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Anon is the only human in Equestria as you would already know, but here he is also the only therapist in. His business is dying, having no clients, and will have to close soon. Anon's only hope is for business to skyrocket very soon.

Chapters (7)

One cold Hearth's Warming Eve, a pair of ponies find a human infant, crying, alone and cold. Not knowing where he came from or who he is, they decide to adopt him and raise him as their own.

Little Nicholas is crafty, if he was a pony he would surely become a carpenter like his adoptive father, but instead, he uses his skills to make toys and thank all the ponies of Ponyville each year with their very own toys.

This is the story about how the human Nicholas became a saint, and a legend all foals would one day come to know. Santa Claus.

Inspired by:
The life and adventures of Santa Claus.
Christmas Chronicles

Chapters (11)

One day the world took a turn for the insane. Earth and Equestria connected and now humans and ponies live together in harmony. Bronies are now a widespread culture and everyone is happy because of it. Everyone except me the only sane person alive. I know that this isn't right and I know that maybe one day humanity will wake up. They will see how stupid they've made the world and what they let into their hearts. One day I'll finally feel like I'm not an outsider. One day ponies and all pony sympathizers will perish in a violent spectacular marvel.

Chapters (33)

Discord is no more. But with his end, the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony have been robbed of a most precious treasure they failed to protect.

How does one cope knowing that one failed to protect someone dear to ones' heart? How does one live with the guilt?

What would one do to undo the greatest mistake of ones' life? And what would one endure to do so?

Alternate ending to The Lost Element following Mortal Chaos.

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Cover picture provided by Bliss Franklin

Chapters (16)

You learned that your wife had you under a love spell for three years, lied to and trying to play up a royal marriage. You left behind a different career, different friends, different life, different... fiance? Let alone add to the mix you found out you had a child with this other pony. Are you willing to give up your current life of being a well respected captain and husband to a princess just to fix the wrongs you done?

Chapters (8)

Anonymous has his heartbroken once again, leading to him becoming a recluse. The only time he ever leaves his home now is either for groceries, work, or alcohol. Mostly it's for alcohol. One night, he meets a bat pony mare who needs a place to stay.

Chapters (13)

Humanity is dead.
It's members have been converted and brainwashed. Its homeworld has been absorbed, and its culture has been eradicated.
Princess Celestia couldnt' be happier.

Unfortunately for Celestia, there are beings out there who don't look too kindly on xenocide. Beings much more powerful than her...

Inspired by Rush's "The Conversion Bureau: Celestia's Silly Plan"

Author's note: For the record, I don't hate all TCB fics. My problem is with the ones that depict humans as irredeemable bastards whose only hope for salvation is to convert themselves into talking horses. They piss me off. They really piss me off.

Chapters (1)

If you were thrown into a world of technicolor ponies, what would you do? For the lone human Anonymous, he'll discover the insane and wacky world of Equestria after being whisked away from Earth via portal. With a few interesting side effects, Anon will go on a quest to remember his past while also learning about friendship...and all that fruity stuff.

"Mysterious alien-like being to ponykind equals riveting tale."
~The Gracious Articuno

"Watch how he dominates animals with this one weird trick!"

"Kind of slice of life. I can just keep reading."

And before you BLINDLY hit the 👎, read THIS please.

Chapters (25)

This story is a sequel to Alternate Beginnings: Year One

The mares of Herd Apple - Applejack, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy - celebrate the birth of Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to the lone human in Equestria. The mares adjust to their life as dams in a town that isn't happy with their choice of stallion. Doug has to adjust a role he never thought he would have before he came to Equestria: caretaker of three foals.

Reading of previous books is not required, though some events from earlier years may be referenced.

Set approximately six years before the events of MlP:FiM

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop).

Previous Year:
Alternate Beginnings: Year One

Continued In:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Three

Chapters (26)

A human appears in Equestria, meeting Applejack and soon the rest of the ponies of Ponyville. He does his best to cope with the new situation, especially those that move faster than he might be comfortable with. The first year of his time in Equestria.

Set approximately seven years before the events of MLP:FiM.

Sex tag is for relationships between human and ponies (no clop).

Continued in:
Alternate Beginnings: Year Two

Behind Closed Doors (Mature continuations of select * chapters)

Has a finished rewrite! Takes things a bit slower, lasts longer, has * scenes integrated into the story (Mature).

Chapters (27)