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Hello, Leon Davies here, also known as TheLeondude or just Leondude. Animator, professional voice actor, brony, autistic celebrity, Dark Lord of the Sith etc.


This story is a sequel to Captain Goodking and the Nightmare Knights

NOTE: I can't believe I have to say this but since people are adding this story to their favourites yet forgetting to click the thumbs-up button, resulting in an inaccurate like/dislike ratio, would those who read this story and like it please click the thumbs-up button when you are adding it to your favourites?

It's been two years since the two sisters have retired and Twilight took over their royal duties for them. While there has been much peace and prosperity, as well as most of Equestria's enemies either being permanently defeated or have turned over a new leaf like Captain Goodking, it appears they still have one more threat to deal with. But Twilight and her friends aren't taking on Kronos and his alien army alone. They have a Time-Turner on their side! Oh, and Captain Goodking as well but he won't be useful until later on.

Special thanks to DmitriTheWriter for editing this story and for giving me the idea of the Seals of the Planets and Kronos (actually considering making him co-writer). And why yes, that is Korriban (or Moraband, as some people in the galaxy like to call it) that some but not all of our characters are on. If you don't think the possibility of our heroes facing Sith Lords is awesome enough, I also got ADVENT!

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...I hadn't finished editing these first two chapters, but okay.

Also, this saga is up to a tetralogy now (a pentalogy if you consider My Little Pony: The Movie as one of the saga). Whew.

I suppose I do consider MLP: The Movie to be part of the saga to an extent. Like the saga itself, it had a mixed reception.

Also, now you tell me you haven't finished editing these first two chapters. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh well, as of this writing, there are 1532 users online. I was going to wait longer but since I refreshed and the number was lower than the last time I refreshed, I panicked and quickly submitted the story. Oops. :twilightblush:

They were kind of spur of the moment edits as I skimmed through the story, but I see how you'd get confused. :rainbowlaugh:

Now there are 1596 users online. I guess weekdays aren't the absolute optimal time to upload a story. Oof. Sorry for leading you on like that.

Meh, it's alright. I intended on uploading it on a Tuesday anyway so I could make a stupid M. Bison joke while promoting the story.

And I just looked at the calendar on my computer and Halloween is gonna be on a Thursday. So much for uploading the Halloween story on a weekend. :rainbowlaugh:

And if I don't have better luck then, well, there are plenty of stories to tell in the future that might have better luck than the ones before it. I do have a good imagination after all. :twilightsmile:

You know what would be really nice? If the people who favourited this story also clicked the thumbs-up button so that way the story doesn't get an inaccurate like/dislike ratio.

Seriously, as of this writing, this story has one like and two dislikes even though I've seen three users add it to their favourites. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a great story - I tried to click the like button, but I'm not sure if it shows up as liked. It doesn't here on my end... But know that this was a fine read, will definitely recommend to some others.

Okay, so. This is the first time I've read a Captain Goodking story and I gotta say... I am powerful confused. :applejackconfused:

But! I'm also laughing my butt off. This is some pretty good stuff! Not exactly my cup of tea, but the insanity is carrying me through. So consider this a win; it won me over despite not being my favorite genre. Great job!

Thank you. I like to improve my writing with every story I write so they could be better than the ones before it. Not that I'm saying the other Captain Godking stories are bad (trust me, they still got that batshit insane sense of humour) but I say this one is the best courtesy of ironing out the kinks of the ones before it.

Glad you liked it. Hopefully, this is just a glitch in the old FiMFiction system.

Captain Godking? I don't believe he's quite that powerful. :rainbowlaugh:

At least, not yet.

Oops, talk about a Freudian slip. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm not going to say anything but I won't deny that there's going to be a Super Saiyan-esque power-up later in the story.

It makes me think of some evil clone of Goodking that Kronos created to help him defeat the heroes, but which then gained a serious ego and tried to pull a Starscream on him.

What if I told you the good guys are going to Kamino at some point in the story? You know, the planet that's known for its cloning technology.

Oh boy. Back to editing the TvTropes page again.

Not necessarily. You can do it when the story's finished.

Why do I imagine this ship's engine to be just Pinkie Pie bouncing around an empty chamber while singing "Don't Stop Me Now"? :rainbowlaugh:

Now I wish I added that in. :rainbowlaugh:

Is this the story you mentioned with a character in it who hates the world?

Say, can I be in Invasion of the Livid Bread? I know there's a guy in T(NS)CCG that likes Deadpool. Maybe I could be a stand in for him.

Gee, I wonder who that could be.:raritywink:

You ever play a tabletop RPG and the campaign just goes totally off the rails, whether it be to bad luck, incompetence on the players' part, and/or everyone just felt like being a dick to the GM?

Well, this ending is kind of like that except it's the GM that derailed the campaign due to the lack of fucks given by other players (with only one or two being invested in it) when compared to his other campaigns and just decides to get a petrol can, pour some petrol on the game board, light a match, and watch the fucker burn before moving on with his life. :pinkiecrazy:

Actually, there's a trope different to Off The Rails that's exactly what you described:


Minus the pyromania. :pinkiesmile:

Trust me, this will not be the last time I'll pull an ending like that this week. :rainbowlaugh:

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