shaking had stopped and fear had vanished, hope had replaced both and I was close to smiling.

The sisters and the same expression once more, that being unamusement "yes I imagine you'd just love to go to the other Equestria and use your magic to its fullest and bring eternal night to that world, maybe send that Celestia to the moon" Luna jeered.

"Hm sounds like a good idea, a world lacking most magic, would be easy for her" Celestia huffed.

My hope immediately drained from my body "n-no wait….I'm really not her...I don't know why I became her….I..I just want to go home…"

Luna and Celestia had their minds set, if this wasn't Nightmare Moon she still posed a threat in the body of her, their best course of action would be to turn her to stone like they had Discord.

"Which I will say was dreadfully boring" Discord jested suddenly next to the princesses

I jumped backwards in the bed slamming my back against the wall "what the fuck is that?!?" Standing now next to the princesses was a snake goat thing! I didn't even know want the call it! Like some kinda chimera or something!!

"Hm well she's as rude as Nightmare Moon" discord huffed crossing his arms "that is Discord"

I stared at him still freaked out.

"..Lord of chaos?" He continued.

I kept staring.

"I make it rain chocolate...I'm the second villain the main six ever fought!!" Discord yelled now annoyed "come on I'm literally a fan favorite!"

"I'm sorry!...i-i don't know anything about you!!" I resumed clutching the pillow tightly.

Discord squinted looking annoyed "well this was more fun in my head...I had it all planned out, boys you can go home now" he waved off a group of discords who had different instruments "a whole song ruined!"

"Discord is there a reason for why your here?" Celestia inquired.

"Well besides a splendid little introduction of myself...that was ruined" he glared at Nightmare Moon "I had sensed chaos magic and had to see what it was, it is my specialty after all and anyone but me using it requires investigation."

"Your saying she caused chaos magic?" Luna looked surprised.

"Oh definitely not" he samples his gallons and appeared shoved Nightmare Moon, he then grabbed the tip of her horn wiggling it around.

"Ow ow" imagine need sticking out of your finger, now picture someone wiggling it around, put that on your forehead and make it bigger, that's what this feels like.

"She has no chance of being chaos magic" discord looked at Nightmare Moon smirking.

I don't like that smirk….it's unnerving….

"So then her appearance here was caused by chaos magic?" questioned Celestia.

"Kind of" Discord floated back over to the princesses.

Luna stomped her hoof in annoyance "tell us already!"

"Oh your no fun" he stuck his tongue out at her "let's say this, her body is chaotic in nature, and her arrival her is as well."

"That's still not very helpful" Celestia looked up at discord.

"Well if I gave away all the answers the world would be boring and bland, which is not my cup of tea" he emphasized by holding up a few cup with Rainbow Dash's name on it.

"Hey! That's not mine!" Rainbow Dash yelled fly up to discord.

"Oh? Then who's is it?" Discord smirked as he sipped from the cup.

"This is getting us nowhere!!" Luna roared with anger, normally she could tolerate discord and his antics but Nightmare Moon here put her in a bad mood "we are turning her to stone!"

"What?!" I yelled in terror.

Fluttershy flew in the way "hold on princess Luna, we don't know if she's actually bad or not!"

Luna's brows furrowed "I know very well had bad she is….I spent a thousand years within her...her tainted mind like a record on repeat while in the moon...if any pony knows how bad Nightmare Moon is it is I!!" She roared extending her wings, a Pegasus intimidation characteristic.

Fluttershy back up, her legs were shaking, and her tail moved between her legs but she took a deep breath and stood back to her full height, trying to ignore the shaking in her legs she spoke "I am very sorry Princess...but what if she has changed?"

Luna looked appalled by the idea.

"I know Nightmare Moon wasn't a good pony….but neither was discord once….we helped to change that, now he's learned from his mistakes and tries to help us" Fluttershy explained.

"This is different! Discord isn't resentment and anger embodied! Nightmare Moon is all my fears taken form" Luna growling looking to Nightmare Moon...who was shaking….terrified...of her, Luna's expression shifted, Nightmare Moon was afraid? She didn't even fear being imprisoned on the moon, she was just angry, never in her entire time with Nightmare moon did she ever feel fear from her, why now? Why did she now look scared? But...but we deserved to right?? After all the things she's done to ponies, all the things she intended to do! She should be scared to be punishment….so then why did this feel so wrong?

Celestia looked from Fluttershy to her sister, then to the supposed Nightmare Moon, she closed her eyes taking a deep breath before opening her eyes "perhaps then an agreement is in order."

Everyone's attention turned to Celestia.

"If Nightmare Moon has truly changed then she should prove it much like discord has, if Nightmare Moon can prove she is capable of friendship then Luna and I have no other choice but to allow her to remain" Celestia declared looking to Nightmare Moon who in return flinched, a reaction that pained Celestia's heart, though separate from her sister, she could not view Nightmare Moon as a separate being, she'd hurt her sister before and could not stand to do so again.

Turning to the Main Six she added "you six being the bearers of the Elements of Harmony are the most equipped to teach Nightmare Moon."

The girls looked at each other wide eye'd.

"Wh-what?? But sister she is a dangerous threat!" Luna ran up to her sister.

"I am aware...and if she is unable to prove her change...then we have no choice but to turn her to stone" Celestia sighed.

Twilight walked up to the princesses "Princess Celestia are you sure...we can handle this?"

Celestia smiled "yes, I believe you and your friends are the best choice for this, and if you cannot help her I doubt anypony can."

Twilight immediately became more nervous but smiled "yup...only us hehe" her eye twitched.

"Then we shall take our leave…" Celestia stated lighting her horn.

"But if she shows any signs of threatening notify us immediately, we will not allow a single long to be harmed by her" Luna glared at Nightmare Moon.

The girls nodded all nervous, and with that the two sisters vanished in a flash of golden light, the girls looked from each other to Nightmare Moon.

What the fuck just happened? I gonna be stone?....I think I blacked out there….why are they all staring at me?...are they gonna turn me to stone?!

Fluttershy walked to the side of the bed "um hello…" she smiled softly.

I jumped now realizing one of them had gotten so close "u-uh hi…"

Fluttershy had jumped from her jumping, she kept her smile "my names-"

"Fluttershy…." I finished for her, I remembered each of their names, each of them had pretty fitting names.

"Oh you know my name?" Fluttershy tilted he head, she didn't remember if Nightmare Moon had been present for any of the times when they said their names.

"Oh wait that was rude sorry…." I felt my ears food, that was a weird feeling, so was my tail moving between my legs on its own, jeez I've seen dogs do it when they're scared, I guess I do it too now…

"It's like looking at twins…." Rainbow Dash whispered to the girls.

"Ah know...they're both just as shy and awkward in a conversation" Applejack scratched her head, she's never seen Nightmare Moon act like this, though to be fair she hasn't seen Nightmare Moon act any other way besides angry and evil.

"Twilight darling...are you certain we persuade Nightmare Moon into friendship??" Rarity asked.

"Persuade?" Twilight raised he brow.

"Yes well I doubt she's going to just agree, I feel well no doubt need to bargain for it" Rarity sighed flipping her hair back.

"Well I'm not giving her anything of mine" Rainbow Dash crossed her arms.

"You won't have to Dash...discord was difficult to get along with" Twilight started.

"And still is" Rainbow Dash added.

"But he's a good friend now, I know we don't have good history with her but...she doesn't look like she's holding a grudge" Twilight spoke while watching Fluttershy and Nightmare Moon.

"So how are you feeling?" Fluttershy asked careful moving closer, she tried to be as subtle as possible.

"My head kinda hurts...and I'm still freaked out about all this….so….I don't really know how I am" I'm a fricken horse...I'm not ok at all but I don't need more people worried about me, mom and dad already worried eyes widened, mom and dad...they must be freaking out, oh god they don't even know I'm ok….am I even ok?? I'm stuck in some other world were I'm a basically a criminal…

Fluttershy frowned as she watched Nightmare Moon who was in deep thought, her frown deepened when she saw tears.

I probably won't be able to see them again...why..why did the hb to a son like me? I'm only causing them pain, I'm useless to them nothing but trouble...while wallowed in despair I barely noticed Fluttershy begin wiping my tears away with a tissue.

"It's ok….you'll be ok" Fluttershy smiled softly.

I sniffled "thank you…"

The other five girls all looked at the interaction in surprise, not every day you see a alicorn villain cry.