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This story is a sequel to Voices of the Father

A Human that is raising a pair of immortal Alicorn fillies.

He'll be there for the rest of their lives. Starting from innocent foals to naive youngsters to rebellious teenagers to mature adults. On the way, he'll do everything a Father must, play with them, being a good role model, being warm, loving and engaged and protective.

Let the lives of this family BEGIN!

Romance is in, just limited by the amount of tags I can put in.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 16 )

Loved the first chapter, can't wait for more, going to track this and see of any one is made for it. So can't wait to see how you have them grow up.


The first 18 years of our regular lives contain a lot of events that shape us. But could you imagine the first 18 years of a pair of Godlike Alicorns?!

Btw I’m currently overseas (I’m literally using free wifi to comment this) I’m still writing but the updates might be a bit inconsistent.

Cute, funny, and powerful.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

I thought the funny parts were mediocre at best. Will try harder though.

The funny parts were cute and adorable, I loved how the girls intacted with each other even as foals. My thing is I would love to know about their mother! Was she a alicorn to? How did the father and mother meet? How did they fall in love or was it a one time thing? Or how could it be a one time thing since celly is older then Lulu? So many questions, so few answer! I need to know everything!!!!!! Tell me!!!!!

Only time will tell mate. Sorry. :trollestia:

*Rummages in my closet for my time machine* I know I put it in here somewhere?! Damn it Twi did you get into my stuff again?!?!? :twilightsheepish:

*Hands Twi a Latin version of a book filled with knowledge from ancient civilisations*

"It was a pleasure doing business with you, Miss Sparkle. May our paths cross again in the near future..."

Nice story mate. It's not a story concept unheard of but your story so far has a hooking start. I'll be keep an eye on it

Yay I am happy I got my chapter!!!!! A little short but then again I eat through this shit like a fat kid and Smarties, none the less though a wonderful chapter. As for a thing for the foals that's what babies do babble nothing more. Also I find it cute and adorable that he replies to them as if he understands their babbles. Keep it up and don't stop writing. Oh and one more thing! In the prequal Lulu asks celly to tell her stories of their father, could this be that story celly is telling Lulu? Please say yes!!!!!!!!

Mehehehehehehehe... maybe... :trollestia:

(It’s not a yes, but it’s not a no either... right?)

Edit: I guess I could make the chapters longer, I just originally planned shorter but more constant uploads, unlike my other story which I try to make 5,000 words long each time.

I know babies babble a lot, I just don’t want it to seem SO repetitive that readers might find it annoying so I’m looking for a substitute.

I enjoyed the first chapter, I look forward to catching with the current chapter and see how things will go in chapter 2.

Not a very likeable future-ruler. Seems to only care about his "daughters." Other than that, he reminds me of Mr. House from New Vegas. Too sure of himself, more concerned with society's future as a whole than with the individuals that make it up.

I guess someone should remind him that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer aye?

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