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I Should've Done This A Long Time Ago · 8:09am Nov 18th, 2020

Well, you've read the title well enough on its own and yet you're wondering about why it's there all of the sudden: after all, my previous blog was over nine months ago and even then, this should've been done a long time ago; nevertheless, it's about time for an update since I'd taken the liberty of writing some new stories recently as well as currently writing more as of currently. In any case, I feel nothing but a heavy pressure gathering up inside of me right now since I have a hard time

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On Pain (I Have Broken Ribs and Am Still Sick) · 6:23pm Jan 17th, 2020

I am still sick. I have discovered I have broken ribs, which is why I was in unbearable pain for three weeks in November/December. I feel that my care has perhaps been substandard, and I think I know why.

TJ Pones, you are the wind beneath my wings—or maybe this is Jargon Scott who knows

Let's talk about this.

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rip in pepperoni · 5:30am April 7th

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