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Personal Thoughts of this Commissioned Art Piece. · 11:33am Jun 20th, 2020

Evening lads, I was hoping if anyone could give me their thoughts on this art piece I commissioned that was made by JodTheCod, here's the link to the original thread if you're interested.

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Well, It's Here · 8:00am Aug 15th, 2022

Oh boy,

Well, this one's a doozy. So, I've been thinking for a while now about expanding the ACB Universe. To make a long story short, I've seen a lot of comments asking for specific SCPs and speculating about who or what might make an appearance. Some could, some couldn't, but I wanted to open things up and get some community interaction flowing.

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Just got back from my therapist · 9:26pm Sep 14th, 2016

Okay, so just now I got back from my trip to my therapist that helps me with my insomnia issues. He prescribed me some medicine that should help me sleep better, it's medication I've taken before but in a higher dosage. Hopefully, this should work. Apparently, part of the reason I'm not sleeping so well is because of my high energy levels, almost to the point of being like Pinkie Pie, this along with my OCD doesn't help my case. Apparently, I also have mood swings as well from what I've

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I Should've Done This A Long Time Ago · 8:09am Nov 18th, 2020

Well, you've read the title well enough on its own and yet you're wondering about why it's there all of the sudden: after all, my previous blog was over nine months ago and even then, this should've been done a long time ago; nevertheless, it's about time for an update since I'd taken the liberty of writing some new stories recently as well as currently writing more as of currently. In any case, I feel nothing but a heavy pressure gathering up inside of me right now since I have a hard time

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Let's end the night on a good note. · 6:21am Aug 30th, 2017

Sorry for the blog spam, but after some Fallout and batting around some ideas for...things... I decided to further chill with some doodling, and what better to doodle than Pinkie Pie loving her some Bacon Bits?

I'll clean this up later.

Anyways, thanks for the concern folks. I'll have some ACTUAL words out soon, I promise.

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July's End Special · 4:20am Jul 29th, 2021

As you may know by now, this month is fast approaching its closure and along with it the end of summer; while this is nothing new so to speak of, what's not is the fact that I've started up a PayPal account late last year following my father's hospitalization due to an overdose: thankfully, he's still doing great as of yet. Either way, I can see that no new contributions have been made since the last blog post, even with everything that has been said and done no less; although I can understand

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