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The Foundation is set. Upon this platform, I shall build a place where my stories can be shared, and through this I shall amass enough followers to take Hell itself, before conquering the Heavens!

Down Under

Just an Aussie... passing by... don't mind me... or the way we spell... drive... speak...

I wanna use the full extent of my Aussie vocabulary (uncensored) but I don't want to get banned lol.

Remember, when in the Land Down Under; Check your shoes for spiders, the trees for drop bears and your draft stopper to make sure it isn't a snake.

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  • 2 weeks
    Stuck in a foreign country

    Well that’s a bit of a bother... we’re stuck in Los Angeles, thanks to this corona shit.

    Thanks China! Much love from an Australian. :heart:

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  • 3 weeks
    Update and Temporary Expectations

    I landed in San Fransisco and some cunts stole my laptop, so expect a downgrade in editing, grammar and all that. Still writing, it’s just more difficult and time consuming to write on a phone compared to a laptop lol.

    Hopefully the story will be out this week.

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  • 4 weeks
    Sequel in progress

    Hold on my friends, the sequel to 'Voices of the Father' is in progress, and I will get it posted before I leave.

    The Foundation is set. Upon it, I shall build my story and present it all over Fimfiction!!!

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  • 5 weeks
    A Heads up.

    Hey everybody! I hope you're doing fine in the crises filled world that we exist in.

    Anyway, just something you should know. I'm going overseas next week and I'll be gone for like 3 weeks. I'll still write on google Docs and read when I get the chance but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to post an update while overseas.

    Read More

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Quotes of the Firstborn

"Our magical abilities are strong, but limited by the vessels our souls reside in. Our Human bodies are frail and weak - A lone Human body doesn't have the strength nor the ability to harness the power of the Unicorns, much less the Alicorns. There must be another way - a way to be able to harness more power than we ever could. But to do this, we may have to desecrate these bodies that the Creator has given us... but for the future of Mankind... I must make this necessary sacrifice... Even if it costs me the lives of my Clan" - Journal Entry of a Forgotten Quaesitor

*Classified. Decryption in Progress*

Prayers of the Firstborn

"Ego Malleus,
Ego sum de ore Eius Gladius,
Ego extremum tragulam,
Ego sum mail de Eius Prima,
Ego sum fuga Eius Sagittis,
Ego sum in dextera mea Imperator,
Ego sum instrumentum Eius Erit,
Ego sum, et gladium, ut est Ipse meus et Arma,
Ego sum, et Ira, et Ipse est meus Zelus,
Ego sum, et Magnitudine Eius Inimicis et Malis, de Fallacibus,
Veni, et Scutum Eius,
Nos loqui Verbum Eius, ut Ipse fuels Ignis Pietatis,
Nos pugnare Proeliis quod Ipse pugnat Proelium in fine temporis,
Et nos Eum: non, quia Officium non desinit in Morte,
In Lorem sit verum, est In Potentia ad esse Fortis,

Ego Malleus,
Ego sum Gladium,
Ego sum Hastae,
Ego Scutum,
Ego sum miles in Fine Temporis." - Prayer when approaching Death's Door


Stuck in a foreign country · 9:55pm March 12th

Well that’s a bit of a bother... we’re stuck in Los Angeles, thanks to this corona shit.

Thanks China! Much love from an Australian. :heart:

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No problem mate, good on ya for the stories you do mate. Keep up the hard yakka, ya bloody legend.

(Closest Real English Translation): It’s alright friend/stranger, good work on the stories you post. Keep up the hard work you awesome individual.

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

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