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A General Update · 7:37pm Apr 3rd, 2020

At the time of writing this, the local time is 4:53 AM AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

So, let's get the depressing shit out of the way first, and no I'm not depressed or anything like that. It's just what occurred to me when I was trying to sleep since 2:30 AM AEST. You don't have to read it, and you're more than welcome to skip my thoughts and move onto the updates for each story (and possibly a new one if you read my profile :trollestia:) I don't mind either way, it's just a general update so both parts are going to be of some value to you... possibly...

Depressing stuff will be blacked out, if you're depressed or just contemplating life then skip this part. I don't know you, and I don't know your levels of mental health, so it'll probably be better if you skip this part. (I'm probably overreacting but it's better to be safe than sorry)

So, after work, finishing at 12 AM and getting back home a 12:50 AM - 1:10 AM or something. Knowing I couldn't sleep immediately I did some shit to pass the time and hopefully make my ass magically fall asleep but, seeing that it wasn't working I just tossed my phone to the side and tried sleeping that way. It obviously didn't work otherwise I wouldn't be typing this. Anyway, minutes go by and my brain just starts... thinking, I thought about my first story, 'The Price for a Chance to Live - Volume I' and that's when it hit me.

'Volume I'

I write for the long term. All my stories, they all have an end goal that I've planned, all I'm doing is basically filling the middle to progress the plot, develop the characters all that shit. And that's the problem, long term. Now I came late to the fandom, just joined last year in June? July maybe? And then I became a member on Fimfiction in September. Now coming to the fandom late is better than not have joining at all in my opinion. (I have my reasons but that's not the point of this topic)

The thought I have is, well... the long term stories. Stories that require more than a year to finish, and that's when it occurred to me: Will anyone on Fimfiction even still be here? Now this wouldn't be a problem if this site had a dedicated team but it doesn't. The creators, moderators, etc all have their own lives and sooner or later, maybe their own lives will pull them from this site, eternally, never to be seen again. Without a crew to maintain the ship, it'll eventually end up crashing or breaking down.

And then... where will we go? Where will the writers and the readers go? I'm not sure about the artists to be honest, I think they'll have a life raft because their career is art (or something) and they love making all that shit... But where will we go?

It makes me want to go back in time when I was still in year 7 and join the fandom then and write stories that possibly could've been completed today but it's not possible. (Then again, if I wrote stories back then, it would've been absolute shit compared to my writing today lmao) (I can share you some of my attempts at writing for RWBY before I gave up on it and you'll be glad that you're seeing today's writing and not my OP PLS NERF crap lol. Believe me... I've learned a lot)

But... until the time when Fimfiction shuts down or something like that, I'll still be here, writing the stories that I and several other people (surprisingly) enjoy.

And now on to the good stuff; story updates, all that shit.

The Price for a Chance to Live - Volume I: Still in progress, however it has been slow since my laptop got stolen in SF by some wankers. The reason for this is that I had A LOT of latin names, organisations, prayers, phrases, quotes etc for the story and being the dumbass that I am, I didn't put it on Google Docs, I learnt my lesson and I have one now, but it'll take me some time to get the story chugging again. Trust me, pretty much ALL OF THAT latin stuff was vital to the story. Don't believe me? I forgot the Names of Human Clans that are absolutely essential to the story, I forgot the names of future characters that were going to be revealed in Volume I and the last names of current characters. (I'll throw in some shorts for the time being)

Oh Dearest Father of Mine... - Still in progress, but I'm stacking up on chapters because I want to wait until the art I commissioned is done. Yeah, that's right, you heard me. I'm commissioning art for Oh Dearest Father of Mine... and Voices of the Father. So please forgive me, I hope you'll love the cover art. (And no I'm not gonna rush the bloke, and no I'm not gonna reveal his name, because I'm not sure how he'll react on that, and no again I won't ask him because I think it sounds... weird besides, I don't want any of you messaging him to hurry up and all that, but perhaps if your bothered enough, you'll find him anyway...)

Still wondering about accepting OC's for Oh Dearest Father of Mine... but I'm not sure. One part of me wants to accept OC's because I love interacting with my readers to let them know they've been acknowledged and more but the other part tells me that I shouldn't because it might spoil the story for them. (But if you're interested, PM me and we can discuss it, because I'm iffy about this. There's a lot of factors involved and then there's factors that I don't even know or have considered yet, so... yeah)

Another story is in the making, I know, I know. "Another story? Really? He's already writing two long term ones!" And I'm sorry, but I couldn't continue working on Oh Dearest Father of Mine with this idea constantly nagging me like brainghost Ferrus telling Vulkan he's weak in TTS. I won't reveal it yet, cause I want some cover art for it. I will tell you that it's another long term story. (And yes it's the same guy I'm commissioning art from for Oh Dearest Father of Mine... and Voices of the Father, and perhaps... The Price for a Chance to Live -Volume I) Hey don't give me that look of disapproval, I can see your face and I'm willing to bet it says "Jeez, Exalt is such a wanker. Making us wait until all his precious art is finished"

Well... I... I... don't have anything to say...

*turns around*

Damn it...

Jokes aside, I think that's it.

So I'll see you later, I guess. Stay safe, stay healthy, wash your hands, social distancing, all that. Later mates.

End of blog. Local time 6:37 AM AEST.

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