• Published 20th Jun 2019
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Lunar Soul - ShadowedKnight68

Being the bringer of darkness and forever night isn't easy.

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I was startled awake from the dream and ended up slamming my head into the wall before wincing in pain, smooth move...that was a crazy dream...I was seeing the ending to second episodes of fim but...from Nightmare Moon's point a view... although it wasn't as weird as the dream before that, that was terrifying…

I rubbed my eyes with my hands...only I felt something hard make contact with my eyes, and I couldn't move my fingers, shakily I pulled my hands away from my eyes opening then and saw the black hooves from last night, it wasn't a dream then…

Closing my eyes I felt the tears return, why couldn't it have been a dream? I could then wake up as my normal nerdy self, go have breakfast with my normal parents, and live my normal weekend normally! That's all I ask for!!

But no instead I have to be miss evil moon! I try lower my head into my hooves only for my head not to budge and to wince in pain as I felt a painful pressure on my forehead, looking up I frown at seeing my stupidly long and sharp horn had stabbed straight through my wall when I jumped awake and was now stuck, pulling my head back I tried freeing it but it wouldn't budge, I pressed my hooves against the wall and pushed trying to get free but still it reminds in the wall "come on!" I yelled in Nightmare Moon's voice or rather mine now.

I growled as I gave a strong tug and my horn popped free "huzzah!" I continue doing back "no no wait!" I fell off my bed with a thud "ow…" the thud had shook my bedside table and my clock fell forward and hit me right on the snout "...ow" it didn't hurt psychically more pridefuly.

Huffing I looked up at my horn where some plaster was stuck around the base of it, I then looked at my ceiling, what a way to start the day….I rolled to my hooves and stood up shakily before finding a suitable position to stand in, my new wings hung limply on the ground fully outstretched "ugh" I wouldn't be able to walk like this.

Looking around my room I spotted one of my sweatpants legs that had been ripped off in the transformation, an idea popped into my head and went to grab it, only for my hoof to just tap it "you've got to be fucking kidding me….ughhh" I grabbed the cloth in my mouth angerly and threw it over my back, I then reached under myself thanks to this long neck which was useful in this situation, I grabbed one end before looking at the other realizing my new problem "son of a…" my voice muffled from the cloth in my mouth, I lifted one leg to grab the other end before crashing to my side since I was used to standing on fours standing on three was beyond me apparently, and I had landed on my wing which hurt.

DAMMIT!!!" I roared in anger which actually shook my room, I was surprised by how loud I was, I had accidentally tapped into the Royal Canterlot Voice gonna have to learn to control that.

Looking at the cloth that had luckily remained draped over my back I found this position actually would be easier to do my idea, I twisted the two ends of the cloth together and then grabbed one end in my mouth while holding the other down on the ground and pulled my head back fighting the knot I made.

Standing up I looked at my wings which were now ride to my sides and off the ground, smiling proud of myself I trotted out of the room and towards the stairs before I stopped...I had just trotted...like it was nothing...haha! I can walk like this! I immediately then tripped on my legs and face planted into the first step, sitting there for bit I thought about life and the universe and just how much I wished to destroy it all before a took a deep breathing through the carpet and pushed myself up, so I can trot like a model horse but walking is like I'm a toddler, that makes sense.

Growling I looked at my next problem ahead of me, stairs...I loved stairs don't know why, they were a fun thing to have, I've run up stairs on all fours when I was younger and it was a blast...down them though was something I never cared to try...until today…

I breathed in deeply and exhaled before taking a tentative step down onto the next, then another, so far so good, now the back, left one down, now the right, ok...nice and slow...after a few long long minutes I made it down the stairs, I was half expecting robots to be waiting down here with how long it took me, instead I found my father watching the news, I remembered the events of last night again and regretted coming down stairs

Henry had awakened early this morning after not getting much sleep, he did his regular morning routine before sitting in his chair and watching the news,taking his phone out he was curious about something that had happened last night and wondered if it had happened to or if a cure was made, he didn't find anything of the sort, unfortunately.

Returning his attention to the news he let his mind drift, how was he supposed to believe what happened last night actually happened and that he didn't just go mad, it seemed like the thing a mad man would imagine.

Sighing he rubbed his eyes but once he lowered his hand he jumped seeing the large black creature at the bottom of the stairs, it had a cloud of stars on its head and ass as well as a damn long horn sticking from its head, his breath hitched as he looked over this thing in his house before his mind calmed slightly, he had to remind himself that this was his son...even if it didn't look like it..

"Morning Dad…" I forced a smile to try and clam my dad but he seemed to get more unnerved by it, oh shit...forgot...sharp teeth…Yeah that definitely didn't look like a calming smile to him.

Henry blinked before shaking his head "uh...good morning..s-son" he cleared his throat, he sounded scared, scared of his own goddamn son..

I hung my head and head for the kitchen there I found my mother cooking breakfast, the smell made me smile eggs and bacon...bacon...no sadness overwhelmed me, I couldn't eat bacon now...I was a horse...horses don't eat meat…

Rebecca turned around after hearing clopping sounds and found her son standing there lost in thought, he looked so sad, forcing a smile she brought a plate over to the counter which was luckily high enough for him "good morning Blake"

I got snapped out of my thoughts and looked to my mother, who was forcing a smile, she wasn't good at hiding her sadness much like me "good morning Mom…" I forced a smile as well.

"I made you some breakfast sweetie" she smiled and rubbed my cheek which actually felt nice before she walked away.

I then looked at the plate with the ever so delicious looking bacon on it, my mouth watered from just looking at the food I shall never be able to eat again...but...I could maybe just...chew it...yeah that shouldn't make me sick, I stopped myself from raising a hoof to grave the bacon and just grabbed it with my mount and began chewing and oh did it taste good, this noches tongue just have higher taste buds because I felt like I was in heaven, all the bacon I've ate in my life was rolled up and fused into this single piece.

I let out a purr noise as she basked in the flavor before I swallowed and went for another I then froze….I swallowed it...oh shit...I'm gonna get sick...stupid super taste buds! They made it taste so good I forgot!!

But I didn't feel sick, I felt fine, raising a brow and ate another piece and after enjoying the bacon and another route of enjoyment I found I didn't feel sick at all from eating the bacon, felt fine maybe Nightmare Moon just doesn't get sick from eating meat? I mean she does have sharp teeth so it would make sense…I ate another piece.

While deep in thought I heard a giggled get stifled, looking up from the plate while a piece of bacon stuck out from my mouth I found my mother holding her phone up pointed at me while smiling, I realized she was recording, she recorded me eating bacon...me purring...a plush pierced through my black coat "m-mom!" My voice may have been high now but that single word hit higher vocals.

Rebecca laughed "I'm sorry Blake honey but you didn't see yourself, you were so cute!" She showed me the video and my ears pinned themselves against my head as I watched the video, I did look cute, but it was also super embarrassing.

"Delete it! Delete now!" I screeched.

"Never, I'm keeping this forever, oh I'm making this picture my phone's wallpaper" she showed me the phone again and the adorable picture of me was on the screen.

"Noooo" I whined and put my face on the counter, my mother was truly evil.

"Oh hush and eat your breakfast" she chuckled.

Lifting my head I grumbled and ate my eggs, unfortunately those tasted really good too and a big smile came across my face, purring once more, opening my eyes I found my mother recording again "hrr" I glared and she chuckled.

Looking at the remaining eggs, bacon, and toast I did what I normally did, I began making an egg and bacon sandwich, though it was more difficult than usual as I had to do with my mouth but nonetheless I made my sandwich, I proceeded to eat it then which resulted in an explosion of flavor, I kept the happiness inside me just so mother couldn't record it.

I munched the sandwich but like electricity the wonderful flavor was running through my body, I tapped a hoof trying to hold it in, it tasted so good, I tried to force the smile from creeping up my face but I couldn't hold it any longer and lost it to the flavor, I tapped my hooves on the ground with giddy and felt my wings twitch in their restraints, I purred loudly in happiness my tail swishing around.

"Oh so cute" my mother squeaked from behind her phone as she recorded.

My face got redder "mom…."

"Blake our adorable" she chuckled.

"Yeah well...your adorable!..." That was meant to be a come back but...it didn't work how I wanted.

"Thank you sweetheart" she smirked knowing that he intended that to be a witty retort only to fail.

Blake's father walked into the kitchen with a smirk "Rebecca stop teasing him" he soaked over to her "send me that too, I want to show the people at work".

"Gahhh!! Father you traitor!" I yelled pointing my hoof at him "I shall have my revenge on both of you!"

"Don't forget I pay for your internet son" Blake's dad looked at him smirking knowing he won this argument.

"Curses…" I said under my breath as I looked away aware of my lose in this argument, now finished with breakfast I picked my plate up in my mount and walked towards the sink, it was strange not having hands and requiring your mouth for picking up and holding things, the horn s
a top my head would be useful for doing those things but I had not even the slightest of ideas on how to make that work.

"Oh Blake you don't need to do that, I can" Blake's mother walked over to him and took the plate.

"I'm fine with doing it mom…" I went to take the plate back.

"Nonsense….after what you've been through I am not making you do the dishes" she rubbed his fured cheek and walked to the sink beginning to clean the plate.

I was about to argue with her but felt I should just let her, this was her way of dealing with things that troubled her, she would try to make things easier for everyone else even if it meant making things harder for her.

I left the kitchen heading towards the living room only to stop, the curtain was pulled open from the window like usual allowing sunlight in, I had to squint while looking towards the window, I wasn't good with bright light when just waking up but for some reason now it was far less pleasant than usual.

I felt the all to familiar sting of a headache pierce the side of my head and headed back into the kitchen pulling open the medicine drawer and pulled the migraine relief bottle out of it, that was when I realized my next problem….child proof cap….dammit.

Placing the bottle between my hooves on the door I held each side and attempted to get the cap off, I'd rather not think about how humiliating it is that I am being beaten by a child proof cap, growling I pushed down in the cap and turned my to turn the cap but it remained locked, frustration getting the better for me I pulled and chewed on the cap before it suddenly slipped free from my hooves and I stumbled back.

"You ok Blake…?" Blake's father asked noticing his sons struggle.

I spit the bottle on the ground "I'm getting a headache and I can't get the damn cap off!"

"Watch your language" he walked over and picked the bottle up popping the lid off.

I growled in annoyance at how easy it was...hands...those blessed things I now lacked…

Blake's dad looked at the cap of the bottle finding it chewed up "woah….you could have chew the cap off if you wanted...how sharp are your teeth?" He looked at him.

I ran my tongue across my shape teeth "sharp enough I feel I should remember to take careful as not to bite my tongue off".

Blake's dad stared at his son, this black horse creature that barely resembled any living creature on this planet, was his son….the child he had cared for and raised since birth, the child he loved was now this...thing.

"Dad..?" I looked at my dad who had just been staring at me though it was more like through me, he was deep in thought, a look I rarely saw on my father, he always seemed to know how things were, that fatherly knowledge though seemed to escape him in this current situation.

He shook his head snapping out if his France "sorry Blake here" he shook the bottle into his hand until two pills rolled out, he then handed them to Blake before stopping.

I realized just as he did, still no hands, huffing and opened my mount for him.

Feeling putty for his son he put the pills in Blake's mouth and went to get water for him, filling s glass half way he walked over and out the edge to Blake's mouth slowly tilting it up allowing the water to slowly pour in.

Swallowing the pills I shook my head "bleh" I already hated the taste of pills and the feeling of swallowing something without chewing it down smaller "thanks Dad" I smile softly.

"Welcome, uh how about I put these pills in something you can open? That way you won't need me or your mother to get them for you" he offered.

"Sounds good to both me and pride" I smirked softly as I left the kitchen once more and headed for the backyard, only the door stood as the guard preventing me from leaving the house, I really didn't want to do it but I grabbed the doorknob with my mouth and opened it, once outside I proceeded to repeatedly spit in hopes of getting the taste and germs out of my mouth.

My germ removal was suddenly interrupted when I heard dog barks getting closer, with that I realized I had not seen my dog inside, my head shot up at the realization and I saw standing in front of my was my husky Bear.

Standing wide eyed I looked my let in it's eyes, it looked both curious and cautious of me, no doubt not recognizing me in this form "h-hey bear…." He sniffed the air before barking at me "no it's me your father! I just look different!" I yelled stepping back but found the door behind me closed.

He growled running at me, a ferociousness I've never seen before in his eyes.

I headed for the incoming bite only to feel the door open behind me and my tail to get grabbed and I'm pulled inside, my dad then grabs Bear attempting to keep him from attacking me, I stumbled away from the back door feeling my heart beat a mile a minute.

Looking back outside I saw my dad had successfully calmed the dog that had always been nice to me...now he acted like he'd never met me before...I guess he hasn't seen this me before...to him I'm just some animal invading his territory.

Frowning I headed for the stairs and went up them finding it a lot easier than going down them, arrive by at my room I entered it and climbed back into my bed, I'm thankful my mother had closed my blinds last night which has now left my room in a comforting darkness, though my new eyes are still able to see in it clearly, one useful part of this body I guess.

Taking this time I thought of what to do next and something to rise my mind off of want had just happened...I was in the body of a cartoon character with no idea as to how this happened or how to reverse this, it's not like there's a website that tells people how to deal with his crap...right?

Sitting up I grabbed my tablet from the bedside table with my mouth and turned sit on with the bottom on top, I then attempted to slide my hoof up the screen to unlock it only for it to not react to my hoof, fan fucking tastic...I tried once more with my nose this time and luckily it open, huffing I prepared myself for the annoying task if searching the web using my nose.

After a couple of minutes typing in my search and deleting the mess ups, as well as then scrolling through pages and sights I discovered only stories and what if discussions, not very useful although one was useful in the process of using magic.

Of course I had no clue it would work as no one would really have experience in using unicorn magic, or alicorn as I soon discovered was what I am now, using magic to levitate things was relatively easy from want I read, the people discussing it said they would try to picture a hand picking the item up like you would with your own hand.

It was worth a shot and would definitely help my daily struggled in this body, feeling I had something I could at least do while in this body I turned my tablet off, the lit screen turned to black reflecting my new appearance.

Staring into the new reflection I frowned, not seeing this face and distracting musket with my internet search had somewhat allowed me to forget this was happening...I tried living my day normally but...I couldn't, this body was so different so wrong!

I couldn't change that, I was stuck like this, stuck in this strange body and I couldn't do anything about it, I clenched my teeth in anger but soon felt tears streaming down my face, gripping my pillow I pushed my face into it and closed my eyes, I just wanted to escape this body…

I laughed evilly before reading up on my back legs and slamming my front hooves down onto the elements, their shattered fragments scatter around me, the pathetic little lavender unicorn in front of me looking distraught "you little fool! Thinking you could defeat me! Now you will never see your princess or your sun, the night will last forever!!" I laugh maliciously as my main and tail swirl above me.

My laughter is cut short when I heard indistinct shouting coming from down the hall, the lavender unicorn gasps before smiling "you think you can destroy the Elements of Harmony just like that?" She turns to me looking far braver then before.

I frown not liking where this is going.

"Well your wrong! Because the spirits of the Elements of Harmony are right here!" She yells as five other ponies Rush in and stand by her, two pegasi, another unicorn, and two earth ponies.

The elements shards begin glowing and shaking before floating up around me "what?" I exclaimed in surprise and confused.

"Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the spirit of honesty" the lavender pony calls as some shards float to the orange earth pony.

The lavender unicorn looks to the yellow pegasus "Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the spirit of kindness" more shards flew to the yellow Pegasus who looked confused and scared at first.

"Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the spirit of laughter" she looked to the pink earth mare who excitedly watching shards fly to her.

She looked to the white unicorn "Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift, represents the spirit of generosity" more shards flew through the air and surrounded the white unicorn.

"And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for he down heart's desire, represents the spirit of loyalty" she looked to the blue pegasus as shards surrounded her "the spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge you threw at us".

I looked over the five ponies with the shards "you still don't have the sixth element, the spark didn't work!"

"But it did, a different kind of spark" the lavender unicorn turned to the five ponies "I felt it the very moment I realized how happy I was to hear you, to see you, how much I cared about you, the spark ignited inside me when I realized you all…" she had tears of happiness in her eyes as she tried back to face me "are my friends!"

Light erupted from above the six ponies as the sixth and final element descended down, I held a foreleg up to shield myself from the light the element cast.

"You see, Nightmare Moon, when those elements are ignited by the uh...the spark that resides in us all, it creates the sixth element...the Element of Magic!" The lavender unicorn smiled and closed her eyes as the sixth element turned to white ball of light above her before exploding outward in light, each shard came together forming necklaces on each of the ponies necks store the sixth one formed a crown on the lavender mares head, each of the six floated in the air engulfed in the magical energy before a rainbow energy checked above them headed for the ceiling when it abruptly bent down towards me.

My eyes widened as I watched the display, the rainbow energy flew towards me "Noooo!! Nooooooooo!!!!" I yelled as the rainbow energy circled me, the energy burned directly into my very being, it ripped and tore away at my flesh vaporizing it as I was being taken off like the shell of my host, I struggled and thrashed trying to break free as the nearby crawled up my body destroying my form panicking my mind raced for an escape and I realized one, pointing my horn up I focused all my magic and sent it off, I shall be reborn and I shall take my vengeance on these pests!! The night will reign forever!!!!

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